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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

July 23, 2003


Paul Kinney, Jr., to Keith and Jessica Krygielski, 1022 National, $90,450.

Shawn Turner to Kristinna Cooley, 5705 Fryer, $74,650.

James and Lona Watts to Benjamin Kusner, 6763 Woodmeadow, $139,500.

Frank Westenkirchner to Roger and Judith Puppos, 4067 Grandview Ct., $166,000.

Scott Freeman to Jordan and Brandon Johnson, 4820 296th, $82,900.

Janet Goralske, trustee, and others to Erwin and Malinda Meinhardt, 324 Valleywood, $36,500.

Kelly Gibson to Christopher and Marla Patten, 1045 Clark, Holland, $120,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Norman and Lois Ladd, 4863 Marble Cliff, Sylvania, $50,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Daniel Greene and others, 5901 Brookestone Village, Sylvania, $187,700.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Brian and Stephanie Shartzer, 11013 Chapelstone, Whitehouse, $192,000.

Raymond and Donna Parker to Barbara and Robert Williams, Jr., 2904 Plumbrook, Maumee, $220,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Melody Branum, 4653 Haddington, $129,900.

James and Theresa Smith to Timothy Graber, 1937 Brame Place, $84,900.

Elizabeth Koppinger and others to Richelle Minkowski and others, 2428 Westbrook, $120,000.

Mark and Karen Storer to Mustafa Hashem and others, 7656 Shadywood, Sylvania, $262,000.

Randal Mercural and Sandra Zellmer to Theodore and Amy Rough, 2320 Goddard, $167,000.

Charles and Carol Dolph to Edward and Michelle Larosa, 5531 Wadsworth, Sylvania, $165,000.

Karen Wissman to Andrew Kurtz and others, 6856 Cloister, $243,000.

Ila and James Buckingham, Jr., to Frederick and Lena Hanson, 1846 Norwood, $40,000.

Brian and Toni Sondergeld to Revali Thusay, 7634 Olympic Pkwy., Sylvania, $352,000.

John Berger to Svetlana Shaulov, 1404 Greenwood, $17,500.

Becky Reynolds to Michael Hacker, 3137 North Summit, $41,900.

Robert Anderson to Carolyn Johnson, 828 Independence, $95,000.

Dianne Jaeger, trustee, to Robert and Julie Henry, 623 South Stadium, Oregon, $300,000.

James Mohn to Patricia O'Neal, 5140 Trellis Way, Sylvania, $88,000.

Shirley Weber to George Markakis and Maria Limbert, 2628 Meadowwood, $179,900.

David and Joy McWhinnie to Dorothy Lemecha, 3405 Harley, $134,900.

Joseph and Jeannine Stramel to Jennifer Morris, 3509 Wyckliffe Pkwy., $116,500.

Wesley Boykin and others to Jeffery Hamilton, 745 Mackow, $57,385.

Andrew D'Amore and others to Todd and Clare Smith, 220 South Berlin, Oregon, $120,500.

Justin Boeker, trustee, and others to Justin Boeker, trustee, 5145 Kearsdale, $112,500.

Lukecorp Inc. to Charles and Othella Armstrong, 3435 Upton, $46,000.

Raymond Null to Bank One NA, 720 East Broadway, $14,000.

Joseph and Theresa Mikolajczyk to Timothy and Kimberly Grable, 4641 Wickford West, Sylvania, $143,000.

Karen Malcolm to Jay Huseth, 7323 Sawmill Run, Holland, $230,000.

Kristin Johnson to Scott Dusseau, 331 Chapin, $15,500.

Associates Financial Services Co. Inc. to Urel Galloway, 1015 Avondale, $7,650.

Forestview Building Co. Inc. to Sandra Zaruca, 2259 Big Hickory Run, Sylvania, $244,755.

Irene Harless to Danyelle Twitty, 747 Marmion, $58,900.

Vincent Crociata to Nikki Crociata, 5844 Clover, $22,000.

Hettie Willis to Wheeler and Elvine Britter, 910 Evesham, $23,750.

Dominic and Amelia Bruno to John and Eileen Dowling, 737 West Carisbrook, Maumee, $175,000.

Joseph Anaszewicz and others to Kenneth Yohn, 4632 Harford, $72,300.

Ronald Dulay, successor trustee, to Steve and Andrea Duby, 1257 Holgate, Maumee, $137,500.

Linda Olah and others, co-successor trustees, to JAS Holdings, 209 Broadway, $6,500.

Anna Young to Jesse Haines, 104 Merton, Holland, $22,000.

Tonda and Glen Reeck to Timothy Perkins, 3540 Bluff, $20,000.

Nikki Spangler to Sharon Spangler, 3555 Weckerly, Monclova, $150,000.


James Whitmore to Emmanuel and Judy Paschalis, 430 14th, $7,500.

James Sahadi to David Clemens, 10905 Corduroy, water slip C-43, Oregon, $3,900.

Brian Coss to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 505 Navarre, $2,999.99.

Daniel Barron Inc. to AMA Management Co. Ltd., 13625 Airport, Swanton, $100,000.


July 24, 2003


Michael Development Ltd. to Terrence and Karen Stewart, 9032 Cedar Bend, Sylvania, $272,000.

Anthony and Karen Voegeli to Jennifer Disch|er, 2943 115th, $105,500.

Jennifer Linehan to Jason Hickman, 1843 Spencer, $86,000.

Dennis Wilburn and Carol Harris to Ladden Vernon, 901 Bricker, $38,000.

Mark and Mary Wortman to Frederick and Karen Pease, 6818 Fenwyck, Maumee, $123,000.

Joseph and Jodi Blanchong to Douglas and Kimberly Knop, 4730 and 4738 Whitehouse-Spencer, Monclova, $162,000.

Ivan and Melonie Morgan to Jerome and Olivia Nowicki, 458 Thurston, $49,000.

D. Craig Nichols to Jessica O'Brien, 534 Dearden Place, $94,680.

Tom Lake Builder to Angela and Haranarayan Mohanty, 2146 McIntosh, Holland, $246,000.

Steven and Carol Coder to Pierre and Bonnie Pertz, 2149 Parkwood, $135,000.

Eileen Brittain, trustee, to Fannie Ivery, 5122 Macklyn, $131,000.

Robert Franks, Jr., to Steven and Betty Pequeen, 1332 Winnette, $72,500.

Robert and Dorothy Mather to Patrick and Deborah Feehan, 2367 Valeway, $124,000.

Kenneth and Pamela Barnswell to Ronald and Barbara Rasey, 3845 Branch, $144,000.

Donald and Norma Cislo to Phil and Heidi Sanders, 1138 Elco, Maumee, $110,000.

Joseph Wittenberg and others to Joan Barchick, 6530 Kingsbridge, Unit A-1, Sylvania, $97,000.

Gertrude Sikon to Dominic and Amelia Bruno, 3718 South Beverly Hills, $160,000.

Timber Creek Builders and Developers Inc. to Christopher Horen and others, 1211 Bedford Woods, $151,500.

First Indiana Bank to Dianne Reed, 2828 South, $35,000.

Marc Prucka to Joseph Volpi, 1112 North Michigan, $1.

Martin and Joyce Pietras to Irene Freeman, 519 East Hudson, $52,777.

Jerry and Joanne Viles to Jamie Gillespie, 723 Barclay, $88,900.

Bank One NA to Arturo Perez-Padilla, 1218 Sherman, $5,000.

Helen Landowski to Nasser and Fadia Mansour, 823 Woodlawn, $110,500.

Edward and Dorothy Romp to Paul and Linda Werts, 3220 North Colleen Ct., $132,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Curtis Keebler, 3255 Stone Quarry, Maumee, $38,000.

Mark and Darla Fry to Juliette Dunning, 3301 Beaumont, $59,000.

Kenneth Warner to Heather Smith, 8424 Salisbury, Monclova, $93,250.

Rickie and Linda Donald to Paul Bowser, 12980 Bailey, Grand Rapids, $37,500.

Peter Dewey to Nathan and Kristie Craig, 4208 Asbury, $86,000.

Hector and Jane Lopez to Gene Kelly, 3261 St. Bernard, $99,500.

Laurie Shaffer to Courtney and Mark Bieganowski II, 908 Gramercy, $106,000.

David and Charlene Kocinski to Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, 338 Northdale, $66,000.

Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, to Larry and Kelly Griffin, 338 Northdale, $75,000.

Carl Ackerman, Jr. to Joann Corduroy Investments LLC, 4340 Corduroy, Oregon, $71,897.

Joann Corathers and others to Martin Hames, 5860 Centennial, Sylvania, $86,000.


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Maumee Western LLC, 6560 Weatherfield Ct., Maumee, $350,000.


Linda and James Farley and others to Jamie and Robert Nash III, split from 3612 Washburn, Berkey, $57,500.

Linda and James Farley and others to Richard and Amy Butler, split from 3612 Washburn, Berkey, $48,000.


July 25, 2003


Jade Lipinski to Brian Nelson, 328 Beecher, $62,000.

Associates Financial Services Corp. to Jeffrey Graham, 1133 Coventry, $24,500.

Joel and Wendy Heuberger to Erik Lesniewski, 2353 Portsmouth, $90,000.

Todd Thibert to Robert Hartwig, Jr., 754 Barclay, $58,000.

Pamela Edwards to Alan and Corey Long|enecker, 6321 Millbrook, Maumee, $137,000.

Judith Mierzwiak to Fu and Mei Yu, 3464 Stonebrooke, Maumee, $463,000.

Parker Henneman to Scott Gosch, 1327 Gordon, $28,400.

Thomas and Elizabeth Tucker to John and Heidi Kollarik, 2917 Wyndale, $129,000.

Brent and Lisa Carroll to Philip Weidel, 1243 Scott, Maumee, $100,000.

Jayashree Navaneeth and Navaneeth Vasudevan to Robert Greenlee and Latonya McDonald-Greenlee, 153 Carol, $136,000.

Richard and Patricia Sosnowicz to Clifford and Kimberly Martin, 3370 Maple, $69,275.

Richard and Kimberly Ozuk to Robert Halas II and others, 4437 and 4441 Walker, $88,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., escrow agent, 7882 Chestnut Ridge, Maumee, $54,150.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., escrow agent, 7842 Chestnut Ridge, Maumee, $57,950.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Robert and Leta 7307 Longwater, Maumee, $53,800.

Dennis May to Heather Solly, 3331 North Detroit, $55,000.

Julius Hasenbalg to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 1016 East Manhattan, $29,150.

Dolores Butte to William Houttekier, 22 and 24 Tyler, $23,800.

Melvin and Deborah Johns to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota National Association, trustee, 1540 Albert, $35,000.

Phyllis Goodman to Robert Sizemore, 315 Chapin, $12,250.

Lynette and Fred Maze, Jr., to National City Bank, Cleveland, 405 Troy, $17,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Westhaven Group, 4029 Lyman, $66,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Matthew and Jennifer Britt, 5933 Sarah Lake, Sylvania, $191,984.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Patrick and Sara Davison, 626 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $222,685.

Stacey and Joseph Windover, Jr. to Jeffrey and Leslie Zapiecki, 218 Pasadena, $93,500.

Sandra and Denis Logan to James and Theresa Smith, 12860 Archbold-Whitehouse, Whitehouse, $160,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Rodney and Jennifer Kinn, 637 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $222,000.

Marc and Dana Stern to Hyo and Gowang Kim, 5919 Jeffrey, Sylvania, $155,000.

Carol Beaty, trustee, to Holly Glowney, 8461 Augusta, Holland, $327,500.

Lucinda Bouillon and others to Brent Mussery and others, 2429 Drummond, $181,500.

Michael Conrad to Dan Sturdevant, 1932 and 1934 Newport, $48,000.

Ruth Wisniewski to Gary Rhubright and others, 4545 Crestview, Sylvania, $168,500.

Joseph Davis to Centex Home Equity Corp., 912 Sherman, $12,000.

Bob and Amy Budde to Joseph Pickett and others, 927 Askin, Maumee, $178,000.

Forestview Building Co. to Elliott Metzger, 2757 Wrens Nest, Maumee, $285,000.

John Redic to Marliene Smith, 3007 Fulton, $1,200.

Don Blakeslee to Tom and Boun Khioukhom, 131 Longmeadow, Holland, $184,000.

Mark Hall to Rodney and Susan Lucas, 5934 Whiteacre, $132,000.

Loreen Mauder Johnson and others to Arlene and Ralph Gerig, 5315 Fleet, $37,000.

Eileen Friess, trustee, to Paul Miller, 5161 Allen, Sylvania, $115,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Carol Plummer, 7159 Venetian Bay Ct., Maumee, $60,800.

Jack Wilson to Kelly Owens, 1702 and 1704 Greenwood, $73,000.


William and Beverly Pippin to Bank One NA, 1769 North Huron, $21,334.

Akram Hassan to Sterling Store Properties LLC, 2963 Tremainsville, $150,000.

Joseph and Rosemary Reed to Sterling Store Properties LLC, 2953 Tremainsville, $145,000.

Talal Esho to Fastwash Realty Inc. 727, 733, 735, 737, 741, 743, and 749 West Central and 3026 North Detroit, $220,000.


July 28, 2003


Casey and Rose Diggins to Margaret Jones, 1816 Waite, $45,000.

Donald and Margaret McGill to Robert and Dorothy Mather, 6540 Abbey Run, Sylvania, $110,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Bonnie and Thomas Stone, Jr., 10128 Saddle Bridge North, Whitehouse,


Adolfo Yamashiro and others to Debbie and Steve Katich III, 4546 Sulgrave, $286,000.

Timothy and Kimberly Inglis to Sally Taylor, 3262 Wendover, $136,900.

Nancy Zahradnik to Aaron and Melissa Stott, 126 Cornell, $87,000.

Mary Joworski to Jeffrey Eiseman, 2418 Ida, $91,900.

Robert and Julie Nowacki to Jeffrey and Susanne Nonekowski, 3159 Hazelton, Oregon, $175,500.

Heilman Homes to Richard and Dorothy Blausey, 4314 Townhouse, Oregon, $159,900.

C & E Adkins Ltd. to Gary Revill, 462 Quail East, Oregon, $35,000.

Deborah Hutt to Wendy Flemming, 5904 Everwood, $192,500.

Kandace Carpenter, trustee, to Craig and Susan Elvey, 5839 West Hollybrook, Sylvania, $108,000.

Brian Klingler to Kristy Gibson, 331 Parker, $65,400.

Louella Johnson to Terry Smothers, 975 Gordon, $20,000.

Terry Smothers to Matthew Tallman, 975 Gordon, $20,000.

Michael and Melissa Voss to Michael and Diane Hsia, 2012 Rose Arbor, $148,800.

Nicholas and Donna Sagonowsky to Prudential Relocation Inc., 349 Cove Harbour East, Holland, $347,300.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Louis and Mary Kovacs, 6948 Offshore, Maumee, $169,114.

Irma Perlman to Shirley Hergenrather, 6530 Kingsbridge, Unit B-1, Sylvania, $90,000.

Rodney and Deborah Holmes to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 4417 Walker, $58,100.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Linda Haley, 4417 Walker, $82,500.

Noella Quintanilla to Renae Roy, 3343 Blanchard, $50,985.

Kevin and Lynn Gaylord to Mark Salis, 2340 Beaufort, $120,000.

Joseph Muranyi to Westhaven Group, 1531 Albert, $20,000.

Westhaven Group to Salim Haddad, 3411 Drummond, $100,000.

Matthew Rosenthal and Edith Demont-Rosenthal to Steven and Michelle Rowe, 4048 Plumbrook, $220,000.

James Gerhardinger to William and Michelle Rheinbolt, 2412 Country Squire, $132,900.

Pamela Gibson to Norman and Norma Tanber, 4003 Newcastle, Sylvania, $143,000.

Ernest and Sarah Corpening to Laurie Staten and others, 6215 Capshore, $152,000.

Barbara Mucci to Thomas and Deborah Jacob, 4915 Fair Oaks, $163,000.

Rhoda Drain to Arvel Henderson II, 1946 Barrows, $34,000.

Kenneth Rejent to Joe and Betty Anderson, 2307 Westmonte, $86,500.

Tonya Brunt to Aaron Young and others, 443 Sylvandale, Oregon, $127,900.

Jeffery Kraemer to Bankers Trust Co. of Calif. NA, trustee, 1934 and 2002 Copley, $44,000.

Lamonte and Virginia Warner to Joseph and Edith Posey, 5606 Fox Hollow Ct., Sylvania, $250,000.

Cora Holliday to Ellis Jordan, 2353 Maplewood, $1,000.

James Whitmore to David and Althea Ballard, 1019 Irwin, Holland, $22,500.

James Whitmore, trustee, to Tammie and Wadley Hall, Jr., 955 Irwin, Holland, $22,500.

David Bull to Tiffany Sweet, 5916 Walnut Circle, Unit 12, $53,000.

Bankers Trust Co. of Calif. NA, trustee, to Westhaven Group, 1934 and 2002 Copley, $32,000.

Douglas and Kimberly Smith to Gregory and Erin Jones, 1640 Gilbert, $103,000.

Harold and Judith Flahiff to Stephen and Jocelyn Mierzijewski, trustees, 4314 Todd, Sylvania, $230,000.

L.P. Ingomar to Heather Bird, 2032 Talbot, $72,500.

Timothy and Kit Rowland to Matthew and Amy Berg, 512 Garden Ct., Maumee, $181,000.

Matt and Amy Berg to Lynda Trabbic, 130 University, $128,000.

Salvador Gonzales to Paul Gaiffe, 5419 Burgess, Sylvania, $15,000.

Thomas Brown to William and Lorraine Dean, 2148 Airport, $62,700.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Daniel Trost and Michelle Falor-Trost, 7834 North Branch, Monclova, $53,900.

Michael and Tamara Dean to Brenda Vetter, 3362 Forest Grove, $90,000.

J. David and Charlene Reed to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 3407 Stillwater, Maumee, $479,900.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Raymond Oldach, 3407 Stillwater, Maumee, $479,900.

Loren Helfer to Hilda Zahn, 437 Southdale, $115,000.

WJWE Rental Properties Ltd. to David Whitely, 650 Church, $1,050.

Tariq Jalal to Juan Cueller and others, 1236 Yates, $19,500.

Raymond and Dova Zak to Cristine Garcia, 2220 Genesee, $40,000.


Thomas Mlynek to Joanne Harris, 2249 Glenwood, $79,700.

Daniel Jachimiak to Jason Ribby, 1311 Mason, $58,000.

Jason Ribby to Phyllis Walkin, 1311 Mason, $90,000.

Commercial and Exempt

Garden Park Church of Christ to Rhema Word Christian Fellowship Church, 2340 North Holland-Sylvania, $700,000.


Lehman Richardson to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 4651 Seaman, Oregon, $160,000.


July 29, 2003


Akram Rasul to Carmen Davis, 846 and 848 Lincoln, $60,000.

Fouad Khechen to Terrietta Watkins, 142 East Park, $59,000.

Anita Filas and others to William Burson and others, 3225 South Eastmoreland, Oregon, $142,800.

John and Annette Gustafson to Frederick and Jodi Ziegler, 555 South Stadium, Oregon, $195,000.

Karla Logan to Scott Streicher and others, 3134 Strathmoor, $114,000.

Howard and Erika Russell to Robert and Lisa Wonsey, 3347 Talmadge, $144,900.

Brett and Mary Zimmerman to Peter and Susan Ligman, 3144 Goddard, $130,000.

Richard and Roberta Hoehner to Todd and Pamela Thibert, 4706 Woodland, Sylvania, $211,000.

Eric Campbell to Robin and James Deis, Jr., 8757 Kellie, Sylvania, $418,000.

Brent Mussery to Charles Morrissey, 4229 Asbury, $92,000.

Timothy Pavlick to Stephen and Sara Goniea, 1138 Nela Pkwy., $89,000.

Gary and Lynn Jacobson, trustees, to Judith Fellhauer and others, 4363 South Watercrest, $149,000.

Harry and Brenda Dunn to Sue Rakoczy, 48 North Melody, Waterville, $137,500.

Joseph Zuelke to Max and Beverley Davis, 3020 Villa, $82,000.

Robert Salzman to Chad and Kari Vaculik, 3431 Indian Oaks, $178,000.

Janet and Jon Powless to Matthew and Angela Collins, 821 Atlantic, $99,000.

Philip and Carol Meuser, trustees, to Anthony and Cynthia Pisano, 4556 Sulgrave, $255,000.

Dale and Roberta Voelker to Philip and Carol Meuser, trustees, 6776 Carrietowne, $205,000.

Centex Home Equity Corp. to Sivi Cye, 1340 Western, $28,400.

Brian Foldery to Prudential Residential Services, 2015 and 2017 Bigelow, $79,500.

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