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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

Dec. 30, 2004


Jeffrey Maran to Norman Maran, 5611 Pawnee, $40,000.

C.J. Beutien to Ronald and Dessie Bendler, 2674 Barrington, $162,000.

Eric Zare to Primacy Closing Corp., 4308 Drummond, $131,625.

Primacy Closing Corp. to Jennifer Zalecki, 4308 Drummond, $134,500.

Kristy Spurlock to Lou Ann Lake and others, 1943 Northwyck, $110,000.

KLS Construction LLC to Patricia Hanna, 4237 Ranchers Circle, Maumee, $240,900.

Joyce Williamson, trustee, to David and Beverly Kemmerley, 6925 Fenwyck, Maumee, $140,000.

J. Moses Construction Ltd. to James and Janis Roby, 7032 Shadowridge, Waterville, $233,000.

William and Jean Venn to Monica and Bennie Walker, Jr., 4857 Olde Meadow, Sylvania, $240,000.

Investors One Corp. to James Terry, 430 Irving, $22,000.

Varsity Construction Inc. to Thomas and Christine Brusoe, 8337 Water Park, Holland, $55,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Raymond and Amber Espinosa, 0 Sylvan Ridge, $38,900.

Robert Weber to John Reditt, 3242 East Lincolnshire, $45,000.

Kimberly Butler to Charlton Bellamy, 1414 Gould, $102,700.

Lukecorp Inc. to Ronald Langenderfer, 3348 Jeannette, $48,000.

Juanita Lewandowski to Michael Lewandowski, 422 Third, $26,000.

Michael Lewandowski to Groveton Ltd, 442 Third, $3,000.

US Bank NA, trustee, to Timothy and Marian Buntain, 1120 Buckingham, $10,000.

Kathleen Jamgochian to William Frye, 6207 Capshore, $120,000.

Westhaven Group LLC to Paul Grandsko, 3120 Franklin, $35,000.

Terry Leach to Edrick Ferguson, 1861 North Ontario, $25,500.

David and Deanne Simpson to Joseph and Kristen Carter, 848 Maple, Waterville, $145,000.

Phillip and Karen Harris to Patrick Carey, 1466 Prouty, $46,000.

Harry and Betty Lotozynski to Daphne Bevier, 1702 Hurd, $104,118.

Autumn Basinger to John Elekes, 4106 Parrakeet, $83,900.

Urban and Jean Meek to Tyler and Sherry Kottenbrock, 1747 Kensington, $68,000.

Magalink Properties to Annie Pasley and others, 3162 and 3166 Maher, $47,000.

James Hymore to Lori Duris, 1322 Liberty, $20,500.

Fallen Timbers Development Co. to American Homecrafters of Ohio LLC, 5712 Crossroads Ct., Waterville, $35,000.

Flora Sander to Helen Panczykowski, 1906 Immergrun, Oregon, $10,000.

Ruth and Charles Brown, Jr., to Ohio Housing Source LLC, 9510 Salisbury, Monclova, $160,000.

Sylvania Savings Bank Co., trustee, to Ruth Ann Roth, 3466 Queenswood, $116,000.

Brent Skidmore to Wajdi Kublawi, 1219 Peck, $15,500.

Kenneth Adams to Gerald and Rene Culp, 2055 and 2057 Momany, Oregon, $68,500.

Flora Sander to Helen Panczykowski, 5840 Peachtree, Oregon, $10,000.

LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, to Property Solutions Unlimited LLC, 343 Melrose, $2,000.

Property Solutions Unlimited LLC to Susan Laware, 343 Melrose, $3,900.

LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, to Property Solutions Unlimited LLC, 209 Austin, $2,000.

Property Solutions Unlimited LLC to Susan Laware, 209 Austin, $3,900.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Ronald and Debra Livecchi, 608 White Oak, $185,150.

Claude Davis to Scott Fitch, 926 West Northgate Pkwy., $77,350.

De Ette Orth to Janet Wilson, 1103 Idaho, $27,000.

Donald Egan and others to Dold Investment Co., 1318 Almon, $113,000.


Most Precious Properties LLC to Mitchells Investments LLC, 845 Lincoln, $6,160.

Rita and Robert Schoen, Jr., and others to McGowan-New West Ltd., 0 King, Sylvania, $620,000.

Spring Meadow Associates to Spring Meadow Investors LLC., 6520 and 6540 North Mall, Holland, $350,000.

Commercial and Exempt

Assembly of Christians to Providence Reformed Baptist Church, 5926 Meteor, $165,000.


Miller Bros. Paving Inc. to Sylvan Lakes LLC, 7950 Sylvania, Sylvania, $320,000.

Jan. 3, 2005


Laura and Joseph Rose, Jr., to Brian and Kathleen Victor, 5966 Porsha, Sylvania, $285,000.

Charlene Harrison to Eric Carlisle, 104 East Hudson, $46,500.

Robert Rutkowski to Clifford and Alice Schrein, 3148 Warsaw, $32,500.

Richard Fortney to Terri Cardillo, 1881 Wildwood, $127,500.

Fahed Abed to Paul Kunkel, Jr., 5861 Sylvan Ridge, $225,000.

Thomas Lake to John and Diane Burgess, 4429 Copper Creek, $114,500.

Saba Custom Homes LLC to John and Denise Kaminski, 5957 Porsha, Sylvania, $268,000.

Barchick Custom Homes Inc. to James and Claire Knapinski, 4722 Talon Trail, Maumee, $47,900.

Kevin and Mary Pelwecki to Ritesh and Muna Poudyal, 5971 Brookestone Village, Sylvania, $174,000.

Anthony Sylvester and others to Diane Dusky, 2315 Shetland, $55,000.

Fannie mae to Charles Shavers, Jr., 726 Boalt, $23,700.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Craig Stiles, 5041 Chardonnay, Oregon, $34,000.

Joseph Rudski to Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, 3804 Drummond, $104,000.

Franklin and Kathlyn Hayward to Lorna and Jason Isaacs, 736 and 740 Coyne, $60,000.

Reca LP to Omar Morales, 2336 North Erie, $12,500.

U.S. Bank NA, trustee, to Kenneth Wallace, 415 Palmer, $12,100.

LaSalle Bank NA to Scott Louy, 1033 Slater, $54,900.

Roy Davis III to Bank of New York, 313 South, $14,000.

Bank of New York to Daniel and Joyce Kachenmeister, 313 South, $26,600

Yeager Property Services LLC to Matthew and Karlyn Weltin, 16 Dunderry, $15,600.

Earlene Skadeland to Earnest Wiggins, 645 East Oakland, $47,000.

Frank and Irene Gregory to Larry and Judith Pokorny, 2753 Eldora, $68,000.

Daniel and Brenda Anderson to Donald and Jessica Fuller, 2903 115th, $80,000.

Mary Smithmyer to Joseph and Denise Shrader, 2349 Lambert, $68,250.

Michael and Christina Evans to Andrew and Kathleen Suter, 1310 Harvard, $132,000.

Citifinancial Inc. to Kelly Terwilliger, 930 Homer, $12,000.

Dorothy Perz to Christine Darrah, 2829 Trimble, $115,000.

David and Cynthia O'Bryan to Angie Louy, 5761 Clover, $89,900.

Michael Vaillant to Christina Antoine, 3039 117th, $70,000.

One Way Properties LLC to Rex and Chantea Tall, 1435 Goodale, $58,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, to Timothy and Marian Buntain, 1539 Western, $15,300.

Thomas Johnson, Jr., to U.S. Bank NA, trustee, 5574 305th, $73,334.

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. to Dennis and Alice McDarby, 37 East Lake, $21,500.

Dennis Investment Group Ltd. to 1040 Nebraska Trust, 1040 Nebraska, $1,000.

Rigg Builders Ltd. to Great Lakes Home Construction LLC, 1773 Grand Bay, Oregon, $36,000.

American General Finance Inc. to Jean-Paul Lemerand, 3342 Beaumont, $31,000.

Ralph Engelhardt III to LaSalle Bank NA, 1033 Slater, $45,000.


James McMaster to Hyfah Hilou, 1965 Tremainsville, $107,000.

Theresa Turner to Robert and Diana Jones, 10905 Corduroy, water slip WB-17, Oregon, $1,200.

Jan. 4, 2005


Keith and Suzanne Bostelman to Terrance and Nicole Lake, 13631 Patton, Grand Rapids, $25,000.

Kevin Lonseth to 1-2-3 Farnsworth LLC, 123 Farnsworth, Waterville, $150,000.

Tamara Barrett to Jaclyn Brooks, 1123 Harrow, $80,000.

John Hrovatich to Christine Valdez, 4023 Caroline, $88,900.

Joshua Van Houten to Richard Becker III, 2913 Chipplegate, $105,000.

Matthew Boyer and others to Laurie Bodi, 2736 Portland, Oregon, $90,000.

Don and Georgiann Berry to Mark Shanahan, 3747 Stannard, $133,500.

Todd Young to Marc and Tina Kruger, 1760 Ketner, $94,000.

John and Christine Jesionowski to Thomas and Lori Lowe, 2229 Stonybrook, Sylvania, $263,000.

David and Kimberly Knapp to William and Debra Zehnpfennig, 845 Cherry, Waterville, $167,900.

William Frye to Sandra Farner, 3303 Warner, $85,000.

Cheri Garza to Johnny Ironmonger, 2705 Sherbrooke, $113,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Charles Kethel, 6515 Blue Ridge West, Whitehouse, $55,900.

Betty Leking to E & A Family LLC, 7234 Orvieto, Sylvania, $70,000.

Donald Bakies to Kurt and Madeline Zimmerman, 3163 Escott, $90,000.

Dolores Sweeney to Marcia and Wesley Young, 5405 Heatherdowns, $160,000.

James and Sandra Putman to Larry and Autumn McLennan, 26 Willamont, $75,000.

Bonnie Hintz to David McGuinnis, 1042, 1046, and 1052 Nela Pkwy., $106,000.

Wilma Kowalski to Jill Freeman, 5422 Pageland, $102,000.

Stephen Leszkai to Stephen and Regina Materni, 1136 Schmidlin, Oregon, $119,000.

Robert McDonald to Eligio Velez, 1917 Oakdale, Oregon, $89,000.

Amy French to William Werner, 4040 Boynton, Sylvania, $164,800.

Christine Arnold to Brooks Cooper, 2235 Whispering Pines, $138,000.

Lark Dental Building LLC to Nigel Davies, 4315 Holland-Sylvania, $198,000.

Eugene and Cherry Watson to Household Finance Corp., 2529 Foraker, $48,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Joseph Swantack, Jr., 123 West Park, $22,500.

Groveton Ltd. to Raymond Kadri, 442 Third, $10,000.

Stephen Bragg to Richard and Julie Hostettler, 6011 and 6021 Jackman, $120,000.

Frank Timming to US Bank NA, trustee, 1728 North Ontario, $30,000.

US Bank NA, trustee, to Rickey and Anita Jackson, 1728 North Ontario, $24,000.

Dean and Yanna Yakumithis to Kim Karle, 3121 Daleford, $123,500.

Raymond Carr and others to Benjamin Fadley, 4336 Garden Park, $51,000.

Sky Bank to John Cook, 530 Yondota, $28,500.

Stephen and Byronna Bare to Joan Rauh, 4118 Thornton, $80,000.

Alice and Darrell Vaughn to Debra Renner, 2712 130th, $123,000.

Carl Embree and others to Shannon Wetherbee, 504 Ohio, $7,000.

Edward Urbanowski to JLJ Development Inc., 6132 Dorr, $160,000.

Geraldine Drabek to JLJ Development Inc., 6128 Dorr, $155,000.

Clifford and Jill Kaighin to Bank One NA, 2451 Portsmouth, $57,000.

Bank One NA to David Wunderley, 2451 Portsmouth, $77,000.

Jon Tiller to Dennis Degnan and Amy Saylor, 1488 Gould, $79,378.

David Teachout to Terrance Doran, 937 South, $13,700.

Herbert Warmath to Everett and Rebecca Phipps, 932 Joliet, Maumee, $100,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Edward and Roberta Rourangeau, 0 White Eagle West, Sylvania, $49,924.

Barchick Custom Homes Inc. to Marsha and Jeff Jackisch, 4749 Talon Trail, Maumee, $44,900.

Rosemary Lea, trustee, to William Hoag, 6514 Bapst, $10,000.


David Lump to Berk & Kebr LLC, 5453 Glenridge, $245,000.

Jan. 5, 2005


Southend Properties NS Ltd. to James Mitchell, 2323 Broadway, $110,000.

Gerald and Lori Gerity to John and Sheila Konz, 8205 Manore, Grand Rapids, $174,900.

Deborah Boyle to Bradley and Christine Boyle, 2974 Chipplegate, $118,500.

Anna Faessel to Michael and Laura Gschwind, 512 Dussel, Maumee, $170,000.

Jeffrey Kurtz to Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 552 Sugar Maple Ct., Maumee, $32,500.

Jean Galambos to Anthony and Jeanne Neumeyer, 3636 Starr, Oregon, $2,500.

Nancy Tracy to Melinda Swartz, 4141 Albon, Monclova, $125,000.

Ella Szenderski, successor trustee, and others to Kevin Lembrick, 428 East Park, $22,000.

Jean Galambos to Pamela and Charles Neumeyer, Jr., 3636 Starr, Oregon, $1,250.

Jean Galambos to John and Pamela Buck, 3636 Starr, Oregon, $1,250.

Jacques Mathieu and others to Keith Fields, 218 Palmer, $55,000.

National Mortgage Association to Fouad Khechen, 1655 Belmont, $25,500.

Infinity Group Ltd. to Christal Hughes, 5152 Brinthaven, Sylvania, $169,900.

Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity to James and Edith Dean, 1761 Ambleside, Oregon, $60,250.

Alfred and Alice Darah to US Bank NA, trustee, 341 East Lake, $34,000.

US Bank NA, trustee, to C & L Group, 341 East Lake, $21,000.

Alejandro and Michelle Garcia to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 645 Yoder, Curtice, $75,700.

Melissa Davis-Sullivan to Yolanda Rojas, 843 Atlantic, $80,000.

Danny and Janice Clinton to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, 1749 Mansfield, $30,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Arvel Henderson II, 1749 Mansfield, $22,500.

Michael and Andrea Flynn to MTGLQ Investors LP, 1421 Maumee, Holland, $70,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP to John and Barbara Mather, 1421 Maumee, Holland, $59,500.

Scott Dusseau to Michael Sanders, 331 Chapin, $45,000.

Scott and Pamela Dusseau to Michael Sanders, 344 East Hudson, $49,000.

Dennis and Katherine Keyser to Timothy and Nora Squire, 1908 Christian, $82,400.

Paula Delong Demars and others to Khalif and Shirley Khan, 560 Federman, $32,000.

Adam and Michele Wilbur to Rachel Bacon, 2640 Hayden, Oregon, $123,750.

Rachel Bacon to Melissa Waingrow, 1721 Pool, $70,000.

Betty Henisse to Sandra Szymkowiak, 6531 Cornwall Ct., Sylvania, $86,900.

Michael Black to Terrence Gregory, 446 Fassett, $39,000.

Yvette Boellner to David and Michelle Calopietro, 3546 Prairie, $110,000.

Lance Wehrle to Erin Roe, 1258 Kepler, $78,000.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Ryan Schmidlin, 525 Hampton, $84,500.

Talal Esho to Jimmy and Lynne Olszewski, 5910 Lakeside, $113,300.

Jean Grohnke to Mary Machon, 1025 Shadowlawn, $38,500.

Irene Dudley to Nancy and Richard Dudley, Jr., 4120 Templar, $80,000.

Rory and Cheryl Hand to Nathan Santillo, 1705 Krieger, $75,000.

Mary Wisher, trustee, to Kaitlyn Wirick, 8134 Nebraska, $49,000.

Robert Baker, trustee, to August and Jane Rahe, 3413 Barstow South, $152,900.

Karen Warner to Keith and Marsha Heidebrink, 1553 White, $27,500.

Matthew and Tara Aston to Robert Saggese, 7918 Anvil Ct., Sylvania, $205,000.

John and Harriet Blausey to Kenneth and Clara Friedt, 5055 South Main, Sylvania, $127,000.

Robert and Geraldine Zemenski to Gretchen Susor, 1717 Glenross, Oregon, $112,000.

Berman Building Co. Inc. to Kip and Kathleen Albers, 4340 Cranberry, Sylvania, $108,500.

Michael and Judi Sallah to Lonnie Lutz, 3703 Cherrywood, $155,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Dennis and Susan Keith, 7350 Harpoon Ct., Maumee, $35,900.

D.S. Holdings of Northwest Ohio LLC to Patrick and Laura Tylypuik, 9155 Beautiful, Sylvania, $100,800.

Heather Bellino to Citifinancial Inc., 1023 Sherman, $18,000.

M & I Bank FSB to Michael Siravo, 3222 Maple, $38,000.

Marilyn Wandtke, successor trustee, to Steven Wandtke, 773 Durango, $45,000.


Darlene Patterson and others to Yahia Shousher, trustee, 611, 613, and 615 Main, $50,000.

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