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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Dec. 22, 2004


MRL Development II Ltd. to Justin Gorby, 7141 Dorr, $110,000.

Juliette and Thomas McCawley to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 2527 Goddard, $195,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Judi and Michael Sallah, 2527 Goddard, $195,000.

Thomas Jackson and others to Nathan Ellis, 1256 Craigwood, $80,000.

Barbara Pfaff, trustee, to Thomas Couture, Jr., 4408 Asbury, $72,150.

Judy Friess to Tracy Wyckoff, 5836 Meteor, $129,900.

Jeffrey Lacourse to ABN Amro Mortgage Group Inc., 1536 Highland Green Dr., $120,000.

Tina and Sean Abel to Dold Investment Co., 2044 South Kennison, $97,000.

Right House Relaty Ltd. to Shannon and Scott Trzcinski, 5148 Davewood, $137,000.

J. Moses Construction Ltd. to Kimberly and Matthew Benner, 62 St. Catherine Ct., Holland, $189,900.

Merle Parker to Key Bank NA, 1348 Yates and other property, $24,000.

Linda and Russell Anderson to Homecomings Financial Network Inc., 1105 and 1107 Alldays, $16,300.

James Martin, trustee, to Karen and James Martin, 5305 Yermo, $50,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jason Cascadden and others, 1937 Grimes Golden, $81,000.

Port Lawrence Title & Trust Co., trustee, to Virginia Martin, trustee, 8228 Farnsworth, Waterville, $242,000.

Lori and James Distel to Sherri Ketterman, 1749 Georgia, $42,500.

Evie and Terry Smith II to Citibank NA, trustee, 2622 and 2626 Northvale, Oregon, $120,000.

Mortgage Lenders Network USA Inc. to All Pro Properties, 320 Bronson, $11,200.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Paul Hochanadel, 763 Durango, $65,000.

Kenneth and Betty Gingrich to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, 4708 Ryan, $112,667.

Benita and Joseph Hartman to LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, 1025 Albert, $24,000.

Ralph Rainey to Manufactures & Traders Trust Co., 3239 138th, $40,000.

Eugenia Watkins to Sherwin and John Harris, 642 Nesslewood, $35,000.

John Becerra to Connie Ramirez, 622 Coney Ct., $35,000.

Pamela and Terence Miller to Daniel Davies and others, 7458 Jeffers, Whitehouse, $264,000.

Dhanmatee and Derek Harracksingh to Constance Valentine and Reis Baidel, 5415 Thornbrook Trail, $122,900.

Summerfield Group LLC to Cara Ricci, 1366 Opal, $61,500.

Kelly and Joshua Jordan to Gerald Kinsey, 1033 Anderson, Maumee, and other property, $126,000.

James Miller to Safari Lufungulo and others, 806 Southbriar, $65,000.

Cimarron Custom Homes Inc. to Janyth and Gregory Lamastus, 3502 Boulder Ridge, Maumee, $450,000.

Denise Abraham to John McCabe and others, 2633 West Village, $143,500.

Christiane and Chad Howald to Matt Ringger, 5406 302nd, $95,000.

Roy Manning and others to Alison and William Maples, 4313 Harvest, $108,000.

Sarah and John Becerra to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., 741 Reineck, $53,000.

Sarah and John Becerra to Northwest Title Agency of Ohio & Michigan Inc., trustee, 1948 Pickle, Oregon, $71,000.

Amy Andrews to Francisca and Angel Torres, 4558 Sadalia, $118,500.

Ralph Leiby to Susan Burke, 1608 Hirzel, $52,000.

M. Siravo to Christopher Boles, 3153 St. Bernard, $73,900.

Landco Properties, LLC to Eleanor Martinez, 3204 West Lincolnshire, $119,900.

Hugh Moore Inc. to Bertha Heminger, 6412 Madison Cove, Sylvania, $180,347.

Ramon Gomez to Lauri Lindo-Post and David Post, 419 South Wheeling, Oregon, $34,500.

Harry Tarschis to Philip Barone, 1325 Laclede, $75,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Micah Jacobs, 529 Springwood, Holland, $189,500.

Jane and Steven Spirn to Gayle and Gary Eversole, 3237 Deep Water, Maumee, $191,000.

Ridge Stone Builders & Developers Ltd. to Michelle and Lawrence Quigley, 8330 Sycamore Woods, Holland, $222,425.

Ottawa Street Investors Ltd. to Teresa Quinn, 110 Ottawa, $176,000.

Patricia Adamski to Mary and Vikas Sood, 1532 Park Forest, $177,000.

Elizabeth Fulk to Stacy Wilhelm, 5075 Bennett, $61,800.

McGowan Northwoods Ltd. to Sap Co., LLC., 4601 Fairway, Sylvania, $111,150.

McGowan Northwoods, Ltd. to Sap Co., LLC., 4535 Crosstick, Sylvania, $101,650.

McGowan-Northwoods Ltd., to Sap Co., 4607 Tradition Way, Sylvania, $91,200.

Anthony and Jennifer Segura to Adam Tipton and others, 1422 Leith, $116,000.

Lora and Mark Hopkins to Jennifer and Anthony Segura, 3765 Heatherdowns, $165,000.

McGowan Northwoods, Ltd. to Diane Phillips, 4661 Fairway, Sylvania, $117,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Kimberly and Christopher Thie, 2829 Maple Colony, $70,900.

Apollonia Flory to Scott Minnick, 229 Milford, $20,500.

Joan Prueter to Dennis Degnan, 640 Carver, $49,100.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Cara and Shawn O'Neill, 6020 Thomasville, Sylvania, $195,725.

Melissa and Brent Baumgartner to Bricia and Roger Grothaus, 3924 Silverberry, Maumee, $374,000.


Arthur Cooper to Angela Vogiatzis, 5330 Monroe, 4841 Statesville, $285,000.

Dec. 27, 2004


Daniel Davies to Ronald Theiss, Jr., 1432 Primrose, $114,480.

Tammy White to Robert Fries, 2557 West Village, $107,500.

Michelle and Sean Heil to Betty and Kenneth Murphy, 1415 Riverwalk, Waterville, $205,000.

Lynette Miller to Rick Marvin, 2109 North Ontario, $22,500.

Lynette Miller to Rick Marvin, 337 Arcadia, $22,500.

Barbara Butler to Kelly and Jonathan Drake, 5143 Planet, $121,900.

Amy Allgood to Trisha and Randy Butera, 3806 Rushland, $124,000.

Craig Vargo to Robert Paxton, 4631 Edgemont, $87,000.

Liesa Radford to Janet and Brian Rozick, 6382 Weckerly, Whitehouse, $161,300.

Robin and Robert Kothe to Tana Gow, 1215 South, $74,500.

Regina and Stephen Materni to Rhonda Slover, 1426, 1428 Blandin, Oregon, $91,900.

Manda and Kollin Rice to Mary and David Castilleja, 2815 Starr, Oregon, $165,000.

Yeager Property Services LLC to Lizabeth Hugg, 5844 Cook, $75,000.

Brenda and Boyd Watts to Carrie Jackson, 3623 Brenda, $172,000.

Mark Perry to Julie Miller, 1658 Brownstone Blvd., Unit 124, $66,000.

Raymond Etzel to Jon Lefevre, 3531 Homewood, $77,000.

Marsha and Steven Clere to Michael Clere, 545, 549, and 553 Howard and 546, 550, and 554 Westmore, Curtice, $1,000.

Karen Sullivan to Kimberly and David Stewart, 5851 Gany Mede, $103,000.

MRL Development II, Ltd. to Rose Anderson and others, 7155 Dorr, $112,200.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Jamie and Jacob Kanjuparamban, 7559 Olympic, Sylvania, $80,000.

J. Moses Construction Ltd. to Lisa and John Ellison, 7943 Royal Hampton, Waterville, $230,000.

Leigh and Michael Mattin to Kimberly and Patrick Skinner, 2009 Colony, $143,000.

Joe Talamantez to Darcy Berry, 1924 Southmoor, $83,000.

Thad Disbow to Thad Disbow II, 3060 and 3064 121st, $142,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Regina Bean, 2627 West Village, $148,400.

Scott Sutter to Frederick Schnoor and others, 6813 Convent Blvd., Sylvania, $52,500.

Andrew Bohnengel, trustee, to Douglas Spiker, 5078 South Main, Sylvania, $163,000.

Larry Fioritto and others to Ali Bejaige, 5919 Pickard, $123,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Katie and David Glowski, 9523 Amanda, Sylvania, $198,975.

Louisville Title Agency, Inc. trustee to Douglas Ventures, 7545 and 7585 West Central, $968,000.

Wayne Swisher to Marc Swisher, 1428 Bradshaw, Maumee, $117,000.

Carolyn Ranville to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, 4433 Bennett, $43,334.

Naomi Prude to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., trustee, 3160 Brigham, $33,000.

Patsy Sweeney to Bank One NA, 4564 290th, $56,667.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Metropolitan Title Co., trustee, $62,000.

Kathy and Peter McMullen to Bank of New York, trustee, 707 Lorain, $28,000.

Kevin Grimes to Kevin Grimes and others, 6224 and 6228 Bonsels, $90,000.

Richard Wagener to Bank of New York, trustree, 404 East Wayne, Maumee, $132,667.

Mace Odneal and others to Tammy and Gregory Bauders, 921 Evesham and 233 Amber, $55,000.

Mace Odneal and others to Tammy and Gregory Bauders, 878 McKinley, $30,000.

Maureen and David Judy to Mary and Christopher Tentsch, 6713 Willowood, Maumee, $212,000.

Betta Day to Reuben Mosidi, 3018 Heatherdowns, $114,900.

Scarlet and Daniel D'Amore to Robert and Robin Nicholson, 4445 Beck, Maumee, $117,000.

William Lestrange, co-trustee, and others to Scott Lestrange, 1461 Schuyler, $60,000.

Mace Odneal, Jr., and others to Tammy and Gregory Bauders, 1107 Tecumseh, $15,000.


National Super Service Co. to J.A. Morrin Construction, 355 Tomahawk, Maumee, $2,700,000.


William Earl and Byron Kusian to Byron Kusian, 6734 Navarre, Oregon, $98,000.


Ardprop, Inc. to NZR Retail of Toledo Inc., 6504 Airport, Holland, $750,000.

Dec. 28, 2004


Jason Wesley to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2837 Latonia, $64,000.

Terrance Miller to Laurie Madden, 418 Darrow, $88,500.

Jeffrey Moore to John Fisher, 1114 Vinal, $52,500.

Margaret Byrne to Diana and Charles Smith, 2330 South, $63,600.

Miguel Castillo to Matthew Manz, 2701 Latonia, $107,000.

Iram Scheller to Sandra and Carlton Fitch, 4036 Hearthstone, $77,000.

Robert Jesionowski to Debra and Danny Johnson, 4554 Tradition Way, Sylvania, $130,000.

Bankers Trust Co., trustee, to Wayne Bradley and others, 928 East Central and other property, $9,000.

Richard Blakeman and others to Larry Pinkerman, 1428 Gage, $65,000.

David Babkiewicz and others to Gardner Bandfield, 5515 Pawnee and other property, $122,000.

Joyce Lee to U.S. Bank NA, trustee, 415 Palmer, $26,667.

Donna and Felix Blanco to Household Financial Services Inc., 524 Nicholas, $34,667.

Janis Decker-Frisk to Federal National Mortgage Association, 402 Victoria, $38,000.

Darryl Williams to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, 1061 and 1065 Klondike, $38,000.

Reba McFollins and Andrew Manton to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, 1843 Cone, $18,000.

Karen Mays to Beal Bank, 4911 Lewis, $60,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee, to Matt Hausch, 702 and 706 Olyander, Holland, $88,200.

Hugh Moore Inc. to Gloria and John Hoover, 6413 Madison Cove, Sylvania, $169,900.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee, to Jeffrey Nowakowski, 6056 James, Oregon, $10,000.

Westhaven Group to Daniel Eckenrode and others, 352 Milford, $50,900.

Nanette and John Welty to Catherine and Robert Tansel, Jr., 612 West Wayne, Maumee, $165,000.

Wehrle Development Ltd. to Matthew Stites, 8938 Galloway, Sylvania, $177,935.

Pamela and Craig Mead to Ed Coleman, 3803 Driftwood, $151,000.

Richard Kinney to Bank of New York, 4050 Walker, $50,000.

Joan and Michael Mitchell to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 1029 Page, $13,334.

Velma Degood and others to Daniel Steingraber, 2609 Northvale, Oregon, $88,000.


Ruth Ormsby to Berdan Properties LLC, 710 Berdan, $125,000.

Golf and Park LLC to Oak Haven Properties, LLC, 1422 Brooke Park, $187,000.

Golf and Park LLC to Oak Haven Properties LLC, 1461 Brooke Park, $187,000.

Dec. 29, 2004


Darrell Lather, trustee, to Toledo Zoological Society, 1735 Spencer and other property, $82,000.

Michael and Linda Orlowski to Theresa Smith, 1348 Abbott, $46,520.

Sandra Jones, successor trustee, to Constance and Robert Rutter, 186 West Plumer, $72,000.

Willie Gillespie to Digilink Communications LLC, 838 Norwood, $4,000.

Louisville Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Nancy Hauer, 5562 Willow, Sylvania, $34,500.

Robert Hall and others to Debra and Curtis Snapp, 6042 Acres, Sylvania, $60,000.

Robert Verbon, trustee, to Sharon and Charles Schultz, 932 High Pines, $280,000.

Verneda McGannon to Evelyn and Donald Sciulli, 5679 Monroe, Bldg 3, Unit 601, Sylvania, $100,000.

Lorraine Ewing to Dennis Clixby, Jr., 1933 Woodbridge, $90,000.

Jennifer Delano to Abby and Adam Miller, 2407 Charlestown, $126,000.

Brenda Barshel to Diane and John Harris III, 22 Tremore Way, Holland, $260,000.

Sandra and Mark Traczyk to Benjamin St. John, 1823 Bucklew, $164,000.

Lucy and James Gerlach to Michael Joeliene Magoto, 3909 Brookside, $435,000.

Larissa Kriatchkova to Jennifer and James Belcik, 3822 Fairwood, Sylvania, $152,000.

Juanita Seery to Margaret and Brian McCann, 3839 Hazelhurst, $104,500.

Edward Miles to Tammy Koleff, 4312 Harris, $82,500.

Barbara and John Pike, trustees, to Karen Sherman, 4471 Holly Hill, $175,000.

Mary Hurst to Andrea and Brad Stofcheck, 1613 Roosevelt, $22,000.

Sharon Stiles to William Stiles, 2283 Rose Hill, $75,000.

Christina and Michael Dreyer to Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas, 909 Rogers, $23,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas to Charleen Hartzell, 909 Rogers, $23,100.

Lisa and Christopher Slawinski to McIntyre Properties LLC, 1342 Royalton, $78,500.

David Wise, successor trustee, to Michelle and Jeffrey Dutkiewicz, 3998 West Bancroft, $250,000.

Carol and William Thomas to Tarif Kanaan, 7043 Mourning Dove Ct., $470,000.

William Norris and others to Jane Joseph, 3731 and 3735 Maxwell, $148,000.

Rochelle and Jeffery Rollins to William McElya, 1550 Avondale, $45,000.

Phyllis Braziel and others to U.S. Bank NA, 1847 Cone, $21,334.

U.S. Bank NA to Jeffrey Graham, 1847 Cone, $21,000.

Wayne and Ernestine Cluckey to Banc One Financial Services Inc., 138 Lake Shore, $32,000.

Anita Bedacht, successor trustee, to David McNamera, 4150 Angola, $89,100.

Belinda and Steven Edwards to Cheryl and James Moody, 1225 East Broadway, $59,500.

Sandra Szymkowiak to Beverly and Donald Fritz, Jr., 5559 Whiteford, Sylvania, $73,700.

Grant Gilbert to Annette Foster, 2413 Hollywood, $15,400.

Phyllis Hyter to Lorraine and Columba Niboro, 431 North Holland Sylvania, $89,100.

Haroldean Allen, trustee, to Fain Tallent, 4904 Harvest, $108,000.

Shirley Holmes to Vincent Yancey, Jr., 1943 Starr, $63,250.

Metropolitan Title Company-Ohio, trustee, to Kristopher Koepfer and others, 6029 Douglas, $80,000.

Westhaven Group to Brooke and Nicholas Bradley, 331 Havre, $16,500.

U.S. Bank to Jeremiah Peterson, 819 Belmont, $6,100.

Cheryl Dudek to U.S. Bank NA, 1671 Hagley, $48,000.

Gary Reynolds Builders Inc. to Diane and Raymond Bihn II, 9110 Pelican Cove, Sylvania, $370,500.

Tammy Christ to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., 631 East Broadway, $32,000.

Paul Frigmanski to Sky Bank, 716 Deal, $28,000.

Betty and James Glambin to William Frye, 590 South, $23,500.


Jean and Gary Pennell to Julie Lipinski, 7621 Yawberg, Whitehoise, $420,000.


John Augustyniak to Crikey's Great Austrailian Pies, 4606 Rosetta, $190,000.

Frieda Kraus to Catherine and Jeffrey Kraus, 2712 West Sylvania, $80,000.

Henry Lincoln to Edrick Ferguson, 1946 North Erie, $29,000.

Sandi Guess to Jacquelyn and Herman Bradley, 550 Starr, $75,000.

Christopher Haley to Brooke and Nicholas Bradley, 902 Orchard, $92,000.

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