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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspections: 9-10

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Whiteford, 5473 Monroe, inspected Aug. 21. Facility is using a Betco quat spray bottle to spray down equipment after cleaning instead of using the 3 compartment sink. The Betco spray bottle of quat sanitizer can be used to sanitize countertops, cooler doors, etc., in-place equipment that cannot be broken down and brought to the sink. All containers, coffee pots, nozzles, etc. must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized in the 3 compartment sink. A bucket and spray bottle system is not allowed. Equipment must be properly washed and sanitized to prevent cross-contamination that can lead to a food-borne illness. For quat sanitizer it should test at 200 ppm. Remove spray bottle attachment off the dish soap. Pour amount of dish soap into the first compartment of the sink. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Toledo Lodge #53 BPO Elks, 3520 Holland Sylvania, inspected Aug. 21. Time/temperature control for safety foods above 41 degrees in the prep top cooler. Corned beef at 45 degrees, bologna at 44.5 degrees, pickles at 44.5 degrees. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower at all times to prevent the possible growth of bacteria. Bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food items. Ready-to-eat food items (bread, toast, chips, etc.) must be handled with gloves, a utensil, or deli paper. Always wash hands prior to putting gloves on. Improper date labeling observed. Open and prepared food must be properly dated to allow employees to know when the food must be discarded. The day the food is opened is day 1 for a total of 7-day discard date. Corned beef dated 7/26, bologna dated 8/8. Box of raw bacon stored on the speed rack above salad dressing. Raw meat must be stored below ready-to-eat items to prevent cross-contamination. The walk-in cooler needs to be reorganized to allow for more food storage space instead of beer/wine storage space. The speed racks should be used to help store ready-to-eat foods, cool foods, and rack food up that is ready to be cooked/prepared. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Sofo's, 5400 Monroe, inspected Aug. 15. Quat tested at 100 ppm in the wiping bucket. Quat sanitizer should test at 200 ppm. Do not add water to the sanitizer, it is a premixed solution that comes out of the dispenser. Corrected. It tested at 200 ppm from the dispenser. Improper ingredient label observed on the dill dip and the artichoke dip. A complete list of ingredients must be on each label to allow customers to know what it contains. The ingredients must be listed in descending order by weight. Prepackaged items may not be sold if the product does not have a proper label. Tiger Bakery prepackaged items do not have proper labeling. For example, the pasta salad does not include the ingredients for pasta and corn oil. Prepackaged items must be properly labeled to be sold in the self-service area. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Hamway's on The Main, 5577 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Aug. 15. Blue cheese dressing at 48 degrees and tartar sauce at 50 degrees in an ice bath. Time/temperature control for safety foods must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower at all times to prevent the possible growth of bacteria. This a repeat violation. One container each of blue cheese dressing and tartar sauce discarded. Found one container of mashed potatoes dated 8/4 and one container of Greek sauce dated 7/30 in the undercounter cooler. Prepared and opened food must be dated labeled. There is a seven- day discard date for open and prepared food. The day the food is opened/prepared is day 1 for a total of 7 days. One pan each of mashed potatoes and Greek sauce discarded. Boxes of beef steak burger stacked over container of lettuce in the walk-in cooler. Raw meat must be stored below produce to protect from cross-contamination. Follow the proper storage order in coolers to prevent cross-contamination. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Speedway, 6700 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected Aug. 15. A chemical spray bottle hanging on the dry storage rack with food contact items. Store all chemicals in one area away from food and food contact items to protect from cross contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Gottschalk.

21 West Lounge, 5605-5607 Alexis, Sylvania, inspected Aug. 14. No quat sanitizer; facility has someone picking it up. The facility must have sanitizer available at all times for use in the three-compartment sink and in the wiping cloth buckets. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Ruby's Kitchen, 4933 Door, inspected Aug. 16. Improper cooling of large containers of items with lids on in cooler. To properly cool, items must be broken down into smaller portions in vented containers to allow for cold air exchange. Items cooled in bulk must go from 135 to 70 degrees in 2 hours and from 70 to 41 degrees in an additional 4 hours (6 hours total). Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Staybridge Suites, 2300 Village West, Maumee, inspected Aug. 15. Potentially hazardous food must be date-marked with a seven-day expiration date once the food has been opened, prepared or thawed. An in service date and a discard date must be present to accurately rotate food. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Walmart, 3721 Navarre, Oregon, inspected Aug. 21. Ground meats stored above whole meats in walk-in meat cooler and meat display cooler. Practice proper food storage order to prevent possible cross-contamination. Poultry on bottom then ground meats, whole meat/fish, then ready-to-eat foods on top. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

Salad Galley, 3023 Navarre, Oregon, inspected Aug. 20. Sandwich prep top cooler holding foods at unsafe temperatures (43-47 degrees). Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or less to limit bacteria growth. Adjust/service cooler to maintain proper internal temperatures to food. Inspector: Tester.

Gyro & Kabob Express, 7130 Airport, Holland, inspected Aug. 15. Date marking sheet is not up to date. Prepared foods in the cooler must be marked with a seven-day expiration date once the product has been cooked, and then discarded at the end of the seventh day. Keep your date marking sheet up to date on a daily basis. Inspector: Becker.

Stop N Shop, 2209 Reynolds, inspected Aug. 15. Shelf and boxes in front of hand sink. Hand sinks must be accessible at all times for proper hand washing. Remove shelf and boxes from front of hand sink. Inspector: Susdorf.

Happy's Pizza Toledo, 27 S. Reynolds, inspected Aug. 14. Unlabeled chemical spray bottles on shelf. Bottles need to be labeled to prevent possible chemical contamination. Label all spray bottles. Inspector: Susdorf.

Little Caesar's Pizza, 2222 N. Reynolds, inspected Aug. 8. Employee belongings (drinks and food) on prep table and near three-compartment sink. Employee belongings and food must be in a designated area away from food prep areas to avoid contamination. Inspector: Susdorf.

Barry Bagels, 302 W. Dussel, Maumee, inspected Aug. 20. Wet sanitizer towels sitting out on various surfaces throughout the kitchen/service area. All in-use sanitizer towels must be stored in a sanitizer solution. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Tandoor, 2247 Reynolds, inspected Aug. 10. Food containers or floor in walk-in cooler. Store 6 inches or higher off floor. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Burger Bar, 4400 Heatherdowns, inspected Aug. 13. Hot water faucet damaged in kitchen hand sink. (Using pliers to turn on hot water). Replace faucet. Soiled wet towels on counter tops without sanitizer. Must be kept in sanitizer solution and used on all food contact surface. Hamburger drawer cooler at 47 degrees. Must be 41 degrees or less to prevent bacterial growth. Will be rechecked. Don't use until repaired. Inspector: Brady.

Ruby Tuesday, 2915 Glendale, inspected Aug. 14. Dishwasher final rinse gauge does not work. Wine and fruit cooler in bar reach-in refrigerator right door doesn't stay closed. Thermometer needed in right side cook line. Inspector: Brady.

Gators Lounge, 1432 Ingomar, inspected Aug. 16. Thermometer needed in walk-in cooler. Inspector: Brady.

Rite Aide, 1012 W. Sylvania, Aug. 16. Pesticides stored above food in candy/seasonal isle. Chemicals/pesticides should be stored below food to prevent possible contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Brady.

Deet's BBQ, 1385 Conant, Maumee, inspected Aug. 22. Hot holding of baked beans at 130 degrees. Foods held hot must maintain an internal temperature of 135 degrees or above. Foods were reheating to over 165 degrees. The hot holding unit was turned up. Inspector: Bauman.

Bitter End Restaurant & Bar, 1086 Anchor Point, Curtice, inspected Aug. 23. Improper reheating of taco meat in warmer. Temperature was approximately 100 degrees after 2.5 hours. Foods must be reheated to 165 degrees within 2 hours on direct heat (stove top, microwave, oven, steamer) to destroy organisms that may cause a food-borne illness. Spray bottle without labels. Label all chemical spray bottles with common name of contents to prevent possible contamination. Inspector: Tester.

Comboz, 2051 Dorr, inspected Aug. 14. Chicken stored above tomatoes in prep top cooler. Chicken should be stored below ready-to-eat foods to prevent cross contamination. Food held above 41 degrees. Food should be held cold below 41 degrees to prevent bacterial growth. Inspector: Brady.

Recently inspected restaurant with no violations:

Subway, 4224 Airport.

Al Szuch's Fishery and Live Bait, 10965 Corduroy, Curtice.

S.T. Performing Arts LLC, 4645 Heatherdowns.

Jacky's Depot, 130 W. Dudley.

Little Explorers Learning Center, 3620 Heatherdowns.

Holy Trinity Day Nursery School, 1825 Glendale.

Celebrations, 2910 Glanzman.

Party City, 4962 Monroe.

Cold Stone Creamery, 4038 Talmadge.

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