Restaurant Inspections: 4-29


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Magic Wok, University of Toledo, 2801 W. Bancroft, inspected April 4. Employee eating in the kitchen. Eating shall be done in a designated area away from food preparation to prevent contamination. Corrected. Cooked chicken sitting out at 58 degrees and beef at 56 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Food discarded. Wet wiping towels stored on food-contact surfaces. Store all wet towels not in use in sanitizer wipe cloth bucket to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Cinco de Mayo, 304 E. Alexis, inspected April 5. Beef tips not properly reheated to 165 degrees over a direct heat source before adding to the steam table. To destroy potential bacteria growth, reheats of food items must reach a minimum of 165 degrees within two hours over direct heat. Beef tips reheated to a minimum of 165 degrees on the stove top. Corrected. Large portion of beans leftover from the steam table from last night completely covered in the walk-in cooler at 52 degrees. To limit bacteria growth, cooling of food items must be rapid: two hours to get from 135 degrees to 70, and an additional four hours to reach 41 degrees or lower. Items must be left vented or uncovered to allow heat to escape. Covering product prolongs cooling process. Product discarded. High-temperature dish machine not reaching the required minimum temperatures to both the wash and rinse cycles. To properly clean and sanitize items, the machine must be used according to the manufacturer’s date plate and instructions. Minimum wash temperature is 150 degrees and minimum rinse temperature is 180 degrees. Have dish machine repaired to meet requirements. Facility must manually ware wash until repairs are complete. Corrected. Dish machine able to reach minimum requirements before leaving. Service still coming out to check. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

McDonald’s, 5810 W. Alexis, Sylvania, inspected April 9. Shredded cheese on the salad prep line at 51 and 52 degrees. Cheese is a time/temperature control for safety food items and must be held at 41 degrees or lower at all times. Have employees take only one container at a time so it fits in the cold holding unit to maintain at or below 41 degrees. Corrected. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Chick-Fil-A, 4260 W. Sylvania, inspected April 2. Liquid egg at the grill holding cold on ice at 50 degrees. This food must be held cold at all times at 41 degrees or lower. Ice not sufficient to maintain proper cold-holding temperature. Food must be completely surrounded by ice up to level of food in container. Discard liquid egg. Toaster cleaner stored directly on top of pop boxes and a degreaser bottle hung on a rack above pop boxes. Chemicals and cleaning supplies must be stored in a designated area that is separate from or below food and food-contact item. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

McDonald’s, 5210 N. Summit, inspected April 5. Canadian bacon at 61 degrees at room temperature and no time indicated. To limit bacteria growth, food items prior to heating are required to be held at 41 degrees or less or with time in lieu of temperature and must have time indicated on the product. Corrected. Sausage burritos in hot holding below 135 degrees. To limit bacteria growth, food in hot holding must maintain 135 degrees or above. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

The Wings Station, 1801 N. McCord, inspected March 27. Ready-to-eat food with an incorrect date (grape leaves dated 3/11/13. Ready-to-eat food products have a date mark to determine a discard date. This is to prevent bacteria growth. The owner stated that the product was made on 3/11 but frozen and recently thawed. If you are going to freeze and thaw food items, additional date marking is needed to determine the discard date. Spray bottles without labels. Chemicals must be labeled with contents’ names to prevent contamination. The facility labeled it and stated that they usually label them. Inspector: Julie Nye.

Save-A-Lot, 5229 Dorr, inspected April 8. Ground beef over whole pork loin on racks in walk-in meat cooler, and eggs on top of ready-to-eat food in walk-in dairy cooler. Ground beef needs to be stored below whole cuts of meat on racks and eggs need to be stored below ready-to-eat foods to prevent cross contamination. Employee’s bag lunch stored on top of boxes of cheese in walk-in meat cooler. Employee lunches need to be stored in a designated area away form any retail food. Inspector: Kurk Susdorf.

McDonald’s, 36 N. Reynolds, inspected April 9. Several sleeves of egg patties thawing at room temperature. Proper thawing methods include thawing in walk-in cooler, under cold running water in prep sink, or cooking directly from frozen. Never thaw at room temperature. Egg patties were removed from room temperature. Quat sanitizer above 400 ppm in dispenser at three-bay sink. Quat sanitizer should be at 200 ppm for proper ware washing. Reduce quat sanitizer at dispenser to 200 ppm to prevent chemical contamination. Repeat violation. Inspector: Susdorf.

Family Dollar, 1121 N. Reynolds, inspected April 10. Out-of-date baby food on the sales shelf. Employees must check baby food to make sure it is not past discard date and remove out-of-date baby food from sale. Practice good rotation of product: first in, first out. Inspector: Susdorf.

McDonald’s, 1560 E. Alexis, inspected April 11. Uncovered employee beverage in the microwave on the grill line. Employee beverages must have lids and be stored to protect food and clean items/surfaces from contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Arby’s, 495 Dussel, Maumee, inspected April 8. Wet sanitizing rags sitting out on counter between uses. To prevent potential contamination, store wet wiping rags in sanitizer solution between use. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Hampton Inn, 1409 Reynolds, Maumee, inspected April 9. Dish machine not functioning properly. To properly sanitize utensils and dish ware, this machine must dispense chlorine at 50 to 100 ppm. Maintenance contacted and machine repaired. Utilize test strips and check the function of machine at least daily prior to the initial use each day. Inspector: Bauman.

McDonald’s, 3138 Secor, inspected April 5. Sausage gravy is hot holding at 98 degrees. To inhibit bacteria growth, food must be held hot at 135 degrees or higher at all times. Sausage gravy must be discarded and warmer must be adjusted or repaired as needed. Raw shell eggs stored above cooked eggs in under-counter cooler at the prep line. To prevent cross contamination, store raw eggs or meats separate from or below ready-to-eat food. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Jamba Juice, 5001 Monroe, inspected April 5. No one present at this food-service operation who is certified in food safety. There must be at least one person present at all times who is certified in a minimum of Level 1 food safety as approved by the Ohio Department of Health. Inspector: Sattler.

Classic Cafe, 6742 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected April 9. Air temperature at 46 degrees in the under-counter cooler. Cooler must maintain time/temperature control for safety food items at or below 41 degrees to prevent bacteria growth. Items removed from cooler. Inspector: Sattler.

Cock N’ Bull, 9 N. Huron, inspected April 10. Old date sticker on container of turkey. Food without a date mark. Completely remove old sticker and any sticker residue. Clean container and label with new date. Monitor date marks closely to determine discard date. Kitchen and bar dish machines not dispensing proper sanitizer during the final rinse cycle. To ensure items are being sanitized correctly, use a test kit every day to verify concentration of sanitizer during final rinse cycle. Chlorine test strip must read 50 to 100 ppm. Do not use machines until repairs have been made. Contact this department to re-check machines. Use three-bay sink for ware washing until machines are working correctly. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Toledo Riverfront Hotel, 2 Seagate, inspected April 10. Sanitizer supply not set up. Once set up, the sanitizer was below 150 ppm. Use test kit to verify concentration; maintain multi quat at 150 to 400 ppm. Water should be at correct temperature when using quat as sanitizer. During all hours of operation and before food handling begins, set up a supply of sanitizer. Foods without proper date marks or expired date marks. Mark required food with seven-day date marks and discard any remaining food after seven days to prevent bacteria growth. High-temperature dish machine not achieving 180 degrees during final rinse cycle. Do not use this machine to sanitize items until repairs are made and verified. Set up three-bay sinks for proper ware washing until the dish machine is properly working. Proper hand washing must take place. Hand sink in dish area had cold water turned off; water was too hot to wash hands for appropriate 20 seconds. Cold water restored. Do not block access to hand sink with items directly in front of it. Employees must stop to wash hands in between handling dirty dishes and putting away clean items. Watches and bracelets are not permitted; this can inhibit proper hand washing. Inspector: Cipiti.

Bambino’s Pizza, 1515 Eleanor, inspected April 10. Wipe bucket not registering sanitizer, and empty bleach bottle in back. Wipe bucket must be at 50 to 100 ppm for proper sanitizing of equipment and food-contact surfaces. Use test strips to verify concentrations. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Dewar’s Pub, 26 Fassett, inspected April 8. Provide paper towels at the kitchen hand sink. Inspector: Cipiti.

Biggby Coffee, 420 Madison, inspected April 8. Paper-towel dispenser empty. Paper towel rolls were available but not stocked in the dispenser. Re-stock dispenser as soon as it is emptied to ensure proper hand washing. Repeat violation. Packages of deli meat labeled with expired date marks of 3/30 and 3/31. A maximum of seven days is permitted once food is opened from its manufacturer seal. Discard these packages and monitor dates closely. Repeat violation. The sanitizer bay with 0 ppm quat. No red sanitizer bucket set up. Dispenser is not working correctly. Make necessary repairs to maintain at 200 ppm; use the quat test kit to verify the concentration. Repeat violation. During all hours of operation, a supply of sanitizer must be available to ensure food-contact surfaces are being sanitized. Inspector: Cipiti.

Burger King, 802 Front, inspected April 5. Sliced ham marked for discard at 8 a.m. but not yet discarded after 8 a.m. under time in lieu of temperature hold. Once instructed, the ham was discarded, new ham was placed out and marked for 10 a.m. Food held by time in lieu of temperature has a maximum holding time of four hours; ham is marked for two hours. Inspector: Cipiti.

Jill’s on the River, 1800 Miami, inspected April 5. Water in an old Sun Oxy container that is used on the grill for food. Container not acceptable for this use. Provide a commercial, food-grade, clear spray bottle that is labeled water. Corrected. Wet rags sitting out on the counter. To prevent bacteria growth or spread, store rags in a sanitizer bucket. Corrected. Inspector: Cipiti.

Robey’s Nite Club, 601 East Broadway, inspected April 5. Tomato juice sitting out at room temperature. Discard. This item is marked keep refrigerated. Patrons sitting at bar actively smoking cigarettes. Inspector: Cipiti.

Stop N Shop, 95 Main, inspected March 27. No hand soap or paper towels available in bathroom. Replace supplies immediately to ensure proper hand washing. Three-bay sink not functioning properly: the sinks are not draining. Cease sale of coffee and cappuccino/hot chocolate until repairs are made and sinks are fully functional. Contact a licensed plumber. Inspector: Cipiti.

Bob Evans, 6215 W. Central, inspected April 1. Salad prep-top cooler holding salsa at 47 degrees and has ambient air temperature of 47 degrees in the bottom. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower to inhibit bacteria growth. Adjust or repair cooler so foods hold at proper temperature. Cooler adjusted and temperature dropped to 45 degrees and continued to drop. The quat sanitizer is too weak in the wipe cloth buckets; checked at less than 100 ppm. Change out sanitizer as often as needed to maintain quat at 200 ppm. Sanitizer buckets were changed. Inspector: Sattler.

Ritter’s Frozen Custard, 3305 W. Central, inspected March 26. Do not store utensils or food-contact items in the hand sink. The hand sink may only be used for hand washing -- no rinsing or storing of items. Inspector: Sattler.

Promedica Wildwood Orthopedic & Spine, 2901 N. Reynolds, inspected March 26. Cooked potatoes cooling improperly in bottom portion of prep-top cooler. Potatoes are covered and are 82 degrees after cooling for three hours. Food must be cooled rapidly to prevent bacteria growth: from 135 to 70 degrees in two hours or less, then from 70 to 41 degrees or lower in the next four hours or less. Foods must cool uncovered in walk-in cooler until they reach proper cold holding temperature. Prep-top cooler or reach-in coolers are not designed to cool foods quickly. Potatoes discarded. Quat sanitizer in the wipe cloth bucket is too weak at less than 100 ppm. Check sanitizer strength when dispensing to be sure quat is 150 to 400 ppm. Corrected. Inspector: Sattler.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

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Speedway, 5010 Secor.

Walgreens, 5815 Secor.

TJ’s Courthouse Cafe, 701 Adams.

Boston Market, 930 W. Alexis.

Whitmer High School, 5601 Clegg.

Busia’s Narozny, 302 W. Laskey.

The Vitamin Shoppe, 5055 Monroe.

La Casa De La Habana, 4962 Monroe.

Clara J’s @ 219, 219 W. Wayne, Maumee.

Centre Court Lounge, 5929 Heatherdowns.

Rite Aid, 105 Golden Gate Plaza, Maumee.

Bangkok Kitchen, 582 W. Dussel, Maumee.

Cold Stone Creamery, 479 W. Dussel, Maumee.

Dollar General, 2856 Airport.

Central Trail Elementary School, 4321 Mitchaw, Sylvania Township.

Subway, 1100 N. McCord, Springfield Township.

Jenny Craig, 1290 S. Holland-Sylvania, Holland.

Mickey Finn’s Pub, 602 Lagrange.

Dollar General, 236 New Towne Square.