Central-city gang sweep nets 14 arrests

Police, other authorities patrolled area claimed by Geer Gang Crips


Police conducted a gang sweep on Tuesday in an area claimed by the Geer Gang Crips.

The sweep — which used the combined forces of Toledo police, FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, Lucas County Adult Probation, Department of Youth Services, and Highway patrol — netted 14 arrests. Although individuals were arrested for “various misdemeanor and felony charges” none were charged with participating in a criminal gang. Police said they identified four previously unknown gang members. Fourteen parole search warrants, on gang members at “known gang locations” were executed.

The sweep was, police said, in response to recent gun violence in the city and is part of the Toledo Community Initiative to Reduce Violence. The efforts originated in the Monroe Street and Auburn Avenue area.