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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Aug. 8, 2003


Gary Smith and others to James and Connie Rentschler, 5110 Green Spruce, Sylvania, $305,000.

Daniel and Wendy Echelberry to Rodney and Tina Harding, 1047 Birch, Maumee, $104,500.

Reynolds Construction Co. to Suzanne Stang, trustee, 27 Shenandoah Circle, Sylvania, $35,000.

Holly Thomas to Bernadette Hinojosa, 5825 Dixon, $40,000.

Antonio Iuston to Redden Smith, 1842 Brownstone, Unit B-20, $55,000.

Anna Torok to Jennifer Herrera, 2271 Brown, Oregon, $98,300.

Donald and Debra Driscoll to Joseph and Debra Baun, 2328 Kneer, $153,900.

Carrie Brancheau to Timothy Frontine, Jr., and others, 3809 Branch, $138,000.

Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, to Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, 1016 Cady, Maumee, $85,000.

Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, Sara Maas, 1016 Cady, Maumee, $99,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Jeffrey and Leslie Schubargo, 4667 Rhone, Maumee, $58,750.

Angela and Kenneth Dewitt, Jr., to Dustin and Kristen Montrie, 6061 Dixon, $138,000.

Joe Brown Custom Builders Inc. to James Delong, Jr., 3835 Wrens Nest, Maumee, $405,394.79.

Martin and Vanessa O'Connell to Iseding Abdoney, 4315 Bowen, $131,500.

Peter and Judy Vanderzwan to Brenda Shaffer, 3210 North Colleen Ct., $122,500.

Victor and Christine Niemiec, trustees, to William and Patricia McCormick, 5445 Ketukkee Trail, $100,750.

Kathleen Breier to Roger Nicholson, 511 Sandusky, $19,800.

Linda Borrell, trustee, to James Brescol, 2806 Quail Run, $131,500.

John and Joyce Weithman to Herman and Jacquelyn Bradley, 3010 Elm, $22,100.

Troy Johnson and others to Herman and Jacquelyn Bradley, 2226 Broadway, $32,000.

Philip and Mary Micham to Phyllis Crumby, 2615 Cherry, $900.

Kenneth and Joyce Hartford to Robert and Paula Benton, 2052 Lakeview, Oregon, $85,551.

Robert and Paula Benton to Douglas and Denise Joyce, 2052 Lakeview, Oregon, $90,000.

Rosa Duran to Dennis Pyle, 2605 Castleton, $125,000.

Joseph and Christine Christen to Kimberly Belkofer, 5315 Seaman, Oregon, $135,000.

3M Investments LLC to William and Kim Jones, 2209 McIntosh, Holland, $229,900.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Jerzy Muszynski, 5946 Secluded Ct., Sylvania, $227,262.

Donald Mohamed to Jeffrey Schenkel, 478 Dover Place, $40,000.

Donna Smith to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 707 Custer, $70,000.

James and Jennifer Karamol to Bank One N.A., trustee, 4514 North Lockwood, $53,334.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Westhaven Group, 4514 North Lockwood, $48,500.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Thomas Lake, 4624 Vicksburg, Sylvania, $140,000.

Fallen Timbers Fairways Ltd. to Gilbert and Lois Poff, 7858 Timbers Edge, Waterville, $139,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Randolph and Stacy Jones, 11031 Southanne, Whitehouse, $192,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Kevin and Jamie Pfefferle, 7145 Heller, Whitehouse, $173,500.

Sherri Hahn to Neighborhood Housing Services of Toledo Inc., 1723 Vinal, $27,800.


Herman Bradley to Carey King, 579 Church, $2,000.


Mount Zion Church of Christ Holiness U.S.A. to Adams Family Investments LLC, 10060 Airport, Holland, $60,000.


Aug. 11, 2003


Port Lawrence Agency Inc., trustee, to Schroyer/Keller Ltd., 5748 and 5754 Walnut Cove, $72,000.

Charles Bradley to Kirk and Cara Bankey, 7620 Providence-Neapolis-Swanton, Swanton, $193,900.

Olen and Mary Fairchild to Christy Lorton, 3156 Penrose, $126,000.

Evelyn Brown to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 24 Homestead Place, Maumee, $160,000.

Wayne and Rose Hall to James and Angela Bailey, 2418 Heather Lake Place, $167,000.

John Welsh to Brian and Heather Townley, 1621 Glenbrook, $114,746.

Earl Lambert to Terence and Linda Tighe, 1412 Eastridge, Waterville, $245,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to David and Doris Hirschy, 2425 Heather Valley Place, $164,900.

Gary and Ellen Hicks to Ronald and Barbara Russell, 4812 Eastwick, $133,000.

Christopher and Jene Drage to Scott and Heidi Wojtowicz, 4119 Hurley, $175,500.

Scott A. Reynolds Builders Inc. to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 5832 Porsha, Sylvania, $238,000.

Elliot Latez to Robert Kasparian, 3432 Forest Grove, $88,500.

Peter and Laura Dery to Merle Stokes, 2345 Portsmouth, $114,000.

Todd and Amy Niles to Bankers Trust Co. of California NA, trustee, 1816 Appledore Place, $65,000.

Jimmy and Angela Conley to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota Association, trustee, 1028 Vance, $12,000.

Ellen Weiden, trustee, to L'Tanya Kizer, 2332 Wimbledon Park, $245,000.

River Hills Construction Co. to Nicole and Paul Nungester, Jr., 9008 Cedar Bend, Sylvania, $303,000.

Joe McKinney to Telisa Irish, 2038 Elliott, $10,000.

Timothy and Lori Womack to Brad and Debra Higgins, 10809 Maumee, Whitehouse, $192,000.

Patrick McManus to Richard Metz, 1210 Eton, $60,000.

Groveton Ltd. to John and Christina Barrera, 1027 Harding, $35,900.

Alois Kaiser to Bert Kaiser, 1232 Avondale, $5,900.

Associates Financial Services Co. Inc. to MJM Realty Holdings Inc., 2313 Trowbridge, $4,000.

Victor and Kelly Sierra to Kirk and Kathleen Michael, 1809 Willowhill, $129,000.

Dawn Development Co. LLC to Adam and Jennifer Johnson, 1407 Riverwalk Ct., Waterville, $190,000.

Danny and Kathleen Bennett to Dwayne Bennett, 611 South Crissey, Holland, $176,000.

Ellen Chambers to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee, 4310 Willys Pkwy., $56,667.

Diane Phillips to Michael and Kim Rudey, 438 South Centennial, Holland, $37,000.

Robert Ludeman, successor trustee, to Merin Delucia, 1731 Fullington, $91,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Ann Heringhaus, 7052 Offshore, Maumee, $197,735.

Gladys Schuster to Kerry and Chad Fitzgerald, 115 Pasadena, $80,000.

Michael Badger to Robert and Jane Kimball, 547 West Poinsetta, $78,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Saba Custom Homes LLC, 3006 Lexington Glen, Monclova, $51,900.

Robert Ziems to Matthew and Angela Vaillant, 6047 Saddlewood, $138,500.

KLS Construction LLC to David and Karrie Wills, 4324 Cattlemans Circle, Maumee, $225,000.

Virginia Cupp to Amy Schnell, 5679 Monroe, Bldg. 2, Unit 306, Sylvania, $69,000.

1001 Starr Investments LLC to Said Elmajzoub, 1014 and 1016 Front, $45,000.

Ronald Bihn to Julie and Robert Nowacki, 5173 Bay Ridge Ct., Oregon, $226,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Leland and Cheryl Pinnock, 556 Highland Creek Ct., Holland, $173,265.

Christopher and Gretchen Beuter to Ronald and Angela Kruger, 2633 Wimbledon Park, $249,000.

Gerald and Janice Anderson to Christopher and Gretchen Bueter, 2847 Cypress Colony, $357,500.

Kevin and Julie Jones to Reloaction, 2303 Wimbledon Park, $210,500.

Reloaction to Craig and Kerri Smith, 2303 Wimbledon Park, $210,500.

Susan Hertzsch to Daniel and Wendy Echelberry, 4150 Valleycrest, $157,000.

John and Marie Humphreys to Susan McCann, 3171 Astor, $113,500.

Larry and Bonita Hudspeath to Jeffrey and Janice Heinrichs, 8106 Donnington, Waterville, $257,000.

Richard Hoover, Jr., to Tyson and Julie Phalen, 1937 Oaklawn, $162,000.

William and Janice Jay to Randal and Nicole Goben, 1623 Hess, $84,000.

Carey and Martha Welling to Sharifa Hotchkiss, 4942 Elmhurst, $113,000.

Katrin and Paul Buck to Martin and Joyce Keller, 2857 West Laskey, $58,000.

Nancy Monrion, trustee, to Denise Schade, 13730 Archbold-Whitehouse, Swanton, $121,500.

Kendalbrook Co. to Christopher and Kimberly Mohler, 9650 Salisbury, Monclova, $384,500.

Daniel Marcus to Dennis Norman II and others, 4468 and 4505 Brittany, $146,500.

Residential and Exempt

Teresa and Horace Greer, Jr., to Interbay Funding LLC, 2001 Walnut, $42,000.


John and Carol Trumbull to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 1950, 1952, 1956, and 1958 West Central, $130,000.


John Langenderfer and others to Daniel and Marie Fritsch and others, 223 Langenderfer, Swanton, and 11085 West Bancroft, Holland, $150,300.

Carl and Sylvia Weber to Carl and Sylvia Weber, split from 13912 Brindley, Swanton, $1,500.


Aug. 12, 2003


Reynolds Construction Co. to Charles and Barbara Cheuvront, 44 Shenandoah Circle, Sylvania, $252,289.

Kimberly Vaughn to James Langton, Jr., 2202 Marlow, $112,000.

Robert Hahn to Stephen and Roberta Perry, 4759 Meadow Rue, $193,500.

Dustin Whitman to Denise Bunkelman, 1749 Barrows, $66,000.

Lynxs Ltd. to Mary Ann Pantanella, 815 South Harefoote, $152,900.

Ruel Challen, trustee, to Pamela Menchaca, 5625 and 5633 Homan, $114,900.

Sylvia Claybrooks to Wendy Hearn, 34 Harmony, $84,900.

John and Mary Matecki to Gary and Suzanne Dreier, 6854 Shadowcreek, Maumee, $330,000.

Monty Harman and others to Roger Lemle, 10871 Reed, Monclova, $250,000.

David Juhasz to Mark and Amanda Dodd, 1505 Primrose, $64,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Edwin and Courtney Rivera, 3921 Azalea Circle, Maumee, $58,000.

Edwin and Suzan Smith to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1019 and 1117 Varland, $33,334.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Joyce Dyke, 4559 Woolcut, $101,100.

Dorothy Kwiatkowski and others to Samphanh and Deana Viengmany, 537 East Pearl, $74,000.

Kenneth Belcik to Michael Pauken and others, 1673 North Curtice, Curtice, $105,900.

Marjorie Sprague to Charlotte Everett, 3801 Watson, $74,000.

Jim Wilson to Obel Garcia and others, $56,500.

David and Larraine Hudson to Bankers Trust Co. of California NA, trustee, 114 East Central, $20,000.

Coley Rayfield to Tearetha Crittington, 1021 Evesham, $50,000.

William and Elizabeth McKone to Bradley and Lindy Stanciu, 3505 Brookside, $384,500.

Tyson and Julie Phalen to Rebecca Carlin, 4620 Copland, $132,000.

Shellie Caughhorn to Gary Caughhorn, 4128 Thornton, $79,500.

Angelia Royce to Pamela and David Fleck, Jr., 4137 Fairview, $53,000.

Xavier Mousset and Carole Altier to Isadora Yazki, 2712 Westchester, $715,000.

Hafner and Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Jeffrey and Melissa Nelson, 521 White Oak, $183,595.

David Deverna to John and Sarah Becerra, 271 Parker, $35,000.

James Valier to Patrick Hamblin, 2824 126th, $38,000.

American General Financial Services Inc. to James Huff and others, 5620 Balfour, Sylvania, $47,500.

Larry Cardwell to Brian Smith, 112 Islington, $5,000.

Antonio Watson to Ranina Reasonover, 942 Pinewood, $44,000.

Miguel and Janice Every to Michael and Lorraine Miller, 3605 Prairie, $126,000.

Elwood Bernard and others to Marliene Smith, 2267 Whitney, $10,667.

Charles and Jeanne Wechsel to Michael and Michelle Brittingham, 5537 Gay, $71,760.

Steven Martin to Sandra Cousino, 4321 Pickle, Oregon, $45,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 5710 and 5718 Maple Creek, Sylvania, $118,500.

Northwest Bank Minnesota National Association to Robert and Kim Bass, 730 Utica, $9,500.

Toni Davis to Chester McFadden, Jr., 2223 Hollywood, $1,000.

Dennis Smith to Keith Johnson, 1526 Woodland, $3,000.

Residential and Commercial

Kenneth Wells and others to Bankers Trust Co. of California NA, trustee, 2652 and 2658 Arthur and 208 South Whittlesey, Oregon, $40,000.

Bankers Trust Co. of California NA, trustee, to Westhaven Group, 2652 and 2658 Arthur and 208 South Whittlesey, Oregon, $35,000.

Louise Bryant to Darrell Bryant, 314 Columbus, 2439 North Summit, and 2501 and 2539 Summit, $40,000.


St. Marks Properties to Family Outreach Community United Services, 2303 Ashland, $233,000.

Harold Stevens to Howard Pettaway, 2023 North Detroit, $1.

Toledo Terra-Firma Properties Ltd. to Michael Stevenson, 1902 North Superior, $22,900.


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Laura and Joseph Rose, Jr., 9290 Sylvania-Metamora, Sylvania, $39,343.


Aug. 13, 2003


Timothy Blakemore and others to National City Loan Services Inc., 1346 Oak, $24,000.

Ronald Selfe to C.A. Hayes, 2930 Evergreen, $151,900.

James and Donna Dick to Michael and Nikko Dick, 3907 Sefton, $110,000.

Steve Katich to Husam Sanaa Muhsen, 4857 Rudgate, $215,000.

Laura and George Cox III to Gregory Genzman and others, 622 Nicholas, $67,000.

Andrew McClure to Emily Goodwin, 3824 Garrison, $127,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to Robert and Barbara Thrasher, 5062 Wynnpark, Oregon, $20,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to Joseph Eckhart, 5115 Wynnpark, Oregon, $22,000.

Cynthia Brock to New Batt Rental Corp., 405 Hiett, $15,000.

New Batt Rental Corp. to Jared Hooks, 405 Hiett, $33,000.

Shirley Corley to National City Home Loan Services Inc., 422 Bronson, $26,000.

Jerry Johns to Marcia and Sylvester Johns, 4930 Cedarhurst, $77,500.

Mitchell Development Co. to Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc., 7251 Stonewater Ct., Maumee, $52,900.

Mary Ann Hamernik, successor trustee, and others to Virginia Schroeder and others, 2127 and 2129 Consaul, $78,000.

Kevin Baker to Zethel Lewis, trustee, 711 Wind Breeze, $150,000.

Stephen and Roberta Perry to Kristine Simonsen-Monus, 1976 Heatherlawn, $160,000.

Helen Beamer to Mark Beamer, 4920 and 4922 Barton Place, Sylvania, $100,000.

Kristine Simonsen-Monus to Andrew McClure, 1970 Heatherlawn, $132,000.

Robert and Joanne James to Rose Dusseau, 4347 Kingsbury, $86,000.

Joanne McMahon to Oswaldo and Nancy Vilela, 7652 and 7662 Cortland Ct., Holland, $360,000.

Jason Laver and others to Edward and Joy Perozek, 1322 Lawnview, $61,800.

Douglas Ford and others to Isaac and Sylvia Benavidez, 539 Shea, $84,900.

Mark and Beth Veal to Jason Holmes, 2802 Powhattan Pkwy., $126,500.

Virginia Maurer to Aaron and Angela Weiskittle, 2632 Algonquin Pkwy., $92,000.

Edward Sopko to Iva and Jack Brazeau, Jr., 2116 Air Line, $54,000.

Port Lawrence Agency Inc., trustee, to Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc., 9412 St. Angelas Way, Sylvania, $36,000.

Richard Allen to Eric Skowron, 1108 Rochelle, $88,000.

Karen Box, trustee, to Keith Cudney, 13456 Sylvania-Metamora, Berkey, $115,000.

David Whitely to Julie Fischer, 650 Church, $2,500.

Vera Sarnes to Bank of America (NY), 754 Parker, $33,400.

Diana Pribis and others to Christopher Beroset, 4311 Fir, $25,000.

Tracy Fricker to Homecomings Financial Network Inc., 3711 Drexel, $36,000.

Homecomings Financial Network Inc. to Marc Grabow, 3711 Drexel, $33,000.

Todd and Angela Baumgartner to Sheldon and Ervine Frankel, 2725 Pine Knoll, $218,000.

Steven Hall to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1734, 1804, and 1818 Fredonia, $20,000.

Michael and Kristy Mizick to Franklin Credit Management Corp., 952 Toronto, $55,334.

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