Toledo home catches fire hours after police responded to report of shots fired there


Only hours after shots were fired into a central-city home, the two-story residence residence caught fire.

Police were called to 846 Avondale Ave. at 11:37 p.m. Thursday after at least one shot was fired into the home, occupied by two adults and a child. The three "took cover" when they heard gunshots from outside. Police noted in a report that one bullet struck the exterior of the house near the front door.

No injuries were reported, but all three left the home for the night.

At 4:43 a.m., Toledo fire crews were called to the same Avondale home for a reported fire, said Lt. Matthew Hertzfeld. When crews arrived there was "pretty heavy fire showing." A large hole in the floor prevented crews from going inside to fight the blaze, which also caused damage to the home next door.

The estimated damage to 846 Avondale was $15,000; the property was later demolished.

Lieutenant Hertzfeld said the fire remains under investigation.

The property, built in 1987, is owned by Jacqueline Campbell.