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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspection: 10/15

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Speedway, 5430 Monroe, inspected Sept. 21. No quat sanitizer available. Facility cannot operate food and beverage area without sanitizer. Found items in the condiment station at 70 degrees. Cold hold at 41 degrees or lower. Manager discarded all condiments in the unit. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Meijer, 1725 S. Wheeling, Oregon, inspected Sept. 24. Foods at unsafe temperature in deli display cooler. Service/adjust cooler to maintain proper proper temperature. Do not overstock self-service coolers. This can restrict airflow and raise temperatures. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

McDonald’s, 1225 Collingwood, inspected Sept. 25. Cheese slices lack required labeling with prep and discard times. Several flies in facility. Keep outside doors closed, clean regularly and thoroughly, and take garbage and grease out to Dumpster quickly and follow recommendations of a licensed pest control operator. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Flower Drum Restaurant, 49 S. Byrne, inspected Sept. 24. Prep top cooler holding food above 41 degrees. Repair cooler. Raw shell eggs sitting out at room temperature. Cold hold eggs at proper temperature. Raw chicken above carrots in walk-in cooler. Follow proper food storage order. Dirty knives stored in clean knife holder. Clean knives before being stored in knife holder. Inspector: Susdorf.

Church’s Chicken, 1102 South, inspected Sept. 26. Hand sink needs repaired to ensure proper hand washing is taking place. No paper towels available at the back hand sink. Stock with paper towels. No sanitizer available. During hours of operation, a supply of sanitizer must be available. Plug to three-compartment sink needs repaired. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Magic Wok, 601 Adams, inspected Sept. 27. Brown rice in rice warmer at 128 degrees rather than at 135 degrees or higher. Low water pressure at faucet and a plumbing leak at three-compartment sink. Make repairs. No paper towels available at hand sink. Stock with paper towels to ensure proper hand washing is taken place. Inspector: Susdorf.

Dollar Fifty Plus, 1312 Nebraska, inspected Sept. 26. Cooked chicken at 125 degrees rather than at required 41 degrees or lower. Obtain another hot warmer to hold chicken or cool uncovered in cooler to 41 degrees in six hours. Meatloaf out of date in cooler. Meatloaf had a discard date of 9/21. Monitor dates closely and discard food after seven-day discard period. Meatloaf was discarded. Inspector: Susdorf.

James A. Long dba Eagle’s Landing Golf Club, 5530 Bayshore, Oregon, inspected Sept. 21. Light bulbs and hand soap stored above bowls and plates in dry storage area. Store nonfood materials below all food/food items to prevent possible contamination. Inspector: Tester.

La Chanilla Tamaleria & More, 222 S. Summit, inspected Sept. 17. Several time and temperature controlled for safety foods at 46 degrees in cook line cooler. Food need to be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent bacteria growth. Cooler has ice build up on condensor. Make necessary repairs to cooler to maintain 41 degrees or less. Inspector: Susdorf.

Classic Cafe, 6742 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 26. Container of rice cooling with lid on it in the walk-in cooler. Follow proper cooling methods. Time/temperature control for safety food above 41 degrees in cooler by the steam table and in under counter cooler. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or lower. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Hooters, 4782 Monroe, inspected Sept. 25. A metal item stored in the back room hand washing sink. Do not store anything in a hand washing sink or use it for any purpose other that hand washing. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Arturo’s Fritz & Alfredo’s, 3025 N. Summit, inspected Sept. 26. Uncovered employee beverage on a work table in the kitchen. Employee beverages must have a lid with a straw and be stored away from food. Corrected. Raw shell eggs stored in cooler above ready-to-eat foods. Follow correct storage order.Corrected. Damp/soiled cloths stored on work surfaces throughout the kitchen. Store cloths in wipe cloth bucket. Corrected. Some food lacks required date mark. Corrected. Sanitize spray bottle and wipe cloth bucket behind the bars at less that 200 ppm quat. Keep sanitizer at proper level. Build up present inside ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Repeat violation. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Zingers Bar & Grill, 920 Matzinger, inspected Sept. 26. Employees eating in the kitchen. Employees must have a designated area to eat away from all food and food contact items/surfaces to prevent contamination to food and clean items/surfaces. After eating, employees must wash their hands before returning to work. Corrected. Open can of pop on work table in kitchen. Store employee beverages in separate area. Corrected. Soiled dishes in the prep sink. Do not use the prep sink to store any items or use for the cleaning of dishes. Corrected. Damp/soiled cloth stored on a work surface and no wipe cloth bucket setup in the kitchen. During all hours of operation, the facility must have wipe cloth buckets set up to properly store damp/soiled cloths and to properly sanitize surfaces to limit the growth of bacteria. Corrected. Pasta salad sitting on top of the under counter cooler at 50 degrees. Do not keep foods at room temperature. Build up present inside ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Repeat violation. A can of ant and roach spray in the kitchen. Pesticides must be applied by a licensed applicator. Contact a licensed pest control service. Inspector: Stanley.

Glass City Showgirls, 159 Matzinger, inspected Sept. 12. A damp/soiled cloth stored at the bar and no wipe cloth bucket setup. During hours of operation, the facility must have wipe cloth buckets setup to properly store damp/soiled cloths and to properly sanitize surfaces. Use proper level of sanitizer. Plastic cups at the bar stored next to chemical spray bottle. Designate an area for chemicals below or away from food and food contact items. Inspector: Stanley.

Ping On, 525 East Manhattan, inspected Sept. 12. An uncovered employee beverages in the kitchen. Employee beverages must have a lid to protect food and clean items from contamination, Repeat violation. Beef being prepped at sink with soiled dishes in the area. Food preparation must be conducted at the prep sink. Sanitize the prep sink before and after use. Repeat violation. Inspector: Stanley.

Mr. Hero, 525 East Manhattan, inspected Sept. 12. Main prep top cooler not in operation, the grill prep top cooler holding product above 41 degrees, and a beverage merchandising cooler used as the only source of refrigeration on the cook line. Refrigeration units must hold product at 41 degrees or colder. Facility will be required to provide a commercial-grade, approved prep top cooler able to hold product at proper temperature. Repeat violation. Inspector: Stanley.

Main Kitchen, 2001 East Central, inspected Sept. 25. Black bean burgers in the transport cart below 135 degrees rather than at required 135 degrees or hotter. Three carts of potatoes at room temperature at 60 degrees. Follow required temperatures to hold hot and cold foods. Build up present in the inside of the ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Inspector: Stanley.

McDonald’s, 1520 Cherry, inspected Sept. 11. Damp/soiled cloths stored on work surfaces rather than stored in bucket as required. Open bag of eggs stored at room temperature rather than at required hold temperature. Do not leave foods at room temperature. Corrected. Wipe-cloth buckets at 0 ppm chlorine. Use proper level of sanitizer. Build up present on the inside of the ice machine; clean and sanitize machine. Inspector: Stanley.

Raceway Park Clubhouse, 5700 Telegraph, inspected Sept. 15. An employee eating in the kitchen rather than in designated area. Inspector: Stanley.

Raceway Park Concession-Food A 1st, 5700 Telegraph, inspected Sept. 15. Can of ant and roach spray on site; pesticides must be applied by a licensed applicator. Inspector: Stanley.

Raceway Park Concession-Food B, 5700 Telegraph, inspected Sept. 15. Damp/soiled cloth stored on cutting board of prep top cooler. Store cloths in sanitizing solution. Corrected. Build up present inside ice machine. Clean and sanitize machine. Repeat violation. Inspector: Stanley.

Spaghetti Warehouse, 42 S. Superior, inspected Sept. 18. Cooked pasta stored at room temperature above 41 degrees rather than at proper cold-hold temperature. Water and debris in corner and behind the cook line, bar floor drain, service beverage area, under and around the dish machine and three bay, and the back food preparation areas. A leak behind the cook line and under the three-bay sink. allowing water to pool on the floor. Water must be properly disposed of throughout the day. Unused areas must be cleaned daily to eliminate water and debris accumulation. Repeat violation. Rotting on the base of the walls where water pools. Make necessary repairs to make a smooth and easily cleanable surface. Areas with damaged or no cover base molding-heavy build up present. Replace areas of missing and/or damaged cove base molding. Repeat violation. Pitted flooring areas throughout facility because of excessive water accumulation. Repeat violation. Resurface areas where the floor has pitted. Floors must be smooth, nonabsorbent, and easily cleanable. It is recommended to put properly placed floor drains throughout the kitchen to ensure water is draining properly without pooling. Build up present on the pop gun at the bar. Clean and sanitize daily allowing to air dry before use. Inspector: Cipiti.

Kroger, 1415 S. Byrne, inspected Sept. 19. Warm water at hand sink and three-compartment sink in produce back room. Hot water needs to be available for proper hand washing and ware washing. Contact licensed plumber. Inspector: Susdorf.

Lourdes University Cafe, 6832 Convent, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 21. Butane and sterno containers stored by food and food contact items. Store those items separate area. Provide hinged lids for containers of croutons and toppings in the salad bar and for lemon by the ice tea. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Meadowvale Elementary School, 2755 Edgebrooke, inspected Sept. 27. Upright cooler at 49 degrees rather thanat 41 degrees or colder. Relocate salad dressings. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Reynolds Elementary School, 5000 Norwich, inspected Sept. 26. Back door of kitchen not fitted tightly to frame, allowing entry of pests. Dead cricket was found. Repair or replace door. Inspector: Susdorf.

Ottawa Park Golf Course, 1 Walden Pond, inspected Sept. 24. Wipe bucket sanitizer strength at too high level. Reduce concentration to prevent chemical contamination. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Panda Chinese Restaurant, 1531 Sylvania, inspected Sept. 12. Raw chicken stored above vegetables in walk-in cooler. Store raw chicken below ready-to-eat food. Boxes and buckets of food stored on floor in walk-in freezer and cooler. Store food at least six inches off ground. Repeat violation. Wipe bucket concentration at 200 ppm bleach. Wipe bucket should be 50-100 ppm bleach. Back screen door doesn’t fit tightly, allowing possible entry of pests. Provide tight-fitting back screen door. Paint back wall to create a smooth, cleanable, and nonabsorbent surface. Floor, walls, and ceiling surfaces must be in good and clean condition. Repeat violation. Inspector: Nathan Fries.

Gateway Express Marathon, 3819 Havenhill, inspected Sept. 28. Bacon and eggs stored above, rather than below, ready-to-eat foods in walk-in cooler. Food sandwiches lack required seven-day discard date. Provide ingredient list for donuts. Inspector: Brady.

Maxwell’s Brew, 2661 W. Bancroft, inspected Sept. 27. Milk stored in front cooler at 46 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or colder. Corrected. Sanitizer in wipe bucket was 200 ppm chlorine rather than at 50-100 ppm. Inspector: Brady.

Generation’s Family Restaurant, 1917 W. Alexis, inspected Sept. 24. Soups, pasta, chili, eggs, and spaghetti sauce past the seven-day discard date. Food discarded. Cooked potatoes draining/cooling in three-compartment sink. Only the prep sink is to be used for prepping/draining food items. Inspector: Seger.

Swan Pointe Care Center, 3600 Butz, Maumee, inspected Sept. 21. Observed food reheating on the steam table. The steam table is for hot holding only. Follow proper reheating procedure. Inspector: Becker.

Lutheran Home at Toledo-Labuhn, 131 Wheeling, inspected Sept. 24. Display cooler holding foods at unsafe temperatures; adjust temperature. Inspector: Tester.

Howard’s Drive Thru, 1001 Nebraska, inspected Sept. 21. Several flies in facility. Keep door closed to prevent fly problem. General clean up is needed. Clutter, debris, and dirt on shelves and throughout the facility. Clean up facility and remove all clutter and unused equipment. Inspector: Susdorf.

Building Blocks Academic Learning Center, 3539 Hill, inspected Sept. 21. One-door cooler at 46 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or colder. Repair cooler. Inspector: Susdorf.

Tex-Mex Tortilleria, 846 South Broadway, inspected Sept. 21. Mice fetes throughout facility by shelves and sink. Facility has a lot of clutter and unused equipment where mice can harbor. Remove all clutter from facility and contact licensed pest control operator immediately. Several peeling walls throughout facility. Walls need to be smooth and easily cleanable. Paint walls. Inspector: Ssdorf.

Maurice’s Green Lantern, 509 Broadway, inspected Sept. 21. Hand sanitizer not soap at hand sink. Obtain hand soap for proper hand washing. Inspector: Susdorf.

Mac & Tong Place, 4330 W. Central, inspected Sept. 20. Chemical spray bottles with no labels. Label all general spray chemical bottles in kitchen and bar to prevent any chemical contamination. Inspector: Susdorf.

Bridget’s Country Take Out, 12 Hillwyck, inspected Sept. 19. Some food in three-door cooler being held above 41 degrees; remove items from cooler and repair cooler to maintain 41 degrees or colder. Macaroni and cheese cooling covered in cooler. Follow proper cooling procedure. Inspector: Susdorf.

Powerhouse Gym, 2715 W. Central, inspected Sept. 25. No hot water at hand sink and basin is blocked. Restore hot water immediately and unblock to properly wash hands. Blender is stored on dirty side drain board and orange juice dispenser is stored on clean side drain board of the three-compartment sink. Properly store food equipment to permit items to be washed, rinsed, and sanitized properly. No quat or bleach sanitizer available. Provide sanitizer. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Longfellow Elementary, 1955 W. Laskey, inspected Sept. 26. Provide bucket of sanitizer in the kitchen to properly sanitize food contact surfaces. Hand sink blocked by a cart. Keep hand sinks accessible for proper hand washing. Inspector: Wilke.

Toledo Behavioral, 930 S. Detroit, inspected Sept. 26. No sanitizer bucket setup where food handling is being done. Provide sanitizer bucket. Inspector: Wilke.

Ferdo’s Restaurant, 3065 W. Bancroft, inspected Sept. 26. Shaved gyro meat sitting out at 77 degrees. Hold food at proper temperature. Prep top cooler holding items in the box above 41 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or colder. Adjust cooler or call for repair. Inspector: Wilke.

Chili’s Grill & Bar, 4801 Talmadge, inspected Sept. 24. Food cooling covered in the walk in cooler. Do not cover food until it has cooled to at least 41 degrees. Queso dip holding hot at 110 degrees rather than at 135 degrees or hotter. Queso was reheated to at least 165 degrees. Grill cooler holding chicken at 46 degrees, raw beef at 48 degrees, and steak in the bottom portion at 45 degrees. Adjust or repair cooler to hold food at 41 degrees or colder. Inspector: Sattler.

Vito’s Pizza, 3130 W. Central, inspected Sept. 24. Pizza prep top cooler holding food at 41 to 44 degrees. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or colder. Adjust or repair cooler. Inspector: Sattler.

Panera Bread, 4050 Talmadge, inspected Sept. 25. Raw pasteurized eggs sitting out at room temperature at 66 degrees. Hold food at proper temperature. Keep sausage patties covered to maintain proper temperature. Inspector: Sattler.

Boston Market, 3808 Secor, inspected Sept. 25. Meatloaf pans stored beneath chemicals and cleaning supplies in the back room. Store food and contact items separate from chemicals and cleaning supplies. Pieces of chicken hot holding between 110 to 136 degrees rather than at 135 degrees or hotter. Inspector: Sattler.

BP/Barney’s Convenience Mart, 6127 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 26. Eggs stored over water in the cooler. Eggs must be placed on the bottom shelf in a cooler to protect cross contamination. Repeat violation. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Timbo’s Cones & Coneys, 5437 Alexis, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 25. Noddles cooling with lid on in cooler. Follow proper cooling procedure. No date labeling on prepared coney sauce in freezer. Properly date label food. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Sodexo at Brioche Doree, 2400 Cherry, inspected Sept. 10. Wipe bucket at 100 quat rather than at 200 ppm. Inspector: Nathan Fries.

Toledo Hospital, 2142 N. Cove, inspected Sept. 13. Ice build up on products in the main walk-in freezer. Food storage area should be free from possible cross-contamination. Determine source of the water and repair affected equipment. Meatloaf being held at 44 degrees in meat prep cooler. Cold hold at 41 degrees or colder. Chicken being held at 48 degrees on tray line. Chicken was placed back in cooler and brought down below 41 degrees. Hand washing sinks in the cafeteria were not dispensing hot water. Proper hand washing requires the of hot water. Contact maintenance and determine problem with hot water lines. Maintenance contacted. Inspector: Fries.

Davey K’s Joint, 5125 Monroe, inspected Sept. 18. Walk-in cooler holding food above 41 degrees. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or colder. Queso dip reheating in the hot hold cabinet at 117 and 70 degrees. Reheating must be done on a direct heat source. Reheat dip to 165 degrees immediately. No sanitizer detected in a wipe cloth bucket. Change sanitizer bucket as needed to maintain chlorine at 50-100 ppm. Inspector: Sattler.

Jackman School, 2010 Northover, inspected Sept. 21. Cheese and ranch dressing sitting out at unsafe temperatures. Cold hold such food at 41 degrees or colder or hot hold at 135 degrees or hotter. Inspector: Seger.

Recently inspected restaurant with no violations:

Tony’s Farm Market, 5449 Lewis.

Notre Dame Academy, 3535 Sylvania.

Pajolly’s, 2106 Sylvania.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center/Heart, 2400 Cherry.

Sundance Kid Drive-In, 4550 Navarre, Oregon.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 4109 Talmadge.

Detwiler Golf Course, 4001 N. Summit.

University of Toledo Early Learning Center, 1932 Birchwood.

Kam Wah Restaurant, 38 N. River, Waterville.

Samuel M. Jones at Gunkel Park Elementary, 430 Nebraska.

Stewart Elementary School, 707 Avondale.

EOPA Toledo Lucas County Head Start St. James, 872 Orchard.

Rhodes Garden Fresh, 4171 Monroe.

Butch Cassidy Canteen, 4550 Navarre, Oregon.

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