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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Jan. 23, 2004


Margaret Jude to Paul Summers, 1440 Hamilton, $38,000.

Randall Baker and others, successor co-trustees, to Angela and Carl Beaty, 624 Nicholas, $55,000.

Jeffrey and Sue Seeman to Federal National Mortgage Association, 13400 Olde State Line, Swanton, $100,000.

Kenneth and Suzanne Hicks to Donald and Sandra Crossen, 1428 Winnette, $68,000.

Anna Davis to Leonard and Rita Buck, 12507 Lagoon, Curtice, $175,000.

Line Buck to Denise Vargo, 1459 Remington, $59,100.

Dietrich Blocking and others to Martin Herring, 2433 Lambert, $85,000.

Margaret Hayes to Lauren Futrell-Gonya, 2727 Gladhaven, Oregon, $90,800.

John and Lynn White to James and Nancy Ike, 134 Poplar and 2246 Digby, $119,415.

Polly Brown to Christiana Bank and Trust Co., 3331 Glenwood, $12,000.

Christiana Bank and Trust Co. to Mohamed Baksh, 3331 Glenwood, $14,000.

John Bilek and others to Rosie Parker-Minor, 1172 Radcliffe, $79,900.

Vivian Kuntz, trustee, to David and Vickie Kuntz, 5211 Brown, Oregon, $50,000.

Nichelle Graffenreed to Ronald and Yolanda Peterson, 917 Forest, $8,250.

Tamara Mills to Johnie Jones, 1840 Palmwood, $5,000.


James and Judith Tunison to Sky Bank, 1904 and 1910 North Reynolds, $120,000.


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Michael and Carolyn Kowalski, 9301 Sylvania-Metamora, Sylvania, $69,118.

Commercial and Industrial

Certified Leasing Co. Inc. to Wabash Redevelopment LLC, 202 South 11th; 101, 115, and 118 Wabash; and 112 and 118 Nebraska, $115,000.


Jan. 26, 2004


Bryan Ellis to Michael and Tracy Pfeiffer, 2104 Perth, $62,500.

Harold Klorer, Jr. and others to Dennis Seaman, 2813 Wilford, $90,000.

Dawn Carnes to Homecomings Financial Network Inc., 2711 Cherry, $26,667.

Kevin and Julie Overy, trustees, to Beverly Betts, 546 South Harefoote, Holland, $165,900.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Berman Building Co. Inc., 16 Winding Creek Place, Sylvania, $32,400.

Fred Henning, trustee, to David Bernard and others, 4211 Templar, $122,000.

Emery Mitchell to Garry Revels, 1550 and 1556 Nebraska, $7,000.

Ghaleb and Lila Abu-Alhana to Randy and Adrienne Lindhurst, 5065 Brenden Way, Sylvania, $202,000.

Eric and Jodie Nachtrab to John and Sharon Nachtrab, 2441 Airport, $77,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Home Source Construction LLC, 8820 Cedar Bend, Sylvania, $55,900.

Ruth Noren, trustee, to Franz Papesch, 5013 Parkside, Oregon, $225,000.

Grayline Properties LLC to Richard Anderson, 10700 Logan, Whitehouse, $50,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Marcellus and Kimberly Bierman, 5736 Breeze Bay, Sylvania, $385,000.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Howard Jones, 1038 Forsythe, $18,000.

Pamela Lewis to Richard and Sharon Bush, 1026 Moran, $40,500.

Bridget Hanson, trustee, to Sharon Spearman, trustee, 914 Belmont, $4,000.

Thelma Miller, successor trustee, to Brad Bullington, 3650 West Alexis, $70,000.

Rudolphus Grant to Jacqueline and Dennis Springs, 2245 Isherwood, $4,700.


Sant Properties Ltd. to Kevin and Diann Welch, 2159 Rockspring, $218,500.

George Tschann to Mark and Connie Tobias, 3317 Dustin, Oregon, $25,000.


Jan. 27, 2004


Kerry Johnson to Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, 1741 Evansdale, $40,000.

Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, to Laser Properties LLC, 1741 Evansdale, $50,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Lawrence and Doris Schoenfelt, 7123 Nightingale, Holland, $168,900.

First Federal of Michigan to Donald and Beth Rollett, 7320 Country Meadow Ct., Sylvania, $215,000.

Dolores Heininger to Dennis Hicks, 2035 Robinwood, $103,000.

Richard Wilczynski to Joude Salami, 819 Woodlawn, $114,000.

Patrick Benore to Jeffrey Wilson, 1586 Hagley, $83,500.

Robert and Lori Deboe to Dajuan Oliver, 4853 Catalina, $99,500.

Franklin Credit Management Corp. to Jeffrey and Toni Stallkamp, 228 East Park, $10,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Mark Christoff and Mary Beth Johnson-Christoff, 3571 Boulder Ridge, Maumee, $452,600.

Eric Paderi, trustee, to Harold and Maureen Gardner, 2644 Britainia Ct., $275,000.

Thomas and Donna Gillen to Tifany and Michael Sawaya, Jr., 109 Friars, $108,000.

Robert and Sandra Oswald to Dennis Rudnicki, 2039 Austin Bluffs Ct., $194,500.

Gary and Beverly Durham to Alla and Roman Spivak, 5942 Burdette, $97,000.

Andrew Hall, Jr., to Mae Randall, 922 Independence, $103,000.

Timothy Wyse to Charlotte Gentry-Sanford, trustee, 1560 Buckingham, $10,000.

John and Nancy Zimmerman to Maj-Britt Stevens, 1565 Jermain, $94,000.

KeyBank National Association, trustee, to Florence Schroeder, 7344 Country Commons, Sylvania, $225,000.

David and Karen Deeter to Ali and Mary Hassan, 9214 Wintergreen Ct., Sylvania, $312,500.

David Korecki to Russell Simpson, 1228 South, $25,200.

Gregory Hart to Eric and Lee Vincent, 1936 Colony, $132,000.

Shawn and Tonya Garner to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 1768 Buckingham, $10,000.

David and Christina Makulinski to Helen Morgenstern and others, 3743 Donegal, $103,500.

Yolanda Pearson to Eugene Blackman, 744 Vance, $7,000.

Robert Knight to Dan Yaary, 5626 Parkwood, Sylvania, $159,000.

Cora and Lloyd Schultz, Jr., to Christopher Blakely II, 6747 Roosevelt, Sylvania, $140,000.

Westhaven Group to Carroll and Kathleen Hetrick, 240 Dexter, $49,900.

Firstar Bank NA, trustee, to Matthew and Andrea Dewood, 2125 Clinton, $15,000.

Patricia Timbers to Green Bear Partners Ltd., split from 3658 Starr, Oregon, $24,500.

Elizabeth Dunaway to Green Bear Partners Ltd., split from 3658 Starr, Oregon, $18,480.

Stephen Thompson to Green Bear Partners Ltd., 3700 Starr, Oregon, $70,000.

Timothy and Raquel Witherspoon to Michael Fork, 1903 Kensington, $78,000.

Barbara Cain, trustee, to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 6109 Shadow Lake, Sylvania, $435,000.


CWL Investments Ltd. to I. Clay Williams, 10905 Corduroy, water slip I-34, Oregon, $1,750.

CWL Investments Ltd. To Kim Alan and others, 10905 Corduroy, water slip I-35, Oregon, $1,750.


Jan. 28, 2004


William and Jeanne Rouppas to Emil Gravelle III, 2038, 2040, and 2044 Giant, $56,000.

Elizabeth White to James Parker II, 5367 Winona, $91,500.

Roxanne and Kevin Godsey to Pledged Property II LLC, 2486 Broadway, $33,334.

Lukecorp Inc. to Mable Powell, 1114 Evesham, $34,000.

Heather Sarver to David and Emilia Brecht, 3054 Lantern, Oregon, $122,900.

William and Karen Hickman to Hans Giller and Elizabeth Wright-Giller, 228 Ponderosa, Oregon, $146,000.

Dennis McPartland and others to Christopher Cook, 3911 Drexel, $111,500.

Charles and Anong Gerrie to Richard Christian, 1101 Earl, $45,000.

Russell and Darla Taylor to Fairbanks Capital Corp., 2020 Alabama, Oregon, $16,667.

Timothy and Margaret Mittendorf to Wells Fargo Minnesota NA, 2335 and 2339 Brown, Oregon, $75,000.

Ernest Denham to Mark Denham and Karen Tumblin Denham, 2778 Sweetbriar Ct., $89,190.

Michael and Marie Linkes to Lawrence Mau, 4212 Douglas, $138,000.

Robert Measley to John and Nanette Welty, 612 West Wayne, Maumee, $109,000.

Leonard Sotz and others to Timothy Polesovsky and others, 2119 Central Grove, $9,710.

Marie Pawlaczyk to Dean Schuler, 2614 Detwiler, $104,000.

Michael and Maureen Stevens, trustees, to David and Monica Villarreal, 2215 Greenlawn, $141,000.

David and Monica Villarreal to Robert Rodriguez, 829, 833, and 837 Cresceus, Oregon, $118,000.

Richard and Rita Bower to Donna Abdallah, 1216 Walbridge, $52,000.

EMC Mortgage to Harner Enterprises, 4437 Dunloe Ct., $23,000.

AFCO Enterprises Inc. to Scott Sutter, 1447 Pool, $22,868,09.

Scott Sutter to Michael Martinez, 1447 Pool, $65,900.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Winston Khan, 11040 Chapelstone, Whitehouse, $190,200.

Mary Pyle to Pauline Borman, 337 Northdale, $112,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Michael and Michelle Donahue, 9556 St. Christine, Sylvania, $213,900.

Orchard Hill Custom Home Builders Inc. to Jai and Hyun Chung, 9328 St. Angelas Way, $251,250.

Paul Schlegel to Joyce Welling, 1584 Berkey-Southern, Swanton, $74,000.


Jan. 29, 2004


Dennis and Tamela Futrel to Todd Momany, 5724 Mantey, $47,000.

Michael and Colleen Angevine to Anthony Deleon, 2435 Eastvale, Oregon, $120,000.

James Adams, Jr., to Raymond Johnston, 1389 and 1397 Darrel, $35,000.

Virginia Chapman to Catherine Cothern, 4730 Glendale, $122,500.

A.J.R. Investments to Rosendo Rosiles, 843 Orchard, $27,500.

Gregory Harris to Vera Wade, 636 Waverly, $15,000.

Gloria Stuttle to Christopher Gearing, 4115 Vermaas, $79,000.

Andrew and Irene Wisniewski to Lataisha Brown, 3366 Elm, $102,000.

Bessie Johnson to Wayne Lawrence, 820 Tecumseh, $500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Westhaven Group, 4708 Edgemont, $36,000.

Samuel Villarreal to Franklin Credit Management Corp., 1537 Freedom, $19,334.

Jerry Riley to Centex Home Equity, 365, 367, and 369 Canal, $14,000.

Alma Smith to Bank One NA, 3528 Bluff, $4,000.

Bonnie and Edward Zaborski to Franklin Credit Management Corp., 1104 Booth, $14,000.

Beverly Gosbeth to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 1660 Brownstone, Unit 214, $41,000.

Harold and Irene Chio to Bank One NA, 440 Clark, $26,667.

Bank One NA to Michael Bittel, 440 Clark, $21,900.

Dennis and Brenda Tye to Gregory and Judith Wilkerson, 914 Prouty, $16,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Mark and Jessica Fales, 6028 Brookestone Village, Sylvania, $196,700.

Adrienne Shaw to James Murray, 1329 Avondale, $1,000.


Donna Tiplady and others to Thomas and Debra Wolff, split from 9180 Providence Neapolis-Swanton, Grand Rapids, $40,000.

Donna Tiplady to James Baldwin, split from 9180 Providence Neapolis-Swanton, Grand Rapids, $46,000.

Donna Tiplady to Burdette Krohn, split from 9180 Providence Neapolis-Swanton, Grand Rapids, $14,000.

Donna Tiplady to Daniel and Toni Baldwin, split from 9180 Providence Neapolis-Swanton, Grand Rapids, $22,000.

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