Mayoral candidate Cox releases credit scores


Toledo mayoral candidate Alan Cox has released credit reporting scores, but he did not disclose his level of debt.

Mr. Cox, a political independent, said his credit scores are 717 with Experian, 735 with Equifax, and 756 with Transunion.

“I have significantly more debt than I would like to have but I also have a positive net worth. And if you could check my credit history back to the beginning of my adult life, I don't believe you would find even a single payment that was thirty days or more delinquent,” he said.

Mr. Cox is paid $56,869 per year as a city neighborhood development specialist for the city of Toledo, and $1,200 per year as president of AFSCME Local 2058.

He said he has a media business that has lost money in recent years.

Four other candidates for mayor of Toledo disclosed credit and income information in June.