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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Nov. 12, 2003


Estate of Delbert Himebaugh to Micah Vogt, 2727 Pin Oak, $60,000.

Rodolfo Sanches, Jr., and others to Marcus Thomas, 3247 Maher, $55,500.

Richard and Kathleen Heerdegen to Linda Tippett, 5679 Monroe, Unit 109, Sylvania, $98,000.

Elaine Haupricht, trustee, to Vincent Porter and others, 706 Waite, Maumee, $190,000.

Westhaven Group to Yvonne Minor, 607 Parkside, $34,000.

Joseph and Ann Fry to Jan Lewis, 6909 Running Brook Way, Holland, $168,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Robert and Sheila Barhorst, 2284 Big Hickory Run, Sylvania, $62,500.

Patricia Scott to Michael Erard, 1520 Groll, Oregon, $55,000.

James E. Moline Builders Inc. to John and Jane Spidel, 3908 Deer Valley, Maumee, $54,106.

Nage Damas, successor trustee, to Raymond & Clark LLC, 2255 Waterworks, $74,000.

Wingate Building Co. to Cynthia and Frank McKain III, 8710 North Stone Mill, Sylvania, $326,500.

Sylvania Cobblestones Developers Inc. to George Scarvelis Builders Inc., 4757 Farm Creek, Sylvania, $59,900.

Timothy Bradley to Charles McDonald, 260, Field, $28,891.50.

Scott and Pamela Dusseau to Michael Sanders, 174 Gibbons, $46,000.

Scott and Pamela Dusseau to Michael Sanders, 172 Gibbons, $46,000.

Timothy Bradley to Charles McDonald, 2119 North Erie, $28,330.50.

Timothy Bradley to Michael Litner, 756 Orchard, $29,733.

Timothy Bradley to Charles McDonald, 2115 North Ontario, $24,123.

Rudy Fonseca to William and Margaret Mahaffey, 407 Langdon, $47,500.

Timothy Bradley to Charles McDonald, 425 Baden, $31,416.

Dennis and Alice McDarby to Joanne Duncan, 530 Lowell, $35,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Sawgrass Building Co. LLC, 3242 Lexington Glen, Monclova, $53,900.

John Snyder and others to Fred Stoldt, 3455 and 3457 Maher, $43,000.

Henrietta Sadowski to Dolores Hannaker, 3721 Seckinger, $1.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

Baron Drawn Steel Corp. to Quark Properties LLC, 1758, 1802, 1804, 1810, 1814, 1818, and 1820 Dorr; 1402 Baron Steel; 1801, 1802, and 1804 Fernwood; 1677 and 1755 Norwood; and 1801, 1802, 1804, 1808, 1813, 1814, 1815, 1817, 1818, 1819, 1821, and 1822 Palmwood, $100,000.


Anthony Kidd to Toledo Central City Neighborhoods Community Development Corp., 1142 Lincoln, $4,000.

Twelfth Street Partners LLC to True Associates Ltd., 1802, 1810, 1902, 1906, 1910, and 1916 North 12th and 515 and 519 Smith, $475,000.

Edward Sharrer to Wheeler Family Investments LP, 3949 Sunforest Ct., Units 1-W-1 and 1-W-3, $200,000.

Hunky Town Tavern to Daniel Szekeres, 426 Craig, $42,500.

Lily Enterprises Ltd. to Lionel Anderson, 727 Junction, $5,000.

John Swing, Jr., and others to Michael Welch, 1026 Wamba, $550,000.


AMC Real Estate LLC to WVP LLC, 125, 127, 129, 133, and 137 North Second and 202, 210, and 218 Mechanic, all Waterville, $319,000.


Nov. 13, 2003


Margaret Horton to Philip and Kimberly Baskey, 927 Atkins, $66,000.

Janet Rodriguez and others to U.S. Bank NA, trustee, 1349 Oak, $22,000.

Matthew Smith to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, 2270 Rockspring, Unit 23, $39,950.

Marietta Chambers to Pamela Wawrzyniak, 5657 Planet, $131,000.

Renee Garling to Keith and Tonya Lammers, 17 Rochelle, $82,000.

Matthew Szollosi to Patricia Hullinger, 3012 Springwood, Oregon, $164,000.

James and Jennifer Laffartha to WM Specialty Mortgage LLC, 4112 Walker, $40,000.

Nicole and Randall Jamison, Jr., to KeyBank NA, 1111 Miami, $15,000.

David Morris to N.P. Dodge, Jr., trustee, 3333 Darlington, $151,000.

N.P. Dodge, Jr., trustee, to Jeffrey and Lisa Stiffler, 3333 Darlington, $151,000.

Biju Philips Vadekeetil and Janet Jose Vadakkan to Melanie Kriegel, 1668 Brownstone, Unit 633, $64,000.

Quarry's Edge I LLC to Joseph and Carol Pappa, 6029 Quarrys Edge, Sylvania, $160,590.

Leonard Wiktor, trustee, to James Rose and Roshele Parker, 703 Mayfair, $92,000.

Jean Leck to Tray and Beatrice Bouslog, 7608 Timbers, Waterville, $260,000.

Ralph Patrarca and others to David Zaruca, 6344 Oakland Ct., Sylvania, $390,000.

Cimarron Custom Homes to Gregory and Kelli Burns, 3940 Hollyhock, Maumee, $405,000.

Michael Jones, trustee, to Keith Guillozet, 609 Walbridge, $56,000.

Barbara Rahe to Steven and Linda Wojtowicz, 9935 Jeffers, Grand Rapids, $152,000.

Isabella Heger to Donald Bartelt, 4715 Harbord, $101,000.

Charles and Deborah Garabrandt to Trent and Elizabeth Johnson, 1626 Bond, $82,900.

Thomas and Jacqueline Bruecken to Steven and Miranda Judy, 529 Cambridge, Oregon, $318,000.

Virginia Gordon to Bank One NA, 1143 West Bancroft, $14,000.

Erma LaPlante to Cheryle Horn, 531 Utah, $16,500.

Westhaven Group to Matthew Baldwin, 3708 Upton, $59,000.

Ada Hall to John and Cynthia Stahl, 2805 Chestnut, $27,500.

Edith Corrado to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 921 Bricker, $24,000.

Donald Lentz to Jennifer Morrow and others, 2320 Scott, Swanton, $163,000.

Robert Tate to Bankers Trust Co. of California, NA, trustee, 5414 Larchwood, $116,667.

Barbara Rhoades to Franklin Credit Management Corp., 259 Walbridge, $16,000.

Phyllis and Arnold Coates to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, NA, trustee, 507 Nevada, $20,000.

Michael Kane and others to Thomas and Donna Lee, 4451 290th, $120,000.

Charter One Bank FSB to Floyd and Sherrana Crandall, 431 Ohio, $14,900.

Sean Fitzpatrick to National City Home Loan Services Inc., 1619 Raynor, $60,000.

Ivy South to David Burnham, Jr., and others, 1142 Kinder, $30,000.

Richard Robinson to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, NA, trustee, 2655 Sherbrooke, $95,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, NA, trustee, to Robert Heintschel, 2655 Sherbrooke, $110,500.

Robert and Janice Valentine to Kevin and Lisa Casey, 3120 Pickle, Oregon, $285,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Jeffrey and Nichole Williams, 8432 Kacie, Monclova, $54,000.

Kathy Girardot to Robert Cousino, 220 Favony and 230 North Dorcas, $3,100.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee, to Dwight Nunn, 1521 Norwood, $10,500.

Howard Jaffke to Jane Kidwell, 4528 Luann, $88,000.

Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Thomas Joyce, 110 Ottawa, $320,900.

Frederick Goldyn to Basen Sayed, 1906 Alvin, $75,000.

Krystal Shubarga to Mario and Josephine Martinez, 5415 Fleet, $32,000.


Central Office Park Ltd. to Lohman LLC, 7255 Crossleigh, $207,00.

Martin McCabe to Michele and Jerry Amborski, Jr., 417, 421, 425, and 427 11th, $250,000.


Nov. 14, 2003


J. Moses Construction Ltd. to Aaron Mintz, 7855 Royal Hampton, Waterville, $255,000.

Lee Rivers to Trois Griffin, 1624 Woodland, $5,000.

David and Patricia Megyesi to Angus and Joyce Smith, 617 South Hill Park, Holland, $112,500.

Edward Skoda to Sharon Val Alst, 1568 Crestwood, $78,000.

Gregory Hilty to Joseph and Jennifer Linnenkugel, 4838 Pine Ridge, $166,500.

Ernest and Shari Laviolette to Karol McClellan, 1446 Pool, $29,000.

Eric and Queneva Hughes to Jean Paul Lemerand, 149 West Park, $15,000.

Eric and Queneva Hughes to George and Carol Moore, trustees, 542 East Central, $12,000.

Norma Anderson to Nicholas Pfleghaar, 517 West Wayne, Maumee, $108,000.

Theresa and Alexander Schaller to Robert Lanning, 30 Merton, Holland, $122,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Joseph Brown Builders Inc., 3106 Deep Water, Maumee, $59,900.

Mary Urbaniak to Khallil Daher, 2832 East Glenn, $93,200.

Martin and Laura Wcislak to Jeffrey Hudson, 4244 and 4250 Packard, $90,000.

Thomas Roller to Justin Butler and others, 1233 Shelly, Maumee, $116,000.

Scott Swope to Bryan Long, 3433 Ravenwood, $126,000.

Tamara Spivey and others to Jason Bender, 2337 Dellwood, $112,000.

Melanie Watling to J-1 Investment LLC, 3167 Kylemore, $135,000.

Raymond Helminiak to Vivian Boyd, 5115 Grelyn, $152,000.

Gary Driftmyer to Raymond Helminiak, 5204 Regency, unit C, $104,000.

Elsie and David Detwiler, co-trustees, to Michael and Theresa Jenkins, 7060 Apple Creek, Sylvania, $225,000.

Marilyn Gala to James Winkle, 424 West Sophia, Maumee, $48,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to Kenneth and Frances Orzechowski, 6052 and 6054 Blossman, $90,000.

Dawsie Clowers to Sandra Smith, 11967 Canal, Curtice, $41,500.

Helen Mielcarek to Stacy Morrow, 2262 Westmonte, $65,000.

Frank Polesovsky and others to Eric Polesovsky, 2250 Aberdeen, $90,000.

William Bostleman and others to Roger and Brenda Bacon, 4723 Turnbridge, $228,750.

Bernadine Turk to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 3526 Hoiles, $62,000.

Philip and Henrietta Barlie to John and Laura Kolb, 5655 West Rowland, $155,500.

Sharon Haupricht and others to John Marciniak, 4105 Bennett, $52,000.

Mid-American Home Inspection LLC to Alfred and Connie Haley, 3014 Franklin, $28,000.

Mary and Harry Martin, Jr. to Joseph Martin, 314 Clark, $58,000.

Andre and Kelley Antoine to Edward and Dalette Sifri, 5342 Fredelia, $245,300.

Adam and Nancy Bilger to John and Tracy Kowalski, 3052 March, $134,500.

Suresh and Sucheta Nanda to Lubert and Amy Lestage, 2800 Talmadge, $161,700.

James Cathers to Wenseslado Trevino, 1701 and 1704 Freedom, $35,000.

Upnorth Properties LLC to James and Laura Eckert, 3937 Azalea Circle, Maumee, $432,888.

Michael Tkaczyk to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 2338 Portsmouth, $80,000.

Jill Avery, successor trustee, to James Black, 2403 Parliament, $130,000.

Pamela Drayton and others to Leroyna Drayton and others, 1071 Buckingham, $1.00.

Patsy Frederick to Nicole Austin, 1233 South, $61,200.

Duane and Katherine Patterson to Ronald McDonald, 4213 Graceway, $141,000.

Residential and Exempt

Danny Schultz to Virginia Green, 6 West Central, $50,000.


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Ceculski & Associates LLC, 2840 Lagrange, $50,000.

Sun Oil Co. to New Millennium Investments Inc., 722 Conant, Maumee, and 100 Indiana, Maumee, $525,000.

Linda Crow to Dr. Alan Kao, 2266 Navarre, Oregon, $110,000.

Heatherdowns Plaza LLC to Lotus Real Estate LLC, 4470 Heatherdowns, $1,135,000.


Nov. 17, 2003


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Stonehaven Building Co., 4804 Rhone, Maumee, $89,900.

Port Lawrence Agency Inc., trustee, to George Scarvelis Builders Inc., 5608 Golden Pond, Sylvania, $67,254.

Alvira Garn to John and June Taylor, 2443 Dublin Place, $150,900.

Franklin and Debra Kuebbeler to Qureda and Mack Collins, 4585 Blue Rock Ct., $123,000.

Jo Ann Swanger to Kristopher Swanger, 916 North High, Maumee, $81,250.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Charles Duck, Jr. and others, 1121 Westridge, Waterville, $305,000.

Terry and Carol Brockett to Samuel Downes, Jr., 5642 Lakeside, $159,900.

Denise Roberts to Dawn Walker, 3441 Blackstone, $63,700.

Frances Condon to Betty Smith, 5679 Monroe, bldg. 4, apt. 1103, Sylvania, $110,900.

Phyllis Liggett to Frank and Shirley Heck, 2303 Shoreland, $150,000.

Mike and Dawn Carter to Emily Coy, 1321 North Westhaven, $61,700.

Marilyn Browning to Westhaven Group, 2735 Rathbun, $59,000.

Tom and Mary Start to Michael Bierly, 3204 West Lincolnshire, $106,000.

Donald and Dorothy Carl to Neil Whipple, 3553 Waldorf, $53,750.

Prudential Relocation Inc. to John and Victoria Risacher, 349 Cove Harbour East, Holland, $349,901.

James and Suzann Sanchez to David and Patricia Megyesi, 740 Meadow Springs Ct., Maumee, $166,500.

Mason Builders Inc. to James and Suzann Sanchez, 7348 Sand Wedge Ct., Waterville, $236,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Hallmark Homes Ltd., 3008 Deep Water, Maumee, $69,900.

Robert and Terrie Houck, trustees, to D & D Develco LLC, 5024 Skelly, Sylvania, $225,000.

Leola Boissy to Trudy Kuhrt, 3048 April, $140,000.

J. Moses Construction Ltd. to Douglas and Nicole Dewalt, 30 St. Catherine Ct., Holland, $180,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Brian and Tara Jacobi, 708 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $239,900.

Roger Hawkins and others to Westhaven Group, 2659 Oak Grove Place, $82,500.

Robert Long, successor trustee, to Cheryl Wiese, 1512 Front, $22,000.

Sandra Kwiatkowski to Douglas and Candice Young, 2274 Timberlawn, $200,000.

Emily Czerniak to Clark and Lucinda Wright, 7018 and 7020 Dorr, $142,000.

Clark and Lucinda Wright to Steve and Cindy Ursell, 732 Vanderbilt, $88,580.

Andre and Sheila Shuler to Washington Mutual Bank F.A., 3408 Glenwood, $15,000.

Washington Mutual Bank F.A. to Tracy Nine, 3408 Glenwood, $2,500.

Louise Jones to Ingomar LP, 3325 Parkwood, $16,000.

Ray Maceacheron to Don and Irene Layman, 4802 Brinthaven, Sylvania, $40,000.

Donald Coates to Natasha Holley, 212 Islington, $50,000.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Donna McCarty, 5435 311th, $72,500.

First Capital Title Holding Services Inc., trustee, to Kirk Bostleman, 1309 Key, Maumee, $156,000.

Matthew and Denise Zielinski to Carla Ehrsam and others, 5874 Stewart, Sylvania, $82,000.

Todd and Heidi Isaacs to Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc., 706 Brighton, $62,000.

Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc. to Betty Cross, 706 Brighton, $85,000.

Floyd and Mary Kwiatkowski to John Coleman and others, 1647 Gould, $99,900.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. to Flagstar Bank FSB, 1311 Eastland, Oregon, $120,000.

Robert Guggenbiller to Jo-el Phillips, 6955 Dorr, $122,000.

Foundation 433 Inc. to TCCN Homes III LP, 1817 Lawrence, $300.

Residential and Commercial

Bank One N.A. to Wilfred and Cindy Birtwhistle, 506 and 508 Craig, $10,000.


Mercurio Developers Inc. to Tohme Real Estate LLC, 5937 Renaissance Place, $135,920.

O.M.R.T. Ltd. to DR-COSI, 8401 Dorr, $300,000.

Theresa Turner to Christopher and Jodie Sweatt, 10905 Corduroy, water slip WB-16, Oregon, $1,300.


Nov. 18, 2003


Randy Dey to Andrew and Barbie Shepherd and others, 5980 Bucher, Waterville, $180,000.

Brian Lewis to Gina Lewis, 3830 Doty, $94,500.

Donald and Kathleen Muscat to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 4026 Sherwood Forest Manor, $109,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Pamela Lanham, 4026 Sherwood Forest Manor, $109,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to David and Staci Large, 1342 Rosemary, $108,000.

James and Kathy Barnes to Jose and Belinda Monjaraz, 725 Clark, $38,000.

David and Kathleen Laube to Billy Mullins, 2852 Boxwood, $121,000.

Raymond Czerniakowski to Christine Coleman, 3403 Ravenwood, $138,500.

John Schaupp to William Rogers, 4524 and 4530 Ruxton, $86,000.

Donald and Theresa Marshall to Patrick and Jeanette Galligan, 4235 Weckerly, Monclova, $192,500.

Westhaven Group to Marlene Taborn, 725 Gawil, $44,000.

Bonnie Bollinger to Edson Fast, 4758 Catalina, $90,000.

Christopher and Jessica Eischen to Glen and Mary Carter, 4301 and 4305 Burnham, $90,000.

Stephen and Jocelyn Mierzejewski, co-trustees, to Ronald and Karen Smithers, 6138 Katherine, $145,000.

Robert Bishop and Ronica Neuhoff to Edwin and Heather Foor, 2717 Drummond, $242,000.

Thomas and Deborah Merritt to James and Catherine Hunyadi, 3645 Corey, $800,000.

Third Baptist Church to Caryn Flournoy, 1005 and 1011 Division, $18,000.

Donald Mac Ritchie to Richard and Elaine Miller, 6720 Embassy, unit B-7, Maumee, $162,000.

Transtar Builders & Developers Inc. to Vinh To, 7816 Honeysuckle, Maumee, $435,203.20.

Maude Crowder to William Stephens, Jr., 925 West Woodruff, $70,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Thomas and Christine Wierman, 7883 Chestnut Ridge, Maumee, $72,000.

Kathern Kott dba Mark Enterprises to Gary Arbuckle II and others, 928 National, $69,750.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio and Michigan Inc., trustee, to Edward and Crystal Garcia, 3639 Berkeley, $79,900.

Deborah Wright to Kristin Wright, 4815 Sylvan Ct., Sylvania, $132,000.

Karen Klausing, trustee, to Kathleen Sheets, 550 Lawson, Oregon, $140,000.

Lawrie Davis to Stacie Davis, 4903 and 4905 Roywood, $70,000.

Dean Miller, Jr. to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 2911 119th, $73,000.

Margaret Williams to Keith Cranmore and others, 1322 Myrtle, $33,000.

Glenn Durfey to Ronald and Donna Johns, 3591 Doyle, $24,500.

Gladys Scheff to Nanette Long, 4729 Harbord, $99,900.

Shirley Clay to Empire Mortgage XI Inc., 34 Melody, $60,000.

Julie Thomas to Christopher White, 5662 Balfour, Sylvania, $127,000.

Lois Austin to Thomas Sadler, 1705 Macomber, $8,000.

Brady Fineske and others to Melissa Coburn, 2234 Dundee, $96,000.

Werner Hinkfus to Paul Davis, 5408 Secor and 3260 McGregor, $150,000.

Citimortgage Inc. to Westhaven Group, 112 San Rafael, $42,115.

Richard Miller and others to TCCN Homes IV LP, 1473 Norwood, $1,200.


R F Bumpus Co. to R. Gant LLC, 105, 109, 111, and 115 Wamba, $185,000.

Robert and Helen Chambers to Robert Chambers, 5204 Lewis, $40,000.


Crayne Brass Foundry Inc. to Monclova Pentecostal Church, 444 Earl, $215,000.

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