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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspections: 06-27

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

Critical violations

Plaza Azteca Mexican Restaurant, 5125 Monroe, inspected March 16. Pepperoni at 47 degrees in the one-door, reach-in cooler on the prep line. The ambient air temperature of this cooler is 56 degrees. This left door of the reach-in cooler is not approved for holding foods such as pepperoni, chicken wings, cheese, cut tomatoes, etc. The only items that can be stored in this cooler are tortillas/bread products and produce items (not cut tomatoes). Shredded cheese is sitting out at room temperature next to the steam table at 65 degrees. The diced tomatoes on the guacamole cart are 64 degrees at inspection. These foods must be held cold under refrigeration at 41 degrees or lower. Provide adequate refrigeration. The under counter salsa cooler is not turned on at time of inspection. The ambient air temperature of this cooler is 66 degrees. Salsa, milk and half & half must be discarded. Always ensure that refrigeration equipment is plugged in immediately after being moved for cleaning. Raw chicken stored in the same container as raw beef in the drawer cooler under the cook line. To prevent cross contamination, store raw chicken and raw beef in separate containers. Raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods in the reach-in cooler at the cook line. Also, raw meat stored above produce items in the walk-in cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats and eggs below or separate from ready-to-eat foods. Keep a sanitize bucket set up so that food prep surfaces can be sanitized throughout the day. Wet wiping towels must be stored in sanitizer when not in use. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Indian Jewel, 6711 Airport, Holland, inspected March 17. Keep chemicals in a designated area for storage to prevent chemical contamination. Chemicals found on top of the ice machine. All potentially hazardous foods must be date marked with a seven-day expiration date once the product has been opened, prepared, or thawed. A date-marking system is needed so proper rotation can be implemented. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Ralphie's, 6609 Airport, Holland, inspected March 17. Outdated potentially hazardous foods found in the walk-in cooler. Chicken soup found with an in date of 2/26 and beef soup found with date of 3/4. All potentially hazardous foods must be marked with a seven-day expiration date and shall be discarded at the end of the seventh day. Foods were discarded at the time of inspection. Cross contamination present in the walk-in cooler. Raw shell eggs were found over ranch dressing. Re-arrange the walk-in cooler to reflect proper food storage order. Employee personal items found on a prep surface at inspection. Cigarettes, tennis shoes, and personal food found. Employee personal items must be kept in a designated area to prevent contamination of food or clean equipment. Inspector: Becker.

Barnie's Place, 5025 Bennett, inspected March 18. Hot dogs and cheese not properly date marked. Foods held longer than 24 hours must have a seven-day date to determine a discard date. Condiments do not require date marking. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Burger King, 1535 East Alexis, inspected March 22. Observed cut tomatoes held beyond the four-hour hold time. To limit bacteria growth that can cause food-borne illness, monitor time in lieu of temperature procedure more closely. Potentially hazardous food may not be held beyond four hours. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Mayberry Diner, 8253 Mayberry, Sylvania, inspected March 22. Salad prep top cooler holding foods at unsafe temperatures between 45-50 degrees. Foods must be held at 41 degrees or less to limit bacteria growth. Service cooler to hold proper temperatures. Will reinspect in 24 hours. Dish machine not dispensing required amount of chlorine sanitizer of 50-100 ppm for proper sanitizing dishes. Service machine. In meantime, dishes must be sanitized manually in 3-bay sink. Will reinspect within 24 hours. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

McDonald's, 1520 Cherry, inspected March 22. Used gloves discarded on prep surface and on top of sandwich buns. All food and clean items/surfaces must be protected from contamination, discard used gloves in the trash immediately after removing. Chlorine at 0 ppm in the wipe cloth bucket. To properly sanitize surfaces and to properly store damp/soiled cloths, chlorine must be at 100 ppm in the wipe cloth bucket. Corrected. Repeat violation. Inspector: Stanley.

Urban Active, 1361 Conant, Maumee, inspected March 23. Ice used as smoothie ingredient used as an exterior coolant for smoothie ingredients. Ice used for exterior cooling of products may not be used as an ingredient for consumption. Empty and discard contaminated ice and discontinue policy of using ice maker as cold holding unit. Obtain additional commercial cooling equipment or set up an ice bath in a different container. Repeat violation. Quaternary ammonia tablets in three compartment sink at 400 ppm. To avoid potential chemical contamination, keep quaternary ammonia at a concentration of 200 ppm. Repeat violation. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Brandy's Diner, 1508 Reynolds, Maumee, inspected March 24. Dish machine not dispensing chlorine at time of inspection. To effectively sanitize dishes and utensils, the dish machine must dispense chlorine at 50-100 ppm. Service contacted at inspection. Inspector: Bauman.

Church's Chicken, 1102 South, inspected March 24. The quat sanitizer bucket greater than 400 ppm. For safe food contact, the quat sanitizer must be maintained at 200 ppm. Use your test kit to verify concentration. No paper towels available at hand sink. Re-stock paper towels. One of the hand soap dispensers is not working. Repair dispenser. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

C.J.'s Breakfast & Sandwich Shop, 237 South Erie, inspected March 24. The prep top cooler was holding foods at 47 degrees. To prevent bacteria growth, cold holding must be maintained at 41 degrees or below. Ice build-up was present in cooler. Foods were moved to a different cooler and cooler was shut off to defrost over night. Inspector: Cipiti.

Elbo Room, 3515 West Alexis, inspected March 24. Observed hamburger, ham, and pepperoni in prep top cooler at 46 degrees. Adjust cooler to hold foods below 41 degrees to limit bacteria growth. Containers used in prep top must fit properly, remove plastic lids under deli meat to ensure product remains at proper temperature. Inspector: Seger.

University of Toledo, The Crossings, 2801 West Bancroft, inspected March 24. Improper thawing of soup. When thawing in the food prep sink, cool running water must be flowing over the thawing food. Corrected. The garlic and herb spread sitting out was 71 degrees and its container states to “keep refrigerated”. Keep spread in the cooler. The pizza on the buffet is holding at 124-128 degrees. Food must be held hot at 135 degrees or greater to prevent bacteria growth. A few items holding in the upright cabinet inside the walk-in cooler were above 41 degrees. These items were prepared and portioned at room temperature in mass quantities. Utilize electric refrigeration to hold the food in prep cold at 41 degrees or less at all times to prevent the growth of bacteria. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Ya Halla, 2124 West Alexis, inspected March 24. Observed steak intermixed with chicken in the upright freezer and chicken stored improperly in walk-in freezer. Always store chicken separately on bottom shelf of cooler to prevent cross contamination. Observed onions and potatoes stored on floor. Food and food contact items must be stored a minimum of six inches above the floor to prevent contamination. Inspector: Seger.

Golden Corral, 5730 Opportunity, inspected March 25. Two boxes of food on floor of walk-in freezer. All food must be stored a minimum of six inches above the floor to prevent contamination. Inspector: Seger.

Rally's, 3033 Cherry, inspected March 25. Chlorine sanitizer tested less than 50 ppm in the wiping buckets. Change sanitizer wiping cloth bucket. Chlorine sanitizer must test at 50-100 ppm at all times. Check concentration with your test kit and change as needed. Chicken wings at 114-135 degrees, fish at 112 degrees, and chicken strips at 100 degrees in the warming drawers. Foods must be maintained hot at 135 degrees or higher at all times to prevent the growth of bacteria. This is a repeat violation. Monitor temperatures in these warmers. Temperature turned up at inspection. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Arby's, 611 Manhattan, inspected March 26. Observed buildup on the inside of the ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to the manufacturer's specifications. Inspector: Stanley.

Chipolte Mexican Grill, 1385 Conant, Maumee, inspected March 26. Chicken on hot holding line at 123 degrees. To prevent the growth of hazardous bacteria, maintain an internal temperature of 135 degrees or above at all times. Chicken was reheated to greater than 165 degrees at inspection. Inspector: Bauman.

Flurrie's, 3370 Lagrange, inspected March 26. Observed no sanitizing wiping bucket set up at inspection. Chlorine 100 ppm/quat 200 ppm. Repeat violation. A delivery of product blocking the hand sink. Do not block hand sink. Advise delivery company to not block the hand sink. Inspector: Stanley.

Quality Inn & Suites, 445 East Alexis, inspected March 26. No sanitizing wiping bucket set up at inspection. Repeat violation. Employee food items stored on dry storage with food items and in the one-door cooler with food items. Designate an area for employee food items below or away from all food and food contact items to prevent contamination. Potentially hazardous foods in iced units at 51-61 degrees. To limit bacteria growth that can cause food-borne illness, potentially hazardous foods in cold holding must maintain 41 degrees or less. If current iced units are unable to maintain product at 41 degrees or less, they will be required to be replaced with commercial grade, NSF approved, or equivalent mechanical refrigeration units. Repeat violation. Open container of hard boiled eggs in the one-door cooler without date marking. To limit bacteria growth, all ready-to-eat potentially hazardous foods kept longer than 24 hours after package or can is opened require a a date mark. 41 degrees or less for seven days. Repeat violation. The hand sink blocked by a new table that was added to hold coffee pots and also containing a bag of ice. The hand sink must be accessible to ensure proper hand washing. Do not block or use for storage of any items. The hand sink must be used for hand washing only. Inspector: Stanley.

The Diner, 3928 Lagrange, inspected March 26. Bags of potatoes and onions stored on the floor in the kitchen. To prevent contamination, store food and food contact items at least six inches off the ground in a clean and dry area. Fish thawing in standing water in the prep sink. Proper thawing procedures must be taken to limit bacteria growth. Proper thawing procedures are as follows: 1. Under refrigeration. 2. Completely submerged under constant running cold water in the prep sink. Observed mold growth on the inside of the ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to the manufacturer's specifications. Inspector: Stanley.

Premier Volleyball, 1630 Marketplace, Maumee, inspected March 27. No bucket of sanitizer set up. A bucket of sanitizer shall be available at all hours of operation to sanitize food contact surfaces. Inspector: Wilke.

Bakery Unlimited, 4427 Secor, inspected March 17. Donut case with no doors. Provide doors for donut case or cover food items to protect from contamination from dirt and debris. Dish machine is not reaching proper temperature. Repair dish machine so that the temperature reaches 180 degrees at final rinse. Until unit is repaired, it may not be used and three compartment sink must be utilized. Inspector: Seger.

Monnette's Market, 5717 Secor, inspected March 17. Apple pie and cookies with improper labels. Label information shall include: (a) common name of food, or absent a common name, an adequately descriptive identity statement; (b) if made from two or more ingredients, a list of ingredients in descending order of predominance by weight, including a declaration of artificial color or flavor and chemical preservations, if contained in the food; (c) an accurate declaration of the quantity of contents; (d) the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor; and (e) the name of the food source for each major food allergen contained in the food unless the food source is already part of the common or usual name of the respective ingredient. Dips sitting out at room temperature without the benefit of an ice bath that specifically state “keep refrigerated.” Properly ice bath displays to maintain foods below 41 degrees to prevent contamination that can cause a food-borne illness. Improper date marking being conducted in deli on meat products. Employee stated that dates are for each time product is cut and could not tell me when product was opened. All refrigerated, ready-to-eat, food prepared in food service operation or in a retail food establishment and held at a temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit (five degrees Celsius) or less for more than 24 hours, shall be clearly marked to indicate the date or day, that is a maximum of seven days, by which the food shall be consumed on the premises, sold, or discarded. The day of preparation shall be counted as day one. Inspector: Seger.

Vito's, 524 Main, inspected March 22. Unlabeled chemical spray bottle on the food storage rack in the back. Chemical spray bottles must be labeled with the common name of the chemical so employees know what it contains. Hot water at 100 degrees must be available for proper hand washing. The front hand sink takes some time to heat up. This sink may have to be adjusted, or a hot water tank added to this hand sink. Repeat violation. Take immediate action to correct this violation. Inspector: Cipiti.

Sylvania Mini Mart, 5135 South Main, Sylvania, inspected March 23. Paint/construction items stored above food items in rear dry storage shelf. Practice proper storage order to prevent contamination of food. Store nonfood items in separate area or below food items. Hot water knob not working in bathroom sink. Repair sink. Inspector: Tester.

Rocket Fuel, 3023 Dorr, inspected March 25. Raw shell eggs and raw bacon stored above ready-to-eat food in the walk-in cooler. Store all raw meats/poultry below ready-to-eat food to prevent contamination. Inspector: Wilke.

Vito's, 847 South McCord, Holland, inspected March 25. Food held in prep top cooler at 45 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or less. Inspector: Kusina.

Foodtown, 2725 West Central, inspected March 26. Packages of shredded cheese is holding at 42-54 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. The refrigerated case is holding at 44 degrees and appears to require maintenance. Discard the out-of-temperature food and contact a licensed repair service to fix the cooler. Some of the deli meats in the deli are date marked for April 2, 2010, and found a spinach crab dip that was labeled sell by 3/24/10. Opened deli meat may only be held up to seven days. The deli is extending the life of the deli meat by an extra day and it must be changed to prevent the growth of bacteria. Discard the expired spinach crab dip. Raw steak stored above packages of mashed potatoes. Store all raw meats/poultry above ready-to-eat food to prevent contamination. Found eight thirteen ounce cans of baby formula dated 3/1/10. Discard the expired baby food and continue to monitor the baby expiration dates to remove expired food from sale. The quat sanitizer dispensing in the meat room is coming out too strong. Re-calibrate the dispenser to 200 ppm to safely sanitize food contact surfaces. Inspector: Wilke.

Recent inspections found no violations at:

Amie's Pizza Factory, 6710 West Central, inspected March 17. Inspector: Nick Kusina.

Mikey P's, 6670 Providence, Whitehouse, inspected March 17. Inspector: Becker.

Wendy's, 5802 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected March 22. Inspector: Tester.

ABC Angel Care, 2259 South Byrne, inspected March 24. Inspector: Bauman.

The House of Emmanuel, 350 Irwin, Holland, inspected March 24. Inspector: Nick Kusina.

Caper's Pizza Bar, 2038 South Byrne, inspected March 25. Inspector: Bauman.

Panera Bread, 7117 West Central, inspected March 25. Inspector: Kusina.

Ann's Grill, 1008 Hawley, inspected March 26. Inspector: Patrick Niles.

Volunteers of America, 1201 Champlain, inspected March 26. Inspector: Stanley.

Meijer Gas Station, 7240 West Central, inspected March 19. Inspector: Kusina.

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