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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

July 12, 2004


McGowan Northwoods Ltd. to Berman Building Co., Inc., 4542 Fairway Lane and 4619 Tradition Way, both Sylvania, $220,000.

McGowan Northwoods Ltd. to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 4548 Fairway Lane, Sylvania, $130,000.

McGowan Northwoods Ltd. to Shirley Kohler, trustee, 4634 Tradition Way, Sylvania, $117,000.

McGowan Northwoods, Ltd. to Jacquelynn and William Tailford, 4622 Tradition Way, Sylvania, $118,000.

Bank One NA to Nikki and Brian Hayden, 5427 309th St., $63,000.

Julia Luczak to Kristen O'Kelly, 4253 Woodmont, $107,000.

Stephen Granata to Robert Brown, 4608 283rd, $116,000.

Carolyn and Lester Smith to Household Realty Corp., 385 Woodland, $56,667.

Household Realty Corp. to Candice and Clawzelle Wiggins, 385 Woodland, $79,000.

James Molina to Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, 865 Butler, $24,000.

Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, to John Trumbull, 865 Butler, $14,000.

Tracy Roush and others to U.S. Bank NA. 422 Teal, $54,000.

Homecomings Financial Network Inc. to One Way Properties, 1456 West Delaware, $4,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Helen McKinniss, 1315 Varland, $36,000.

Miller Daniel and others, successor co-trustees, to Sherrie Leonhardt, 4011 Clover Ridge Court, $127,000.

Fallen Timbers Developement Co. to Flahie Custom Homes Inc., 5741 Crossroads Court and other property, $47,500.

Norma Barth to Robert Snyder, 4144 Cypress, $127,500.

Lynn Jett to Shirley Wray, 629 Polonia Court, $74,000.

Perry Bates to Aimee and Robert Wisniewski, II, 525 Mechanic, Waterville, $109,000.

Patricia Erdmann to Joe Correa, 1260 Cady, Maumee, $98,000.

July 13, 2004


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Eddy Nahas and Ziad Mattar, 7015 Nightingale, Holland, $179,500.

Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, to Kim and Craig Ellis, 6537 Saddle Bridge, Whitehouse, $67,900.

Jane and Frank Szumigala to Tommy McIntosh, 5764 St. Clements Court, $135,000.

AM L T Services, Inc., trustee, to Leighann and Scott Pillarelli, 8436 Stable Court, Holland, $44,000.

Elizabeth Cornelius to Karen and Thomas Miley, 7744 Haralson Court, Holland, $39,900.

Stephanie Helm to Shawn Allen, 4618 and 4624 Hannaford, $135,200.

Robert Brown to Kathleen Kosik, 2343 Brookridge, $127,000.

Gary Koepfer to Racio and Joseph Higney, 6201 Garden, Unit J153, Maumee, $41,900.

Helisa and Dennis Rowan to Terry Tabaka, 4703 Clover, $137,00.

Amy and David Eason to Cathy Linker, 5075 Adella, $111,900.

Angela and Brian Sobczak to Robert Wood, 4647 288th, $83,000.

Kelly and Darryl Mohr to Laura Skiba, 3854 Rohr, $83,500.

Luella McConnell to Melissa and Richard Frank, 1919 Immergrun, Oregon, $28,000.

Kathy and Joseph Kornasiewicz to Gregory Montagano, 7057 Joannes Way, Maumee, $243,000.

William Myers to Linda and Tyrone Bowden, 818 Kipling, $69,800.

Evelyn Peace to Holli-Jo and Scott Ainsworth, 1059 Wall, Maumee, $120,000.

Michael Mota to Michael Sanders, 179 Mettler, $35,000.

Michael Powers and others to Carole and James Conner, 11030 Stiles, Whitehouse, $195,000.

Maureen and Richard McKaig, trustees, to Luanne Momenee, 7242 Longwater, Maumee, $234,200.

Jon Drescher, successor co-trustee, and others to April and Gregory Mahaney, 3151 Heatherdowns, $120,500.

Tamara and Jason Perry to Clearwater Custom Homes, 3016 Indian Wells Court, Maumee, $50,000.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Phyllis and James Johns, 7324 Anchorage, Maumee, $39,900.

Eddie Byrd to Paula Zimmerman, 847 Fernwood, $46,000.

Dawn and Calvin Parker to TCIF Reo 2 LLC, 237 Palmer, $12,001.

Sue Hartman to Gerald Schuele, 5679 Monroe, Bldg. 3, Apt. 606, Sylvania, $81,000.

Richard Matuszewski to Sharon Matuszewski, 742 Sandralee, $103,000.

James Lutz and others to Carol and Gerald Shelton, 2403 and 2346 South Detroit, Maumee, $60,000.

Louisville Title Agency, Inc., trustee, to Sheri and Dale Shafer, 100 St. Catherine Court, Holland, $40,000.

Alice Miller to Darlene and James Lambert, 3001 Edgebrook, $88,000.

Dorothy Roberts, trustee, to Margaret Friel, 1958 Rose Arbor, $144,900.

John Lamale, successor trustee, to Heather and David Ochoa, 6666 Brick Yard Court, Maumee, $216,000.

Carla and William Warchol to Household Realty Corp., 4311 Woodmont, $86,667.

Household Realty Corp. to Kenneth Jansing, Jr., 4311 Woodmont, $100,000.

Janet Conley to Household Realty Corp., 526 Cincinnati, $20,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Willard Conley, 526 Cincinnati, $16,500.

Irene Myers to Steven Homier, 11325 Sager, Swanton, $135,000.

July 14, 2004


Bettina Ritchie, trustee, to Dennis Isaac, 6016 North Main St., Sylvania, $149,500.

Patricia White to Kendra Notzka and others, 1408 Abbott, $80,000.

Rosemary and James Kerekes to James Beatty, 1127 Starr, $35,000.

JCW Development Ltd. to Michael Wlodarski, 10125 Blue Creek South, Whitehouse, $37,500.

Laser Properties LLC to Douglas Rudder and others, 5502 Brixton, Sylvania, $190,000.

Reynolds Construction Co. to Elizabeth and William Day, 41 Shenandoah Circle, Sylvania, $227,000.

Jeannette Otto to Holly and Kevin Vandenbrink, 5638 Edgewater, $1.

Cindy and Howard Feldstein to Ryan Joyce, 6718 Sparrow Hill, Sylvania, $183,500.

Julie and Paul Heinrichs to Kelly and Kenneth Cole, 7309 Spring Rye Court, $461,000.

Rodney Theis to Jeffrey Stefanski, 4405 Asbury, $88,500.

Bridget and Jeffry Kwiatkowski to Alan Yoder, 1269 Westfield, Maumee, $158,000.

Lois Chumbley to Natalie and David Ryan, 5301 Elaine, $121,000.

Beverly Byrd to Theodore Hubbard, 1011 Alldays, $10,000.

Kimberly and Michael Connell to Prudential Residential Services Ltd., 7751 Sioux Ridge, Maumee, $275,000.

Prudential Residential Services Ltd. to Laura and Matthew Weaver, 7751 Sioux Ridge, Maumee, $275,000.

Kenneth Nowaczyk and others to Penny Dalton, 2029 Hoops, $119,000.

Shirley and David Dillon to Rebecca and Kevin Kulczak, 5876 Bear Creek, Sylvania, $250,000.

Natalie and Brian Scothern to Angela and Brian Sobczak, 6135 Randon, $132,000.

Robert Huven to James Walasinski, 3843 Revere, $91,200.

Monica and Kenneth Tuck to Julie and Michael Fandrey, 3930 Imperial, $150,500.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. to Victoria Cross, 4419 Foxchapel, $62,000.

Lila and Robert Csortos to Tina and Jehad Mourad, 3450 Pickle, Oregon, $157,000.

Judith and Jeffery Thiede to Nicholas Scalzo, 1611 Hagley, $92,000.

Jehad Mourad to Amanda and Daniel Dirlam, 316 Spring Grove, $79,900.

Marcel Huggins to U.S. Bank NA, trustee, 1435 Goodale, $18,667.

Kristie and Paul Grandsko to Deborah and Timothy Schumann, 328 Hiett, $43,150.

Karen and Scott Boecker to Larry Belcher, 2228 Chase St., $4,300.

Joan Reimschusel and others to Joan Reimschusel, 2262 Midway Plaisance, $10,000.

Westhaven Group LLC to Nanette Feda, 2001 Lagrange, $8,800.

William Fether to Anne and William Malone, 5636 Dianne Ct., $295,000.

Tamara Alexander and Paul Helgren to Suzanne and James Franks, 2514 Goddard, $143,000.

Linda and Joseph Dumas to Janice Napiere, 4323 Garden Park, $85,000.

Charles Comer to DG Childers Ltd., 6326 Hill, $10,000.

Jane and Daniel Haley, trustees, to Kenneth Robie, 40 Walnut Creek, Holland, $322,000.

Lorayne Kolivosky to Barbara Ruch, 3821 and 3825 West Central, $125,500.

Julie Chandler to Maureen Murawa and others, 936 Joliet, Maumee, $159,500.

Gerald Schuele to Andrew Koepke, 319 Shrewsbury, Holland, $87,450.

Home Source Construction LLC to Maria Ruiz and Andres Isaza, 2947 Maple Colony, $440,000.

Mary Reed to Diane Taub, 1944 Brame Place, $73,500.

Mark Pendrey and others to Karen and Brian Larkin, 6164 Capshore, $159,430.

Westhaven Group to Latoya Welch, 1502 Sabra, $94,900.

Judith and Richard Walle to Janet and Richard Schroeder, 1810 and 1814 Rivard, $20,000.

Mitchell Development Co. to Darlene and Donald Riley, 7224 Hunters Chase, Maumee, $48,900.

Rebecca and Joshua Przybylski to Daniel Miles, 552 Lodge Ave., $84,500.


Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Gerglac Properties LLC, 1126 Albon, Holland, $42,000.

James E. Moline Builders Inc. to Diane and Paul Bires, 7049 Coder, Maumee, $65,675.


Jeannette Otto to Holly and Kevin Vandenbrink, 5640 Edgewater, $50,000.

Robert Sterling, successor trustee, to JSO 2 LLC, 321 Illinois and 1035 Conant, both Maumee, $1,000,000.

Jay Beck to Charles Leffler, 3302 Monroe and 2411 Cardinal, $20,000.

934 Laskey Inc. to Bellevue Investors Co. LLC., 934 West Laskey, $215,000.

July 15, 2004


Zelma Waggoner to Thomas Wallace, 47 Homestead, Maumee, $110,000.

Nancy Ann and Carroll Sutphin, trustees, to Adam Buckner and others, 908 Forsythe, $80,500.

Zita Bartoo to David Stout, 353 Raymer, $45,500.

Earlene Emlinger to Faten Taquil, 4810 Pickle, Oregon, $137,500.

Albert Almaraz, Jr., to Damaris and Juan Rivera, 2511 Walnut, $13,000.

Damaris and Juan Rivera to Del Gil LLC, 2511 Walnut, $20,500.

Alfred Brewer to Linda and Michael Whitmer, 464 South Westwood, $57,700.

Andrea Miller to Nicole McCormick, 527 White Oak, $193,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to M.R. Development LLC., 630 and 700 High Pines, 7417 Blue Spruce, 901 Tall Pines, and 1934 Berdan, $54,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Metropolitan Title Co. Ohio LLC, trustee, 1934 and 1936 Berdan, $54,500.

Investment Properties of Ohio Ltd. to Ronald Shimko and others, 5569 303rd, $179,000.

Chao Chen and others to Hsieh Kang and Esther Wang, 7011 Ramblehurst, Sylvania, $180,000.

Kurt Smith to Greg Graham, 2536 Meadowwood, $200,000.

Vera Saba to Louis Edwards, 1308 Palmetto, $30,000.

D. Garrison, trustee of the 913 Walbridge Trust, to Carmelita Lee, 913 Walbridge, $13,900.

Michael Steel to Mandy and Brian Shade, 5428 Fleet, $60,000.

Diane Grimes to Matthew Thieman, 4920 Naomi, $137,000.

Michael Davenport to Patricia and John Duvall, 921 Ash, $30,500.

Lagrange Development Corp. to Martimiano Tapia and others, 825 Page, $53,000.

Jatinder Chera to Charles Webber, 3528 Bluff, $5,000.

Margaret Friel to Marilyn Anderson, 1402 Juliet, $175,000.

Jerry Tanner and others to Robert Robledo, 627 South McCord, Holland, $92,900.

John Zuelke to Janice and John Siotkowski, 8058 Hidden Harbour West, Holland, $242,000.

Louise Scott to John Stewart and others, 1155 Oakwood, $15,000.

Katherine and Alvin Everhardt to Mindy and Daniel Scheffert, 1901 Bonfield, $71,400.

Tammy and Keith Vansant to David Wise and others, 3540 Kershaw, $108,500.

Nicole and Timothy Bellomo to Prudential Residential Services Limited Partnership, 544 White Oak, $190,000.

Prudential Residential Services Limited Partnership to Huang Zheng and Ying Deng, 544 White Oak, $190,000.

Henry McCray to JP Morgan Chase Bank, as trustee, 1347 Yates, $24,700.

Kathleen and Terry Madsen to Karen and Gerald Francis, 4143 Brogan, $187,500.

Willie Banks, Jr., to James Parnell, 3329 Bishop, $1,800.

Edward Beauregard III to Jess Beauregard, 218 Lancaster, $30,000.

Jinan and Khalid Ishaq to Sandra and Alan Andrew, 2340 and 2346 Roseann, $142,000.

Tina Jaco to Christopher Bennett, 2154 Arkansas, Oregon, $38,000.

Kay Ingle, trustee, to Kathleen and Charles Bayer, 8515 Augusta Lane, Holland, $410,000.

Helen and Mark Stoll to Louisville Title Agency, Inc., trustee, 428 Havre, $38,000.

Louisville Title Agency, Inc., trustee to J. Moses Construction Ltd., 62 St. Catherine Court, Holland, $40,000.

Joan and Harry Szymkowiak to Diane and Lonnie Willis, 6372 Hill, $115,000.

Anna Cantrell to Mary and Keven Machon, 918, 922, 926 Sibley, $83,600.

Nanette Feda to Ilia and Bob Kinsey, 2001 Lagrange, $10,250.

James E. Moline Builders Inc. to Becky and Tom Cable, 3846 Deer Valley, Maumee, $54,106.

Irene and Donald Gurwell, trustees, to Susan and James Maziarz, 4740 Secor, $153,700.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc. to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 2256 and 2300 Castlebrooke; 8554, 8560, and 8609 Whitecliff; 8596 West Bancroft (rear); and other property, Sylvania, $962,500.


Superior Recyclers Inc. to Budget Real Estate Inc., 2930 and 2960 Airport Hwy., $400,000.


Lee Koening, trustee, to Opal and Joe Bryant, 201 West Alexis, $170,000.

Perry Stubblefield to Robert Ingram, 105 East Bancroft, $50,000.

July 16, 2004


Andrea and Tomas Schrishuhn to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 8105 Trent Lock, Waterville, $250,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Joelle and Matthew Oberski, 8105 Trent Lock Dr., Waterville, $250,000.

April and Steve Cousino to Nathaniel Spitulski, 6351 Millbrook, Maumee, $135,000.

Julie and Laurence St. John to Deborah and James Bragg, 913 Towerview Dr., Curtice, $158,000.

Margaret and Michael Whiteace to Sandra and Lawrence Caffro, 536 Thackeray, Maumee, $215,000.

Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, to Berman Building Co., 1071 Pimlico, Holland, $38,500.

Debbie and Paul Buckholz to Mitchell Hall, 3529 Terrace, $44,000.

Kathy and Dennis Graff to Gregory Graff, 705 Toronto, $82,000.

Scott Walsh to Theodore and Dawn Rahm, 6032 Graystone, Sylvania, $133,900.

Elsie Swartz to Jerry Fogle, 323 Columbus, $18,000.

Annie Rollins to Monique Lawrence, 140 Wenz, $1.

Joyce Amble to Irene and Donald Gurwell, trustees, 4021 Penelope, $113,900.

Ruth Schneider to Ronald Copeland, 2860 Byrnwyck, Maumee, $199,400.

National City Mortgage to Virginia and William Bailey, 1140 Hugo, Maumee, $104,000.

Sharon and Duane Sherry to Kristine and Glenn Soldner, 5958 Bear Creek. Sylvania, $268,500.

Ralph Felzer to Dennis and Santina Murphy, 2663 Algonquin, $107,000.

Mark Wasylyshn to Samih Al-Jamal, 718 Buckeye, $22,000.

Kathleen and Daniel Jones to Rosaly and Douglas Norris, 7314 Woodshire, Holland, $175,000.

Peter Lavalette to Lori Wozniak and others, 3919 Buell Ave., $118,000.

Linda Grant to Kelly and Floyd Moon, 3211 Hazelton, Oregon, $167,000.

David Waterman, successor trustee, to Hassnaa Semaan and Alberto Arroyo, 2118 Evergreen Rd., $239,000.

Jovita Weibel and Rick Schaller to Diana and Phillip Sample, 5101 Lose Rd., Monclova, $167,150.

Julie and Howard Crotin to Rebecca and Gareth Ford, 3521 Stonebrooke, Maumee, $443,000.

Christopher Olson to National City Home Loan Services, 547 Crittenden, $14,000.

National City Home Loan Services to Tonette Thomas, 547 Crittenden, $19,900.

Bernice and Daniel Davis to Vicki and Jeffrey Davis, 635 Mayfair, $64,200.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, to Diana and Ignacio Ortega, 2335, 2339 Brown, Oregon, $97,000.

Susan and John Graham to Susan Behr, 4654 Tamworth, Sylvania, $175,000.

Dorothy Halderman to Corey Eckel, 1324 Scott, Maumee, $98,901.

Bernice and David Palus to Brenda and Isaac Symmonds, 3827 Torrance, $101,570.

Pamela and Stephen Perry to U.S. Bank NA, 463 Howland Ave., $30,000.

U.S. Bank NA to Jay Stover, 463 Howland, $38,000.

Eleanor Gurzynski to Susan and Paul Gurzynski, 431 Dexter, $35,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeannie Netry, 2930 123rd, $73,700.

Isabel Fry to Tammie and Joseph Shank, 141 East Plumer, $25,000.

Ronald Bihn to Avalon Homes Building Co., 1665 Grand Bay, Oregon, $31,000.

James Schwerkoske, trustee, to Melissa and James McCormick, 4536 Dovewood, Sylvania, $599,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Janet Anderson, 13400 Old State Line, Swanton, $109,500.

Beverly and Kenneth Campbell to Keith and Tammy Van Sant, 6024 Larchway Ct., $160,000.

Amy and Allen Eckel to Michael Paulus, 2661 Latonia, $115,000.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Tarsha Building Co., 4007 Coneflower, Maumee, $59,400.

Francisca Burdo to Phyllis and Alvin Shepherd, 5929 Sweetwater, $220,000.

Westhaven Group LLC to Jenni Ehlert, 4212 North Haven, $99,900.

Barbara Griffin to Vaderia Briggs, 2907 Higgins, $25,000.

Mary and Keven Machon to Terry Jarecki LLC, 926 Sibley, $15,000.

Michael Skunda to Zubin Mistry, 2158 Glendale, $80,000.

Leona Smith to Marion Bernard, 836 Maple, Waterville, $106,700.

Mark Bastian to Metropolitan Title Co., trustee, 1838 Evansdale, $50,000.

Angela and Lanny Singleton to Theresa and Andy Hoge, 2039 Sandown, $114,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Michael Development Co. Ltd., 8831 Walnut Trail, Sylvania, $64,900.

Mary and Rick Clark to Aaron Clark, 1450 Eastland, Oregon, $155,000.


Charles Kreuz, trustee, to Kari and Brian Yaney, 12430 Frankfort, Swanton, $39,500.


Corporate Property Associates 6 to IBC Inc., 315 Matzinger, $4,175,000.


Bardomi Enterprises Inc. to Charlotte Sargeant, trustee, 103 North River Rd., Waterville, $550,000.

D&J Property Services Ltd. to Riverview Partners LLC, 1119 and 1129 Summit; 316 Elm; and 1116, 1124, and 1130 North Superior, $322,200.

Barbara McQuilkin, trustee, to Susan Pioch, 901 and 917 Hubbel, Maumee, $290,000.

Franz Carlton to Eric Renzhofer, 1916 and 1918 Broadway, $10,000.

Cynthia and Timothy Fisher to Chris Ashby, 1219 Idaho, $53,000.

July 19, 2004


John and Jennifer Starkey to Christopher and Cynthia Valentine, 2219 North Summit, $54,000.

Carol Morin to Adam and Daneen Wygast, 528 Everett, $25,600.

Michael Landolt to Brandon McCormack and others, 6103 Dixon, $128,600.

Saba Custom Homes LLC to Philip and Kristy Clark, 3225 Lexington Glen, Monclova, $342,500.

Emily Stallings to Samuel and Sandra Foreman, 3011 North Centennial, $98,000.

Michael Hoffman to John Cornelius, 1304 Kelsey, $42,500.

Charter One Mortgage Corp. to Kimberly Schuler and others, 813 Wright, $75,000.

Lamora Mueller to Jared Reichert, 2356 Brownlee, $129,500.

Cora Molloy to Jeffrey and Nicole Humason, 1637 and 1641 Glenbrook, $81,950.

James and Sharon Watkins to Karen Moore, 8055 Holstein, $187,500.

Daniel and Victoria Staifer to Michael Hoffman, 3646 Grantley, $142,500.

Randal and Laureen Digby to Jodi Peacock, 5029 Trimble, $115,500.

James Shaw to Melissa Plontz, 2921 Penrose, $105,000.

David and Wendy Hanes to Tina Tolbert, 1838 Peacock, Holland, $139,500.

Kevin and Denise Harman to John and Virginia Rock, 1720 Cass, Maumee, $144,200.

James Carter and others to Michael Mominee, Jr., 1537 Lakewood, $97,000.

Michael Mota to Dorothy McCrory, 11049 Chapelstone, Whitehouse, $175,000.

Theodore Nichpor and others to Theodore and Ann Nichpor, 1615 Glenross, Oregon, $115,000.

Richard Howlett, Jr., to James and Maria Russell, 3546 Lynnbrooke, Oregon, $235,000.

Katherine Hadley to Christopher and Delia Perry, 4925 Westcliffe Ct., Sylvania, $259,900.

Richard Thatcher to Frank and Cynthia Villarreal, 2074 Price, $60,000.

Patricia Chininis to Household Realty Corp., 4043 Asbury, $43,334.

Bruce Krupp to Herber Portillo-Chicas, 579 Orchard, $15,000.

Marian Masell to Sherri Smith, 703 Linda, $116,000.

Leonard Keeler to Robert Keeler II, 6040 Clover, $60,000.

Kerry and Marla Weaver to Barry Sucher, trustee, 1215 Craig, Maumee, $134,250.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to John Craven and others, 2527 Waterford Village, Sylvania, $528,700.

Barbara Kosik, trustee, to Michael Brown, 4444 Fleetwood, Sylvania, $284,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Daniel and Kathleen Jones, 7008 Queensmark, Whitehouse, $200,500.

Jason Tuttle to Clark and Shannon Blackford, 5970 Brookestone Village, Sylvania, $181,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Margie Little, 11049 Villacourt, Whitehouse, $159,900.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Whitehouse Corners LLC, 256 White, $37,000.

Whitehouse Corners LLC to New Outlook LLC, 256 White, $45,000.

Dianne McGuire to Andrea Glesser, 6081 Whiteford Center, $118,000.

P. Jay Jones to Nicholas Adams, 12131 Doran, Whitehouse, $54,900.

Jack and Iva Baker to Gene Kelly, 102 West Central, $37,000.

Veronica Easley to Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc., 1420 Shenandoah, $30,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Rickey Arthur, 1626 and 1628 North Holland-Sylvania, $62,830.

Bea Ryan to Jason Fiest, 4651 Luann, $84,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Nicholas Licata and others, 5566 Forest Green, $172,000.

Fannie Mae to Pamela and David Fleck, Jr., 752 Ogden, $53,500.

Connie Reckner to James Papenfuss and others, 1215 Kirk, Maumee, $120,000.

Robert McGovern and others to Jeffrey and Katherine Wait, 8910 White Eagle East, Sylvania, $325,000.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, to Carol Ruiz, 1658 Brownstone, Unit 111, $58,000.

Brian Neifert to 3D Realty LLC, 1418 Fairlawn, $50,900.

Diane Hauter to Christopher Ashby, 1209 Nevada, $52,825.

Paul Szymkowiak to Matthew Rigel, 1417 Melvin, $80,850.

Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, to Tony Walker, 3703 Martha, $64,900.

Lyle Scheckler to Harold and Cornelia Zienta, 2949 and 2951 Isha Laye, $145,000.


John Yoder to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 7313 International, Holland, $70,000.

Betty and Guillermo Quiroga, Jr., to Powell's Trucking Group, 323, 327, 333, and 339 Burbank, $80,000.

July 20, 2004


John and Ann Hartley to Mateo and Joyce Garcia, 2127 Dundee, $113,330.

Thomas and Joan Williams to John and Nancy Fortner, 5740 Fairhaven, Sylvania, $187,700.

Norma Warren to Douglas Goare, 2624 Powhattan Pkwy., $124,900.

Dennis and Dora Buenger to David and Ruth Krauss, 2356 Country Squire, $164,900.

Robert and Cathy Diroff to Richard and Cindy Losie, 7526 Berridge, Whitehouse, $235,000.

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