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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspections: 3-11

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


McDonald’s, 1540 Broadway, inspected Feb. 20. Lukewarm water at hand sinks. Hot water needs to be available at hand sinks for proper hand washing. Restore hot water at hand sinks. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Hollywood Casino Toledo - Final Cut, 777 Hollywood, inspected Feb. 19. Raw shell eggs and fish stored above ready-to-eat food in cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats and shell eggs below other food items. Corrected. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Hollywood Casino Toledo - Skybox, 777 Hollywood, inspected Feb. 19. Chemical spray bottles hanging on a cart with clean utensils. Designated an area for chemicals below or away from food and food-contact items. Inspector: Stanley.

Club Chablis Inc., 5405 N. Detroit, inspected Feb. 21. Buildup present inside the pop gun. Clean and sanitize daily. Corrected. Chemical spray bottles stored above pop syrups. Store chemicals separately from food and food-contact items. Inspector: Stanley.

Lutheran Home at Toledo-Labuhn, 131 Wheeling, inspected Feb. 22. Display cooler holding food at unsafe temperatures. Cold hold at 41 degrees or lower to limit bacteria growth. Adjust cooler. Provide thermometer inside unit for more accurate temperature readings. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

The Upper Echelon LLC, 2705 Monroe, inspected Feb. 19. Wiping cloths resting out of sanitizer rather than stored in sanitizer bucket to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Tester.

Community Variety, 2165 Ashland, inspected Feb. 13. Milk and eggs at 45 degrees rather than at 41 degrees. Damaged flooring throughout the facility. Floors need to be smooth and easily cleanable. Replace/repair flooring. Outside hand sink has been turned off. Winterize pipes so the sink can be used in the winter for proper hand washing at the grill. Facility using a coffee urn as a temporary outdoor hot water source; the sink still needs winterized so that it can be used. Inspector: Nathan Fries.

The Mirage, 950 Buckingham, inspected Feb. 15. Food holding above 41 degrees. Cold hold food at below 41 degrees to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Fries.

King Garden, 2839 Monroe, inspected Feb. 13. Chicken, fish, and cut peppers and mushrooms on drain board of three-bay sink. Do not store or put any food in three-bay sink. Use food prep sink only; sanitize food prep sink before and after washing or thawing food and between food types. Raw chicken stored above lettuce in walk-in cooler. Follow proper storage order. Inspector: Mike Brady.

China House, 1122 N. Byrne, inspected Feb. 12. Packaged beef flank steaks on drain board of dirty-dish side of three-bay sink. Do not put any food in or on three-bay sink. No sanitizer solution. Use for sanitizing food contact surfaces: 100 ppm chlorine. Inspector: Brady.

Briskets, 2474 Navarre, Oregon, inspected Feb. 25. Cooked potatoes stored at room temperature of 75 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or below or 135 degrees or hotter to limit bacteria growth. Potatoes discarded. Bottle of degreaser above food-prep sink. Store chemicals in separate area away and/or below any food, food items, or equipment to prevent possible contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Tester.

The Hungry I, 6060 Renaissance Place, inspected Feb. 25. Glass dish machine at the bar is not dispensing chlorine sanitizer at proper level. Contact Ecolab to service the dish machine. Do not use dish machine until it is reinspected. Quat sanitizer in the wipe cloth buckets tested low. Maintain quat sanitizer at level to properly sanitize food-contact surfaces. Corrected. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Winterfield Ventures Academy, 3015 Wenz, inspected Feb. 25. Milk on line at 45 degrees. There is no cooler on line. Make sure to use milk cooler on line to properly store milk during lunch periods to maintain 41 degree or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Susdorf.

Sofo Foods, 5400 Monroe, inspected Feb. 26. Working thermometer needed in fresh red meat self-service case. Four non-working thermometers. Inspector: Brady.

McCord Junior High School, 4304 McCord, Sylvania, inspected Feb. 26. Apples with stickers still on them on serving line. Apples need to be properly washed in prep sink and stickers removed before being served to students. Inspector: Susdorf.

The City Diner, 4202 Monroe, inspected Feb. 21. Under-counter cooler holding food above 41 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or lower. Container of dressing stored in the edible ice in ice machine. Do not store anything in the edible ice. Found an opened container of Italian dressing, labeled for refrigeration after opening, sitting out at room temperature. Store food under refrigeration to hold 41 degrees or lower. Quat sanitizer in three-bay sink is low at 100 ppm. Maintain quat sanitizer at proper level to safely sanitize. No sanitizer bucket set up as required during hours of operation to sanitize food-contact surfaces. Inspector: Wilke.

Zingers Bar & Grill, 920 Matzinger, inspected Feb. 20. Raw beef steaks stored above deli meats in under-counter cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats and shell eggs below other food items. Corrected. Barley soup that had been held at room temperature now in the cooler at 58 degrees. To limit bacteria growth, do not keep food at room temperature. Keep food in cold holding at 41 degrees or lower. Inspector: Stanley.

Horizon Science Academy Toledo, 2600 W. Sylvania, inspected Feb. 25. Raw shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat food in the reach-in cooler and milk cooler. Store raw shell eggs below ready-to-eat food. The eggs and some other foods are not normal school breakfast/lunch menu items; they are being served outside regular school hours. There is no room to separate these food from the regular menu items in the kitchen refrigeration and need to be stored elsewhere. Eggs were removed. Quat sanitizer in the bucket on the serving line is low at 100 ppm. Maintain quat at 200 ppm to safely sanitize food contact surfaces. Corrected. Inspector: Wilke.

Lourdes University Cafe, 6832 Convent, Sylvania, inspected Feb. 25. Several items in under-counter at 45 degrees. Items need to be held at 41 degrees or lower. Repair cooler. Unlabeled chemical bottles under hand sink in cafe. Generic chemical spray bottles need to be properly labeled with chemical names to prevent contamination. Inspector: Susdorf.

Robert’s Food & Spirits, 2633 N. Detroit, inspected Feb. 22. Raw shrimp stored above ready-to-eat food items, including corn bread, in the one-door cooler. Store raw meats and shell eggs below other food items. Chicken thawing in three-bay sink with soiled dishes in the next compartment. Protect food items from contamination; do not use the three-bay sink for any food procedures. The facility will need to install a separate, commercial-grade prep sink with a two-inch gap to the plumbing if a sink is needed for food-prep procedures. Chicken must be discarded because of potential contamination. No probe-style thermometer available for verifying proper food temperatures. Provide probe-style thermometer. Inspector: Stanley.

Treo, 5703 Main, Sylvania, inspected Feb. 27. Out-of-date lasagna in prep-top cooler. Monitor dates more closely and discard any prepared items after seven days. Lasagna discarded. Chemical dish machine at 0 ppm chlorine final rinse rather than 50 ppm chlorine. Sanitizer was empty. Once replaced, chlorine dish machine was at 50 ppm final rinse. Employees must check the concentration of sanitizer often to make sure it is working. Inspector: Susdorf.

Church’s Chicken, 2124 Franklin, inspected Feb. 28. Broken hot water faucet at three-bay sink and hand sink. Hot water faucet needs to work properly to ensure proper hand washing and ware washing. Facility needs to repair faucet on three-bay sink by next week or public health order will be issued. Leak under sanitizer basin of three-bay sink. Plumbing needs to be in good working condition and free of leaks. Water is leaking from underneath the sink into a bucket so frequently that the sanitizer sink cannot be used properly to sanitize dishes. Leak needs to be repaired by next week or public health order will be issued. Several missing and cracked tiles throughout facility. Tiles are either missing or cracked by the fryers, three-compartment sink, and in the entry way into the dry storage room causing puddles of water to be present. Floor needs to be smooth and easily cleanable. Missing and cracked tiles creates water puddles which can attract pests. Replace missing cracked tiles. Repeat violation. Two-door, under-counter cooler holding biscuit dough at 46 degrees. Cold hold food at 41 degrees or lower. Repair cooler. Dough was removed from cooler. Water dripping from overhead light onto container of food in walk-in cooler. Store food away from leaking water in cooler to prevent cross contamination. Walk-in cooler has a lot of condensation. Make repairs to prevent condensation from dripping off of lights. No paper towels or soap at back hand sink. Hand sinks need to have soap and paper towels for proper hand washing. Quat sanitizer bucket below 100 ppm with dirty water. Quat sanitizer buckets need to be at 200 ppm for proper sanitizing of food contact surfaces. Change buckets more frequently. Large amount of rust observed on walk-in cooler shelves. Cooler shelves must be in good condition, smooth, and easily cleanable. Replace the rusty shelves or refinish them to create a smooth, cleanable and rust free surface. Inspector: Susdorf.

Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

Liban Hookah Lounge, 1471 Secor.

Club Soda, 3922 Secor.

Sunset Village - Overmyer Family Kitchen, 9640 Sylvania-Metamora, Sylvania.

Sunset Village - Freeman Family Kitchen, 9640 Sylvania-Metamora, Sylvania.

Sunset Village - Finley Family Kitchen, 9640 Sylvania-Metamora, Sylvania.

VFW 5530 Frankowski Post, 415 E. Central.

Goerlich Center, 5320 Harroun, Sylvania.

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