Two Democrats to replace those fired from elections panel


COLUMBUS — Secretary of State Jon Husted on Friday appointed two Democrats to the Putnam County Board of Elections to replace the pair he fired last month.

Anthony J. Wobler and Carla S. Tooman, who were recommended by the county Democratic Party, will finish the terms of Ann Dillinger and Martin Kuhlman. The latter two were removed from the board in the wake of a court ruling awarding more than $36,000 in damages and attorney fees to a Fort Jennings resident for the board’s repeated violations of Ohio open meetings law in 2008 and 2009.

The judge found the board did not give proper notice of meetings, information on discussions at those meetings, and information on what happened during execution sessions.

Lyle McKanna and Marie Heitmeyer, the two Republicans on the board at the time of the violations, are no longer members. Mr. Husted, also a Republican, has ruled they never be reappointed.