Restaurant Inspections: 4-1


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Chet’s Restaurant, 1024 E. Manhattan, inspected March 18. Uncovered beverages in the kitchen on prep tables. Employee beverages must have lids to protect food and clean items and surfaces from contamination. Corrected. Raw shell eggs stored above cheese slices in the one-door prep-top cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats and shell eggs below other food items. Corrected. Cooked potatoes cooling on the drain board of the three-bay sink. No other items were on the drain board. To prevent potential contamination, do not use the three-bay sink for any food procedures; use only the designated prep sink. Clean and sanitize before and after use. To limit bacteria growth, cooling must be conducted rapidly: two hours to get from 135 to 70 degrees and then an additional four hours to reach 41 degrees or lower. Once food reaches 135 degrees, an active cooling process must begin, for example ice bath, shallow pans in the cooler, or freezer. Potatoes discarded. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream, 5908 W. Sylvania, inspected March 18. No sanitizer wiping-cloth bucket set up. Set up bucket at opening time and change as needed. Facility has chlorine bleach sanitizer to use in the wiping-cloth bucket. Chlorine sanitizer should test at 50 ppm with the chlorine test kit. Keep the in-use wiping cloth in the sanitizer solution and change as needed. Corrected. The front sink is not stocked for hand washing. A hand sink in the working area must be stocked at all times with hand soap and paper towels for proper hand washing. Inspector: Stanley.

Premier Volleyball, 1630 Market Place, Maumee, inspected March 18. Holding foods without adequate date marking. Ready-to-eat foods, held longer than 24 hours, must be marked with a seven-day discard date. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Speedway, 1708 Tremainsville, inspected March 15. Employee put on gloves to handle uncooked pizza after cleaning facility and not washing hands. Wash hands frequently in between tasks, glove changes, and dirty and clean dishes; after using restroom, or touching hair, body, or clothing or immediately after handling raw meats or shell eggs. Keep hand sinks stocked with warm running water at 100 degrees, soap and paper towels. Hands must be washed in the designated hand sink. Inspector: Bauman.

Andrea’s Sports Pub, 3338 W. Alexis, inspected March 15. Sanitizer in bar sink and wipe bucket above 400 ppm. When using quat as a sanitizer the concentration must be at 200 ppm to prevent chemical poisoning/chemical residue. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Oregon Inn on Bayshore, 6067 Bayshore, Oregon, inspected March 19. Spray bottle without label. Working spray bottles must have label with common name of contents for proper identification and to prevent contamination. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

Far East Market, 538 S. Reynolds, inspected March 18. Items in hand sink and dirty dishes in mop sink. Do not store anything in these sinks. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Circle K, 1444 W. Alexis, inspected March 20. No sanitizer or test strips available for three-bay sink. A sanitizing solution on 50 to 100 ppm bleach or 200 ppm quat must be used for proper sanitizing of equipment and food-contact surfaces. Use test strips to verify concentration. Inspector: Seger.

Little Caesars Pizza, 6363 Monroe, inspected March 18. No time marked on hot-and-ready pizza rack for the time the pizza was made prior to baking. Time/temperature control for safety food items held by time, must be properly marked to allow employees to know when the food must be discarded. Pizza boxes stored directly on the floor in the office area. Food and food-contact items must be stored at least six inches off the ground to prevent contamination. Inspector: Seger.

Pilot Travel Center, 5820 Hagmen, inspected March 19. Corn dogs in the hot holding display cabinet below 135 degrees. To limit bacteria growth, food in hot holding must maintain 135 degrees or above. Repeat violation. Product discarded. Buildup present on the self-service ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Open coffee filters stored in a drawer with chemicals, and container of onions and plastic wrap stored on a shelf with chemicals. To prevent chemical contamination, designate an area for chemicals below or away from food and food-contact items. Corrected. Filters discarded. Inspector: Stanley.

7th Heaven Party Store, 1602 Cherry, inspected March 19. No hand sink available for hand washing. Facility has added open beverages, such as coffee and cappuccino, without health department approval. A separate hand sink in the ware washing area must be installed with a supply of hand soap and paper towels. Inspector: Stanley.

Subway Sandwich Shop, 3336 Lagrange, inspected March 20. No wipe-cloth bucket set up to sanitize surfaces. During hours of operation, the facility must have a wipe-cloth bucket set up to properly sanitize surfaces and to properly store damp/soiled cloths. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

Heatherdowns Rehab & Residence Care Center, 2401 Cass.

Loma Linda, 10400 Airport, Swanton.

Wendy’s, 590 W. Dussel, Maumee.

D & K Beverage, 1515 S. Byrne.

Trilby Day Care, 6030 Secor.