Suburban Crime Log: 6-14


Bedford Township


Sheree Wilson, purse from residence in 500 block of Roslyn.

Edward Christian, cash, handguns, safe, and televisions from residence in 6700 block of South Telegraph.

Julya Lonsway, van, iPod, gas containers, navigation system, road emergency kit, and flashlight from residence in 2400 block of Sunnydale.

Lori Houghton, cash from business in 7900 block of Summerfield.

Ray Fischer and Bethany Fischer, no items reported as missing at residence in 3500 block of Butternut.

David Ramsey, padlocks from barn in 9300 block of Jackman.

James Silverthorn, Jr., golf clubs with bags, navigation system, range finder, and air conditioning unit from garage in 10400 block of Lewis.


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Michael Bostic, chainsaw from garage in 6700 block of Greenville




Kevin Zanders, credit card from residence in 500 block of Greenfield.

Colonial Courier, 400 block of Osage, pallet contained boxes of computer tablets from business in 400 block of Osage.

Cori Lortz, 700 block of Pierce, wallet and contents from 100 block of East Indiana.

Keith Bozyk, Adrian, Mich., gift cards, cash, iPod Touch, iPad, makeup bag and contents, purse and contents from vehicle in 2100 block of Cass.

Gerald Hines, St. Anthony, Temperance, Mich., checkbook from vehicle in 1400 block of Reynolds.

Carla Whiteman, baseball bat, MP-3 player, E-cigarette, tanks, fluids, medications, clothing, cash, and gift card from vehicle at home in 1200 block of Kirk.


Lake Township


JoAnne Hutchinson, diamond ring and medication from residence in 6800 block of William.




Marathon, cash from business in 4100 block of Woodville.



Ronald Herron, Hazel Park, Mich., 2004 Dodge Dakota pickup truck from 2400 block of Oregon.

Cynthia Loveberry, power tools, iPod, DVD player, and video game from residence in 1900 block of Norcross.




Country Charm Car Wash, steel from business in 100 block of West South Boundary.

Kathleen Schroeder, GPS unit from vehicle at home in 400 block of Blue Jacket.

Asher Hoddin, Chesterfield, Maumee, rear license plate from vehicle in unit block of Michael Owens Way.

Charles VanHausan, GPS unit from vehicle at home in 1900 block of Hamilton.

Anthony Sowers, Logan, Ohio, machinery from vehicle in 10000 block of Fremont Pike.

Ryan Szepiela, license plate from vehicle at home in 4300 block of Turtle Creek.

Teresa Knisely, GPS unit from vehicle at home in 600 block of Indian Wells.

Nicole Laumann, change from vehicle in 700 block of Indian Wells.


Perrysburg Township


John Elton, computer from residence in 9600 block of Five Point.



Lorene Bixler, lawn mower from shed of residence in 23000 block of Lime City.

Stephanie Scheidemantle, lawn mower from residence in 23000 block of Lime City.

Tommy Wiggins, cash from residence in 7200 block of Twin Lakes.


Springfield Township

Felonious assault

Brandon Krohn, stabbed on street in 6800 block of Angola.



Jamie Whitzel, purse with debit card and personal documents from residence in 7000 block of Levis.



Kathleen Goins, bicycle from residence in 2100 block of North McCord.

Alex Essi, Nick Koelsch, Christian Miller, and Zachary and Susan Lippens, laptop, debit card, cell phone, wallet with cash, and wallet with cash, debit card, and personal documents and papers from vehicles in 7100 block of West Bancroft.

Amber Brackin and Courtney Tuite, cash, credit cards, and purse from vehicles in 6400 block of Brixton.

Heather Rendall, wallet with bank cards, gift cards, and personal documents from restaurant in 6400 block of Centers.

Brad Betz, cameras, radio, and powder scale for ammunition reloads from residence in 8800 block of Monclova.




Xiao Lu, car stereo from vehicle at home in 6000 block of Durbin.

Rita Fender, 4000 block of Hillandale, credit card from 6400 block of Monroe.

Dave White Acura, license plate from vehicle in 5800 block of Monroe.


Sylvania Township


LW & Family Enterprises LLC, Swanton, tools from construction site in 4700 block of Towpath.

Vaughn Jackson, bicycle from garage of residence in 2600 block of Sigsher.



Affordable Stump Removal, chain saw from business in 2600 block of Heysler.

Steven Forrest, 7000 block of Dunstans, GPS unit, bag and contents from vehicle in 2500 block of Wilford.

Andrew Okuley, wallet and contents from vehicle at home in 3600 block of Wild Pheasant.

Brad Maison, Lambertville, weed trimmer from vehicle in 500 block of Inland.


University of Toledo


Xavier Smith, 1300 block of Campbell, bicycle from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Johnathan Booenbroek, 2300 block of Cheltenham, bicycle from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Tamar Sarpong, 3400 block of Gibralter Heights, bicycle from 2800 block of West Bancroft.