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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Sept. 11, 2003


Jeffrey Simmons and Nancy Jacob-Simmons to Anastasia Wagenman, 108 Elizabeth, Maumee, $130,500.

Kenneth and Barbara Hubbell to Kelly and Michele Kriner, 1116 Winghaven, Maumee, $178,000.

Laura Saunders to David Oswald, 531 Ansonia, Oregon, $120,500.

Donna McQuestioncq to Matthew Zuccarell, 4125 Upton, $44,900.

Robert and Kimberly Blok to Jeffrey Nelson, 2223 and 2233 Robinwood, $450,000.

P & H Partners Ltd. to Gary and Ellen Davenport, 4521 West Bancroft, #4, $62,500.

James and Brenda Schrickelcq to Molly and Rodney Sharp, Jr., 1763 Northover, $73,500.

Robert and Karen Hornercq to Bryan and Cherie Demko, 3747 Farmbrook, Sylvania, $160,000.

Barton Shaylercq Moss to Sarah Emch, 2845 Medford, $94,300.

Patricia Swart to Mark and Karen Francis, 6546 Kingsbridge, Sylvania, $92,000.

Brent Parent to Michael and Joyce Marciniak, 247 Stone Oak Ct., Holland, $330,000.

Bertha Morawski to Francis and Cynthia Longeway, 5130 Homeside, $60,000.

Carol Unkle to John and Patricia Loscudo, 4606 Waterford Ct., $280,500.

David and Antoinette Moore to Margaret Mallory, 2602 Scottwood, $149,500.

Lila Hazemey to Marlene McCarthy, 224 West Dudley, Maumee, $152,000.

Lee and Yvonne Burlinggame to Debra and Stephen Dorn, 6518 Foxtail, Maumee, $262,500.

Kathy Mildenberger and others to Vernita Wilson, 3253 Jeannette, $68,500.

James Brug and others to Jonathan and Tiffanie Brug, 3935 South Detroit, $102,000.

David and Lynetha Lee to Lisa and Jessie Thomas, Jr., 1822 Talbot, $47,500.

Tycq and Donna Mahaffey to Hong Gao, 3116 Goddard, $125,000.

William Watts to Jeanne Haddix, 938 Willow, $20,900.

Barbara Buczkowski to David and Susan O'Donnell, 960 Columbus, Holland, $135,000.

Richard Gooch to Scott Cole, 5246 Melvin, $71,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Cory Gardner and Erica Miller, 2276 Mapletree, Maumee, $27,000.

Larry and Joanne Galushacq to Matthew and Pamela Janowiecki and others, 4755 South Fulton-Lucas, Swanton, $59,900.

Michele Riley to Northriver Development Corp., 2011 Chase, $35,000.

Joseph and Sarah Talamantez to Binger Show, 507 North Wheeling, $55,900.

Robert Koehler to Thomas Cole, 612 South Detroit, $89,900.

Margaret Daniels to Ciria Taha, 4551 Penridge, $182,000.

Patricia and Edward Cahill, Jr., to David and Patricia Paczkowski, 5253 Bridlington, $184,000.

Douglas Woodward, trustee, to Robert and Christina Urfer, 4245 Brookside, $230,000.

Edward Sadowy to Willie Pressley, 3151 Elm, $39,500.

Patricia Hilewick to Robert Young, 2410 Gibley Park, $235,000.

Julie Benziger to Douglas Peraza, 932 Linden, $140,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Randolph and Ann Wales, 544 Highland Creek Ct., Holland, $171,375.

William Hallauer, successor trustee, to Edmund and Doris Perry, 5724 Corey Cove, Sylvania, $215,000.

Ronald Von Daylen, trustee, to Michael and Mary Wood, 2545 Michel, Maumee, $170,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Mohamed Martini, 4313 Cattlemans Circle, Maumee, $245,000.

Helen Zulka to Michelle and Lyndon Coutcher, 10330 and 10340 Corduroy, Curtice, $134,000.

Amanda and Charles Mauk, Jr., to Jeffrey and Jessica Weygandt, 1257 Glenview, $111,000.

Garreycq Siler and others to Marcella Ott, 8843 Manore, Grand Rapids, $16,000.

Marlene O'Connell to John and Melinda Self, 4042 Parrakeet, $73,900.


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Full Circle Properties of Toledo LLC, 1013, 1019, and 1021 Starr, $157,000.


Heidtmancq Steel Products Inc. to Buckeye Investment Properties LLC, 1052 Matzinger, $750,000.

Consolidated Freightways Corp. to ECO Industries Inc., 5200 Stickney, $442,500.


Phyllis Michael to John Kaczar, 6945 Jeffers, Whitehouse, $120,000.

Sept. 12, 2003


C & E Adkins Ltd. to Robert and Cindy Sealecq, 451 Quail East, Oregon, $40,000.

Carl Stein, Jr., to Casey Conine, 1125 Greenwood, $29,000.

William and Donna Nowak to Datrice Hopson, 126 Windemere, $90,500.

Jacquelyn and Daniel Romano, Jr., to Robert Vita, 6719 Embassy East, Unit 0-58, Maumee, $179,900.

Judith Scherer to Matthew and Lisa Schmeltz, 551 Nicholas, $74,000.

Cheryl Samuelson to Raymond Davidson II, 832 West Northgate Pkwy., $91,000.

Frederick Hasbrouck to Patricia Bowen, 5813 and 5815 Castlerock, $52,000.

Bonnie and Donald Wolfe, co-trustees, to Angela Vogiatzis, 5835 Tetherwood, $175,000.

C & E Adkins Ltd. to Andrew and Tamara D'Amore, 539 Quail East, Oregon, $35,000.

Michael and Shelly Stoepler to James Latimer, 2724 Middlesex, $189,900.

David Depasse to Dorothy McCance, 3217 Glanzman, Unit 734, $52,250.

Marcella Schneider, trustee, to Lori Kretz, 4464 Indian, $134,900.

William and Roberta Vaught to Michael McCoy, 3147 Chase, $31,000.

James Yeh to Debra Tingley, 7026 Convent, Sylvania, $137,000.

David Lohse to Darryl McBrayer, 169 and 171 Corinth, $76,900.

Neil and Mary Lachant to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, 5402 Forest Hill Ct., $340,000.

Otis Latour to Frank Sarabia, 725 Buckeye, $38,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Eagle Creek Builders & Developers Inc., 3584 Boulder Ridge, Maumee, $67,400.

Matthew and Jean Farmer to Travis Patchen and others, 1020 South Schwamberger, Swanton, $110,000.

Charles Hohlbein to Joseph Tiller, 8920 Nebraska, $185,000.

Becky Lumbrezer-Box to Steven Martin, 434 North Stadium, Oregon, $22,000.

Amy Godsey to Richard and Janis Damask, 503 West Northgate Pkwy., $70,000.

Richard Kelly to Terry Elmore, 1857 North Ontario, $100.cq

Stephen and Tammy Vandenbroek to Mark Stachowiak, 1477 Gould, $89,000.

Charles Ott to James Pullella, 1101 North Curtice, Oregon, $32,000.

Raymond and Jenny Schlievert to Eric Haubert, 3149 Glencairn, $117,000.

John and Nancie Kachenmeister to Robert and Anita Chew, split from 5586 Forest Green, $600.cq

Robert Dixon, successor trustee, and others to Vasilcq Nedeskicq, 2480 Caledonia, $15,000.

Marion Chio to Ronald Hedge, 1726 Bond, $61,800.

Laura Teeple to Richard and Margaret Fern, 4243 West Bancroft, Unit 202E, $80,000.

James Betz to Robert Miller, Jr., 15 East Weber, $62,000.

Doug Crill to Mark Lowe and others, 323 Boston Place, $70,000.

Donald Soll III to Mike Taquil, 821 Woodville, $33,000.

Sylvania Cobblestones Developers Inc. to Eagle Creek Builders & Developers Inc., 4855 Deer Brook Ct., Sylvania, $65,900.

Fred Shiple, Jr., trustee, to Richard Seaneycq, 6043 Frances Ct., Sylvania, $198,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Nicole and Terry Shadle, Jr., 5900 Sarah Lake, Sylvania, $188,089.


Bonnie and Donald Wolfe, co-trustees, to John Ewing, 5747 Woodrow, Sylvania, $250,000.

Mercantile Real Estate Co. Inc. to Nationwide-Northtowne Real Estate Investment LLC, 5901 Skyview, $200,000.

Sept. 15, 2003


Martha Kalell to Courtney Craytoncq and others, 1115 Evesham, $51,000.

Westhaven Group to Patricia Burns, 1494 Sabra, $86,500.

Kristin Riley to Gem Cap Equity Management Inc., 1009 National, $69,500.

Craig and Rebecca Vassar to Rachel Ferrante, 5841 Staghorn, $80,000.

Jeffrey Harvey to Shawn and Brenda Freeman, 4515 and 4519 Walker, $82,900.

Jackie Mattoni to Thomas Mattoni, 1635 Copley, $35,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Michael Tingley, 6907 Nightingale, Holland, $175,000.

Michael Vargyas to David and Elizabeth Pohl, 223 Kosciusko, $22,000.

Kevin and Donna Sprunger to William and Kelly Elton, 6307 Weckerly, Whitehouse, $142,500.

Marian Roberts to Jenny Jacobi and others, 5739 Home, $100,500.

Heidi Johnson to Prudential Residential Services, 5721 Roan, Sylvania, $123,000.

Prudential Residential Services to Cyruscq Hagigat, 5721 Roan, Sylvania, $123,000.

Mark and Beth Beach to Charles Vallier, 915 and 923 Clark, $41,900.

Brent and Robin Call to Robert and Renee Ruhl, 5817 Wyndstone, Sylvania, $194,000.

Trace Walls to Stuart and Kimberly Brody, 6135 Clover, $76,540.

Patriot Properties LLC to Joseph and Anita Francis, 7818 North Branch, Monclova, $269,043.

Francis Steinbart to Ann Belcher, 538 East Central, $27,000.

Richard and Andrea Rodriguez to Beverly Zilka, 2724 Eastmoreland, Oregon, $142,000.

Carole Tovatt to Elizabeth Palmer, 4313 Caroline, $98,000.

Brian Heil to David and Mary Thompson, 2727 Sandalwood, $145,000.

Joyce and William Hall, Jr., to Donald and Rebecca Brenner, 4144 West Laskey, $197,000.

Fannie Mae, aka

Federal National Mortgage Association to New Horizons Unlimited Inc., 563 and 603 Brysen, $38,500.

Michael Janowiecki to Douglas Kanag, 1102 Kinder, $177,000.

Robert and Janice Thomas to Mark and Virginia Gabel, 3238 Bellevue, $111,500.

Robert and Teri Lindhorst to Robert Lindhorstcq, Jr., 5563 and 5565 Steffens, $91,000.

Lavin and Jeanette Torres to Homecomings Financial Network Inc., 224 Eastern, $11,700.

Pinulm Properties LLC to Gregory Golebiewski, 1649 Western, $64,900.

Robert Recker to Jim and Sandra Webb, 4509 288th, $91,000.

Daniel and Jill Keister to Brent Gagnecq, 125 South, Waterville, $90,000.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Lisa Bradley, 4235 Fairview, $87,900.

Timber Creek Builders and Developers Inc. to William and Tamara Morse, 1141 Bedford Woods, $150,000.

Karen Jarrett to Emory Whittington III, 1127 Fernwood, $24,900.

Douglas Spencer to Sandra Mauter, 2729 Eastmoreland, Oregon, $126,000.

Judith Travilliancq to John Becerracq, 949 Rogers, $33,500.

Carolyn Erdmann, trustee, to Douglas Spencer, 4269 Pearson Pkwy., Oregon, $265,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to John Becerra, 238 Maryland, $35,000.

Inez Burns to Tabetha and Sergio Valentine, Jr., 9125 Maumee Western, Monclova, $87,400.

Steven Pfeiffer to Daniel and Barbara Pfeiffer, 5848 Secor, Unit 6, $50,000.

Daniel and Barbara Pfeiffer to Steven and Bethany Pfeiffer, 2932 West Laskey, $90,000.

Barbara Brown and others to Timothy Brzuchalski, 1644 Lebanon, $66,000.

Bobbie and Sharon Domoe to Anthony Crippen and others, 9985 Maumee-Western, Monclova, $98,000.

Charles and Janet Donohue to Rohit Trivedi, trustee, 26 Tremore Way, Holland, $745,000.

UCFC Loan Trust, Bankers Trust Co. of California, NA, trustee, to Tariq Jalal, 1724 North Michigan, $7,000.

Carl and Ann Schmidt to Paul Perry and Michelle Istler-Perry, 3740 Perlawn, $165,000.

1001 Starr Investments LLC to Martin and Terinacq Bubb, 1119 Miami, $25,000.

Eastern Star Investments Ltd. to Dennis Legeza, 1126 Vinal, $100.

Latoya Carter to Tamara Mills, 1840 Palmwood, $3,500.

Residential and Exempt

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Ananias Snipes, 1335 Foster, $16,800.

Sept. 16, 2003


Richard and Melody Carle to Brent Parent, 8646 St. George, Holland, $412,000.

John and Barbara Mather to Jeffrey and Nancy Clay, 3030 Lambert, $85,000.

Lynne Kirby to Mark and Laura Duszynski, 5962 Westacre, $133,000.

Gary Bobak and Diana Parton-Bobakcq to Thomas Narew, 5857 Rounding River, $151,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Timothy and Lorna Steadham, 5719 Kylie Ct., Sylvania, $235,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Chad and Julie Fredrick, 9571 St. Christine, Sylvania, $214,845.

Joseph Smith, trustee, to Fred and Catherine Ginsburg, 6050 Winterhaven, Sylvania, $210,000.

Debra Phebus to Beth Carpenter, 5819 Foth, $94,500.

Nancy Hinds to Christopher Finnegan and others, 4128 Kingsmoor, $160,000.

Kathleen Smith to Allie and Sultaneh Obeid, 6201 Garden, Unit C33, Maumee, $18,000.

Sharon Dimmer to Jennifer and Richard Duffey, Jr., 4531 West Sylvania, $115,500.

Theodore and Claire Frost to John and Debbie Durback, 5255 Fairmeadow, Sylvania, $210,000.

Fornwald Fine Homes Inc. to Clarence Terry and Ardeniacq Jones-Terry, 7941 Colony Oaks, $353,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Jean Oberkiser, 5056 Wynnpark, Oregon, $23,500.

Household Realty Corp. to Bernice Fisher, 823 Annabelle, $76,000.

Randy Schuett and others to Provident Bank, 602 Forsythe, $18,000.

LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, to Christopher Bitter, 3624 Homewood, $48,000.

Terrence Deters to Janet Robinson, 3039 Pembroke, $155,000.

John Begin to Gregory and Colleen Baker, 3819 Stannard, $55,000.

Gregory and Colleen Baker to Jason Mitchell and others, 3819 Stannard, $124,000.

Sharon Greive to Elaine Sabin, 415 Wilkshire, Waterville, $150,500.

Sophia Kaczala and others to Mark Beach, 3611 Greengate, $99,900.

Edward and Eileen Herrick to Daniel Frey, 2613 Schroeder, $118,000.

Raymond and Delores Lindsey to Lisa Johnson, 1555 Buckingham, $21,300.

Robert Kegerreis and others to Becky and John Smith, 2938 North Ontario, $27,000.

Anthony and Kathleen Kaminski to Cristi Miller, 3646 Hoiles, $88,000.

Louis Carter to Keenan Stokes, 3208 Maplewood, $997.cq

Fallen Timbers Development Co. to Brian Skomer, 5801 Waterville-Monclova, Waterville, $50,000.

Joan Cummings to Philippa Nasatir, 8 Bent Creek Crossing, Sylvania, $180,000.

Thomas and Kathryn Spears to Christopher and Gilda Mitchell, 943 National, $97,000.

Jane Eitniear to Ronni Francis, 5740 Nebraska, $73,700.

Carole Mack to Colleen Errington, 2441 Georgetown, $97,000.

Ralph and Carol Neuber to Vladimir and Biana Kamenny, 5943 Apple Meadow, Sylvania, $239,000.

Dawn Dennis to Donald Dennis, Jr., 4263 Hill, $92,200.

Randal Euckert to Stelios and Chrissie Katsarog, 5533 Cresthaven, Unit 1, $75,000.

Catherine Foster to Richard and Andrea Rodriguez, 621 Grasser, Oregon, $140,000.

Michelle Thornbury to Howard and Tatjana Hartung, 2220 Talmadge, $200,500.

Crown Family LP to American 1st Title Agency Inc., trustee, 4922 Highpoint, $185,000.

Viola Vogel to Michael Fleck, 616 Sackett, Maumee, $57,000.

George Fender to City of Maumee, 413 Gibbs, Maumee, $125,000.

Wendy and Jack Bloom, Jr., to Robert and Kim Smith, 5340 Selma, $120,000.

Daryl England to John and Mary Bermudez, 639 and 643 White, $63,000.

Joseph and Laura Wester to Marc and Linda Lucas, 2340 Timber View Ct., Sylvania, $282,000.

Emily Henson to Olufunmilayocq Remi-Bellocq, 6357 Wedgewood, Sylvania, $164,000.

Jeffrey and Kay Ziegler to Matthew Coutchercq, 5548 Heatherdowns, $36,500.

Debra Gaylord to C & W Asset Acquisitions, 548 Eleanor, $49,000.

Said Elmajzoub to Sharon and Charles Moore, Jr., 544 Walden, $48,000.

National City Home Loan Services Inc. to Linda Groll, 1642 North Stadium, Oregon, $59,740.

Cary Wing to Bertha Ogle, 5051 Wissman, $64,000.

John Griffiths to Craig Raider, 2816 Gracewood, $102,000.

C & W Asset Acquisitions to John Paul, 548 Eleanor, $56,000.

Roberta Jordoncq to Matthew and Tonya Boyer, 22 South Norden, Oregon, $160,000.

Marcella Dancsak to Duke Investment Properties LLC, 2620 Norwalk, $5,000.

Orchard Hill Home Builders Inc. to David Dennison, 8947 Cedar Bend, Sylvania, $300,000.

Scott Sutter to Paul Horn, 3209 Maher, $27,500.

Kathy and Robert Fry III to Robert Kimdell, 710 Barclay, $89,900.

Judith Throne, trustee, to Matthew Dennis and others, 3934 Greenview, $160,500.

Residential and Exempt

Brian Cabello to John Bennercq, 315 Locust, Waterville; and 1532 and 1644 Wesley, Oregon, $300


Grimon Properties LLC to Michael and Verna Onwochei, 1907, 1909, and 1911 Ottawa; and 1903 Upton, $246,000.

Michael Shull and Cheri Copeland to John Gonzalez and Ngoc Doan, 2211 Parkwood, $166,000.

Sept. 17, 2003


Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity to Rodolfo and Maria Lira, 1207 Gribbin, $63,000.

Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity to Trinacq Holland, 0 Gribbin, $58,500.

Anthony and Jennifer Kaiser to Leonard and Alice Volpe, 2082 Inglewood, Holland, $197,000.

Gary and Linda Ludwig to Marc and Anne O'Neill, 512 McIntyre, Maumee, $160,500.

Donald and Tamara Wisler to Stephen and Stephanie Kiker, 5630 Bonniebrook, Sylvania, $200,000.

Kelly Altenberger to Michael Stubblefield, 1150 Bernath Pkwy., $141,500.

Jody Ensman to Michael and Kelly Davidson, 1234 Glenview, $97,600.

Brian and Jennifer Hudock to Laura Wester, 7946 Hidden View, Holland, $191,000.

Witte Family Co. Ltd. to James and Susan Gill, 6702 East Blue Prairie, Whitehouse, $56,000.

Charter One Credit Corp. to Philip and Christine Swary, 1359 Opal, $68,500.

Karen Mason to Michael and Aliecq Hoeflinger, 658 West Capistrano, $62,900.

Barchick Custom Homes Inc. to R. L. Baumgartner Builders, 7435 Pinafore, Maumee, $40,900.

Randall and Susan Parker to John and Karen Adecq, 2651 Westchester, $331,500.

Don and Shuicq Wong to Louanncq Zoll, 613 Custer, $61,000.

Jennifer Urban and others to Steven and Heather Head, 3220 Schneider, $141,000.

Wayne Osborn to Frank and Tracy Kanuckel, 2822 Gunckel, $93,000.

Frank and Tracy Kanuckel to Eric Berger and others, $110,240.

Willow Ridge Building Co. LLC to James and Susan Bean, 5942 Porsha, Sylvania, $215,000.

C.A. Hayes, trustee, to Robert Wood, 5211 Pine Grove Ct., $166,300.

Marie Miller to Ryan and Jamicq Romstadt, 3525 Wallwerth, $90,000.

Eric and Carey Smith to James and Myracq Ryder, 3823 Garrison, $130,000.

William Martin to James Hayes, 1239 Applegate, Waterville, $119,900.

Roberta Acosta to Raymond Westover, 1952 Brussels, $67,900.

James Pauken, Jr., to Jay Ramer, 3217 Glanzman, Unit 46, $66,500.

David and Hope Prater to Jaime Incorvaia, 1415 Corbin, $90,500.

Gregory and Katherine Vermett to William and Ella Iman, 5403 Seaman, Oregon, $32,000.

Rex and Daphne Sims to Kelly Altenberger, 5712 Ashbrook, $185,000.

Matthew and Christine Thomas to James Johngrass, 4842 Tamworth, Sylvania, $155,000.

Scott Brinkman to Old Republic National Title Insurance Co., 145 North Goodrich, Oregon, $90,000.

Deborah Hughes to Richard Ross, 723 Parkside, $90,000.

Old Republic National Title Insurance Co. to Timothy and Susan Cairl, 145 North Goodrich, $90,000.

Richard and Kathy Cromwell to Michael and Laura Omori, 2308 Pemberton, $189,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Fred Swade, 8364 Meghan, Sylvania, $29,731.

Patrick and Janice Tucker to Virginia and Arthur Lorenz, 2816 Worth, Oregon, $154,078.

Christopher and Robin Gaynier to Judith Meyer, 616 Greenfield, Maumee, $135,900.

Mary Vasquez to Tami-Ellen Shaw, 5455 Greenridge, $145,000.

R L Baumgartner Builders to Patrick and Victoria Kruse, 7857 North Branch, Monclova, $229,900.

Duane Kerscher, trustee, to Brian and Erica Pribis, 7038 Oak Bluff, Maumee, $138,000.

Jeanette and Robert Bartlett, Jr., to Brian and Cynthia Pratt, 4430 Carney, Maumee, $122,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Invest Properties LLC, 1019 and 1117 Varland, $50,000.

John and Kathryn Coy to Jeanette and Robert Bartlett II, 500 Centerfield, Maumee, $182,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Wares-Swade Inc., 8360 Meghan, Sylvania, $29,731.

Lorraine Fix to Peter and Ruth Swartzbaugh, 2301 Whispering Pines, $174,000.

John and Deborah Durback to Lorraine Fix, 6017 Alexa, Sylvania, $158,000.

Katherine and Tim Yarbrough to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 3147 Goddard, $118,500.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to David Gallaher, 3147 Goddard, $118,500.

John and Linda Gaertner to Jason and Deanna Bobak, 814 Mayfair, $115,000.

Lion's Den to Frank Sarabia, 723 Buckeye, $400.

Beatrice Strugarek to Dennis and Roxanne LaValley, 3220 Brigham, $10,000.

Dennis and Betsy Nellis to Marla and James Borders, Jr., 428 Colburn, $42,000.

Wanda Shaffer to Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co., trustee, 605 Culley, Holland, $75,000.

Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Brian Duggan, 605 Culley, Holland, $87,000.

Steven and Regina Hill to Mark and Paula Ulinski, 2744 Fellows, $52,500.

Lawrence and Margaret Sweeney to Kevin Swearingen, 5555 Sunnyside, $74,600.

Commercial and Exempt

Rivereast Economic Revitalization Corp. to Leila Tawil, 816, 820, and 824 Woodville, $185,000.

Sept. 18, 2003


Leonard and Joan Bacon to Moneckie and Bobby Hunter, 509 East Central, $20,440.

Davit Kujawski to Kenneth and Sherry Boxenbaum, 5048 Trellis Way, Sylvania, $63,500.

Edward and Andrea Quilter to Paul and Deborah Jacoby, 7148 Finchley Ct., $226,000.

Nick Dukeshire to Todd Anderson, 4316 Jackman, $99,500.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Gary Yingling, 6943 Nightingale, Holland, $178,900.

Matthew Mason to Ruth Drake, trustee, 2646 Pheasant, $143,000.

Rose Stief to Mary Welch, 3751 Dixie, $43,700.

Steven and Barbara Wolcott to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 7443 Finchwood, $332,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Jeffrey and Theresa Royer, 7443 Finchwood, $332,000.

Deborah Williams to Lonnie and Donna Brown, 1460 Norwood, $52,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Carlene and Edward Weaver, Jr., 8919 White Eagle East, Sylvania, $48,762.

Thomas Lehman and others to Thomas and Michelle Corser, 5848 Sylvan Ridge, $243,000.

Edward and Betty Koralewski to Ernest Williams, 641 Waverly, $63,000.

James and Mary Ann Repka to Margitcq Enikocq-Gall and Ovidiu Gall, 164 Trails End, Oregon, $114,077.

Olde Farm Builders LLC to Stephen and Allison Krzyminski, 4308 Cattlemans Circle, Maumee, $249,900.

Frances Snodgrass, trustee, to Linda and Paul Cooper, 2840 Belle Glade, $255,000.

Florienecq Jankowski to Mark Ackland, 230 Mont Royal, $48,900.

John and Jenalynncq Spellis to Joseph and Jeanette Matthews, 425 South Harefoote, Holland, $111,000.

Jamie Carman, successor trustee, to Charles and Gail Salmon, 4407 Thackeray, Maumee, $106,200.

Albert and Fawzieh Eidicq to Robert and Carol Sizemore, 1734 Lois Ct., $132,832.

Wayne Godfrey and others to Wade and Shannon Dutridge, 646 West Northgate Pkwy., $75,042.

William Mansah and Semegnecq Smith-Mensah to Thomas Zaciewski, 1422 Stanwix, $109,000.

Wayne and Ruth Stahl to Kristine and James Pauken, Jr., 341 Hickory, Waterville, $139,000.

Thomas and Edna Tober to Kathryn Olmstead, 4218 Waterbend West, Maumee, $178,900.

Robert Lachin, trustee, to George Fender, 201 East William, Maumee, $96,500.

John Ames to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 904 Parkside, $25,000.

Thomas and Sandra Elmore to James and Amee Ochenduszkocq, 6042 Black Oak, $83,900.

Karen Naseef to David Manley and Diana Jones, 1015 Bedford Woods, $120,000.

Stella Rawlins to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 1019 Bricker, $35,500.

Steve Chappell to Lisa Paul, 6543 Cornwall Ct., Sylvania, $85,000.

Leslie Austin and others to Paul Hochanadel, 613 Carlton, $51,500.

Irvin Barrow, trustee, to Gerard Property Management Ltd., 4236 North Haven, $88,000.

Debbie Henry to Thelma Gordon, 29 Dunderry, $1.

Virginia Griffin to John and Nancy Griffin, 4551 Clover, $137,000.

Louis and Mary Katafiasz to Gregory and Deborah Lott, 3157 Cragmoor, $135,000.

Matthew Dewood to Jermainecq Taylor, 1119 Woodstock, $2,400.

First Union National Bank of Delaware to Karen Naseef, 111 Whiting, $13,100.

Homecomings Financial Network Inc. to Craig Garrison, 236 and 240 Amber Ct., $5,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, to Westhaven Group LLC, 2613 and 2615 Northvale, Oregon, $39,000.

Dale Bak to Scott and Pamela Dusseau, 2614 Chestnut, $20,000.

Dale Bak to Scott and Pamela Dusseau, 226 East Park, $20,000.


John Streikercq, trustee, to T-Rex Residential at Holland LLC, 7300 and 7301 Nightingale, Holland, $17,650,000.

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