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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations

Consaul Food Mart, 2625 Consaul, in|spec|ted June 3. Critical violation: all food products including pop, beer, juice must be stored 6 inches or more off floor at all times. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Sautters Food Center, 5519 South Main, Sylvania, inspected June 5. Critical violation: provide sanitizer test papers for quat sanitizer. Provide shield for florescent lights in produce cutting area and deli prep area. Clean dusty fan guards in produce cooler and dusty filters in hood over stove in deli department. Ingredients statement needed for deli foods. Log temperatures of wrapped sandwich refrigerator case on daily basis Rake up refuse on ground by Dumpsters. Inspector: James Herzberg.

Save A Lot, 702 Woodville, inspected June 3. Critical violation: remove colored light bulbs in display meat case and use non-colored bulbs. Proper hair restraints must be used by all employees in the meat room. Inspector: Gorrschalk.

BP Food Mart, 2441 Reynolds, inspected June 10. Critical violation: sanitizer test strips needed for sanitizer solution. Inspector: Mike Brady.

A&M Investment Strategies, 350 West Bancroft, inspected June 6. Critical violation: do not sell bagged ice from floor in reach in freezer. Store 6 inches off floor. Inspector: Dacquisto.

KFC, 2224 Woodville, inspected June 16. Critical violation: thoroughly clean ice dispenser in lobby area, clean pop nozzles at drive through and at front counter. Provide point thermometers for all coolers. Provide new hot water system for hand sink. Clean and sanitize can opener. Freezer door not sealing properly; repair. Inspector: Heidi Sanders.

River East Caf , 1316 Front, inspected June 16. Critical violation: provide food scoop with handle for bulk food containers. Store scoop with handle up. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Dragon Phoenix Restaurant, 4204 West Alexis, inspected June 16. Critical violations: set up sanitizer buckets in bar area and food prep area and keep wipe rags inside sanitizer buckets between use. Keep bag of potatoes 6 inches or more off floor. Keep shallow pans of food covered in reach-in and walk-in freezers. Label all bulk food containers. Use scoops with handles and store outside of food product. Store eggs on lowest shelf in walk-in cooler. Install 2-inch gap in prep-sink plumbing. Inspector: Jeff Neistadt.

Tim Hortons, 7140 Orchard Center, inspected June 17. Critical violation: hair restraints must cover entire head. Do not use cloth place mats under bagels. Inspector: Sara Becker.

OB’s Bar & Grill, 2243 Tremainsville, in|spec|ted June 17. Critical violation: keep all shallow pans of food covered in reach in cooler; keep eggs on bottom shelf of reach in cooler. Inspector: Neistadt.

Burger King, 4870 Monroe, inspected June 17. Critical violation: obtain back-flow prevention device for mop sink if hose is to be connected to it. Inspector: Niestadt.

Secor Lanes, 5520 Secor, inspected June 17. Critical violation: thaw food properly; label all chemical spray bottles with chemical name. Inspector: Niestadt.

6th Tee Stand, 7455 Erie, Sylvania, in|spec|ted June 18. Critical violation: CO2 tank must be chained to upright support. Inspector: Herzberg.

Pool Stand, 7455 Erie, Sylvania, inspected June 18. Critical violation: clean filters in hood over cooking equipment. Food employees, counter help, must wear hair coverings. Quat sanitizer needs to be correct strength, corrected. Inspector: Herzberg.

Munchies Again, 1401 Dorr, inspected June 18. Critical violation: repair or replace Howard cooler; do not use until then. Inspector: Steve Perrine.

Rice King, 4400 Heatherdowns, inspected June 18. Critical violation: wipe cloths must be in sanitizer solution. Make sure 3-vat sink is not used as prep sink. Soap and hand towels needed in employee restroom, complied. Properly fitted screen door needed for back door. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Central Hot Dog, 626 Front, inspected June 16. Critical violations: do not place clean dishes on towels to dry. All em|ployees must wear hair restraints. Provide sanitizer wiping rag bucket. Install proper food prep sink; do not use 3-vat sink. Inspector: Gottschalk.

China One Buffet, 3040 Navarre, inspected June 18. Critical violations: provide sanitizer buckets to store wipe cloths at all times. Person with knowledge of proper food handling must be present at all times. Provide hot water at hand sink in cook area, corrected. Inspector: Sanders.

Rose Garden Pizza, 1800 Miami, inspected June 19. Critical violation: do not use cardboard cutout on top of mixer as it could contaminate food. Inspector: Gotts|chalk.

Rally’s, 5855 West Central, inspected June 20. Critical violation: label bulk sugar and provide scoop with handle. Replace worn door gasket on refrigerated drawer under grill. Store ice scoop in scoop holder, not in ice. Inspector: Herzberg.

Farmer Jack, 2630 West Laskey, inspected June 16. Critical violation: all hot holding foods and potentially hazardous foods must be kept at proper temperatures. Repair or replace heat lamp in hot holding display case; replace burned-out light bulbs under hood in caf area. Obtain paper towel rolls for handsink in seafood area and soap dispenser for hand sink in produce prep area. Replace missing hot water valve in handsink at meat department. Label all bulk food containers and provide approved scoops with handles. Inspector: Neistadt.

Meijer, 1391 Conant, Maumee, inspected June 18. Critical violation: potentially hazardous foods must be kept at or below 45 degrees. Inspectors: Neistadt and Halligan.

GAF Society, 3624 Seaman, Oregon, in|spec|ted June 19. Critical violation: thoroughly clean pop nozzles. Inspector: Sanders.

GAF Society picnic building, 3624 Seaman, Oregon, inspected June 19. Critical violations: provide proper test strips to test for sanitizing strength for 3-vat sink. Inspector: Sanders.

Little Friend, 809 Starr, inspected June 20. Critical violation: All employees working with food, preparing food must wear a hair restraint and must follow proper hand-washing practices. Set up proper three-compartment sink. Do not pour bleach on cutting board; it must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized in three-compartment sink. Utensils, equipment should remain in the sanitizer solution for at least 30 seconds, then place or clean side drain board to dry. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Taco Bell, 3107 Navarre, inspected July 24. Critical violations: Thoroughly clean ice maker. Observed some lime buildup on roof of maker. Thoroughly clean ceiling and condenser fan of walk-in cooler. Observed some dust build up in these areas. Inspector: Sanders.

Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, 7410 Jerusalem, Jerusalem Township, inspected July 10. Critical violations: Observed condensation build up in walk-in freezer, This is a repeat violation. Freezer door is not being shut properly or unit isn’t working properly causing condensation buildup that could contaminate food. Freezer must be cleaned and repaired or used properly to prevent contamination. Thoroughly clean ice dispenser on pop machine; observed mold buildup on dispenser nozzle. Inspected: Sanders.

TW Recreational Services-Maumee Bay Pro Shop, 1750 Park, inspected June 24. Critical violations: Make sure all potentially hazardous foods are labeled and date-marked to be used within seven days. Provide proper test strips for sanitize solution. Clean pop nozzles on regular schedule. Thoroughly clean and sanitize ice maker. Inspected: Sanders.

TW Recreational Services-Concession Stand, 1750 Park, inspected June 24. Critical violations: Observed rust on ice scoop holder at ice maker. Provide new holder. Inspector: Sanders.

Subway, 7410 Jerusalem, Jerusalem Township, inspected July 10. Critical violations: Thoroughly clean floors and walls throughout facility. Observed dirt and food debris build up on floors and on walls behind equipment. Make sure all food related items are stored at least 6 inches above floor. Inspector: Sanders.

Hot Sizzling Wok, 2333 West Laskey, inspected June 24. Critical violations: Keep boxes of food and shallow pans of food to be kept a minimum of 6 inches off of the floor in the walk-in freezer to avoid possible cross contamination. Keep all shallow pans of potentially hazardous food kept covered in the walk-in cooler to avoid possible cross contamination. Inspector: Neistadt.

Centennial Quarry and Terrace, 5773 Centennial, Sylvania, inspected June 24. Critical violations: Provide a wiping cloth bucket with a cloth towel and bleach water to sanitize work surfaces. Inspector: Debbie Daquisto.

Toledo Day Nursery, 219 Southard, in|spec|ted June 24. Critical violations: Date mark all potentially hazardous foods that you are holding longer than 24 hours with the date that the manufacturer seal is broken or it is prepared. In your cooler at 41 degrees or less you can hold for seven days including date opened or prepared. Daquisto.

Correctional Treatment Facility, 1100 Jefferson, inspected June 24. Critical violations: Hamburger patty on tray received at 87 degrees and potatoes on tray received at 95 degrees. Potentially hazardous food must be held at 140 degrees or greater to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause food borne illness. Inspector: Daquisto.

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