Toledo City Council to vote Tuesday on whether to fund demolition of abandoned Clarion Hotel


Toledo City Council will vote Tuesday on whether to fund the demolition of the abandoned Clarion Hotel in South Toledo. 

Council may authorize spending up to $300,000 from the Capital Improvement Fund, $200,000 from the Property Management Fund, and $250,000 from the Lucas County Land Bank, with the stipulation that the land bank be reimbursed by the end of the year. 

A fire started by a vagrant in the building on June 1 prompted the hasty demolition proceedings. According to Matt Sapara, the development department director, people have repeatedly broken through the existing barriers on the property, posing an additional fire hazard, and the city‘‍s attempts to secure the building have failed.

The department has scheduled the demolition for July 7 and is waiting on bids from several contractors. At least three contractors will submit their proposals Tuesday afternoon, which will determine the final cost of the project, Mr. Sapara said.