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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspections: 2-4

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Thirty Main Dining, 26 Main, inspected Jan. 14. Sanitizer in bucket was below 150 ppm. To ensure proper sanitation, maintain at 150 to 400 ppm. Use a test kit everyday to verify concentration. Corrected. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Building Blocks Academic Learning Center, 3539 Hill, inspected Jan. 18. One-door cooler holding food at 44 to 45 degrees. Food needs to be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Cooler’s temperature gauge was on coldest setting. Make necessary repairs to cooler to maintain proper temperature. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Learning Ladder Child Care 2, LLC, 1904 N. Reynolds, inspected Jan. 18. Employees’ food and belongings mixed in with facility’s food. Designated employee shelf in cooler and dry storage area for employees’ use away from any of the facility’s food. Inspector: Susdorf.

Next Generation Childcare, Inc., 26 Hillwyck, inspected Jan. 18. Employees’ food stored with facility’s food in cooler. Designated an employee shelf in cooler to separate employees’ food from facility’s food. Employees’ belongings need to be stored in an area away from the facility’s food to prevent cross contamination. Three-bay and hand sinks without enough hot water. Hot water must be available at all times to properly wash hands, food-contact equipment, and utensils. Either water tank/supply is undersized, or it is malfunctioning. Repair system. Inspector: Susdorf.

Emmanuel Christian School, 4607 W. Laskey, inspected Jan. 17. Set sink up as follows from left to right: sanitize, rinse, wash. Chlorine is 1 1/2 cap to 2/3 basin water. Check with chlorine test strips; should be 50 to 100 ppm. Inspector: Mike Brady.

McDonald’s, 90 Main, inspected Jan. 18. Food stored at room temperature without being marked with proper time limits. When using time in lieu of temperature, food items must be marked with a maximum four-hour time limit. Shell eggs, sliced cheese, and burritos were all out of the cooler and no times were marked. Maintain paperwork stating time limitations if time exceeds four-hour hold. Inspector: Cipiti.

Save-a-Lot, 702 Woodville, inspected Jan. 18. Packaged hams found above 41 degrees because they were not stored the all way inside the display cooler. To ensure safe temperatures, when stocking shelves always place food correctly inside cooler and below max fill line. Inspector: Cipiti.

Senor Toros, 1001 Starr, inspected Jan. 18. Empty hand soap dispenser. To ensure proper hand washing, restock the hand soap as soon as it is emptied. Corrected. Inspector: Cipiti.

Savage Arena #1, 2801 W. Bancroft, inspected Jan. 23. French fries holding at 120 degrees in pan covered with foil. Hot food must be held at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

The Laurels of Toledo, 1011 N. Byrne, inspected Jan. 24. Facility has removed main hand sink from the kitchen. The hand sink is essential to the operation of this facility and must be reinstalled within 24 hours. No changes, especially the removal of a hand sink, shall be made without health department prior approval. Inspector: Wilke.

Quizno’s, 5350 Airport, inspected Jan. 19. Vegetable prep-top cooler not keeping food 41 degrees or lower. Pickles, guacamole, and tomatoes at 62 degrees. Tomatoes and guacamole discarded. This cooler has failed several times previously and must be watched closely or replaced. Inspector: Brady.

Savage Arena #3, 2801 W. Bancroft, inspected Jan. 23. The low-temperature dish machine is not dispensing chemical sanitizer. Contact Ecolab to service the dish machine to dispense 50 to 100 ppm chlorine sanitizer on its final rinse. Chemical spray bottles stored above the three-bay sink. Store all chemicals below and away from food-contact surfaces to prevent contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Wilke.

Savage Arena Suites Kitchen, 2801 W. Bancroft, inspected Jan. 23. There is no hot water at any of the sinks. Hand sink and three-bay sink must have at least 100-degree water to properly wash hands and dish ware. Restore hot water immediately. Nacho cheese dispenser holding cheese at 133 degrees. Food must be held hot at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Adjust dispenser accordingly. Inspector: Wilke.

West Park Place, 3501 Executive, inspected Jan. 24. Speed rack with individual portions of salad dressing out at room temperature at 65 degrees. Food must be held cold under refrigeration at 41 degrees or lower. Operator stated that the dressings were removed from the walk-in cooler while a delivery was being put away. Dressings were placed under refrigeration. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Blackwood Grille, 3309 N. Holland-Sylvania, inspected Jan. 23. No employees present who are qualified in Food Safety Level 1, as required by foodservice license at all times of operation. Outdated bean soup (Jan. 15), barbecue pork (Jan. 14), sloppy joe (Jan. 12), and hot dog sauce (Jan. 14) present past their seven-day hold times. Refrigerated, ready-to-eat food may only be held up to seven days at 41 degrees or lower to inhibit bacteria growth. Outdated foods discarded. Inspector: Sattler.

CityQ Barbeque, 7402 W. Central, inspected Jan. 9. Display cooler holding at improper temperatures of 50 to 54 degrees. Food items must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Cole slaw, pre-made salads, and whipped cream in cooler discarded. Several items sitting at improper temperature that require refrigeration, including butter at 59 degrees, horseradish at 60 degrees, pork at 126 degrees, and blanched fries at 47 degrees. These foods must be held at 135 degrees or higher or 41 degrees or below. Keep these items in cold or hot holding, unless time in lieu of temperature procedures are created and logs are kept, to prevent bacteria growth. Pork, horseradish, and butter discarded, and fries placed back into the cooler. Inspector: Julie Nye.

K & J Meats, 2130 S. Holland-Sylvania, inspected Jan. 16. Incorrect food storage order. Raw chicken and raw ground meat stored over raw whole cut meat in the deli cooler and the meat walk-in cooler. Follow proper storage order to prevent cross contamination. Top portion of large deli case holding at 42 to 46 degrees. Foods on lower shelves holding at 41 degrees or below. Food items must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Adjust cooler so all foods maintain proper temperature. Inspector: Nye.

Waffle House, 7050 Orchard Center, Holland, inspected Jan. 23. Sausage gravy is holding at 100 degrees in the hot well. Potentially hazardous food must hot hold at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Gravy was double panned in the hot well; be sure food pan in direct contact with hot water to maintain proper temperature. Gravy reheated. Three-bay sink has chemicals on drain boards and food on drain boards and in sinks waiting to be put away. Single-use containers in prep sink and mop buckets in hand sink. These sinks are designated for specific uses and must not have chemicals, food, or cleaning items on drain boards or inside sinks because of contamination potential and need for proper use. Inspector: Sara Becker.

The Buzz Family Diner, LLC, 6670 Providence, Whitehouse, inspected Jan. 23. Potentially hazardous foods found in the coolers with expired discard dates. Potentially hazardous food opened, prepared, or thawed must be date marked with a seven-day expiration date for proper rotation. Use a two-date system to eliminate confusion and rotate and discard past-dated foods at the beginning of each day. Expired food discarded. Inspector: Becker.

Paddy Jack’s, 6725 Central, inspected Jan. 18. Bar and grill-area hand sinks without soap and paper towels. Hand sinks must be fully stocked with soap, paper towels and hot water for proper hand washing. Inspector: Becker.

Mr. Gyros & More, 3833 Airport, inspected Jan. 23. Chlorine sanitizer at 400 ppm, plus soap added to wipe cloth bucket. Must be 50 to 100 ppm chlorine. Do not add soap. Inspector: Brady.

Happy Rose Buffet, 5335 Airport, inspected Jan. 22. No sanitizer solution in use. Several soiled wipe cloths on food prep counter without sanitizer. No wipe cloth or sanitizer bucket present. This is a must throughout work day. Replace cracked/deformed cutting board in sushi. Do not reuse scallop shells for any reason. Bin under dirty dish table. Inspector: Brady.

Wendy’s, 3465 Stickney, inspected Jan. 15. Cooked hamburger patties and chicken breasts in hot-holding drawers below 135 degrees. Unit was not turned on. To limit bacteria growth, food in hot holding must maintain 135 degrees or above. Product discarded. Chili meat cooling completely covered in the walk-in cooler. To limit the bacteria growth, food being cooled must be uncovered to allow heat to escape. Corrected. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Grace’s Kitchen, 5241 N. Summit, inspected Jan. 15. Uncovered employee beverage on a work surface in the kitchen. Employee beverages must have lids and be stored to protect food and clean items and surfaces from contamination. Repeat violation. Cooked potatoes stored at room temperature at 58 degrees. To limit bacteria growth, all food must be held cold at 41 degrees or below, or hot at 135 degrees or above. Ready-to-eat food items in the two-door cooler without date marking. To limit bacteria growth, all ready-to-eat food items kept longer than 24 hours require a date mark for a seven-day hold time at 41 degrees or lower. Inspector: Stanley.

Marco’s Pizza, 2658 W. Central, inspected Jan. 18. Bottom portion of pizza prep cooler holding food at 45 to 46 degrees and has ambient air temperature of 43 degrees. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower at all times to inhibit bacteria growth. Adjust or repair this cooler to maintain proper temperature. Inspector: Sattler.

Toledo Asian Market, LLC, 5115 Monroe, inspected Jan. 18. Food items that are portioned and packaged in this facility must be properly labeled. Each individual package must have a label that includes stored name and address, common name of the food, net weight, and ingredient list (if more than one ingredient). No labels on packaged produce items and cashews. Sausage product is labeled but has no ingredient statement. Inspector: Sattler.

Hooters, 4782 Monroe, inspected Jan. 17. Due to the configuration and arrangement of equipment at the cook line, there is no hand washing sink easily accessible for the cook. Provide a hand washing sink with hot and cold running water, soap and paper towels to allow for proper and frequent hand washing. The bar hand washing sink has lemon wedges and straws in it. The other sink in this area is blocked. Inspector: Sattler.

Chuck E Cheese’s, 5077 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Jan. 22. Dish machine not dispensing any chlorine sanitizer at the final rinse. Call for repairs immediately. Dish machine repaired. Marinara sauce 128 degrees in the warmer. Hot hold this food must be held hot at 135 degrees or higher. Adjust warmer unit and discard out-of-temperature sauce. Hot water turned off at hand-washing sink in the food prep area. Hot water must be available at times for proper hand washing and must never be turned off at sinks. Hot water turned back on. No sanitizer bucket set up. Sanitizer bucket with the correct concentration of sanitizer must be set up in each food prep area for wiping down food-prep surfaces. Wet wiping towels out on surfaces. Store wet wiping towels in sanitizer when not in use to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Sattler.

Taco Bell, 1317 N. Reynolds, inspected Jan. 22. Quat sanitizer dispensing above 400 ppm in dispenser at three-bay sink. Quat sanitizer needs to be at 200 ppm for proper sanitizing of food utensils and contact surfaces. Adjust dispenser. Inspector: Susdorf.

Howard’s Drive Thru, 1001 Nebraska, inspected Jan. 22. Designate an employee shelf in beer walk-in cooler to separate employee items from facility’s food. Employee belongings need to be stored in an area away from facility’s food. Inspector: Susdorf.

Family House, 669 Indiana, inspected Jan. 22. Chicken nuggets at 100 degrees. Hot food needs to be brought to facility from caterer at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Make sure food is stored in shallower pans to maintain 135 degrees or higher. Inspector: Susdorf.

Jominic’s Trattoria, 612 Adams, inspected Jan. 22. Monitor date marking and discard when necessary after seven days. Inspector: Cipiti.

Le Mexicana, 764 Oak, inspected Jan. 22. Store raw meat below ready-to-eat food to prevent contamination. Inspector: Cipiti.

Oregon Fuel Mart, 5805 Navarre, inspected Jan. 22. Pizza at unsafe temperatures of 118 degrees in hot holding unit. Food must be held at 134 degrees or above to prevent bacteria growth. Adjust or repair unit so proper temperature is maintained. Pizza discarded. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

Little Sisters of the Poor, 930 S. Wynn, Oregon, inspected Jan. 23. Main upright cooler holding food (custard, dates, whip cream) at unsafe temperatures of 43 degrees. Food must be held at an internal temperature of 41 degrees or lower to limit bacteria growth. Service/adjust cooler to maintain proper temperatures. Inspector: Tester.

Balance Pan Asian Grille, 5860 W. Central, inspected Jan. 23. Chicken wings and breaded chicken are cooling improperly in the two-door cooler. These foods were cooked this morning and are in deep, covered containers stacked inside the cooler at 60 to 72 degrees. Food must be cooled rapidly to prevent bacteria growth. Food must cool from 135 to 70 degrees in two hours or less, then from 70 to 41 degrees in the next four hours or less. Food must be cooled using shallow pans uncovered in the cooler until they reach 41 degrees or lower. Food may not be transferred to deep pans or covered until they reach 41 degrees or lower. This facility has very limited space for cooling. Additional refrigeration may be required if this cannot be corrected. A sanitizer bucket with the correct concentration of sanitizer must be set up for wiping down surfaces and storing wet wiping towels. No bucket set up. This was corrected with chlorine bleach at 100 ppm. Sauce bucket stored in front of the back hand washing sink. Do not store any items in front of the hand sink. It must remain clear and easily accessible for hand washing. Inspector: Sattler.

Corduroy Carryout, LLC, 5781 Corduroy, Oregon, inspected Jan. 24. Raw ground beef stored on top of beer. Practice proper food storage order to prevent possible cross contamination. Chicken on bottom, then ground meats, whole meats/fish, then ready-to-eat food on top. Deli cooler holding food at unsafe temperatures (40 to 44 degrees). Food must be held at 41 degrees or lower to limit bacteria growth. Service/adjust cooler to maintain proper internal temperature of food. Food items without date marks (chili mac, lunch meats, etc). Ready-to-eat food items must have a date mark to determine the discard date. Food may be held seven days at 41 degrees to prevent bacteria growth. The owner stated that the food was just opened yesterday and will be dated. Inspector: Tester.

Courtyard by Marriott, 1435 East Mall, Holland, inspected Jan. 7. Butter and cream cheese at improper temperatures of 55 to 56 degrees. Food items must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Cream cheese and butter discarded. Dish machine thermostat not working properly. Dish machine internal temperature reaching 180 degrees and changing the thermostat label, but the thermostat is not indicating that the dish machine is reaching 180 degrees and something fluctuates from a high temperature to 0 in the rinse cycle. Repair the dish machine thermostat. Inspector: Nye.

Shawn’s Irish Tavern, 7436 W. Bancroft, inspected Jan. 10. Cheese in prep-top cooler at improper temperature of 55 degrees. Food items must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Prep-top cooler missing a container by the cheese, possibly letting out the cold air that can keep the cheese at 41 degrees or below. Cheese was discarded and a container was placed in the opening. Fish sitting in standing water waiting to be prepped. When thawing, fish must in the prep sink with cold running water to limit bacteria growth. Fish was drained and placed in walk-in cooler until ready to be prepped. Inspector: Nye.

Kroger, 850 S. McCord, Holland, inspected Jan. 14. Improper storage order in the meat walk-in cooler. Raw meat stored above ham and raw ground meat over raw whole cut meat. Follow proper storage order to prevent contamination. Top to bottom: produce and prep cooked items, raw whole cuts, raw ground meats, poultry. Inspector: Brady.

Grape Leaf Diner, 909 S. McCord, Holland, inspected Jan. 14. Prep-top cooler (bottom) holding at improper temperature of 43 degrees. Food items must hold at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Adjust cooler so it holds food at 41 degrees or below. Several food items without date marks. Ready-to-eat food items must have date marks to determine discard date and prevent bacteria growth. Date mark ready-to-eat food items. A chemical bottle without label. Chemical bottles must have labels to identify contents to prevent chemical contamination. Inspector: Nye.

Cinco De Mayo Amigos, 6975 W. Central, inspected Jan. 15. Cheese reheated improperly on the steam table. Food items must be reheated over a direct heat source (oven, stove top, or microwave) to 165 within two hours to limit bacteria growth. Cheese placed in a double boiler on stove top and reheated. Inspector: Nye.

Deez Diner, 2007 Holland Sylvania, inspected Jan. 16. Gravy, soup, chili, and chili sauce in the steam table at improper temperatures of 114 to 129 degrees. Food items that are being reheated must be reheated over a direct heat source. Inspector: Nye.

Fetoosh Deli 1, 6725 W. Central, inspected Jan. 18. Gyro meat cooling from being sliced off a large gyro cooking. When cooling the food must be cooled using a controlled cooling method to prevent bacteria growth. The gyro meat can be placed in a shallow pan and placed in the cooler. It must cool from 135 to 70 degrees within two hours, and from 70 to 41 degrees within the next four hours. Inspector: Nye.

San Marcos Supermarkets, 719 Galena, inspected Jan. 15. Raw beef stored above bags of onions in the walk-in cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats and shell eggs below other food items. Corrected. Beef reheating in the steam table. To destroy bacteria growth, reheats must reach a minimum of 165 degrees over direct heat source within two hours, for example flat-top grill, stove top, or in oven before placing into the steam table. Corrected. Cooked rice in the walk-in cooler without a date mark. To limit bacteria growth, ready-to-eat food items kept longer that 24 hours require a date mark for seven-day hold time at 41 degrees or lower. Day One is the day the product was made. Items received from the Broadway location must be dated. Menudo in the walk-in cooler with a prep date of 1/7/13. To limit bacteria growth, ready-to-eat food items may only be held for up to seven days. Product discarded. A bottle of Windex stored on the bottom of the prep table with the sugar. Designate an area for chemicals below or away from food and food-contact items to prevent chemical contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Los Amigos Family Restaurant, 3236 Stickney, inspected Jan. 15. Refried beans and gravy not properly reheated to 165 degrees before adding to the steam table. To destroy bacteria growth, reheated food must reach 165 degrees over direct heat before placing in the steam table. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Lee Williams Meats, Inc., 3002 131st, inspected Jan. 15. Damp cloth in the hand sink behind the meat counter. To limit bacteria growth, store damp/soiled cloths in a sanitizer bucket at 100 ppm chlorine or 200 ppm quat. Hand sinks are for hand washing only. Boxes of food items stored on the floor in the dry storage area. Food items must be protected from contamination; store in a clean and dry area at least six inches off the floor. Repeat violation. Single-use containers used to store spices and sauces. Use only food approved, commercial grade, NSF approved containers to store food items. Repeat violation. Chemical spray bottles labeled for oven cleaner but holding mineral oil. To prevent chemical contamination, spray bottles must be properly marked with contents’ common names. Repeat violation. Inspector: Stanley.

Mac’s Convenience, 3380 Lagrange, inspected Jan. 16. In-use utensils stored in the wipe cloth bucket at 200 ppm chlorine. In-use utensils must be held in a clean and dry container or surface and must be cleaned and sanitized at least every four hours. Do not store any use utensils in standing water or in the wipe cloth bucket. Food items in hot holding cabinet at lower than 135 degrees. To limit bacteria growth, food in hot holding must maintain 135 degrees or above. Product discarded. Repeat violation. Three-bay sink compartments are dirty. Thoroughly clean and sanitize the entire sink and maintain in clean condition to allow proper ware washing. Three-bay sink also not draining properly; make necessary repairs. Baby product on the sales shelf past the manufacturer’s expiration date. Check baby product dates on a routine basis to pull expired product. Baby food items may not be sold past manufacturer’s expiration date. Repeat violation. Inspector: Stanley.

Bayside Boardwalk, 2759 Seaman, Oregon, inspected Jan. 23. Food in walk-in cooler without date marks (ham, cooked veggies). Food held longer that 24 hours must be date marked and can be held for no more than seven days to limit bacteria growth. Day food prepared or package opened counts as Day 1. Inspector: Tester.

The Spot Mart, Inc., 525 Dorr, inspected Jan. 23. No chlorine sanitizer bucket set up. A chlorine sanitizer bucket of 50 to 100 ppm must be set up at all times when working in kitchen. Corrected. Prep sink turned off and inaccessible. Prep sink needs to be accessible and working at times for proper produce washing. If prep sink doesn’t work, then facility needs to receive produce pre-washed. Individual cups of ice for retail sale with no label. Individual cups of ice must be labeled with responsibility statement, net weight, and ingredients. Submit label for approval by health department. Inspector: Susdorf.

China Star, 527 Dorr, inspected Jan. 23. No hot water at hand sink in back of facility. Hot water of at least 100 degrees needs to be available at all times at hand sink for proper hand washing. Obtain hot water immediately at hand sink. Corrected. Raw chicken over onion in walk-in cooler. Onions and ready-to-eat food need to be stored above raw meats to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Susdorf.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

Premier Volleyball, 1630 Market, Maumee.

Deet’s BBQ, 1385 Conant, Maumee.

Beverly Elementary School, 3548 S. Detroit.

Fairfield School, 1313 Eastfield, Maumee.

Elizabeth House for Assisted Living, 2720 Albon, Springfield Township.

Elizabeth House Building, 2720 Albon, Springfield Township.

General Nutrition Center, 6832 Russell, Maumee.

International House Convenience Store, 2801 W. Bancroft.

Dollar General, 5720 Secor.

St. Joseph’s Parish School, 112 W. Broadway, Maumee.

Subway, 1500 Main, Maumee.

Savage Arena #2, 2801 W. Bancroft.

Subway, 540 S. Reynolds.

Crescent Learning Center, 5227 Main.

Savage Arena #4, 2801 W. Bancroft.

Gateway Middle School, 900 Gibbs, Maumee.

Whitehouse Country Manor, 11239 Waterville, Whitehouse.

Taco Bell, 7030 Orchard, Holland.

McDonald’s, 14225 Airport, Swanton.

Speedway, 14155 Airport, Swanton.

Ko’s Garden, 14241 Airport, Swanton.

My Mommy’s Candy, 5053 N. Summit.

Subway, 4224 Airport.

Rudy’s Hot Dog, 6069 N. Summit.

Subway, 5001 Monroe.

Fort Miami Elementary School, 2501 River, Maumee.

Stewart Elementary School, 707 Avondale.

Char’s Mart, 766 Oak.

Tom’s Bar-B-Que & Grill, 702 Front.

Coy Elementary School, 3604 Pickle, Oregon.

Toddler’s School II, 3158 Navarre, Oregon.

St. Luke’s Hospital, 5901 Monclova, Maumee.

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