Restaurant Inspections: 3-18


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Arby’s, 1205 W. Alexis, inspected March 6. Manager and employees with painted artificial nails, not wearing gloves, and wearing jewelry. Food employees shall keep their fingernails trimmed, filed, and maintained so the edges and surfaces are cleanable and not rough. Unless wearing intact gloves in good repair, a food employee may not wear fingernail polish or artificial fingernails when working with exposed food. While preparing food, employees may not wear jewelry on their arms or hands except for plain rings, such as wedding bands, and medical alert bracelets, provided the latter is worn or secured so as to pose no risk to food. Both hand sinks with long waits for warm water. Hand sinks must be properly stocked with warm running water, soap, and hand towels. Long waits for warm water indicates proper hand washing is not being conducted. Wash hands frequently between tasks, glove changes, handling dirty dishes, using restroom, or touching hair, body, clothing or immediately after handling raw meats or shell eggs. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Country Grains, 6808 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected March 6. Ingredients label for chicken salad and potato salad and some other items must be expanded. Ingredients from mayonnaise, cream cheese, etc., must be placed on the label. Follow the retail ingredient labeling sheet on your cooler for proper labeling rules. Facility removed chicken salad and potato salad from the True cooler and placed items in the deli cooler to hand to customers. If items are packaged for retail sale, the product must be properly labeled with the list of ingredients, net weight, date, and store information. Chicken salad dated for 10 days; homemade chicken salad must be dated for a seven-day discard date. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

The Sodbuster Bar, 5758 N. Main, Sylvania, inspected March 6. No hand soap or paper towels at the bar hand sink and kitchen hand sink blocked. Hand sinks must be stocked with hot/cold running water, hand soap, and paper towels for proper hand washing to prevent cross contamination. Repeat violation 3/19/12 and 11/1/12. Corrected. No grease trap under the three-bay sink. Ware washing sinks require a grease trap. According the pre-license inspection, an internal grease trap should have been installed no later than May, 2012, if an external grease trap did not exist. Contact this department to discuss the grease trap. Contact a licensed plumber to install the grease trap. Apply for the proper permits for the grease trap. Raw sausage stored on top of gelatin shots in the two-door cooler. Raw meats must be stored on the bottom or below ready-to-eat food to protect from cross contamination. Follow proper food storage order in coolers. Leftover taco meat not dated. As stated in the November, 2012, inspection, this facility is not licensed to cook, cool, and reheat food items in bulk. The facility does not have the capacity to cool food down and reheat in bulk. Discard the taco meat. Cut leafy greens and cut tomatoes must be dated with the date cut/opened or discard date. Handout provided. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Madison Bistro, 518 Madison, inspected March 5. No hand soap. Hands must be properly washed with hand soap for 20 seconds before any food handling can begin. Corrected. Cold holding temperatures above the required 41 degrees in the walk-in cooler and the front bar cooler 45 to 46 degrees. To prevent bacteria growth, maintain foods at 41 degrees or below. Monitor temperatures closely with a thermometer and temperature logs. Repair service called. Bag of hot dogs marked 2/9 at 50 degrees. These were not date marked correctly after removing them from the freezer. Hot dogs discarded. Box of cups stored directly on the floor. To prevent contamination, store cups six inches off the floor. Heavy buildup on the potato slicer from previous day. Properly break down this machine and clean and sanitize parts after each use. Do not let food sit in slicer because this can attract pests and grow bacteria. Repeat violation. Buildup inside ice machine. Thoroughly clean and sanitize surfaces to prevent mold or bacteria growth. Repeat violation. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Stop N Shop, 4828 Monroe, inspected March 7. There is no mop sink in this facility for proper disposal of mop water, and no hand sink for proper hand washing. Mop sink was removed during office remodeling and must be installed immediately. Also, install a hand-washing sink so that food handlers can properly wash their hands when preparing coffee or packaged sandwiches. Hand sink may not be in a restroom. No ingredients list for self-service bakery items. A list of ingredients must be provided and easily accessible for customers. Provide ingredients for every variety of doughnut or baked good. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Speedway, 5904 W. Central, inspected March 3. Parmesan cheese at the pizza station is labeled refrigerate after opening and is sitting out at room temperature. This food requires cold holding at 41 degrees or lower. Discard Parmesan cheese and store future containers under refrigeration. Food handler touching ready-to-eat food with bare hands while making sandwiches. No bare-hand contact shall be made with ready-to-eat food. Gloves must be worn or utensils used. Corrected. Inspector: Sattler.

American Table Family Restaurant, 846 S. Wheeling, Oregon, inspected March 11. Raw whole meats stored over ready-to-eat meatloaf. To prevent cross contamination, follow proper storage order. Raw food items must be stored below any ready-to-eat items. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

Yogurt U, 1440 Secor, inspected March 4. Containers of toppings lack lids. Foods out for self-service must be protected by either a lid or a sneeze guard. Repeat violation requires immediate attention. Chemicals stored above the three-bay sink. Store chemicals below and away from food-contact items to prevent chemical contamination. No sanitizer bucket set up. A bucket of sanitizer shall be set up for all hours of operation to sanitize food-contact surfaces. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Al Smith’s Place, 3550 Executive, inspected March 5. Food improperly iced in an ice bath and ham holding at 44 degrees and tomatoes holding at 49 degrees. These foods must be held cold in prep-top cooler next to the ice bath. Discard out-of-temperature food. Inspector: Sattler.

McDonald’s, 3005 Holland-Sylvania, inspected March 5. Raw shell eggs are 55 degrees and Canadian bacon is 57 degrees sitting out at room temperature. These foods must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Discard-out-of temperature food. Hand sink at the cook line is leaking. Repair the hand washing sink immediately. Inspector: Sattler.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, 425 W. Dussel, Maumee, inspected March 5. One kitchen hand sink not functioning and a second hand sink did not have adequate water pressure to wash hands thoroughly. To facilitate good hand washing, kitchen hand sinks must be functional with an adequate pressurized supply of hot and cold water. Contact a licensed plumber for repairs. Cases of frozen foods on the floor in walk-in freezer. To prevent potential contamination of food and to facilitate cleaning practices, food must be stored at least six inches off the floor. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Burger King, 1110 W. Alexis, inspected March 6. Employees wearing jewelry. Only a plain wedding band or medical alert bracelet are permitted by any food handlers. Inspector: Seger.

Target, 817 W. Alexis, inspected March 5. Expired baby formula available for purchase. Baby formula must be gone through and rechecked for expiration dates. Provide thermometer for milk cooler in market area. Thermometer must be placed in the warmest part of a refrigerator unit and in the coolest part of a hot food storage unit. Corrected. Inspector: Seger.

Circle K, 6008 Secor, inspected March 4. Cone cup stored in cocoa. Provide a proper scoop with a handle to prevent contamination from hands. Inspector: Seger.

Burger King, 33 S. Reynolds, inspected March 5. Cheese slices not properly labeled with prep time and discard time. When using a time in lieu of temperature system, food needs to be labeled with the time taken out of refrigeration and discard time of four hours. After four hours, food under time in lieu of temperature must be discarded. Open employee beverage on the line. Employee beverages need to have lids and be stored in a designated area away from food. Beverage discarded. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Vito’s, 524 Main, inspected March 5. Properly label chicken once stored outside of the freezer. This product is labeled keep frozen. Mark product with a seven day mark when removed from the freezer, discard after seven days. Inspector: Cipiti.

Marco’s Pizza, 149 Main, inspected March 11. No date on the open breaded chicken. This product requires a seven-day discard date once thawed and opened from the package. Sanitizer spray bottle below 200 ppm. Maintain at 200 ppm to ensure proper sanitation. Refresh bottles frequently. Inspector: Cipiti.

Baymont Inn & Suites, 6425 Kit, Maumee, inspected March 11. Chlorine and chlorine test strips must always be available to use in the three-bay sink and to test the strength of sanitizer water. Repeat violation. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Subway, 748 Main, inspected March 8, Sanitizer in the bucket and three-bay sink below 200 ppm. Sanitizer not dispensing properly from the sink connection. Call for service. Until repairs have been made, manually mix sanitizer; use the test kit to verify 200 ppm. Buildup inside ice machine along the edge of the catch plate. To prevent mold or bacteria growth, properly clean and sanitize inside surfaces routinely. Do not store supplies on top of the ice machine. A box of food trays being stored directly on the floor. To prevent contamination to these food contact items, store at least six inches off the floor. Trays moved to a shelf. Soiled pans being stored directly on top of the prep sink. To prevent contamination to the designated food preparation sink, do not store soiled items here. This sink must be maintained clean and free from miscellaneous items for use in food preparation. Pans removed. Inspector: Cipiti.

Subway, 1650 W. Alexis, inspected March 7. Employees putting on gloves without washing hands. Wash hand frequently in between tasks, glove changes, and dirty and clean dishes/after using restroom, or after touching hair, body, or clothing, or immediately after handling raw meats or shell eggs. Both hand sinks with long waits for warm water. Hand sinks must be properly stocked with warm running water at 100 degrees, soap and hand towels. Long waits for warm water indicates proper hand washing is not being conducted. Adjusted water heater so that warm water is more readily available. Inspector: Seger.

El Salto Authentic Mexican Restaurant, 219 Golden Gate Shopping Plaza, Maumee, inspected March 7. Small containers of salsa holding on ice at 62 degrees. Food held cold must maintain an internal temperature of 41 degrees or below. Ensure salsa containers are adequately packed in ice, surrounding the food product to help maintain an internal temperature of 41 degree or below. Corrected. Inspector: Bauman.

Dairy Depot, 4160 Navarre, Oregon, inspected March 7. Spray bottle without label. Working spray bottles shall be labeled with common name of contents for proper identification and to prevent contamination. Inspector: Tester.

Vito’s, 4035 Navarre, inspected March 4. Employee eating in prep area. Do not eat in food areas to prevent contamination. Inspector: Tester.

Burger King, 2966 Navarre, inspected March 5. Chicken strips held at unsafe temperature of 130 degrees. Food must be held at 135 degrees or higher to limit bacteria growth. Chicken strips discarded and new batch prepared at 180 degrees. Inspector: Tester.

Burger King, 3130 Holland-Sylvania, inspected March 8. Backup supply of sliced tomatoes out at room temperature holding at 49 degrees with no time stamp. Sliced tomatoes are a food and must be either refrigerated at 41 degrees or lower at all times, or timed for no longer that four hours and then discarded. Tomatoes were labeled with a discard time. Investor: Sattler.

Marco’s Pizza, 5248 Monroe, inspected March 7. Ranch dressing cups, labeled Keep Refrigerated, holding at room temperature of 53 degrees. Discard the two dressing cups that are sitting out. Store ranch dressing under refrigeration at 41 degrees or lower or in the freezable containers that are provided. Inspector: Sattler.

Platinum Kisses, 505 E. Alexis, inspected March 6. Chili and cheese in the warmer below 135 degrees. To limit bacteria growth, food items in hot holding must maintain 135 degrees. Product discarded. Monitor temperatures more closely. Inspector: Stanley.

Hampton Inn & Suites, 5865 Hagman, inspected March 6. Three-bay sink set up at 100 ppm quat. To properly sanitize with the product used at this facility, the concentration must be 200 ppm. Correct. Inspector: Stanley.

Hot Ready Freddy, 1107 Broadway, inspected March 7. Several foods at 44 degrees in the three-door cooler. Food needs to be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Repair cooler. Inspector: Susdorf.

Subway, 5821 W. Central, inspected March 8. Spray bottle with no label. Spray bottles must be labeled with contents’ names. Inspector: Sattler.

Dollar General, 4400 Heatherdowns, inspected March 1. Two thermometers needed; none observed in milk cooler, broken one in lunch meat cooler. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Dollar Tree, 3358 Glendale, inspected March 4. Canned goods displayed from floor. Must be six inches or higher off floor. Inspector: Brady.

Gyro A Plus, 940 N. Huron, inspected Feb. 28. Gyro meat in the one-door cooler without a date mark. To limit bacteria growth, ready-to-eat foods kept longer than 24 hours require date marks. Corrected. Facility must have someone certified in food safety present during all hours of operation. Inspector: Stanley.


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Toledo 76, 1625 Miami.

Savage Arena, 2801 W. Bancroft.

Savage Arena #1, 2801 W. Bancroft.

Monnettes’ Market, 5717 Secor.

K-Mart, 1801 W. Alexis.

Dollar Tree, 5860 Lewis.

Sam’s Diner, 578 Dussel, Maumee.

Ann Grady, 2139 S. Byrne.

Maumee Valley Chocolate & Candy, 101 E. Wayne, Maumee.