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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

July 11, 2003


Dolores and Richard Matyok to Lisa Eckenrode-Tidwell, 2027 Hurd, $75,000.

Robert Friedmar co-successor trustee, and others to Wendy and Matthew Yeager, 2426 Drummond, $180,000.

Daniel Minard, trustee, to Carol and William Sparks, 663 Brysen, $57,000.

Fred Turner to KBM Housing Enterprises, 960 Willow, $25,900.

Cynthiann and Mark Sperry to Karen McVicker, 506 Navarre, $38,700.

Mary Jo and George Magill, trustees, to Sandy Fuhr, 1136 Seymour, $75,000.

Phyllis and Clarence Jewell to Steven Secord and others, 4128 Berwick, $90,000.

Richard Gilbert and others to Danielle Dobre, 25 Mount Vernon, Waterville, $134,500.

Yvonne and Donald Eby to Kristine and Joseph Jankowski, 1058 Leith, Maumee, $126,000.

Dorothy and Henry Pawlecki, Jr., to Nicholas Bohland and others, 1246 Richland, Maumee, $124,000.

Varsity Construction Inc. to Loraine and Thomas Bartley, 8343 Water Park, Holland, $51,000.

Debbie and Jeffery Pachlhoffer to Ruth and Lannie McCoy, 5819 Putter, Waterville, $260,000.

Jean and Scott Gist to Hassan Hassabelnaby and others, 7564 Red Pines, Sylvania, $258,000.

Richard Kovacs to Jeanette Kaiser, 7139 Hall, Holland, $85,000.

Patty Westmeyer to Deborah and Wayne Court, 2425 Brookview, $950,000.

Shirley and Clyde Harrison to Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, 2337 North Summit, $17,120.

George Welch, Jr., and others to Spring Street Baptist Church, 608 Spring, $3,000.

Charter One Credit Corp. to Christopher Ackerman, 2656 Gunckel, $85,000.

Dolores Avalos to Gregory Sendelbach, 2115 Bakewell, $35,000.

Kelli and Eric Huffman to Scott Bailey and others, 3901 Chipplegate, $116,900.

Virgil Campbell to Barbara and John Ernst, 728 St. Andrews, $196,000.

Kristi and Adam Schlatter to Susan Rutkowski, 3047 Glencairn, $120,000.

Geri and Douglas Morril to Tracy and Philip Kocinski, 118 North King, Holland, $49,900.

Carey and Carrol Huff to Patricia and Louise Jackson, 2434 Knights Hill, $262,785.

Edward Evick to Charles Ellis, Jr., 1920 North Ontario, $6,300.

Gary Walker to Harold McCorey, 1405 Bronson, $100.

Charles Robinson, Jr., to Joya Brooks, 1305 and 1307 Scott, Maumee, $126,500.

Jennifer Hamburg to Harsono Nitihardjo, 5212 Silvertown, Sylvania, $133,500.

Fallen Timbers Fairways Ltd to Jeffrey Wheeland, 7854 Timbers Edge, Waterville, $136,300.

Jeffrey Periat and others to Constance and Richard Koehler, 6113 White Oak, $126,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Cynthia Cooper, 4016 Stonehenge, Sylvania, $136,900.

Bank One National Association, trustee, to Timothy Ciboro, 823 Noble, $800.

Ruben and Terri Deleon to Fifth Third Bank Investment Co., 2101 North Michigan, $13,334.

Linda and Richard Nijakowski, Jr., to Gary Walker, 2236, 2240, and 2244 St. Charles, $72,866.

Miriam and Timothy Howard to McIntyre Properties, 746 Diana, Holland, $69,000.

Albert Taylor to Bank One, National Association, trustee, 4029 Lyman, $65,000.

Leonard Breidenbach to Bank One National Assocation, trustee, 436 Danberry, $35,000.


Scott Coleman to Kimberlee and Anthony Miller, 428 Walbridge, $87,500.

Ruth and Brian Lindo to Basem Kareem, 5813 Edgewater, $110,000.


July 14, 2003


Marvin Smith to Kenneth Gosbeth, 6033 Douglas, $125,000.

Inez and William Forrest to Bertha Isom, 2478 Lawton, $5,000.

Karen Lee to Michele Durbin, 3524 Glynn, $126,900.

Julio Ramirez to Debra and William Gainey, 133 Palmer, $39,000.

Christine and Charles Wilson to Kathryn and Victor Botz, 4105 Seckinger, $139,000.

Daniel Minard, trustee, to Susan Laware, 343 Mentor, $15,000.

Garnet McMahan to Connie and Dana Fairchild, 1631 North Erie, $9,500.

Cynthia and Robert Olsen to Gail and Robert Sherman, 7313 Marchester, Maumee, $269,000.

Mai Freeman to Jackqulyn Flunder, 106 Dunderry Lane, $90,450.

Jerry Hatcher, trustee, to MRL Development II, 7100 Nebraska, $80,000.

Gail and Robert Sherman to Laurie Mears, 5953 Arrowhead, Waterville, $144,500.

Thomas Kusmer to Daniel Madigan, 5840 Hillcroft, $133,500.

Scott Franks to Jason Manner and others, 4701 and 4703 Naomi, $108,500.

Alan Borer to Karen and Charles Krolak, 3708 Drummond, $98,000.

Bankers Trust Co. of California to Jodi and Kenneth Orange, 1028 Madeleine, $45,000.

Patricia and Thomas Feehan to Linda and Brian Bay, 3784 Driftwood, $175,000.

Nancy Korsog to Diana and Kevin Korsog, 524 Centerfield, Maumee, $185,000.

Patricia and Welden Madison to Thomas Kusmer, 5167 Saddlecreek, $215,000.

Maryann McGlenn, successor trustee, to Fred Johlin, 3825 Corduroy, Oregon, $62,150.

Lenora Drouillard to KTB Investments, LTD, 2413 Valentine, $33,500.

Dorothy Reaume to Diana and Dan Smith, 446 West Capistrano, $77,000.

Olde Farm Builders to Nichole Martin, 4440 Bridle, Maumee, $219,000.

Loretta and Leonard Tucker to Joyce and Angus Smith III, 3521 Cedar Creek, Maumee, $500,000.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Alice Robison, 7137 Tarpon Bay, Maumee, $50,800.

Beverly and Gordon Huffman to Kelli and Eric Huffman, 3880 Shadylawn, $169,000.

Irene Pryke to Jared Hinkle, 11940 Reubens, Curtice, $76,900.

Federal National Mortgage Association to George Brandeberry, 1417 Albert, $4,500.

Kari and Vaculik and others to Becky and James Heidelberg, 5922 Adelaide, $94,500.

Stacey and William Leffler to Michael Weber, 4107 Regis, $118,000.

Kathryn and Victor Botz, Jr., to Gary Busse, 5620 Douglas, $95,000.

Diann Hunyer to Jerry and Barbara Stahler and others, 757 Colima, $63,000.

Louisville Title Agency, Inc., trustee, to Lavaughn Loboschefski, 7152 Venetian Bay Court, Maumee, $60,800.

Forestview Building Co. to Jane Steiger, 3750 Wrens Nest, Maumee, $345,500.

Barbara and David Coppy to William Disher, 2067 Northridge, $70,000.

Lorin Faneuff to Melanie and Patrick Horrigan, 2158 Aberdeen, $52,000.

Charles Bodette to Paula and Jason Bodette, 3805 Woodmont, $126,500.

Lavean Christ to Terry and Regina Conway, 2749 West Laskey, $71,500.

Citizens Savings Bank Co. to Anthony Garzony, trustee, 967 Willow, $12,000.


Toledo Area Council, Boy Scouts of America Inc., to McGowan Northwoods, 0 Holland-Sylvania, Sylvania, $4,400,000.


July 15, 2003


Marlene and Michael Garrett to Bobbie Mackey, 4273 Ann Rose, $140,000.

Rosie Thomas to Eudondra Butts, 802 Brown, $25,000.

Nancy and James Coyle to Deborah and Joseph Denko, 3340 Christie, $184,000.

Pamela Dlugosielski to Zalmai Sediqe, 5860 Fairhaven, $47,500.

Earl Williams to Jonathan Delahoyde, 1328 Prouty, $33,500.

Kathleen and Robert Harpel to Cynthia and John Wurzell, 4522 Hannaford, $50,000.

Robin Sorter-Vincent to Philip Snyder, 2844 Warsaw, $16,000.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises, Inc. to Somaia and George Mikhail, 520 White Oak, $185,000.

Jennifer and Moussa Salloukh to Jennifer and John Bonnice, 1065 Cardinal Bay, Oregon, $218,500.

Joseph Wasserstrom, trustee, to Mary and Michael Weigand, 6726 Shieldwood, $186,000.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises, Inc. to Andrea Miller, 527 White Oak, $180,500.

Becky and Matthew Black to Seth Evearitt and others, 3810 Woodmont, $116,000.

Susan Johnson, trustee, to Cynthia and James Irmen, 12775 Shaffer, Swanton, $250,000.

Bryan Bransford to Angel Rice, 4706 Cedarhurst, $103,000.

Elizabeth Tipping and others to Michael Woodard, 915 Argyll, Maumee, $106,500.

Clement Cervenec to Timothy Wegner, 726 Spring Grove, $63,000.

Darla and James Wright to Timber Creek Builders & Developers, 259 Rochelle, $18,000.

Ealm Lehman Affiliates Inc. to David Mackinlay, 1908 Evansdale, $78,500.

William Schultz and others to Everett Harris II, 6719 Lincoln Green, Holland, $103,500.

Marianne and Christopher Peacock to Amy and Shawn Wilt, 2624 Drummond, $169,900.

Cynthia Waters to Matthew Lipski, 3724 Bowen, $123,500.

Maria and Eric Konoff to Cynthia Waters and others, 2334 Pemberton, $203,000.

William Mars and others to Hershel Riggs, 2144 Upton, $51,000.

Azizi and Mohammed Orra to Ronald Lewis, 217 East Pearl, $86,000.

Ora and Earnest Sanders, Jr., to Terry Lieb, 643 Fernwood, $28,0000.

Guelda and Mell Nelson to Marcia and Timothy Vandusen, 7619 Noward, Waterville, $227,500.

Kathleen and John Ewing to Deborah, Richard Ference, 5827 Acoma, $79,900.

Peter and Deborah Lammers to Florence Adkins, 521 Lowell, $45,835.

Your Home Advantage to Lisa Sergent, 4157 Lowe, $89,000.

Robert Dryfuse and others to Jeanne and Timothy Swidorski, 311 Avalon, $40,000.

William Franke to Jason Dosch, 26 South Berlin, 2749 and 2751 Edwin, Oregon, $105,000.

Kathryn and Carl Schulz to Deborah Wolfe, 8223 Cedar Point, Oregon, $150,000.

Tina and Paul Hagger, trustees, to Cheryl and Richard Conrad, 9114 Oak Valley, Holland, $385,000.

James and Angela Bailey to Donale Parks, Jr., 2123 North 14th, $82,320.

Barchick Custom Homes Inc. to Jene and Christopher Drage, 7468 Winterberry, Maumee, $44,900.

Marilyn Martin, successor trustee, to Brittney Cooper, 2405 Manoa Lane, $138,000.

Olde Farm Inc. to Allison and Brian Sterns, 4232 Herdsman Circle, Maumee, $46,900.

Sandra and David Zaruca to Erin and Patrick O'Hearn, 658 St. Annes, Holland, $620,000.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Chad Muscott, 553 Crystal Lake, Holland, $166,500.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Charles Roscoe, 538 Crystal Lake, Holland, $163,500.

Josephine Mazur and others to Margaret Parrish, 414 Shasta, $76,000.

Wm. Decker Inc. to Kathleen and Dennis Moorman, 3860 Secluded Ravine, Maumee, $85,000.

Eleanore and Norman Klopping to William Dudgeon, 3724 Rose Acres, $151,000.

Dorothy and Carlisle Curry to Kellie Jensen, 7062 Williamsburg, Sylvania, $180,000.


Susan Torrey to Darlene and James Buechler, 0 North Decant, Curtice, $45,000.


Patriot Properties LTD to Roman Properties, 6011 Renaissance, $148,000.

Keyport Finance Co. to Judith and Ronald Mills, 130 North Summit, $30,000.


July 16, 2003


Neil Farrow to Randal and Abby Freker, 4441 Cherry Creek, $112,000.

Kelly Myles to Jamie Copley, 4815 Luann, $129,000.

Kent and Kathleen Snyder to John Flendy and others, 3312 Mulberry, $64,900.

Bradley Gilliam to Benjamin Patterson, 1546 Craigwood, $103,000.

Ben and Barbara Long to Brian Albright and others, 3756 Driftwood, $171,000.

Barbara and Ruth Hunter to Neil Farrow, 3156 Rocksberry, $129,200.

FV-I Inc. to Maryann and Adam Mead, 1651 Gilbert, $82,400.

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