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Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers

March 8, 2005


M V Partners Ltd. to Donald and Darlene Williams, 7627 Waterpoint Ct., Holland, $186,500.

Jon Wiegand and others to Jeffrey Ziviski and others, 1152 Heritage, Oregon, $201,000.

Joanne Vargo to Cherryl Patchin, 3635 Willys Pkwy., $115,205.

Christopher Brewer to Dennis and Tracy Whaley, 533 Raymer, $74,000.

Dong Wong and others, trustees, to Steven and Janet Kyle and others, 4201 and 4207 Burnham, $127,500.

Fox Custom Homes Inc. to Christopher and Sandra Seiple, 3539 Cottage Gate Ct., Maumee, $126,000.

Brian and Laura Zobrist to Christopher Williams, 1025 and 1027 Kipling, $95,000.

Norma Smith to James Perry, 518 East Indiana, Maumee, $122,500.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Cimarron Custom Homes Inc., 7923 Lookout Circle, Monclova, $96,300.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Cimarron Custom Homes Inc., 4333 Albon, Monclova, $96,300.

Frank and Susan Strada to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 9023 Bear Creek, Sylvania, $273,750.

Joe Brown Builders Inc. to Barbara and Earl Rudolph, Jr., 2926 Deep Water, Maumee, $429,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Charles and Diana Ujvagi, 7360 Harbour Light Ct., Maumee, $35,900.

Quarry's Edge I LLC to Claudia Ogle, 6020 Quarry's Edge, Sylvania, $176,900.

David Lewandowski to Wachovia Bank NA, trustee, 539 and 543 Cloverdale, $80,000.

Jerilyn Arnold to Jason Arnold, 5859 Livingstone, $55,000.

Jason Arnold to Brian and Danell Phillips, 5859 Livingstone, $106,500.

Vincent Denino and others to Ryan Miller and others, 1134 Joyce, $97,000.

Donald and Jeanne Maurer to Theresa Clark, 2409 Winding Creek, Maumee, $162,900.

Steve and Jennifer Barbour to Dauterman and Newlove Rentals Ltd., 606 Dryden, $63,455.

Terry Smith to Tina Wise, 6201 Garden, unit B-28, Maumee, $45,900.

Kenneth and Victoria Hadley to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 4861 South Arvilla, $229,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Kenneth and Molly Kaminski, 4861 South Arvilla, $225,000.

John and M. Katie Sindel to Michael Fitch, 2567 Greenway, $99,550.

Benjamin Howard to Kevin Stanley and others, 623 Chatham Ct., $92,500.

Naomi Lyons to Shirley Allen, 934 Wall, $500.

Charles Dyer to Michael Dyer, trustee, 5446 Secor, $71,500.

Victor Wilson and others to Bank Once NA, 2145 North 12th, $33,334.

Robert and Sherri Bodi to Beneficial Ohio Inc., 1912 Lehman, $68,000.

Angela and Donald Wollenbecker, Jr., to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, 2011 Oakdale, Oregon, $63,000.

Margaret Gill to Ralph Ramirez III and others, 2432 Westbrook, $135,000.

RDM/Webb Builder Inc. to Kristine McCarthy, 3329 Fairbanks, $123,000.

West State Line Investors LLC to Theresa Powell, 1057 West State Line, $205,500.

Mae LaVoy to Scott and Melissa Gordon, 6008 and 6012 Jackman, $116,000.

Gemcap Equity Management Inc. to Cheryl and Melvin Craig, 2212 Deerpointe, $185,000.

Thomas and Cheryl Scribner to Brooke and Aaron Tatkowski, 5325 Homeland, $176,500.

Anna Williams, trustee, to Joyce Macek, 3418 Bayberry Place, Oregon, $143,900.

Beverly Yarger to Conseco Finance Servicing Corp., 510, 514, 518, 522, and 526 Lakemore, Curtice, $30,000.

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. to Terry and Carol Brockett, 510, 514, 518, 522, and 526 Lakemore, Curtice, $29,500.

Joyce Macek to Thomas Waniewski, 3633 Rushland, $90,000.

Fred Edwards to Christopher Davis, 2129 Plum Leaf, $145,000.

Dionise Edwards to Kenneth and Marlene Gernheuser, 614 East Park, $67,000.

Polly Taylor-Gerken to Richard and Amie Peoples, 2525 North Erie, $25,000.

Carol Naus to Jon and Sheree Royster, 5512 Harschel, $78,000.

Dorothy Brown to William and Dolores Thomas, 4145 Garden Estates, $105,000.

Cedonia Fogarty to Sharon Haberkamp, 219 Milford, $78,600.

Steven and Sandra Maxwell to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 7957 Hidden View, Holland, $217,500.

Rex and Chantea Tall to One Way Properties LLC, 918 Buckingham, $9,000.

Alan Properties Inc. to J. Thomas Signature Builders Ltd., 7851 Dana Rae, Waterville, $43,900.

Alan Properties Inc. to J. Thomas Signature Builders Ltd., 7710 Shoemaker, Waterville, $43,900.


Centaur Investors LLC to M & M Real Estate of Ohio LLC, 705 Conant, Maumee, $490,000.

March 9, 2005


Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Raymond and Rose Brown, 7159 Nightingale, Holland, $186,400.

Robert Meyer and others, co-trustees, to Dennis and Suzanne Sadowski, 4711 290th, $88,500.

M N Investment to Ann Summers, trustee, 6718, 6720, 6722, and 6724 Worth, Sylvania, $330,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to R.L. Baumgartner Builders, 7833 South Branch, Monclova, $69,900.

Esther Duda to Thomas and Valerie Fine, 2963 Indianola, $103,000.

Gregory and Cynthia Wright to Anthony and Catherine Quinones, 7808 Westcroft, Sylvania, $235,000.

Richard Chio to Michael Marlow, 9755 Seaman, Curtice, $93,000.

Marian Donohue to Raymond Ross, 3231 Radford, $102,000.

Ronald and Glenda Bellner to Jane Empey, 2249 Marengo, $133,000.

Thomas West and others to John Bowers, trustee, 6719 Victoria, Sylvania, $221,000.

Cathy Knepper, trustee, and others to John Hoschak, 4067 Sherwood Forest Manor, $92,000.

Cimarron Custom Homes Inc. to Michael and Sanya Morrison, 7861 Honeysuckle, Maumee, $448,000.

Loren and Betty Klasen to David Mozer, 1235 Oaktree Ct., Oregon, $195,001.

James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC to Brian and Angela Rossbach, 7330 Northquay Ct., Holland, $250,000.

Brian and Angela Rossbach to Carol Bruder, 6534 South, Holland, $135,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Tim Zebbadji, 736 Brookley, $56,900.

Charles Wahl to David Stenberg, 2033 Shoreland, $116,000.

Mack Moon and others to Kermet LLC, 2336 Whitehouse-Spencer, Swanton, $200,000.

RDM/Webb Builder Inc. to Jason and Autumn Metzger, 5106 Kellogg, $79,900.

Evelyn Oster and others to Paul Dorley, 4811 Estero Place, $50,000.

Michael and Reba Ziegler to Charon Morris, 915 Burke Glen, $46,500.

Sarita Smith to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 4012 Fairview, $40,100.

Virgil and Rhonda Redd to Teresa Shumpert, 1835 Loxley, $61,800.

Nicholas Carpenter to Woodland Investments of Catawba Island Inc., 1407 North Ontario, $34,500.

Charter One Mortgage Corp. to Woodland Investments of Catawba Island LLC, 602 Colburn, $15,000.

John Lewandowski to Robert Clark, 802 West Capistrano, $111,000.

National City Bank to Mark Lozovoy, 1115 Harding, $3,000.

Gary and Karen Herren to Westhaven Group, 3531 Willys Pkwy., $45,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Glen and Twila Gillespie, 9558 Arbor Mist Ct., Sylvania, $272,000.

Carol Leaders to Michelle Uhrman, 2047 Kellerston, Maumee, $154,000.

James Henderson and others to Joseph Huth, 3616 Douglas, $87,500.

Minnie Veilleux to Westhaven Group, 6018 Acoma, $92,000.

McCormick Properties LLC to Susan Kolozsi, 3155 Haughton, $86,500.

Susan Kolozsi to Matthew Lindau, 3155 Haughton, $112,500.

Beverly Miller to D.G. Childers Ltd., 4590 Brittany, $100,000.

Westhaven Group to Edward Gilbert, 134 Western, $25,500.

Denise Girrell, trustee, to Household Realty Corp., 243 Ivanhill, $72,000.

Barbara Alexander to Deutsche Bank Trust Co., trustee, 3155 Cottage, $20,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co., trustee, to Cullen Chambers, 3155 Cottage, $5,750.

Ronald and Jenny Koles to James Saddoris, 3302 North Reach, Oregon, $130,000

Centex Home Equity to Tamara Fullerton, 264 Alzale, Curtice, and 264 Roberta, Curtice, $13,900.

JP Morgan Chase, trustee, to Joseph Beuhler, 821 Bartley Place, $18,000.

Carol Craze and others to John Younts and others, 2102 Marlow, $63,500.

U.S. Bank NA, trustee, to Community Pride Investment Ltd., 3847 Baltimore, $30,000.

Donnell and Cherry McCollum to Chris Gordy, 2010 Fredonia, $20,000.

Donnell and Cherry McCollum to Chris Gordy, 1201 and 1209 St. John, $20,000.

Tim Decapua to Stallion Properties LLC, 5441 Marriatt, $28,000.

Margaret and Joseph Baker, Jr., to Esther and Michael Fabian, Jr., 127 North Fifth, Waterville, $150,000.


Ann Summers, trustee, to Paul Syroka, 3542 Bowen, $190,000.

Ronald Nassar, trustee, and others to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 2652 West Central, $158,000.

CWB Ltd. to Twelfth Street Partners LLC, 1480 Ford, Maumee, $3,300,000.

Commercial and Exempt

Kuhlman Corp. to Toledo Hospital, 650 Beaver Creek Circle, Maumee, $2,583,565.28.


Edwin and Lynn Southward to Daniel and Rebecca Sechrist, 7235 Yawberg, Whitehouse, $416,000.

March 10, 2005


Eleno and Oralia Duran to Jasneet Kaur and others, 201 Navarre, $58,000.

Kamel Abutaha and others to Husein Ahmad, 820 Elm, $28,000.

Michael and Charlotte Holly to Ryan and Johannah Moore, 4428 Pennfield, $98,000.

Gerald and Laureen Madore to John and Jane Day, 2378 Evergreen, $300,000.

Lakeside Investment & Realty Co. to Howard Crotin, 8133 Quarry, Maumee, $201,000.

Philip Klingensmith III and others to Pamela Gratcl-Skellie, 632 Northfield, Maumee, $152,000.

Bank One NA, trustee, to Thomas Sigg, 1208 and 1212 Mott, $37,150.

Jeffrey Beauch to James and Maria Russell, 912 East Broadway, $26,000.

Matthew Lewis and others to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 6728 Denbridge, Sylvania, $153,500.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Lisa Strole and others, 6728 Denbridge, Sylvania, $153,500.

Michael and Mary Gladden to Robert and Cheryl Robinson, 8433 Aquaduct, Holland, $265,293.18.

Beneficial Mortgage Co. of Ohio to Westhaven Group, 3314 Thelma, $60,000.

Carol Hager to National City Home Loan Services Inc., 3624 Drexel, $36,667.

Faye Heckler to Herbert and Gale Leflet, 22 Wolf Ridge, Holland, $224,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Banas Development Corp., 4333 Albon, Monclova, $69,300.

John and Theresa Shema to Larry and Julie Hinz, 847 Colburn, $35,000.

Charles and Patricia Porter to Brent Gagne I and others, 140 South Sixth, Waterville, $104,000.

Jeffrey Graham to Federal National Mortgage Association, 835 Geneva, $63,000.

William and Anna Pearsall to Robert and Heather Klostermeier, 5943 Douglas, $110,000.

Mark and Darlene Scott to Donald and Glenda Cummings, 8506 Kacie, Monclova, $52,000.

US Contractors Inc. to Mark and Darlene Scott, 7805 North Branch, Monclova, $297,200.


North-Cross Development Co. Ltd. to Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, 5915 Jason, $372,290.

Warehouse Space Inc. to Paramount Toledo LLC, 1102 North Summit, $60,000.

MS Associates to PLA Investments LLC, 50 Elmdale, $155,000.


William and Carol Shaner to BMT Productions LLC, 5410 Monroe, $115,000.

MMI Products Inc. to River East Economic Revitalization Corp., 832 North Lallendorf, Oregon, $1,400,000.

March 11, 2005


Kirk Graves to Nasiru and Pamsie Alhadji, 7555 Red Pines, Sylvania, $190,000.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Michael and Dana Harris, new plat from 4801 Black, Monclova, $49,900.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Eagle Creek Builders & Developers Inc., 8000 Winding Ridge, Monclova, $101,650.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Transtar Builders & Developers Inc., 8759 Cedar Bend, Sylvania, $62,900.

Carol and John McHale, Jr., to Ronald and Dawn Walker, 4183 Brogan, $179,103.

Juanita Power and others to Robert Brandow, 707 Federal, $22,900.

Fannie Mae to Matthew and Kimberly Vanderhooven, 2307 Wildwood, $116,900.

Eldon and Alice Sharpe to Michael Birmingham, 4885 West Alexis, Sylvania, $89,000.

Gerald and Mary Morrissey to Gregory Genzman and Judy Ubben, 3302 Parkwood, $58,000.

Charlotte Nappenbach to Preferred Properties 4364 Tiverton, $178,000.

Jamie Zaim to Ishmael and Joy Shakur, 2822 Sherbrooke, $131,000.

Richard Doran, Jr. to Sulene Enterprises, 2023 Welker, $70,500.

Maryann Davis to Roger Watson, 1229 Paxton, $4,000.

Ronald and Carol Wiemken to Double 'O' Corp., 10333 Bailey, Waterville, $25,000.

John Devaul, Jr., to GMAC Mortgage Corp., 2515 North Erie, $16,000.

Michael and Sarah Middaugh to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1672 Woodhurst, $105,000.

Betty Furry to KeyBank NA, 217 Hanover, $32,000.

Rob Kolinski to Michael and Lynette Gorey, 10460 Dorr, Holland, $22,100.

Diane Loving to Household Realty Corp., 813 Alvison, $64,233,71.

Household Realty Corp. to Andrew Welch, 813 Alvison, $52,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Jason Nowicki, 5844 Acoma, $79,950.

LaSalle Bank NA, trustee, to 3 Lights Ltd., 346 West Oakland, $16,000.

Helen Dobrasz to Brenda Bedacht, 6104 Secor, $88,000.

Nam Giang Huynh to James and Suzanne Bossert, 6940 Ramblehurst, Sylvania, $169,000.

Michael Umbrell to Richard and Stephanie Snyder, 3308 North Eastmoreland, Oregon, $135,000.

Dale and Carol Morin to Charles Swyers III, 5558 308th, $118,000.


Business Owners & Professional Club to Laborers' Local 500 Building Corp., 2208, 2226, and 2238 Ashland and 341 Columbia, $250,000.

Jose and Gloria Villaneuva to William Toda, 115 Fassett and 1158 Utah, $12,000.

March 14, 2005


Sawicki Realty Co. to Sheilah McAdams, 230 West Dudley, Maumee, $79,000.

Decker Homes to Robert and Linda Collins, 4054 and 4064 Secluded Ravine Ct., Maumee, $180,000.

Judith Senecal to Duane and Denise Lubinski, 3643 Kershaw, $72,000.

Cheryl and Robert Smothers II to Rachel Rogers, 3604 Drexel, $60,000.

Berman Building Co. Inc. to Tracy Jamieson, 1039 Hialea Ct., Holland, $249,000.

Diane McCray to Robert Oxenrider, 3121 Glencairn, $115,000.

Kara Fox to Joshua and Candace Ross, 5909 Gay, $126,500.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Lucas Harman, 3804 Drummond, $110,500.

Laverne Durbin to Walter and Kay Durbin, 407 Gramercy, $50,000.

Realty Advancement Managers to Richard Luedtke, 3940 Drexel, $105,000.

Chicago Title Insurance Co., trustee, to Americo and Tracy Todoroff, 754 Parker, $70,900.

Kimberly Fejes to Lillian Rife, 1601 Hirzel, $6,400.

Mabel Boerst to Timothy and Sarah Boerst, 3167 Daleford, $42,000.

Mary Fender to Homecomings Financial Network Inc., 2219 Broadway, $24,000.

Matthew and Deanna Cromly to Robyn Schuller, 4204 Templar, $132,000.

Yvonne Matthews to Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas, trustee, 1683 Avondale, $19,334.

Roy and Monica Laureles to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, 756 Redwood, $23,334.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Arrow Osborne, 756 Redwood, $11,300.

Nancy Dargart, successor trustee, to Joseph and Linda Young, 651 Reineck, $116,000.

Ronald and Myrtle Grow to Margaret West, 2641 106th, $95,000.

Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to David and Ruth Summers, 2518 Glengate, $175,475.

W L Homestead LLC to Michael Development Ltd., 7863 Rockspring Ct., Maumee, $69,900.

Gary Breymaier to Joanne Lindsay, trustee, 3164 Quarry, Maumee, $227,500.

Karen Crotte to Laurence Little, 3442 Chapel Ct., $259,600.

Carolyn Cousins to Fannie Mae, 4364 Northmoor, $115,000.


Roofing Services Plus to Keith Large, 9950 Old Airport, Holland, $45,000.

DM Remainder LLC to J Shaw Holdings LLC, 24 South McCord, Holland, $275,000.

March 15, 2005


Timothy Sumrel to M.V. Partners Ltd., 5030 Summerfield, $120,000.

J & N Property Management LLC to Kristine Warfield and others, 1924 Nevada, $62,800.

Cynthia and William Dula, Jr., to Kenneth and Karen Birr, 259 Hargrave, $94,900.

Edward Jones to Darrell Snow II, 1936 North Stadium, Oregon, $79,500.

Colin and Lisa Strutz to Randy and Terri Savory, 2037 Brent Valley, Holland, $231,000.

Hafner & Shugarman Enterprises Inc. to Robert and Tamara Eischen, 510 Butternut, $202,389.

Kellie Krajewski to Betty Billings, 7023 Washington, Holland, $94,000.

Joyce Harvey to James Jones, 6731 Gettysburg, Sylvania, $172,500.

Gregory and Irma Oberneder to Dereck and Brenda Scutchfield, 4128 Eastway, $88,977.

Port Lawrence Title and Trust Co., trustee, to Ann and Dennis Glowacki II, 4333 Albon, Monclova, $86,450.

Keenan and Cindy Moran to Frederic Shibley, 7611 Kings Run, Sylvania, $263,000.

Carol Morgan, trustee, to Ruth LaPlante, 5110 Parkside, Oregon, $164,000.

Gary Long to Brian McCabe, split from 10027 Yawberg, Grand Rapids, $12,000.

Steven Ellington to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 3349 Coach House, Maumee, $427,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Douglas and Laura Lange, 3349 Coach House, Maumee, $427,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Tonette Thomas, 1110 Pinewood, $11,500.

Cimarron Custom Homes Inc. to Bryan and Linda Peloquin, 7917 Honeysuckle, Maumee, $424,900.

Transtar Builders & Developers Inc. to David Jones and others, 7840 Honeysuckle, Maumee, $455,000.

McCue Homes LLC to Kimberly Robinson and others, 818 Hilltop, $178,900.

James H. Johnson Custom Builder LLC to Daniel and Carolyn Bell, 602 Whisperwood Pkwy., Holland, $263,604.

Midfirst Bank to American Working Family Homes Inc., 549 Prouty, $3,000.

Jenetta Butler to Todd Hawk and others, 425 East Broadway, Maumee, $189,900.

Howell Custom Homes LLC to Robert and Kimberly Woody, 7933 Meadowview, Waterville, $244,500.

J. Alan and Rebecca Bennett to Steven and Kathleen Theiss, 6529 Lincoln Pkwy., Sylvania, $218,000.

Patricia Brummett, trustee, to Amber Hall and others, 5752 Dellbrook, Sylvania, $91,000.

Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, to Westhaven Group LLC, 426 Independence, $52,500.

James and Joan Ragan to Moser Real Estate Investments LLC, 320 Mont Royal, $52,000.

Jerry and Robin Root to Gerald Moser, 248 California, $70,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Schober Rentals No 2 LLC, 2011 Oakdale, Oregon, $86,000.

EMC Mortgage Corp. to Victor Pears, 3262 Collingwood, $25,000.

Harold Ferrington to Anne Lepla and others, 1955 Mansfield, $84,900.

Jill Nathanson to Zia Kiani and others, 7263 Wembley Terrace West, $252,000.

Diana and Theodore Wallace, Jr., to Sam and Fatima Sayed, 2501 Live Oak, Sylvania, $295,000.

Westhaven Group to Mark Boone and others, 807 Clark, $49,000.

Deborah Kellett to Lee Harmon, 3540 Brock, $99,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, to Meredith Mercurio, 6901 Southbrook, Holland, $189,300.

Berman Building Co. Inc. to Michael and Jennifer Spiros, 4542 Fairway, Sylvania, $137,000.

Stuart and Kimberly Brody to Ronald and Shannon Sutton, 6135 Clover, $90,000.

Debra Munson and others to David and Christine Jude and others, 744 Woodford, $41,800.

Brint Road LLC to Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc., 5043 Brint Crossing, Sylvania, $37,900.

Brenda Sizemore, successor trustee, to Katie Wall, 6315 West Sylvania, $140,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, to Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, 4350 Jackman, $61,500.

Lukecorp Inc. to Joanne Ford, 1316 Belmont, $25,000.

Westhaven Group to Greta Moore, 3625 Dixie, $72,000.

James Wilson, successor trustee, to Elizabeth Seymour, 5526 Heatherdowns, Unit 7, $82,400.

Ari Baer to Wayne and Jacquelyn Bradley, 706 Lorain, $24,000.

Metropolitan Title Co.-Ohio LLC, trustee, to Theodore Sotnyk, 128 Gradolph, $98,500.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, trustee, to Laura Ziegler, 2643 Sherbrooke, $78,000.

Gregory and Mary Brueshaber to Cindy and Richard Bauman, 4449, 4453, and 4455 Grantley, $135,000.

Ryan and Holly Buckenmeyer to Leslie and Kevin Kudro, 7053 Convent, Sylvania, $112,500.

Kenneth Herold, trustee, to Jerald and Susanne Paren, 6201 Garden, Unit A9, Maumee, $42,000.

Diversified Investments to Jerald and Susanne Paren, 6201 Garden, Units J154 and C38, Maumee, $56,000.

Dukate Buildings Co. LLC to Marc and Erika Jacobs, 4707 Farm Creek, Sylvania, $345,000.

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