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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

Wendy s, 5802 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected May 7. Critical violation: Shredded cheese in front prep line and frosty mix in front machine were at 43 degrees. All potentially hazardous foods (PHF) must be maintained cold at 41 degrees or lower. Adjust both machines to ensure proper temperatures. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

Igloo Ice Cream LLC, 4131 Monroe, inspected May 5. Critical violation: Handsink in the back is currently not working. All handsinks must dispense both hot and cold water to properly wash hands at 100 degrees. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

IPOH Chinese Restaurant, 3527 Dorr, inspected May 5. Critical violations: Improper storage order in the prep top cooler and in the walk-in cooler. Store all raw eggs and meat below ready to eat food to prevent cross contamination. Wet wiping cloths being stored on countertops, store all wet towels in the sanitizer wiping bucket when not in use to prevent the growth of bacteria. Fried chicken in the walk-in was dated 4/28/08. All potentially hazardous foods must be dated with a seven-day date mark to prevent the growth of bacteria. Tthe chicken expired yesterday and should have been discarded. Fried chicken on the speed rack was improperly cooling at room temperature and was 104 degrees. All PHF must be cooled from 135 to 70 degrees within two hours and then from 70 to 41 degrees within the next four hours. Do not cool at room temperature. Transport cooling food to walk-in cooler or freezer when it reaches 135 degrees. Seven noncritical violations. Inspector: Wilke.

T&Z China King, 4747 Suder, inspected May 5. Critical violations: Chicken and egg rolls being held at room temperature during busy time at 61 to 66 degrees. All PHFs must maintain 41 degrees or less or held at 135 degrees or above. Product was discarded. Pasta was cooling in walk-in cooler completely covered. Do not cover foods during cooling process. Leave uncovered until 41 degrees or less, two hours to get from 135 to 70 degrees and additional four hours to reach 41 degrees or less. Employee medications being stored on shelves with food items. Designate an area for medications away from all food and food contact items. One noncritical violation. Inspector: Kerry Cutcher.

Bennett Venture Charter Academy, 5130 Bennett, inspected May 6. Critical violations: Bread being served unwrapped, uncovered, and not properly protected from contamination. Boxes of food being stored on the floor. All food and food contact items should be stored at least six inches off the ground. Chicken strips were thawing at room temperature. All PHFs may never be thawed at room temperature. Product may only be thawed under refrigeration or cooked from frozen state to prevent bacteria growth. Milk for serving was found at 48 degrees. Milk must be held cold at 41 degrees or less. Provide milk chest in gym for self-service. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Cutcher.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, 425 West Dussel, inspected May 6. Critical violation: Dishmachine in bar area dispensing chlorine at less than 50 ppm. Chlorine must be at 50-100 ppm to effectively sanitize. Three non-critical violations. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Chick-Fil-A Westfield Franklin Park, 5001 Monroe, inspected May 6. Critical violation: The steam well was out of water and the chicken noodle soup was holding at 123 degrees. All PHFs must be held hot at 135 degrees or greater. Corrected at time of inspection. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

No violations:

Sebastiano s, 4448 Heatherdowns, inspected May 6.

Shivers, 2425 Key, May 6.

Club 16, 316 South King, Springfield Township, inspected May 7.

Coy Elementary School, 3604 Pickle, Oregon, inspected May 7.

Korea Na, 536 South Reynolds, inspected May 7.

Monclova Elementary School, 8035 Monclova, inspected May 7.

The Coffee Gallery, 22 North Third, Waterville, inspected May 7.

Waterville Elementary School, 457 Sycamore, Waterville, inspected May 7.

Highland Elementary School, 7720 Erie, Sylvania, inspected May 8.

Butch Cassidy Canteen, 4550 Navarre, inspected March 19.

General Nutrition Center, 6832 Russell, Maumee, inspected May 5.

Walgreens, 2562 Navarre, inspected May 5.

Family Dollar Store, 2607 South Reynolds, inspected May 9.

ACA of Toledo, 2446 West Alexis, inspected May 10.

Prince of Peace Christian Preschool, 4155 Pickle, Oregon, inspected April 22.

Cold Stone Creamery, 7633 Sylvania, Sylvania Township, inspected April 28.

Subway, 24 North Third, Waterville, inspected April 28.

John s Korner Bar and Grill, 2202 Tedrow, inspected April 29.

Stay and Play Daycare, 3120 South Byrne, inspected April 29.

Wynn Elementary School, 5224 Bayshore, Oregon, inspected April 29.

Aston House, 1125 Clarion, Holland, inspected April 30.

Foundation Early Education Center, 1555 South Byrne, inspected April 30.

Foundation Park Care Center, 1621 South Byrne, inspected April 30.

Jerusalem Elementary School, 535 Yondota, Jerusalem Township, inspected April 30.

Prescribed Pediatric Center, 1932 Birchwood, inspected April 30.

Spring Meadows, 1125 Clarion, Holland, inspected April 30.

Cedar Creek Church, 2600 West Sylvania, inspected May 1.

City Tan and Nutrition, 6020 Teletowne, inspected May 1.

Huggy Bear Ice Cream, 1904 Arlington, inspected May 1.

Friendship Food Store, 1965 South Byrne, inspected April 27.

Pharm, 2527 Parkway, Maumee, inspected April 28.

Dollar General Store, 5969 Telegraph, inspected May 1.

South End Pizza, 1808 Arlington, inspected May 1.

Rite Aid, 3049 West Alexis, inspected May 3.

Cardinal Stritch High School, 3225 Pickle, Oregon, inspected April 15.

Little Miss and Mister, 5776 Harvest, inspected April 16.

Starbucks Coffee Co., 6832 Russell, Maumee, inspected April 16.

Toledo Zoo Bird Feeder, 2700 Broadway, inspected April 16.

Toledo Zoo Deli, 2700 Broadway, inspected April 16.

Toledo Zoo Hungry Hippo, 2700 Broadway, inspected April 16.

NW Ohio Development Center, 1101 South Detroit, inspected April 17.

Scott High School, 2400 Collingwood, inspected April 17.

Barnes and Noble Booksellers, 3100 Main, Sylvania, inspected April 18.

Southwest Family YMCA, 2100 Holland-Sylvania, Springfield Township, inspected April 18.

Sylvania Country Club, Mixed Grill, 5201 Corey, Sylvania, inspected April 18.

Quiznos, 3265 West Alexis Rd., inspected April 21.

Zacharaya s Eatery and Cafe, 3455 West Alexis, inspected April 21.

Bobby Dee s, 574 Tecumseh, inspected April 22.

Child s Play, 7337 West Bancroft, inspected April 22.

Little Farmer in the Dell, 1809 North McCord, inspected April 22.

West Side Montessori, 6705 West Bancroft, inspected April 22.

West Side Montessori, 2105 North McCord, inspected April 22.

Toledo Zoo, Nairobi, 2700 Broadway, inspected April 22.

Amie s Pizza Factory, 6710 West Central, inspected April 23.

Cold Stone Creamery, 479 West Dussel, inspected April 24.

Crissey Elementary School, 9220 Geiser, Holland, inspected April 24.

Holloway Elementary School, 6611 Pilliod, Holland, inspected April 24.

Quiznos, 3015 Glendale, inspected April 24.

Spuyten Duyval Golf Club, 9501 Central, Sylvania, inspected April 24.

Rite Aid Pharmacy, 1605 Broadway, inspected April 17.

The Original Gino s, 449 Dussel, inspected April 18.

S&K Speed Mart, 7130 Airport, inspected April 22.

Aldi s Inc., 3015 Glendale, inspected April 24.

Deal s, 3015 Glendale, inspected April 24.

Stop & Shop, 6504 Airport, inspected April 24.

Mancino s Pizza and Grinders, 2325 Woodville, inspected April 29.

Bob Evans, 1220 East Alexis, inspected April 15.

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