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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Oct. 13, 2004


Peter Kaiser to Kenneth and Marcia Machcinski, 541 Foxridge, $269,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to R L Baumgartner Builders, 4749 Middle Branch, Monclova, $59,900.

Kenneth and Marcia Machcinski to Larry and Karla Fields, 4322 Pickle, Oregon, $250,000.

Barry and Amy Muller to Daniel Hymore, 5816 Elmer, $110,000.

Ahmed and Ibtissam Mohammed to Hamzeh Alshamma, 1807 Wyndhurst, $92,000.

John Hayward to Kristin Stahlbush and others, 2101 Clarenden and 1735 Mount Vernon, $302,500.

Dawn Development Co. LLC to Marcy Lindke, 1408 Riverwalk Ct., Waterville, $239,645.

James Selders to Adam Loos, 2020 Woodbridge, $74,000.

Thomas Bierley, successor trustee, to Darrell and Sandra Ash, 3417 Beechway, $116,000.

James McGurk to William and Teresa Herrod, 3644 Glendale, $148,500.

Jason and Stacy Holman to Brittany Mazurek and others, 4101 Templar, $94,600.

Stephen Keene to Brandon and Molly Calkins, 2830 and 2832 118th, $90,000.

Haggard and Patricia Hurst to Karen Sullivan, 4106 Marlaine, $175,000.

Jeffrey Moore and others to Thomas and Constance Schwartz, 1029 Madeleine, $57,900.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Transtar Builders and Developers Inc., 4403 Cranberry, Sylvania, $96,544.

Kathryn Fifer to Mark Westhoven, 1803 Bateman, $40,000.

Shea Anstine to Jamie and Amber Toth, 2630 108th, $94,846.

Michael and Lorraine Pinski to John Sliwinski, 5759 Dennison, $50,000.

Roger and Laura Cooley to La'Keshia Wimberly, 535 Danberry, $90,000.

Michael and Karen Deibler to Jeremy and Kelly Berndt, 1662 Gilbert, $147,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Roy and Janet Ocheske, 5717 Eagles Landing, Oregon, $36,900.

Wehrle Development Ltd. to Kent Swisher, 8915 Galloway Ct., Sylvania, $170,657.

Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc. to Prasad and Bala Policherla, 7250 Stonewater Ct., Maumee, $288,000.

Michael Allen to Johnnie Garner, 8 Hyde Place, $17,000.

Ohio Citizens Bank, trustee, to James Gubbe, 5952 Winding Way, Sylvania, $182,000.

Donald Earl to Bryan Fern, 4811 Monac, $130,800.

Robert Beaver to Matthew Shaffer, 102 Nevada, $43,000.

Jim Fruth and Catherine Condon-Fruth, 2856 Wicklow, $92,000.

Raymond Overy to Todd Devoe and others, 1323 Bensch, $76,500.

Terrie Synowczyk to Christine Berger, 5551 Glastonberry, $85,000.

William Rutter, successor trustee, to Sarah McKinney and others, 3069 Shoreland, $164,000.

Sarah McKinney and others to Crystal Kruzel, 2540 106th, $100,000.

John Reid to Kristen Cody, 3640 Sherbrooke, $98,000.

Kenneth and Vicky Nissen to Mary Fry, 4106 Stonehenge, Sylvania, $118,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to James and Nancy Fox, 5025 Wynnpark, Oregon, $22,000.

Al Price to Shawn Tyson, 10 Norwood Ct., $3,500.

Rolando Rosales to Gilberto Gutierrez, 1222 Noble, $3,500.

Jennifer Graham to U.S. Bank National Association, 1001 Morack, $56,667.

U. S. Bank National Association to Joe and Karen Woltmann, 1001 Morack, $50,000.

Richard and Pauline Murphy to U.S. Bank National Association, 619 Colburn, $19,900.

U.S. Bank National Association to Marina Muratova, 619 Colburn, $6,000.

John Macklenar to Kenneth and Cynthia Brock, 915 and 919 Atlantic, $16,000.


Blaze Properties LLC to Habib Khan and others, 2318 Locust, $59,000.

Joseph Blaze to Habib Khan, 3126 Warsaw, $1,000.

Adib Nour and others to Barhoma Investments LLC and others, 1919 Broadway, $30,000.

Joanna Sartes, trustee, to Barhoma Investments LLC, 1929 Broadway, $30,000.

Oct. 14, 2004


Alan Properties Inc. to Diamond Pointe Homes LLC, 6949 Saratoga Ct., Waterville, $46,900.

Darlene Johnson to Diane Meyer, 6170 South Chanticleer, Maumee, $300,000.

Exchange Bank to Tanya Burke, 109 McTigue, $107,000.

Nickolas Sancraint and others to Carolyn and John Rabara, Jr., 730 Bronx, $80,000.

Scott and Amy Huntsman to Yongjin and Kyunghae Kim, 5150 Coldstream, $195,000.

Charter One Bank NA to Rochelle Lerch, 543 Carlton, $30,000.

Liberty Savings Bank FSB to Joanne Vinier, 1715 and 1717 Duncan, $57,000.

Raed Yousef to Richard Marvin, 2350 Ottawa River, $120,000.

Richard Marvin to Ryan Thompson, 2350 Ottawa River, $129,500.

John and Mary Jane Grady to Jason Tollefson, 730 Ogden, $96,300.

Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc. to Alethea Braswell, 7731 Sylvan Oaks Way, Sylvania, $248,036.

Randy and Lisa Drager to Jamie Johnson, 3359 Harley, $142,500.

Madonna Edinton to Jose Garcia, 1516 Ironwood, $31,500.

Diane Toth to Tracy and Glen Cook, Jr., 308 Wakefield Place, Oregon, $131,000.

Tracy and Glen Cook, Jr. to Donald O'Connor, 2244 Beaufort, $107,500.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Margie Campos, trustee, 4279 Crystal Ridge East, Maumee, $28,900.

Theresa Loeffler to Brady and Katherine Fineske, 4655 Terra Ct., Monclova, $61,000.

Patricia Van Steenhouse to John Nowak, 5840 Acoma, $111,000.

Jeffrey Straka and others to John and Dawn Ando, 3747 Rushland, $125,000.

Richard and Hilma Shehan to Michael and Donna Zalar, 5107 Bay Ridge Ct. , $250,000.

Otis Latour to Toinette Knighten, 1023 Homer, $60,000.

Orzella Lowe to Nwaosu Igwe, 16 Center, $6,000.

Corri Swain to Benjamin and Michele Gruber, 5861 Durbin, Sylvania, $114,000.

Jennifer Wamer to Scott Fravor, 608 Whitlock, $72,800.

Robert and Barbara Walters to Roger Christian, 638 South Lallendorf, Oregon, $256,000.

Joseph and Carol Collins to Joseph and Nancy Brown, 7830 Manore, Neapolis, $320,000.

Landmark National II Corp. to Auturo and Rebecca Padilla, 1266 Kirk, Maumee, $95,000.

Garry Hitts to Mark and Susan Figlioment, 6011 Westacre, $85,000.

Westhaven Group to Deanna Gregory, 3450 Doyle, $49,000.

Iritha Nickson to Cornelius Madison, 1154 Vance, $17,500.

Carl and Karen Jagielski to Richard Fedio, 2735 Fellows, $24,500.

Mitchell Development Co. to Mark and Tina Young, 7234 Hunters Chase, Maumee, $48,900.

Sylvania Cobblestones Developers Inc. to Michael and Karen Couturier, 4752 Brook Run, Sylvania, $66,045.

Tay-Cor Inc. to Donald and Charlene Kuhn, 2212 Birch Run Ct., Sylvania, $52,000.

Rene Martinez to Household Realty Corp., 1414 Luscombe, $66,667.

Household Realty Corp. to Michael Brandel, 1414 Luscombe, $83,500.

Ronald Cady to Joshua Dunkle, 1716 Berdan, $63,000.

Eric and Karen Krepps to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. 11125 Birch Pointe, Whitehouse, $325,000.

Judith Kanag and others to Maumee Valley Credit Union, 5110 South Willcrest, $98,000.

Jeffrey Lijewski to Ruth Lowry, 6201 Garden, unit H 148, Maumee, $53,000.

Bankers Trust Co. of Calif. N.A. to Destiny Ventures LLC, 2711 Chase, $2,500.

Destiny Ventures LLC to 10th Street Partnership 130 LLC, 2711 Chase, $3,000.

Frank Veres to David Veres, 4045 Clover Ridge Ct., $50,000.


FFCA Acquisition Corp. to Spirit SPE Portfolio 2004-6 LLC, 1391 Arrowhead, Maumee, $3,111,958.

Arthur and Kathleen Steingraber to D & G Preferred Properties LLC, 1001, 1003, 1005, 1007, 1009, and 1011 Mott, $210,000.


J & G Toledo Properties LLC to Elsie Liber, trustee, 5530 North Detroit, $15,000.

Oct. 15, 2004


Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Robert and Barbara Bourbeau, 5750 Maple Creek, Sylvania, $45,000.

Lloyd Smith and others to Mark ad Sheri Teneyck, 135 and 137 West Plumer, $40,000.

Bobby Hall to Mario and Maria DeLeon, 330 Cincinnati, $28,000.

James and Linda Olmstead to Kimberly Zenk, 901 Oakdale, $60,000.

Clifford Osborn to Joseph and Gerri Leonard, 817 Village Trail, Maumee, $84,900.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Laura Orzechowski, 6243 Laurel Oak, $195,028.87.

Christine Miller to Mary and Richard Snyder, 5015 Wissman, $130,000.

Rick and Debra Hensley to Bruce Herbster, 5958 Buchanan, $112,000.

Joli Janowicz to Daniel and Claire Hutchinson, 3231, 3235, and 3239 Brock, $139,900.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Thomas and Debra Horrall, 2617 Westbrook, $79,001.

Robert and Corinne Robinson to James Stasa, 3309 Hazelton, Oregon, $149,900.

John Stewart to Mary Melnek, 1537 and 1539 Carlyle, $42,800.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 4644 Terra Ct., Monclova, $63,750.

Debra Lay to Trent and Diana Daniels, 130 Warrington, $103,500.

David and Jennifer Steagall to Heidi Kern, 12120 Old State Line, Swanton, $58,501.

Anne Sillery to Robert and Amy Alexander, 4153 Westway, $90,000.

Mary and Charles Carr, Jr. to George and Verbena Bradford, 1222 Winghaven, Maumee, $205,000.

John English to Nancy Wagy, 6563 Oak Brook, Whitehouse, $133,600.

John Wenzlick to Stephen and Tracy Tusing, 6011 Greenacre, $110,000.

Mohammad and Asma Iskandarani to Angel and Timothy Buck, Jr., 5934 Dixon, $92,597.

Albert Marzano, successor trustee, and others to Mark Faught, 3024 Byrnwyck, Maumee, $182,500.

Chester McFadden to Clarence Hornbeak, 1732 Washington, $60,000.

Richard Spice to Brad Spice, 2340 Murray, $106,000.

Martha Kalell to Anthony and Jammie Kalell, 308 Everett, $25,000.

Mark and Tammy Bromley to Mark and Leslie Ohrin, 1902 Hartford, Holland, $194,620.

Arthur Rozane to Bank of New York, trustee, 5643 Mantey, $46,667.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Gary and Eileen Hoelzer, 5643 Mantey, $42,000.

Wachovia Bank N.A. to Samih Al Jamal, 2238 North Erie, $12,500.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota N.A., trustee, to James and Carol Bethel, 910 South Raab, Swanton, $174,000.

James and Charlene Anderson to Daniel and Jacquelyn Romano, 8659 Quail Hollow Ct., Holland, $300,000.

John and Jennifer Smith to Mark and Lora Hopkins, 2870 Broadway, $73,000.

Ruth and Thomas Forrester, Jr. to KMS Investment Group LLC, 2756 Kingsford, $40,000.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. to Pamela Rose, trustee, 7751 Dorr, $93,500.

Gerald and Pamela Shelson to Household Realty Corp., 2015 Coolidge Pkwy., $90,667.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 3320 Maple, $21,000.

Raymond Klijewski and others to Linda Hicks, 2915 Nash, $35,000.

Tracker Co. LLC to Edmund Bui and others, 2706, 2710, 2718, 2722, and 2724 Pratt, $165,000.

Patricia Roper to Conell Benton and others, 428 West Bancroft, $56,650.

Lana LaSalle to Craig McGrain and Stephanie Box, 323 West Wayne, Maumee, $133,400.

Michele Tarka to Ryan Wells, 5920 Walnut Circle, unit B, $63,500.

Susan Chapman to Richard Stratz, 7106 Washington, Holland, $127,000.

Martin Ibarra and Bernadette Perez-Ibarra to US Bank National Association, trustee, 3847 Baltimore, $46,000.


Chester Zorecki to Arthur and Cynthia Winzenried, 4416 Lewis, $78,400.

Koepplinger Ohio Bakery Inc. to Wissman Enterprises LLC, 245 West Alexis, $165,000.

Oct. 18, 2004


Iverson Investments Inc. to Rosemary Zrelak, trustee, 851 Blum, $6,600.

Daryl Richardson to Stephanie King, 1415 Avondale, $50,000.

McIntyre Properties to Henry Thibodeau, 103 South Masters Ct., Maumee, $125,500.

George and Lottie Sherife-Kekulah to U.S. Bank NA, 1145 Nebraska, $12,000.

Lena Clawson to Martin and Anita Garcia, 5644 and 5648 Steffens, $87,000.

Witte Family Co. Ltd. to Ali and Michele Rahimi, 9950 South Blue Prairie, Whitehouse, $45,000.

Dawn Development Co. LLC to Katherine Smith, 1423 Riverwalk Ct., Waterville, $195,000.

Jacqueline Jones to Gloria Maupin, 4802 Burnham, $81,000.

Jack Heath to Karly Graham, 4043 Hearthstone Place, $90,500.

Linda Folger to Daniel and Wendi Sorensen, 4027 Ariel, $145,000.

Mark and Lois Songer to Christine Miller, 1444 Creekwood, $241,000.

Ronald and Patricia Zielinski to Corey Shankleton, 304 Kenilworth, $35,000.

Robert Gere, successor co-trustee, and others to John and Mary Grady, 2733 Sandalwood, $132,000.

Helen and Delano Morris, Jr. to CIT Group/Consumer Finance Inc., 1062 Klondike, $13,000.

Clark Varnes to Alisha Bodine, 2627 108th, $96,500.

Holly Stover and others to Brian and Adeana Strong, 1304 Eastland, Oregon, $167,000.

Lisa Young to Michael Birman, 6541 Cornwall, Sylvania, $84,000.

Callie Cousino to Andrew and Lisa Lepera, 3405 Goddard, $116,500.

Mary Jane Mayes and others, trustees, to Danny and Darla Jeffries, 5134 Pawnee, $163,000.

Hip Advisors Ltd. to SQ Assets 1, LLC, 1654 Indiana, $1,500.

Fred Nagel to Ricky Molnar and others, 646 Caswell, $68,220.

Janette and James Frye II to Kombian Gbaruk and others, 6643 Janel, Maumee, $140,000.

Deborah McCune to Matthew Vineyard, 3210 Algonquin Pkwy., $86,500.

Daniel and Tricia Tischler to Kelvin Gist, 5637 Swan Creek, $196,000.

National City Bank, trustee, to Corey Riverhills Partners LLC, 5150 Corey, $610,000.

James Sybert to Holly and Jason Porter, 4239 Caroline, $95,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Gary and Kellie Dashner, 802 Clark, Holland, $3,000.

Ronald Vitt to Angelica and Ronald Pierce, 3515 North Erie, $12,900.

All American Homes of Indiana LLC to Andrew and Vickie Sparmbleck, 2814 Back Bay, Maumee, $71,688.

Jane Fruchtman to Jeffrey and Dawn Gears, 2060 Whitehall, $395,000.

Suzanne Foos, successor trustee, to Diane Berry, 1510 Watova, $107,500.

Kristie and John Cichocki, Jr. to Brian and Kristen Pratt, 2486 Broadway, $78,000.

James and Angela Miler to Timothy Merren, 6146 Clover, $89,000.

Westhaven Group LLC to William and Evelyn Schira, 4514 North Lockwood, $89,900.

John and Karen Porter to Trevor Hamilton, 579 Sugar Maple Ct., Maumee, $238,000.

Joanna Jordan to JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, 852 Lincoln, $14,000.

Palmer and Patricia Hornsby to William and Deborah Brown, 1339 Page and 1350 Moore, $48,000.

Virginia Dominiak to Tambra Boris and others, 1295 Wildwood, $104,500.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Jay and Thais Whitehurst, 6155 Weckerly, Whitehouse, $43,500.

Jeffery and Carol Peake to Cheryl Aufdencamp, 3529 South Crissey, Monclova, $62,000.

Dale Sampson and others to Norma Fisher, 3929 Upton, $55,000.

Diane Wexler to Monica and Michael Jackson, Jr., 2920 Secor, $159,900.

Glenn and Marianne Schwamberger to Eric Drain, 6012 and 6018 Colchester, Oregon, $20,500.

Robert St. John to Robert and Ilia Kinsey, 825 Frederick, $1,500.

Robert and Katie Gray to Darryl and Tonya McFadden, 110 Rochelle, $118,500.

Karen Clemmons to Danielle Webster, 1145 Utah, $12,000.

Donna Broadway to Robert and Susan Freniere, 42 Homestead Place, Maumee, $147,500.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Steven Mitchell, 5620 Harvest, $32,000.

David R. Webb Builder Inc. to Gerald and Patricia Demski, 3209 Zone, $122,500.

Mary Fry to Margot and Norbert Hoffman, 8133 Quarry View Place, Maumee, $205,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Larry and Mary Wise, 552 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $56,900.

Carolyn Brown, trustee, to William and Jane Nachtrab, 4841 Dressage, Sylvania, $265,000.

Olde Farm Inc. to Scott and Heather Turner, 4110 Herdmans Circle, Maumee, $59,900.

Frances Butler to Rescomm Holdings No. 2 LLC, 1630 North Michigan, $19,334.

Westhaven Group to David and Ginny Carner, 581 Colima, $75,000.

Randy Fifer to Valerie Johnson, 439 Wendell, $42,700.

Bernard Wagner to Civitis Bank, NKA Fifth Third Bank Indiana, 1619 Gould, $65,000.


Deborah Kropp to SkyBank, 3558 and 3560 Stickney, $35,000.

Howard Fink, trustee, to 415 Mich Ltd., 415 Michigan, $100,000.


Barbara Schaller Disher and others to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, split from 4961 Monclova, Maumee, $21,918.

Barbara Schaller Disher and others to Miller Diversified Holdings LLC, split from 4961 Monclova, Maumee, $716,157.

Oct. 19, 2004


Kerry Petty to Anne Gendron, 2016 Arkansas, Oregon, $82,000.

Nicholas and Renne Lannan to Wesley Quinonez, 3143 Sherbrooke, $87,000.

Martin Lipsky and Darice Zabak-Lipsky to Mary Figgins, 5438 Elmer, $152,000.

James Polsdorfer to Justin and Aimee Mullins, 535 Donovan, Curtice, $148,000.

Timothy and Susan Hatfield to James Schenk II, 418 Cove Harbour West, Holland, $264,900.

Carolyn Davidson to Keith Olson, 5065 and 5111 Silica, Sylvania, $157,000.

Donald and Emily White to David and Carey Calabrese, 661 Centerfield, Maumee, $155,000.

Gilbert and Mary Kulka to Keith Smith and Renetta Mathis-Smith, 2122 Eastedge, $147,000.

Christina Rodela to Nora Murray, 1609 Carmelle Ct., $118,000.

Crystal West to Erich Weinlander, 3025 Gunckel, $130,000.

James Schenk II to Sandra Hamilton, 7948 Hidden Harbour East, Holland, $229,900.

Jeanne Williams to Norma and George Coker, Jr., 2341 West Grecourt, $180,000.

Stacey Sattler and Jon Eggerstorfer to Jeremiah Johnson and others, 6212 Greenacre, $132,000.

Edward Hunter to Lisa Young, 5162 Allen, Sylvania, $88,000.

Christopher and Kelley Merritt to Christopher and Heidi Frankowski, 115 West Capistrano, $94,900.

Brad and Patricia Kieffer to Caine and Sheri Kolinski, trustees, 2816 and 2820 Nash, $90,000.

James and Sally Reed to Susan and Ray Micham, Jr., 5065 San Luis Rey, Sylvania, $162,000.

Hallmark Development Co. to John and Joyce Dumas, 9730 Preakness, Whitehouse, $47,500.

Fannie Mae to Bernard and Patricia Wood, 5334 Whitehouse-Spencer, Whitehouse, $105,900.

Jerry Okenka to Greg and Amber Urbanowski, 4557 290th, $99,000.

Gregory and Amber Urbanowski to Natalie Bacon, 2914 111th, $105,500.

Cory Sipert to Richard and Christina Tam, 8450 Snapdragon, Monclova, $314,000.

Greg and Shonda Vorst to Roy Champion, 6538 Burnham Green, $116,000.

Kathleen Smith to Robin Whitzel, 3836 Dikway, $54,000.

JRS Rentals LLC to Robert and Lora Furr, 1230 Peck, $3,500.

Margene Fisher to David Erwin II, 3254 Wichita, $74,900.

Jane Ake, trustee, to Michael Troutman, 3847 and 3853 Drexel, $89,500.

J. Moses Construction Ltd. to Tommy and Robyn Alexander, 2200 Albon, Holland, $254,700.

William Blystone, successor trustee, to Jessie Haines, 933 Crissey, Holland, $22,500.

Margaret Collins to Vickie Brock, 2520 Koehler, $117,000.

Virginia Cleghorn, trustee, to Lisa Forche, 6119 Buchanan, $98,500.

Moorhouse Real Estate Development LLC to Nathan Horton, 1363 Foster, $1,500.

Tonya Brown to Michelle Dizney, 139 East Streicher, $631.12.

Dorothy Tyo, trustee, to Margaret Hopperton, 4058 Newcastle, Sylvania, $140,000.

Joanne Hartigan to Paul Brady and others, 2548 Castleton, $119,000.

Judith Darbro to Claudia Davis, 1146 Cady, Maumee, $124,500.

James Baldwin and others to Dora Cone, 622 White, $13,000.

Francis Feder to Tracey and Robert Britt II, 11460 and 11500 River, Grand Rapids, $270,000.

David and Terrie Anello to Thomas and Rosemary Assenmacher, 3307 Schneider, $120,000.

Linda Tate to Louis and Catherine Sanders, 4243 West Bancroft, units 102-104W, $170,000.

Scott Wenland Custom Homes Inc. to Mark and Carol Nowotarski, 4664 Rhone, Maumee, $421,000.

Nancey and Neil Whitehead to Aaron and Rachelle Myers, 5438 Seaman, Oregon, $140,353.

Scott Hutchinson Properties Inc. to Ameer Abdullah, 2417 Evans, $30,000.

Thomas and Sandra Stapleton to Willie Mae Smith, 3935 Grandview Ct., $187,000.

Catherine Gee and others to James and Judith Frusher, 5003 Burlingame, $79,500.

Michael and Kathleen Maraldo to Denise Welch, 5854 Gany Mede, $132,000.

David and Jennifer Fisher to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 620 Cloverdale, $66,667.

Andrew Daly to Sirva Relocation LLC, 6853 Running Brook Way, Holland, $177,000.

Sirva Relocation LLC to Lovell Diggens, Jr., 6853 Running Brook Way, Holland, $177,000.

Anita and Martin Garcia, Jr. to Cynthia and John White, 322 Marion, $68,000.

Sylvania Cobblestones Developers Inc. to Jay Wu and others, 4722 Brook Run, Sylvania, $62,000.

Sylvania Cobblestones Developers Inc. to Ron and Isabella Wu, 4804 Brook Run, Sylvania, $62,000.

Fallen Timbers Fairways Ltd. to Janet Echelberry, 7868 Greenville Crossing, Waterville, $150,954.23.

Frederick Kruse to David Phillips, 1855 Lilias, Oregon, $106,000.

Kenneth and Michelle Miller to Kenneth Miller, 847 Kingston, $65,000.

Alex Zaborowski to Robert and Ilia Kinsey, 1509 Walnut, $2,000.


John Ott to Jeffrey Lentz, 10905 Corduroy, water slip B-9, Oregon, $2,500.

Sky-Rocket Investments Inc. to Serge Guillot, 2059 West Laskey, $149,000.

Jiunn Long Lim to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 5142 Ryan, $262,000.

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