B.G. residents vote against so-called citizen's bill of rights


BOWLING GREEN - Three-quarters of Bowling Green's voters cast their ballots against a proposed charter amendment to create a so-called citizen's bill of rights.

The proposal was brought by activists opposed to hydraulic fracturing of bedrock, or fracking. It asserted city residents have a right to clean air, water, land, among other things - but was attacked by Mayor Dick Edwards and the local business community as being vague and potentially stifling to economic development.

The Bowling Green City Council earlier this fall addressed the fracking controversy with a 7-0 vote to ban fracking and disposal of fracking waste fluids within the city limits. Those who supported the charter amendment said it was necessary to strengthen the council's action. The proposal went down to defeat, though, with 3,548 votes against it compared to only 1,191 in favor.