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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant inspections: 9-24

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Mirage Diner, 2769-71 W. Central, inspected Aug. 31. Update the date marks on the containers of grape leaves that were previously frozen so that the new date mark reflects the time in refrigeration prior to freezing. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Caper’s Pizza Bar, 2038 S. Byrne, inspected Sept. 4. Dish machine not dispensing chlorine. To effectively sanitize, this machine must dispense chlorine at 50 to 100 ppm. Manually wash ware until repairs are complete. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 531 Dussel, Maumee, inspected Sept. 4. High temperature dish machine not properly sanitizing. To effectively sanitize dishes and utensils, this machine must wash at 150 degrees and rinse at 180 degrees. Ware washing must be done manually until repairs are complete. Corrected. Inspector: Bauman.

China Chef, 2528 Perrysburg-Holland, Maumee, inspected Sept. 5. Food thawing at room temperature. To prevent bacteria growth, thaw frozen food under refrigeration or in prep sink under cold running water. Repeat violation. Inspector: Bauman.

Liberty Nursing Center of Toledo, 2005 Ashland, inspected Aug. 17. Wet wipe cloths resting outside of wipe buckets. Store wipe cloths in wipe bucket to prevent bacterial growth. Inspector: Nathan Fries.

Sautter’s Food Center, 5519 S. Main, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 5. Baby powder and baby ointment stocked over baby food and juice in the baby food aisle. Do not stock baby powder or ointment above food and juice. Store chemicals below food and juice to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Dragon Phoenix Restaurant, 4204 W. Alexis, inspected Sept. 5. No date labeling observed on cooked items. Such items require seven-day discard date. Garlic and oil mixture sitting out at room temperature. Garlic and oil mixture must remain at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Garlic and oil mixture was discarded. Keep the garlic and oil in the cooler. Inspector: Gottschalk.

En Japanese Steakhouse, 5834 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 4. Unlabeled spray bottle in the sushi area. Chemical spray bottles must be properly labeled with the common name of the chemical to allow all employees to know what it contains. Store chemicals away from food and food contact items. Repeat violation. The three- compartment sink will not hold water. This sink must have the ability to hold water to allow employees to properly wash, rinse, and sanitize dishes. A facility cannot open without having proper means for washing and sanitizing dishes. Inspector: Gottschalk.

B Gump’s 101 Restaurant & Lounge, 5147 S. Main, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 4. A few cooked time/temperature control for safety foods items lack required seven-day discard date. Found open teriyaki sauce on the dry stock shelf; this is a refrigerate-after-opening item. The bottle was discarded. Read all labels for storage rules. Found rice at 47 degrees, roasted tomato at 48 degrees in prep top cooler.

Cold hold food at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Rice and roasted tomato was discarded. No paper towels available at the hand sink by the cook line. Stock hand sinks with hot/cold running water, hand soap, and paper towels. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Sammy’s Brunch, 5820 W. Central, inspected Sept. 5. Potatoes hot holding on the grill at 110 to 115 degrees. Hot hold at 135 degrees or higher. Adjust grill temperature. Repair the broken prep top cooler next to the grill. Foods in this cooler are being held cold at proper temperature on ice, but this cooler is not designed to be used in this manner. Ice may only be used as a temporary solution. If cooler is not fixed by next inspection, a public health order will be issued. Repeat violation. No seven-day discard date marking of foods in walk-in cooler as required. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Hampton Inn & Suites, 5865 Hagman, inspected Sept. 7. A damp cloth stored on the counter in the kitchen. When not in use, store all damp/soiled cloths in the wipe cloth bucket to limit the bacteria growth. Corrected. Cream cheese on an insufficient ice bath above 41 degrees. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or less. Corrected. An open bag of sausage rounds lacks required seven-day discard date.

Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Vito’s Pizza, 5145 Summit, inspected Sept. 7. Middle pizza make table holding food items at 43 to 45 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or less. Chemical spray bottle labeled sanitizer stored above the sandwich prep-cooler and a bottle labeled cleaner on a work surface above utensils. Store chemicals below or away from food and food contact items. Repeat violation. Inspector: Stanley.

Beer Dock, 932 N. Huron, inspected Sept. 7. Bottled beverages still stored in the basement. The basement is not clean and dry. Food items must be protected from contamination and be stored at least six inches off the floor in a clean and dry area. Repeat violation. Build up present on the inside of the coolers and fan guards. Clean inside of coolers regularly. Repeat violation. No hot water at the hand sink in the bathroom. Make repair/adjustment to return hot water to the sinks. Chemicals stored above food and food contact items on the sales shelf. Designate an area for chemicals below or away from food and food contact items. Inspector: Stanley.

Stanley ‘s Market, 3302 Stickney, inspected Aug. 28. Salads in the deli case and deli meat in the two-door cooler lack required seven-day discard dates. To prevent cross contamination store raw meats below other food and beverage items. Two chemical spray bottles stored above the prep sink and one was unlabeled. Designate an area for chemicals below or away from food and food contact areas. Label spray bottles with the common name of ingredients. Inspector: Stanley.

Gino’s, 1280 W. Alexis, inspected Sept. 5. Dry cloth towels and spray sanitizer used for used for wiping tables and counters. When using spray sanitizer a disposable towel must be used. Cloth towels harbor bacteria. Dirty ice scoop handle improperly stored in ice bin with handle in the ice. Ice scoop must be stored with handle out of ice or in a proper bucket to prevent cross contamination. Dishes stored on top of paper on wire shelving. Paper is absorbent, harbors bacteria, and may not be used under dish ware. Portion cups used as scoops in bulk food containers. A proper scoop with a handle stored upright must be used to prevent contamination from hands. Repeat violation. Food in prep cooler holding above 45 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or below. Meat sauce in walk-in cooler dated 8/29 and meatballs in prep top dated 8/21. Food must be discarded on the seventh day. Uncovered container of meat sauce in walk-in cooler. Once cooled food must be covered to prevent cross contamination. Light above fryer is not shielded, end caps are missing off tubes, and several lenses are cracked. Light must be shielded to prevent physical contamination should a bulb break. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

The New Bono Tavern LLC, 843 Main, Martin, Ohio, inspected Sept. 7. Raw eggs stored above ready to eat foods in one-door cooler. Practice proper food storage order to prevent possible cross contamination. Some food lacks required seven-day discard date or has past due date marks. Past due foods discarded. Food held longer than 24 hours shall be date marked once package opened or food cooked. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

Recently inspected restaurant with no violations:

Timbers Bowling Lanes, 1246 Conant, Maumee.

Southwyck Lanes, 5255 Heatherdowns.

Pearson’s Party Store, 3217 Seaman, Oregon.

Bambino’s Pizza, 4466 Monroe.

Heritage Child Care, 4848 Dorr.

Quality Time Too, 2301 Dorr.

DG’s, 10609 Jerusalem, Curtice.

Longhorn Steakhouse, 459 Dussel, Maumee.

Maumee High School, 1147 Saco, Maumee.

Wonder Hostess, 5405 Telegraph.

Ann Grady, 2139 S. Byrne.

YMCA @ Maumee Childcare Development Center, 716 Askin, Maumee.

Maumee Robin Inc., 3100 Main, Maumee.

Abe’s Daily Scoop, 3100 Main, Maumee.

Mel-O-Creme Inc., 8144 Airport, Holland.

Sweet Retreat, 1276 Michigan, Waterville.

Jake’s Saloon, 2520 Dorr.

A Promising Tomorrow, 890 W. Bancroft.

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