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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

July 1, 2003


Phil and Karen Mohr to Paul and Jessica Wise, 4423 Stannard, $133,750.

James and Mary Oliver to Edward and Yvette King, 829 Evesham, $20,000.

Donelle and Cherry McCollum to Gloria Edmond, 664 Russell, $32,600.

Jose Martinez and others to Carol and Bertram Brown III, 816 Jean, $123,000.

Richard Lacourse to Martin and Angela Zak, 2003 Verdun; and 2002 and 2006 Lakeview, Oregon, $92,000.

Clarice Meredith to Alan and Norma Brown, 2742 Scottwood, $75,000.

Robert Scott to Jason and Rachel Bonaminio, 2355 Roseview, $92,500.

George and Barbara McCormick to Matthew and Angela Bauman, 5554 McLain, Sylvania, $126,500.

William Anderson to Ryan and Jennifer Auck, 6909 Barleyton Circle, Sylvania, $162,740.

Loretta Stiltner to Jared Hooks, 316 Hiett, $29,000.

Anthony and Tamara Nepomuceno to Jack and Diana Pumfrey, 5532 Marriatt, $104,000.

Gary and Leslie Rombkowski to Ghassan Kaloti, 5808 Monclova, Maumee, $175,000.

Craig and Bridget Caster to Christian and Brenda Aubry, 3921 Fairwood, Sylvania, $179,000.

Robert and Sharon Gibson, trustees, to Leslie and Gary Rombkowski, 1440 Old Trail, Maumee, $289,900.

Char Winckowski to Gary and Joanne Thomas, 4353 Rose Garden, $177,600.

Gary and Joanne Thomas to Mark and Tammy Morrissey, 4714 Haddington, $153,000.

James Wright to Allen and Jane Mytyk, 6631 Coppersmith, Sylvania, $131,000.

Tommy and Barbara Cole to Julianna and Frank Lacy, Jr., 639 East Broadway, $52,000.

Donald Vliet, Jr., to Douglas Mallette, 3347 Island, $111,000.

Katie Hoffman to Lisa Smith and Dorian Thornbury, 538 Mayfair, $91,000.

Westhaven Group to Phil and Karen Mohr, 4423 Stannard, $106,000.

Mary Brewer to Scott Heckathorn and Christine Mayer, 2341 Hempstead, $174,750.

Laura Bodeman to Tony Segura, 5449 Corduroy, Oregon, $128,000.

Patrick Hower to Terry Harrison, 3709 Anderson Pkwy., $105,500.

Michael and Michelle McNutt to Brice Steffes, 4636 283rd, $98,000.

Thomas Smith, Jr., trustee, to Beverly Barber, 4114 Herman Place, $116,000.

Douglas and Rebekah Smith to Lynn Grylls, 4414 West Bancroft, $143,750.

David and Rosa Printke to Jeremy Davison 27 West Hudson, $65,000.

Bernard Adams, Jr., and others to Michael and Christine Adams, 4037 Westway, $52,000.

David Rupp to Laurence Brennan, 1750 Caxton, $125,000.

William and Megan Shuler to Tracy Gambrell, 2744 Portland, Oregon, $103,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Michael and Cynthia Cain, 782 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $45,900.

Wingate Building Co. to Debra Garrison, 624 Satin Leaf, $158,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to New Horizons Unlimited Inc., 1949 Olimphia, $46,000.

Julia Bates to Joseph and Kimberly Sofo, 7443 Country Meadow Ct., Sylvania, $269,000.

Laura Gagnet to Christopher Pelker and others, 2401 Eastbrook, $112,000.

David and Janna Schock to Matthew Beil and others, 2156 Airport, $68,000.

June Eby to Jenna Peitz, 2939 West Alexis, $105,000.

Alan and Lisa Lutz to Russell and Michelle Acino, 3840 Garrison, $123,900.

Roy and Janice Gahler to Elena Douglas, 2224 Genesee, $59,900.

Matthew Lapoint and others to George and Judith Saba, 4840 Rambo, $117,000.

Leroy Wagenman, trustee, to Tracy Ball, 1328 Crestwood, $83,000.

Michael Lafferty to Lindsey Wilson, 2034 Hurd, $60,000.

Dana Cifuentes to Michael and June Lafferty, 2835 Hartley, Oregon, $151,000.

Garry Hitts to Fahed Abed, 5020 and 5024 Ancil, $23,000.

Melvin and Susan Boes to Anthony and Rhonda Abbott, 3261 Maher, $36,900.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to David and Nancy Brown, 6910 Nightingale, Holland, $34,000.

Bobby Hancock and others to Matthew and Melanie Szollosi, 1660 Grand Bay, Oregon, $36,000.

Louis and Carol Schlieman to Ocwen Federal Bank FSB, 5413 Grey, Sylvania, $51,000.

Ocwen Federal Bank FSB to Ryan Chalmers and others, 5413 Grey, Sylvania, $67,250.

Donald Dotson and others to Andrew Szymanski, 4405 Weckerly, Monclova, $128,000.

Virginia Pearce to Terry and Sue Maddux, 3207 and 3211 Brock, $85,500.

Elvia Kaufman to Grover Webster, 840 Oak, $20,000.

Mack and Arlene Moon to Laurie Nolfo and others, 757 East Shoreline, Holland, $46,000.

Residential and Exempt

Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc. to Michael Tersigni, 2200 Scottwood, Unit 216, $35,500.


Toledo Commons BE Associates LLC to BEF REIT Inc., 0 Glendale, $800,000.


July 2, 2003


Robin McCant to Quincy Lewis, 3617 Willow Run, $90,000.

Sharon McGlone to Gloria Duncan, 412 and 420 Eberle, $86,000.

Doris Moore to Thomas Grzeszczak, Jr., 2365 Parliament Square, Sylvania, $131,500.

Carol Morrison to Theresa Means, 4419 Westway, $99,000.

Mark Morrin to George and Marlene McCormack, 3627 145th, $84,000.

Scott and Michelle Giovanoli to Ramiro and Rosa Hernandez, 408 Collins Park, $103,000.

Thomas Carver to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, 1527 Travis, $60,000.

Sunny Foltz to Michelle Conrad and others, 1765 Glastonberry, $94,400.

Anya Solocha to Karen Emch, 4123 Commonwealth, $82,000.

Gerald and Janet Extine to Rocky and Deborah Gillespie, 1154 Ogontz, Maumee, $155,900.

Charter One Bank NA to Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp., 11755 Archbold-Whitehouse, Whitehouse, $192,147.13.

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp. to Daniel and Mary Schaffer, 11755 Archbold-Whitehouse, Whitehouse, $180,000.

Timothy and Cheryl Peatee to Denise Jurski, 5938 Deane, $82,000.

Adam and Dorrie Kral to Amy Yourist, 5820 and 5826 Highland View, Sylvania, $145,000.

Arthur Szymanowski to Teri Ellis, 359 and 363 Darrow, $71,400.

Doris Roe to William Crosser, Jr., 3642 Manchester, $98,969.

The Mehring Co. to Mary Moor, trustee, 6925 Ridgewood Trail, $410,000.

Rodney and Gina Schell to Anita and Glen Lalonde IV, 4460 Woodmont, $125,000.

Robert Schwartz and others, successor co-trustees, to Lawrence and Sharon Willis, 4015 Eaglehurst, Sylvania, $134,000.

Ellen Corbett, trustee, to Edward and Helen Roman, 6046 North Centennial, Sylvania, $125,000.

Marybeth Norris to Billy and Petrina Hill, 6140 Henthorne, Holland, $235,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Lindy and Dennis Keyser, Jr., 268 Maryland, $30,000.

Eugene Esling to Scott Millsap, 2636 Eastmoreland, Oregon, $117,900.

Demya and Lisa Wimberly to Vivian Adams, 229 Ivanhill, $92,900.

Jennifer Butzen to Christine Cerveny, 3126 Glencairn, $98,500.

Margaret Lydy to Thomas Vandini and Mary Anne Hodge, 5901 Garden Park, Sylvania, $118,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Avalon Homes Building Co. LLC, 781 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $45,900.

Jessica and Bobby Matney and others to John and Elaine McCabe, 4133 Heathergreen Ct., $125,000.

Rickey Sexton II and others to Matthew and Tamara Johnson, 5903 Davida, $122,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Mark Coman, 3744 Manchester, $97,000.

Thomas and Queen Stasick to Jeffrey Valentine, 5616 Willowood Ct., $148,500.

Elaine and John McCabe, Jr., to Nick and Allison Jakutowicz, 6158 Reo, $104,500.

Michael Rudey to Clifford and Trudy Stubbs, 4051 Meadow Green, Sylvania, $186,000.

Clarion Building Co. Inc. to Marc and Paula Meyer, 7933 Colony Woods, $367,500.

Lee and Theresa Feeney to Joseph and Meagen Verkennes, 2801 Letchworth Pkwy., $118,000.

John and Michelle Penn to Lee and Theresa Feeney, 7221 Heller, Whitehouse, $181,000.

James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC to Robin McCant, 675 Whisperlake, Holland, $252,900.

WLHomestead LLC to J. Robert Jesionowski, 7737 Forest Creek Ct., Maumee, $66,900.

Julia Bates to Alan Mason, 3 Bent Creek Crossing, Sylvania, $204,000.

Jose and Caroline Tan to Munish and Dimple Shah, 8943 Sycamore, Sylvania, $228,600.

Steven and Sylvia Ozrovitz to Charneal Merrell, 7248 Wembley Terrace West, $253,000.

Michael Grambly to Ali and Faime Kashen, 4701 Boydson, $90,000.

Dana and Diane Sloan to Richard and Diana Frye, 2921 Long View, Maumee, $285,000.

Edward Belcik to Yuliy and Natalia Dayhovski, 715 and 719 Berry, $41,000.

Glen and Therese Seaman to Jason Anderson, 2624 Sherbrooke, $114,300.

Scott and Kathleen Stevens to Richard Krell and others, 2313 Angel, $149,700.

Danielle Gatton and others to Cheryl Brandt and others, 3629 Waldorf, $64,000.

Jeffrey Birdwell to Robert Birdsell, 229 Orville, $88,000.

Housing East Redevelopment Corp. to Doris Vasko, 120 and 124 Esther, $80,000.

Witte Family Co. Ltd. to James Parritt, 9955 North Blue Prairie, Whitehouse, $45,000.

Jeanette Forrester, trustee, to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 7270 Salisbury, Maumee, $527,500.

Robert and Jaime George to Landon Dodson, 5805 Carnation, $109,000.

Paul and Charlene Reed to Craig and Michelle Koschalk, 2315 Angel, $150,000.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. to Dorfwrac Inc. 630 Marmion, $23,500.

Janice Ludlow to Steven Jacob, 5620 Planet, $32,000.

Robert and Ann Toth to Kevin and Stacie Niebel, 3918 Archwood, $172,900.

Leona Slusarski to Andrew and Arlene Haiduck, 6738 Embassy Ct., Unit A-3, Maumee, $148,000.

Travis and Lois Weaver to David and Amy Weaver, 410 West Poinsetta, $90,000.

Steeve Ann Vanderpol to Jack and Karen Pummill, 3233 Stone Wall, Maumee, $325,000.

Robert and Mary Ludwikowski, trustees, to Frank and Jessica Kapp, 2746 Pleasant Hill, Maumee, $162,000.

Quad Properties I Ltd. to Buddelmeyer Bros. LLC, 1513 Lawnview, $75,000.

Frederick Dohrmann to Susanna Zavodyuk, 3110 Cambridge, $39,000.

Green Bear Partners Ltd. to 3-M Investments LLC, 3740 Starr, $246,700.

Charles and Lillian Lagger to Dean and Allison Schlicher, 422 South Berlin, $138,500.

Jerry and Susan Smith to David Hustwick, 4964 Valencia, $257,500.

Heftim Group LLC to Russell and Patricia Lee, 818 Hilltop, $181,825.

Timothy and Karin Perozek to Beth Weissenberger, 258 University, $135,500.

Stephen D. Taylor Family Properties LLC to Timothy and Stephanie McNeeley, 3332 Stonebrooke, Maumee, $410,000.

Gary Michalski to Shayla Johnson, 1856 Finch, $48,500.

Diane Ducat to Roger Valerio, 748 Alvison, $109,000.

James and Myrtle Nevers to Grigory and Olga Shtilman, 5848, 5852, and 5856 Meade, $116,000.

Robert Le Barr to S & Z Investments LLC, 1506 South, $30,000.

Julie Clark to Jody McCollum, 7413 West Sylvania, $225,000.

Green Bear Partners Ltd. to Robert and Martha Spain, 545 Mineola, Oregon, $29,900.

Charlene Gaietto, successor trustee, to Diane Ducat, 4027 McGregor, $124,000.

Virginia McNeil to Victoria Ruiz, 1926 North Erie, $17,500.

Bernice Maurice to Ronald and Donnett Heilner, 4421 286th, $95,000.

Alice Godlewski, trustee, to Barbara and Charles Kallil III, 4031 Newcastle, Sylvania, $92,500.

Antoinette Baker to Charles and Judith Kovach, 412 Sandusky, $25,000.

Terri Orlowski to Eric Renzhofer, 1468 Vance, $5,000.

Harry Behrens, trustee, and others to Christopher and Amanda Sawdon, 5032 Arbor Way, Sylvania, $102,750.

Walter Harris, Jr., and others to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 2347 Garden Creek, Maumee, $176,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to James and Brenda Bal, 2347 Garden Creek, Maumee, $176,000.

Christine Artz to Sandra Nelson, 2042 Southmoor, $71,000.

Donald and Linda Becker to William and Laura Holt, 7752 Timbers Edge, Waterville, $140,000.

Deborah Mack and others to Derek Helminiak, 2447 Shoreland, $104,000.

Berniece Johnson to Rene Szymanski, 437 South Stephen, Oregon, $122,000.

Kevin and Stacie Niebel to Edward and Kathleen Kaminski, 635 Regina Pkwy., $133,000.

Joseph Opoka and Arlene Byers-Opoka to J. Scott Seipel and others, 7642 Stone Hill Ct., Maumee, $222,000.

Mark and Kimberly Arell to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 2335 Meadowwood, $202,500.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Mary McGoff, 2335 Meadowwood, $202,500.

Kelly Cochenour to Joseph Cousino, 2247 Rood, $93,000.

Craig and Eileen Homan to Mark O'Connor, 4505 Forestview, $675,000.

Residential and Commercial

Reuben and Judann Bumpus to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 1518, 1522, and 1526 West Bancroft, $20,000.


Bryson Stamp Co. Inc. to Edward Langlois, Jr., 1326 Nevada, $7,500.

Riverside Partners Group Ltd. to City of Maumee, 1126 River, Maumee, $515,000.

Donald Mossing, Jr., trustee, to Jojen Investments LLC, 3522 Douglas, $160,000.

Thomas and Sharon Kalniz to Ralston Properties Ltd. 1630 and 1642 Ralston Circle, $950,000.

Clark Warnock and others to B & E Ltd., 995 Illinois, Maumee, $182,000.

Sullivan Acquisition LLC to Family Video Movie Club Inc., 2543, 2547, 2549, 2553, 2557; and 2528, 2544, 2548, 2552, 2556, and 2560 Northvale, all Oregon, $460,000.

Jacquelyn Fought to Joseph Martin and others, 5630 Ryewyck, $255,000.


Carol and Linda Lorenzen to Charles and Sandra Adcock, split from 750 North Stadium, Oregon, $121,000.


July 3, 2003


Kerri and Michael Penrod to Julie and John Cubberly, 2245 Kingston, Maumee, $152,000.

James Zetler to Carol and Terry Brockett, 535 South North Curtice, Curtice, $220,000.

Lagrange Development Corp. to Whoneta Dinkins, 318 East Park, Toledo, $66,950.

Wells Fargo Financial America Inc. to Clifford Michalak, 605 Cincinnati, $19,000.

Loretta Kallil to Thomas Jones, 1413 North Huron, $50,000.

Stefani Jones to Kathleen Wenninger, 4201 Garrison, $99,700.

Rose and Bruce Camp to Renee and Ronald Muir, 4633 Elmhurst, $103,000.

Kathleen Stoll to Judith Cone, 3633 Maxwell, $134,900.

Shirley Henkle to Edward Smith, 3155 Stafford, Oregon, $145,000.

Sharon Filipiak and others to Sara Riley-Keeper, 3519 Bayberry Place, Oregon, $135,000.

Kimberly Kristoff to Matthew Langlois and others, 2 Orchard, Waterville, $130,000.

Carmelita Haugh to Carla and Corey Blaker, 1633 Gilbert, $126,000.

Andrea and Thomas Schaetz to Cathy and James Stich, 3610 Stillwater, Maumee, $367,800.

Debra and David Atkins, to Karen Diggins, 2631 Britainia, $295,000.

Virginia and Bernard Schramm to Carmelita Haugh, 3774 Oak Forest, $147,000.

LaJane Sullivan, trustee, to Renee and Dana Shane, 1621 Idaho, $67,900.

Gary Wagner to Erin Tingley, 2536 Hollydale, Oregon, $25,000.

Julie and Kevin Stichler to Debra and Donald Raymer, 733 West Carisbrook, Maumee, $139,000.

Lois Vess to Diane Chapman, 3407 Oak Alley, $112,000.

Michael Badger to Kristopher Jagodzinski, 1805 Brussels, $62,000.

Scott Harrington to Louis Carson, trustee, 1152 Bernath, $139,500.

Edwin Nirdlinger, trustee, to Jean and George Gorsuch, 6366 Oakland, Sylvania, $256,000.

Lajoie, Taylor & Associates Ltd. to Dorothy Davis, 4902 Marble Cliff, Sylvania, $220,000.

Irene Hrivnak, trustee, and others to Sherry and Charles Ferrell, 514 Clark, $12,500.

Mary Flickinger to Alberta and David Rochon, 3815 Buell, $82,500.

James Lindke, trustee, to Kimberly and Bryan Sutton, 759 South Meilke, Holland, $39,500.

Edith and David Carr to Anna Burkett, 724 Spring Grove, $50,000.

Lahnd Development Inc. to Walter Randolph, 213, 215, 217, 219, and 221 City Park; 211 and 213 Elizabeth; 725 Humboldt; 331 and 335 Harper; and 208 Otis, $250,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Deborah and William Anderson, 7069 Nightingale, Holland, $173,900.

Susan and Rodney Delong to Anne and Randy Duvall, 5838 and 5846 Normandy, Sylvania, $175,000.

Beth and Barney Stewart to Charlotte Winckowski, 2747 Rexton Ridge, $228,500.

Douglas Hoffman and others to Christine and Jeffrey Slade, 2734 Goddard, $145,000.

Forestview Building Co. to Diane and Dana Sloan, 3763 Wrens Nest, Maumee, $336,000.

Nancy and David Brown to Holly and David Simon, 2038 Hunters Run, Holland, $214,000.

Yin-Ying and Duen-Yih Jeng to Christopher Hibbett, 3419 Goddard, $118,500.

Lloyd Roberts, trustee, to Ronald and Therese Zaciek, 5055 Silica, Sylvania, $127,600.

Joseph Westrick to Trent Horky, 3434 Douglas, $139,000.

Jane and David Wolf to Mary and Brett Zimmerman, 2861 Kenwood, $185,000.

Mary and David Smith to James Michalak and others, 758 and 760 Culley, Holland, $127,000.

Christine and Ronald Cady to Birdena Martin, 327 Chorus, $97,000.

Helen and Michael Lapointe to Kevin Ganues and others, 3469 145th, $115,000.

Helen Bogdanski and others to Steven Mitchell, 3020 A Street, $22,000.

Velma and Chad Vrooman to Martha and Curtis Crumbley, 3546 Devon Hill, $132,000.

Jeffrey Nuzum to Jeremy Nuzum, 5416 Merriman, Sylvania, $38,000.

Robin Mickel to David Berlincourt, 2046 La France, Oregon, $2,000.

David Anderson, Jr., to David Drager, 2168 Auburn, $1,200.

Delores and Ambrose Dybala to Infinity Group Limited, 6117 Reo, $15,500.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Donna Herold, 7153 Venetian Bay Court, Maumee, $60,800.

John Hamilton to Angela Bondy, 3572 Bellevue, $88,500.

Deborah Cutcher to Sean Collins, 3027 Orlando, $86,500.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Jeffrey Felix and others, 4803 Waterbury, Maumee, $182,904.

James Sharp to Dana and Timothy Farthing, 3120 Haughton, $94,000.

Chris Zervos to Susan and Terrence Lewis, 9056 Sand Ridge, Holland, $551,000.

Helen and Edward Roman to Clinton and Rita Longenecker, trustees, 3166 Lambert, $154,000.

Rick Bryan and others to Jack Vanhee, 1861 Peacock, Holland, $154,000.

Sara and Patrick Davison to Cindra and Clinton Longenecker, 1431 Creekwood, $228,000.

George Michael Construction Co. to Shawna and Christopher Easton, 5856 Porsha, Sylvania, $243,000.

Susan and David Grochowski to Jennifer and Herbert Reichow, 512 Bay River, Maumee, $147,000.

Virgil Carmony to Gibzim LLC, 680 Lorain, $4,600.

James H. Johnson Custom Builder to Stephanie and Craig Teamer, 701 Whisperlake, Holland, $239,900.

Chuck Childers to D. Garrison, trustee, 834 Homer, $18,100.

D. Garrison, trustee, to Robert Tucker, 834 Homer, $32,900.

Jettie McCormick to Lansing Stoll, 3407 Oak Alley, $114,500.

Deborah Morelli to Velma and Chad Vrooman, 6167 Durbin, Sylvania, $205,900.

Mary and Robert Young to Paul Swinkey, 908 Freedom, $23,700.

Paul Fetzek, trustee, to Jennifer and Harold Aubrey, 3728 Rose Glenn, $225,000.

Susan and Blake Chitwood to Holly Stoyanovich, 1562 Gould, $94,500.

Amy Brunsman to Jennifer Bine, 5640 Pawnee, $83,000.

Alice Piotrowicz to Kevin Kaufman and others, 6142 Reo, $71,500.

Amy and Joseph Herman to Kimberly and Todd Hines, 6660 West Meadows, Maumee, $242,000.

Beth Haas to Jeannie Warner and others, 310 Kingsbury, Maumee, $155,000.

Rudy Development Co. Ltd. to Stafford Mitchell and others, 140 Esther, $80,000.


Weihl Harold co-successor trustee and others to Alan Properties Inc., split from 7050 Anthony Wayne, Waterville, and other property, $18,548.

Sandra Cousino, trustee to Gary Arthur LLC, split from 6100 Seaman, Oregon, $45,075.

Sandra Cousino, trustee, to Luann and John Spoerl, split from 6100 Seaman, Oregon, $74,925.


Lahnd Development Inc. to Walter Randolph, 215, 217, and 219 City Park, $250,000.

Thomas O'Riordan to Robin and Timothy Lewis, 1010 South Crissey, Holland, $125,000.

Susan and Stephen Fraley to Bires Real Estate Limited, 6440 Hamilton, Holland, $90,000.

Seaway Food Town Inc. to Kroger Co., 850 South McCord and 6710, 6808, 6838, and 6860 Angola, Holland, $1,475,000.

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