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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers


Oct. 3, 2003


Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to Dawn Rogan, 3257 138th, $47,100.

Constance Disbrow to Theresa Veselka, 5747 N. Hollybrook, Sylvania, $109,900.

William Tinney to Bill and Margaret Robbins, 4364 Carney, Maumee, $100,000.

Ernest Lamb and others to Samuel Hogue, Jr., 1126 Bedford Woods, $137,000.

Frances Knapp to Courtney and Jeremiah Cousino, 2645 Oak Grove Place, $82,000.

Westhaven Group to Tacuma Burbank North and others, 517 East Park, $46,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Brian and Kathi Iott, 3212 Lexington Glen, Monclova, $296,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Christine Mabrey, 7858 Chestnut Ridge, Maumee, $57,000.

Carol Kutnyak to K & D Builders LLC, 2821 Powhattan Pkwy., $17,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Patrick Bolger, 7209 Elli Harbour, Maumee, $34,400.

Joseph DiSalle to Larry and Barbara Fish, 4548 South May, $118,900.

Earlene Joseph, trustee, to James Smith, 2452 Heather Valley Place, $32,900.

Shirley Yager to Lynn and Libera Ireland, 4101 Gilhouse, $160,000.

Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc. to Doris Battle, 3100 Stonegate, Maumee, $290,500.

Russell and Amy Graff to Ellen Baumert, 2624 Jodore, $141,500.

Wingate Building Co. to Paul Podolka, 825 Wind Breeze, $190,890.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Casey Walker, 5506 Douglas, $56,250.

Dale Knepper and others to Stephen and Tina Hanley, 6831 Maplewood, Sylvania, $105,000.

Cheryl and Russell Rice to Helen Zeller, 6244 Applegate, $110,000.

Eric and Annalisa Schilling to Sara Bick, 6201 Garden, Unit F89, Maumee, $45,500.

Anthony Domanski to Daniel Sanders, 334 E. Central, $50,500.

James Carnes and Melissa Weir Carnes to Scott Boyer, 4353 Glendale, $151,900.

Arnold and Janet Thurman to Hugh and Bernice McCulley and others, 4707 Oak Glen, $122,500.

Phyllis Cooper to Jonathan Munier and others, 902 Alvison, $83,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Cimarron Custom Homes Inc., 7871 Chestnut Ridge, Maumee, $70,200.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Dorothy Russell, 7149 Tarpon Bay Ct., Maumee, $60,800.

William and Michele Moll to Heather and William Kepp, Jr., 3047 and 3053 S. Byrne, $107,000.

Laura Wraight and others to Paul Smith, 1017 Olson, $40,000.

Robert and Nancy Michalak to John and Laura Dillon, 6016 and 6020 Durbin, $31,000.

Q.B. Ericsons Inc. to Adam Lehman, 1209 and 1213 Elysian, $80,000.

April Valentine to Bayonca Williams, 6220 Applegate, $122,400.

Abraham Brandman to Stephanie Rhodes and others, 2556 Castleton, $97,000.

David and Mildred Balzer to Rose Cannon, 1004 Glann, $150,000.

Margaret Williams to Melissa Murawski, 1321 Crestwood, $87,000.

Charles and Sheila Godwin to Mark and Beth Veal, 2400 Wimbledon Park, $242,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Elizabeth and Robert Hemrick, Jr., 3961 Azalea Circle, Maumee, $62,000.

Scott Sutter to Walter Williams III, 722 Elysian, $29,700.

Scott Sutter to Walter Williams III, 918 Marmion, $19,800.

Patricia and William Selles to Matt Berry, 1124 and 1126 Navarre, $35,000.


Howard and Linda Millhime to Adelante Inc., 512, 520, 524, 526, and 528 Broadway, $225,000.

North Cross Development Co. Ltd. to Bavarian Motor Transport, 6000 Brent, $70,740.

Yuk and Soottan Lee to Monroe Street Special Inc., 6248, 6250, 6252, 6254, and 6156 W. Central, $154,000.

Vincent Ventresca to Patricia Wardrop, 2278 and 2280 Tremainsville, $71,000.

Oct. 6, 2003


Shelby Bishop to Corey and Amanda White, 3607 146th, $79,900.

Jeffrey and Lori Wilson to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 6221 Holliday, $125,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Christina Martinez, 6221 Holliday, $125,000.

Michelle and Robert Kurthcq, Jr., to Gregory Hahn, 8419 Churchill Downs, Holland, $232,000.

Joseph and Carol Pappacq to Frank Zbierajewski,3940 Barleyton Circle, Sylvania, $168,000.

David and Carol Haddixcq to Shawn and Caroline Murphy, 8122 Timothy, Sylvania, $199,500.

Thomas Wittmancq and others to Albert and Rita Wittmancq and others, 851 Wylie, $23,600.

Thomas Wittmancq and others to Albert and Rita Wittmancq and others, 847 Wylie, $37,600.

Joni Hertzfeld and others to David and Deborah Odettecq, 8125 South Berkey-Southern, Whitehouse, $262,000.

Bradford Topolskicq to Sheliacq and Christopher Knight, 832 and 838 South Dorcas, $173,000.

Richard and Sharon Bush to James and Kristine Devinecq, 2316 Nebraska, $39,000.

Jeff Henley to Westhaven Group, 3931 Vermaas, $26,000.

Timothy and Johanna Jarchowcq to Marjorie and Robert Munsoncq, Jr., 1942 Berkshire Place, $55,000.

Sharon Vierscq to Sine and Ann Salem, 3627 Willowlane, $181,000.

Helen Pytlinskicq to Christopher Decker, 5433 Whiteford, Sylvania, $86,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Berman Building Co. Inc., 39 Winding Creek Place, Sylvania, $32,400.

Josephine McLaughlin to William and Linda Keppcq, 4665 South Detroit, $92,500.

Joe Brown Builders Inc. to Simon and Dana Goldingcq, 8042 South Bridge Way, Maumee, $394,000.

Michael and Cheryl Kachenmeistercq to Richard and Linda Kohlercq, 1737 Woodhurst, $195,000.

Meadow Springs Investment Group to Herbert Snider, 3602 Foxbrook Ct., $3,000.

Terrance Mays to Roosevelt Williams, 1320 Palmwood, $1.cq

Valerie Groves to Darryl and Sandra Ash, 428 Deline, $39,000.

Janet Keener to Luke Grabercq, 14205 Old State Line, Swanton, $80,000.

Theodore Jones and Bobbicq Davis-Jones to Dennis Jones, 2139 Romona, $161,000.

Gerald Harms, trustee, to Dawn and John Hackett III, 2404 Orchard, $200,000.

Matthew and Sarah Ramsey to Jeffrey Madanskicq and others, 217 Amherst, $113,000.

Michael Moran and others to Raymond Kadricq, 141 Essex, $15,000.

Raymond Kadricq to Ali Ismailcq, 141 Essex, $21,500.

Gary Cutchercq to Lance Izsakcq, 426 Walden, $50,000.

Bank One, NA, trustee, to Westhaven Group LLC, 204 Morrison, $23,000.

Mark Meiringcq to Amy and Leonidascq Vildosolacq, 1138 Westfield, Maumee, $119,500.

Pauline Young to Fifth Third Mortgage Co., 4 West Park, $20,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Brian Pratt, 2637 and 2645 Gloria Ct., $117,000.

Gary and Dawn Czerniejewskicq to Richard and Kimberly Crooktoncq, 704 North Holland-Sylvania, $100,000.

Debbie Speeglecq to Peter and Elizabeth Thomas, 1858 Finch, $32,450.

Louise Jackson to Ronald and Paulette Smith, 2214 Plum Leaf, $171,000.

Shirley Geringercq to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 1928 Brame Place, $36,500.

Craig Jackson to Beverly Young, 1316 Prospect, $16,000.

Rayfieldcq Coleycq to Stephanie Booker, 951 Woodland, $32,000.

LaSalle Bank NA to Kirk and Barbara Holdcroftcq, 4606 Granite, $70,025.

Sylvia Raab and others to Gregory and Candace Wise, 7559 Grenlock, Sylvania, $160,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Sylvia Raab and others, 11079 Villicourt, Whitehouse, $160,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Patricia Mayer, 5984 Brookestone Village, Sylvania, $189,000.

James and Iris Pourecq to Jay and Constance Feldsteincq, 5546 Fox Hill, $430,000.

Paul Blood, trustee, to Timothy and Susan Hatfield, 400 Pine Valley, Holland, $422,000.

Ralph Kurthcq, trustee, to Benjamin Davis, 5106 Ottawa River, $185,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Ann Sherburnecq, 7213 Elli Harbour, Maumee, $212,749.80.

Leslie and Chantellcq Thomas to U.S. Bank NA, 3120 Doyle, $10,000.

U.S. Bank NA to Larry Kincaid, 3120 Doyle, $5,000.

Ingrid Beaslycq to Antonio Watson, 950 Vance, $7,000.


Michael and Gina Baker to Brian Murphy and others, 1521 and 1549 Brooke Park, $383,000.

Toledo L & L Realty to Consolidated Biscuit Co., 3526 North Summit, $42,000.

Richard Akenbergercq to Allen Zarkowercq, 10905 Corduroy, water slip G-42, Oregon, $5,000.

Oct. 7, 2003


Carol Bury to Steve and Robin Vangordercq, 1340 Bury, Oregon, $56,000.

Melissa Dennis to Kim Penrodcq and others, 914 Sawyer, $72,000.

Carole Boardmancq to Howard and Becky Foorcq, 3711 146th, $92,500.

Darrel and Carol Boltzcq to James Pollard, 564 Howard, Curtice, $88,500.

Michael and Amber Wagonercq to Ian Ward and others, 607 Kitlou Ct., Holland, $272,500.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Orson and Johanncq Wagner, 6249 Morgan Marie Ct., Whitehouse, $186,014.

Linda Hufford to Delcomecq Tucker, 4427 and 4431 Margrete, Maumee, $92,700.

Brian Hufford Builder Inc. to David and Jane Johnson, 5800 Crossbrooke, Waterville, $249,900.

Ronald Cochrellcq, trustee, to James Assenmachercq and others, 2501 Berdan, $126,500.

Westhaven Group to Judith Crawford and others, 2307 Valentine, $47,900.

Linda and Donald Brubakercq, Jr., to Paul and Mary Kleebergercq, 2312 Ashton Ct., Maumee, $193,000.

D. Lee Johnson to Mark Henderson, 9321 St. Angelas Way, Sylvania, $394,100.

Kenneth Karchercq to Sally and James Kurthcq, Jr., 5701 Planet, $110,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to David and Sharon Conklincq, 10149 Saddle Bridge South, Whitehouse, $42,900.

Stacy Rust to Daniel and Kendelynncq MacKaycq, 816 Cloverdale, $90,000.

George and Mary Magillcq, co-trustees, to Lubertcq Lestagecq and others, 209 Mettler, $10,000.

George and Mary Magillcq, trustees, to Lubertcq Lestagecq and others, 3201 Maher, $34,000.

Dorothy Kardaszcq, trustee, to Rayfieldcq Coleycq, 4014 Nebraska, $112,000.

Deloracq Burkhardtcq to Diane Youngstoncq, 1227 Bernath Pkwy., $95,000.

Brian Ferreecq and others to Kendra Melochecq, 2315 Georgetown, $110,000.

Irv Bruno Inc. to Raymond and Christine King, 8312 Water Park, Holland, $232,000.

Kevin Meyer to Bryan Smith, 9740 River, Waterville, $122,500.

Banascq Development Corp. to James and Melissa Carnescq, 7459 Winterberry Ct., Maumee, $262,375.

Max Childerscq II and others to Tammy Burnett, 2214 Rood, $38,500.

Westhaven Group to Susan Morel, 1934 and 2002 Copley, $75,000.

Richard and Marlene Piorkowskicq to Andy and Tracy Rodriguez, 2839 North 109th, $110,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to James Kennellycq and others, 3249 Elm, $43,000.

Donald Parks to Timothy and Jody Bortoncq, 1651 Kedron, $84,250.

Alvin and Mary Turk to Jhassancq and Fatimacq Abdel-Karimcq, 4633 Clover, $122,000.

Betty Hartley to Daniel Boschcq, 1625 Watova, $168,000.

George Matthews, trustee, to KeyBank NA, trustee, 8717 Ponte Vedra Ct., Holland, $48,000.

Vicissitudes Ltd. to Ronald and Pamela Twiggcq, 1950 and 1954 Rhode Island, Holland, $46,000.

Ronald and Pamela Twiggcq to Jeremy Snyder, 1950 Rhode Island, $61,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Carolyn and Christopher Hammyecq, Jr., 9502 Morganhill, Sylvania, $193,485.

Scott Suttercq to Charles McDonald, 323 Stanley Ct., $19,800.

Bank One NA to Dawn Kruzelcq, 5347 Cowan, $65,000.

Dawn and John Hackett III to Robert Daibercq, 3240 Goddard, $161,000.

Scott Suttercq to Vincent Stewart, 811 Marmion, $34,650.

Scott Suttercq to Vincent Stewart, 1435 Western, $25,850.

Scott Suttercq to Vincent Stewart, 813 Marmion, $21,340.

Scott Suttercq to Vincent Stewart, 2437 Evans, $24,200.

Kirk and Michelle Willard to Janine and Dreafuscq Woods, 4809 Sadalia, $108,000.

Terethacq Crittingtoncq to George Abernathycq, Jr., 747 Waverly, $1,000.

Tanya Serrellcq to First Union National Bank of Delaware, 637 and 639 Russell, $21,334.

Homecomings Financial Network Inc. to Kelley Lee, 637 and 639 Russell, $6,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Larry and Sharon Duvall, 3312 Jeannette, $25,000.

Carl and Sharon Anderson to Bank One NA, trustee, 1604 Potomac, $86,667.

Marcus Gonzalez to Annette Sand, 928 Turner, $26,000.

Douglas and Lucille Coleman to Gloria Wucq, 2450 Densmore, $155,000.

Fifth Third Bank, successor trustee, to Jeffrey Shumancq, 4748 Maryhill, Sylvania, $155,000.

Jane Lykowskicq to Anderson Thomas, 429 Dexter, $45,360.

Jane Lykowskicq to Anderson Thomas, 425 Dexter, $45,360.

Laurie Imlay to Julie Deyoungcq, 5832 Atwell, $90,000.

Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Michael and Darlene Snyder, 110 Ottawa, $200,463.

Charles and Patricia Snyder to Bruce Palenskecq, trustee, 21 Wolf Ridge, Holland, $300,000.


Donald Speck, trustee, to Robert and Marlene Sizemorecq, 4107 Terrace View South, $220,000.

Navarre Associates LP to BJRYS LLC, 3150 Navarre, Oregon, $900,000.

Rodney Partridge, trustee, to R&O Associates, 972 Emerald, $16,000.

Kenmore Manor Apartments Ltd. to Abel Bishop and others, 2044 Fulton, $183,334.

Oct. 8, 2003


Robert and Joan Battin to Joseph Roberts, 0 Hartman Road, Grand Rapids, $57,000.

Big Sky Property Management LLC to Richard Bails, 855 Prouty, $57,000.

Charter One Bank NA to Zalmaicq and Wahidcq Sedige, 3660 Christie, $73,000.

Louise Hardy to Herbert and Margaret Gullatt, 719 Chesbrough, $35,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to John Tucker, Jr., 816 Booth, $61,200.

Susan Pellitieri to David and Cheryl Anderson, 5502 Douglas, $135,000.

Bankers Trust Co. of Calif. NA to Christopher Bittel, 146 West Central, $17,500.

Craig Wolincq to Jeffrey and Toni Stallkamp, 344 Moss, $28,000.

Easter and Franklin Adkins to Daphne Drazic, 7643 Covert, $135,000.

Richard Hickey to William and Angeline Tzanakis, 3657 Cherrywood, $165,000.

Cindy Starkey to Alan and Norma Brown, 1958 Loxley, $43,800.

Mary and Lindsay Baker, Jr., to Akrumcq Youssef, 1846 Loxley, $71,500.

Kevin Snider to Angela Cattladge, 502 and 506 Paine, $64,500.

Timothy Caton to GRP/AG REO 2002-1, LLC, 232 Gramercy, $45,000.

Anthony and Margaret Rotondo to Melissa and John Cherry, 5758 Pheasant Hollow, $129,000.

Frank and Nanette Gagyi to Kenneth Karcher, 2261 Gradwohl, $171,000.

Steven and Kathleen Shirkeycq to Christopher and Elizabeth Robbins, 1590 Colton, $103,900.

Mark and Tammy Massengill to Fairbanks Capital Corp., 1014 Greenwood, $30,000.

LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, to Westhaven Group, 1014 Greenwood, $17,900.

Hugh Moore Inc. to Peter Genor IV, 6482 Madison, Sylvania, $181,533.

Charles and Martha Whalen to Anthony Koperski, 8304 Main, Neapolis, $41,200.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Ann Dolch, 7138 Tarpon Bay Ct., Maumee, $50,800.

James and Patricia Kraus to Gary and Crystal Tipton, 4228 Beverly, $138,500.

David Joehlin to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 666 Nesslewood, $13,000.

Jack Buchhop to Dawn Thakur, 3706 Sherbrooke, $103,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Joanne Rutledge, 733 Satin Leaf, $169,350.

Stephen Lump to Kimberly Stiles and others, 2725 Castleton, $124,500.

Karen Huven to Michael Sprott, 4813 North Summit, $80,000.

Shelby Yarick to Carrie Opiel, 3110 Strathmoor, $104,000.

Ned Riedelcq to Kevin and Annette Riedel, split from 922 West Wayne, Maumee, $30,000.

Elizabeth Roberts to Bret Bonaminio, 5137 Bennett, $34,000.

Dorothy Streeter to Household Realty Corp., 618 Highland, $14,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Mervincq and Pamela Sharfman, 2248 Big Hickory Run, Sylvania, $59,900.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to William Cherney, 2621 West Village, $146,900.

Port Lawrence Agency Inc., trustee, to Joseph and Carol Latorre, 9320 St. Angelas Way, Sylvania, $46,000.

Dawn Development Co. LLC to A. Joseph Snyder Builder LLC, 1400 Riverwalk Ct., Waterville, $34,500.

Wingate Building Co. to Dorothy Kardasz, 726 Wind Breeze, $164,750.

Donald and Mary McLeodcq to Karen Huven, 1124 Hawk, $78,280.

Teressa Morgan to CIT Group/Consumer Finance Inc., 2417 Hollywood, $16,000.


John Maher to Bankers Trust Co. of California NA, trustee, 354 Mellington, $14,000.

Bankers Trust Co. of California NA, trustee, to Albert Weathers, 354 Mellington, $7,000.

Charlene and Bernard Cook to Michael Keller, 2726 West Sylvania, $90,000.

Oct. 9, 2003


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Margaret Daniels, 6949 Nightingale, Holland, $175,900.

Francis and Sandra Bihn to Lori Dornercq, split from 5862 Bay Shore, Oregon, $108,000.

Brenda Leverton to Jessica Russell, 6059 Atwell, $102,000.

Robert Scott, Jr., to Terry and Sherri Moton, 7714 Ginger Gold, Holland, $35,900.

Tricia and Richard Knight II to Eric and Brandi Hickman, 509 Ogden, $79,900.

Dorothy Bowman to Matthew and Tara Hill, 3151 Knoll, $98,650.

Brian Kinner to Dianna Gora, 5601 Gay, $70,000.

William and Denise Staler to Anna Abaya-Karamol, 240 North River, Waterville, $225,000.

Nan and Valentine Zawisza, Jr., to Nora Longsworthcq, 1542 Forester, Oregon, $150,000.

Shirley Drlik to Dianne Reynolds, 1718 Delence, $49,000.

Geraldine Goetz, successor trustee, to Robert Houck, trustee, 3701 Wallwerth, $77,500.

Cathy Arend to Steven Jasinskicq, 1745 Wildwood, $114,500.

C & E Adkins Ltd. to James and Marlene Sondergeld, 534 Foxridge, Oregon, $35,000.

Quarry's Edge I LLC to Eileen Friess, trustee, 6006 Quarry's Edge, Sylvania, $146,805.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Cecil and Susan Crawford, 8441 Snapdragon, Monclova, $51,300.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Emerald Bay Builders LLC, 8459 Kacie, Monclova, $50,400.

Darrell and Laura Rush to Wayne Zitkuscq, 4600 Cranbrook, $475,000.

Lawrence and Darlene Kunkel to Cannon Building and Development Inc., 2131 Ottawa River, $115,000.

Thomas Peterman to Raymond Mueller, Jr., 4920 Burnham, $92,000.

Sally Snyder to Juleencq Bischoff, 216 Bonaparte, $87,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Cimarron Custom Homes Inc., 8420 Kacie, Monclova, $56,700.

Diana Schwindcq to Craig Markleycq, 628 Brighton, $95,000.

Edward and Mary Smith to Diana Schwindcq, 620 and 760 Miami, Maumee, $240,000.

Valencia Consultants Inc. to James and Brenda Mowrer, 11341 Obee, Whitehouse, $175,000.

Troy and Evalgene Murphy to Eugene Woods, 1717 and 1719 Oakwood, $1,000.

Donald Vliet, Jr., to Joseph Lajune and others, 2021 Rose Arbor, $133,350.

Debora Coleman to Metropolitan Title Co., trustee, 430 Everett, $20,750.

LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, to Lennycq Hildreth, 278 Arcadia, $6,500.

Sine and Ann Salem to Pamela Herman, 3608 Naples, $159,500.

JLE Enterprises LLC to Christopher and Kristine Loret, 203 and 205 Mettler, $43,000.

Bernard Barrow, Jr., and others to Drucillacq Banners, 2045 Christie, $97,340.

Larry and Julie Hinz to Richard and Jennifer Shoemaker, 544 Maumee, $35,000.

Banc One Financial Services Inc. to Gary Schmidt, 745 Parker, $32,000.

Westhaven Group to Mark Lesinski and others, 664 Oswald, $59,000.

Karey and Louis Galambos II to Christina Kilis, 1715 and 1721 Dority, $102,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Tony and Angela Hale, 10962 Southanne, Whitehouse, $182,700.

Ervine Frankel, trustee, to Danny Plasterer and others, 3716 Cavalear, $205,000.

Larry and Julie Hinz to Richard and Jennifer Shoemaker, 1602 Greenwood, $67,000.

Margaret Reynolds to Jennifer Clarke and others, 944 Colburn, $20,000.


U-Do-It-Car-Wash of Michigan Inc. to Phil and Jerry's LLC, 6016 North Summit, $189,800.

Peter and Deborah MacDonald to Zyndorf/Serchukcq Investment Co. Ltd., 3726 Navarre, Oregon, $500,000.

Oct. 10, 2003


Advanced Building Concepts LLC to Dexter and Heather Baker, 1115 Pimlico, Holland, $45,900.

Wilma Conrad to John Brewer, 1212 Craig, Maumee, $94,760.

Richard and Joyce Johann to Richard and Tracey Johann, 5558 Silvertown, Sylvania, $150,000.

Lawrence Scharf and others to Lawrence Scharf and others, 5679 Monroe, Bldg. 4, Apt. 1116, $103,000.

Paul Schmidt to John and Rebecca Ray, 4224 Berwick, $89,900.

Evelyn Bliss to Sharon Bliss, 3140 Muirfield, $113,000.

David and Diane Bonnough to Zachariah and Laura Sowle, 905 Jean, $68,700.

Elliott Sells, successor trustee, to Latoya Jones, 370 Havre, $47,900.

Dennis and Christine Austin to Tamiekacq Gordon, 3402 Polk, $76,500.

Micheascq and Rebekah Vannes to Randy Hauser, 2043 Keen, $110,000.

Thomas Taylor to Westhaven Group, 3728 Richlawn, $90,000.

Westhaven Group to James Sellers and Jacqulyncq Fisher-Sellers, 2364 South, $69,900.

Transtar Builders & Developers Inc. to Ryan and Michelle Hacker, 6021 White Eagle West, Sylvania, $300,000.

Kathleen Smith to Jesse Varner, 6201 Garden, Unit C36, Maumee, $24,740.

Ronald Johnson to Ralph and Susie Hanson, 5145 Spring, Sylvania, $146,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Banas Development Corp., 5829 Green Ivy, Monclova, $51,300.

Elgin and Vivian Rogers to Edith Benette 632 City Park, $10,000.

Kerri and Robert Barth II to Daniel Rodgers, 5921 and 5925 Acoma, $120,000.

Jose Torrez to Martin Escaleracq, 2841 Chestnut, $25,000.

Gloria Marksch to Diana Markschcq, 9623 Old State Line, Holland, $10.

William and Viola Redding to Laura McLaughlin, 4743 Harbord, $142,000.

Curtis and Rita Hitchnercq to Ernest Pace, 414 Crittenden, $62,200.

Clodene McGraw-Carter, trustee, to Annette Wright, 1535 Buckingham, $5,000.

Gloria Sandusky to James Hudson, Jr., 6159 Douglas, $55,000.

Steven Walterriet to Pamela Horton, 427 Teal, $88,000.

Westhaven Group to Paul Horn, 2113 North Ontario, $15,950.

Westhaven Group to Vincent Stewart, 1920 Cone, $19,500.

Dorothy Mohler to Carrie Mossing, 4633 Copland, $141,000.

Fallen Timbers Fairways Ltd. to Jane Thompson, 7831 Timbers Edge, Waterville, $169,400.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Brian and Tamela Fischer, 7127 Heller, Whitehouse, $182,000.

Nicole Georgeff to Pamela Caswell and Porfiriocq Marruquin, 5235 Oldham, $82,900.

William Way to John and Denise Blatchford, 5433, 5437, and 5441 Brophy, $45,000.

Barbara Gordon, trustee, to James and Iris Poure, 25 Exmoor, $540,000.

Timothy and Catherine Peterson to Jonathan and Adrian Soli, 7034 Shooters Hill, $205,000.

Alvin and Ruth Jones to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., 823 and 825 Marmion, $25,000.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. to Yvonne Shaheer, 825 Marmion, $16,500.

Linda Hoffman to Citicorp Trust Bank FSB, 3246 St. Bernard, $36,000.


James and Sharon Marquette to Grant Gilbert, 1359 East Broadway, $10,000.

Oct. 14, 2003


David and Vickie Kuntz to Bridget Burgess, 6315 Brown, Oregon, $169,900.

Naomi Thomas to Audrey Hannafius, 573 Austin, $5,000.

Sky Bank to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 1049 National, $10,000.

David and Elizabeth Buechler to David Miramontes, 11105 Obee, Whitehouse, $263,900.

Brandy Ulch to Rita Purdy and others, 1511 Kedron, $80,000.

Robert and Carol Starr to Frank and Dora Bock, 428 East Dudley, Maumee, $143,000.

Martin Bihn to Adam Sweeny, 2010 Danforth, Oregon, $84,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to David and Megan Kalman, 37 Riverside Commons, Maumee, $170,000.

Jon Swinkey to Michael and Richellecq Majewski, 6154 Whiteford Center, $68,000.

David and Jacqueline Myrice to David and Jacqueline Myrice, 532 Colima, $82,500.

Robert Bernius to Daniel and Bernice Davis, 5430 Harvest, $56,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Armstrong Homes Inc., 8465 Snapdragon, Monclova, $51,000.

Patricia Bassett to Jamey Burnett, 6247 Valley Stream, $111,000.

Kathleen and Robert Beach, Jr., to Doug Fitch, 7748 Spring Haven, Holland, $184,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Steve and Sallie Berg, 0 Lake Vista, $154,200.

Kevin Wilson to Corey Schwen, 3150 Knoll, $123,000.

Alan and Jacqueline Kossow to Kelley Dellinger, 1438, 1442, and 1444 Abbott, $74,000.

Melanie and Joseph Giovannucci, Jr., to Chris Gruszczynski, 2627 West Alexis, $82,000.

Jeffrey Bobak to Angela Gharibcq, 4603 286th, $98,000.

Marc Jacoby to Christopher Gill, 4857 291st, $125,000.

Jeff Moore to Floyd and Miccalacq McCarver, 728 Plymouth, $60,000.

William and Candice Keener to William and Laurel Vandorn, 2727 Scott, Swanton, $322,500.

Ahmed Hassan to Salwacq Hassan, 2935 West Alexis, $83,000.

Chad and Kristen O'Donnell to Prudential Residential Services, 7037 Ramblehurst, Sylvania, $182,000.

Prudential Residential Services to Ernest Lamb and others, 7037 Ramblehurst, Sylvania, $182,000.

James Vicroy and others to Martin and Jennifer Brickner, 1322 Idaho, $33,000.

Darlacq Holtz and others to Richard and Yvonne Gambrell, 5841 Pickard, $104,000.

Karen Fine, co-trustee, and others to Stephanie Sieben, 3862 Indian, $160,050.

Issam Kodeih to Paul Syroko, 3005 Hartman, $28,100.

Pledged Property II LLC to Dale and Joanne Green, 6243 and 6249 Judge, $30,000.

Maynard Hall to Robert Todd, Jr., 1853 Tremainsville, $77,000.

Mary Espen to John and Janis Shriver, 3032 Pleasant Hill, Maumee, $149,000.

Dawn Development Co. LLC to Dorothy Okuley, 1458 Riverwalk, Waterville, $223,333.

Mark and Constance Carter to Brian Seibenick and others, 6052 Reo, $130,000.

Geraldine Bumbaugh to Walter Williams III, 6035 Acoma, $88,600.

James Whitmore to John Gillespie, 717 Bemis, Holland, $22,500.

Rita Urbaniak to Larry Ross and others, 722 North Byrne, $45,000.

Jerome Kreinberg to Walter Kapszukiewicz, 2350 Cheltenham, $95,900.

Kent Starrett, successor trustee, to Robert Brown, 1820 Berdan, $71,000.

Alan and Rebecca Rahe to Kathy and Steven Shirkey, 934 Liberty, Waterville, $176,696.

Steven and Katherine Moyer to Timothy and Kathleen Curran, 8819 North Stone Mill, Sylvania, $417,500.

Mary Reese to John and Lisa Campbell, 3710 Heatherdowns, $155,000.

Jason Rectenwald to Mary Reese, 641 Centerfield, Maumee, $149,000.

Matthew Schaedler to Michael Crouse, 6057 Red Oak, $142,500.

Sawgrass Building Co. LLC to Jerrold and Diming Gray, 5851 Waterville-Monclova, Waterville, $295,000.

Rueben and Kimberly Garza to Steven and Diane Kline, 6202 Reo, $122,000.

Scott Sutter to Craig Best, 2404 Glenwood, $99,500.

Ashley Pfaff to Andrea and Terry Lincoln, Jr., 3324 North Detroit, $40,000.

Emily Stoykoff to Richard Turner, 1735 Eileen, $121,000.

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to David and Tracy Hayes, trustees, 1320 Goodale, $16,500.

Vicissitudes Ltd. to Robert Polk, 2576 Kress, $21,005.

Patrick and Cheryl Houle to Amaliacq Lopez, 1375 Felt, $15,000.

Stanley Wielinski to James Miller, 10075 Waterville-Swanton, Whitehouse, $45,000.

Mack and Arlene Moon to Joseph Rhodes, 635 East Shoreline, Holland, $114,000.


National Bank of Toledo to Conroad Associates LP, 1910 Collingwood, $198,500.

Don and Shuicq Wong to Joseph Skaff, 704, 708, and 712 North Reynolds, $100,000.

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