Restaurant inspections: 5/27


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Vito’s Pizza, 4804 Lewis, inspected April 30. Food holding above 41 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or below to limit bacteria growth. Items discarded. Food (taco meat/hot dog sauce, sausage, steak) lacks seven-day discard date. No wipe bucket observed on prep line. Areas must have a sanitizer wipe bucket with 50 to 100 ppm bleach or 200 ppm quat to properly sanitize equipment between use. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Nick & Jimmy’s Bar & Grill, 4956 Monroe, inspected April 25. Beans and macaroni salad in the walk-in cooler dated 4/16, which is beyond the seven-day limit for holding of refrigerated, ready-to-eat food. Make sure employees are changing dates and thoroughly cleaning containers between batches, including removal of stickers. Raw meats stored above ready-to-eat food in the cook line prep-top cooler and in the walk-in cooler in the back next to the walk-in freezer. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats separate from or below ready-to-eat food. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Rocket’s Cafe, 2023 N. Reynolds, inspected April 30. Milk at 55 degrees in bar cooler. Food needs to be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Repair cooler. Food discarded from cooler. Container of chicken and noodles, cooked sausage links, and grape leaves out of date. Cooked food must have a seven-day discard date. Monitor discard dates more closely in coolers. Out-of-date food discarded. Back screen door and screen on window in kitchen not tightly fitting into frame. Doors and window screens need to be tightly fitted into door or window to prevent pest entry. Repair door and window screen. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Fricker’s, 6339 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected April 30. No date label on open hot dogs and other prepared food items in the walk-in cooler on the speed rack. Open and prepared time/temperature control for safety food items must be marked with the date opened or discard date. Cut leafy greens are now considered a food item and must be held cold and are subject to proper date labeling. Found chicken cold holding at 43 to 45 degrees in the chicken prep-top cooler. Food items must be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Monitor both cooler and food temperatures with a calibrated food thermometer. Install lid for prep-top cooler which will help maintain temperature. Containers of sauce stored directly on the floor and food stored directly on the floor in the freezer. Food and food-contact items must be stored at least six inches off the floor at all times to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Wendy’s, 5802 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected May 1. Found food above cold-holding temperature of 41 degrees. Food moved to other coolers. No food was out for more that four hours. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Oakleaf Toledo Ltd., 4220 N. Holland-Sylvania, inspected May 1. The Special Design Wing was recently remodeled without submitting plans. This area is a serving area for lunch and dinner. A hot-holding steam table is available. The juice units will be installed by GFS. Soup warmer available. Remodeling of serving and kitchen areas must be approved by this department. A plan review packet along with a menu, equipment list, and layout must be provided for approval. Once the plans have been approved, remodeling may begin. When remodeling is complete, this department will conduct an inspection. No drop-in cold holding available at the serving area. The facility will make salads and place in the home-style refrigerator until ready for service. Cold-hold food items must be held at 41 degrees or lower at all times. Inspector: Gottschalk.

The Fresh Market, 3315 W. Central, inspected April 22. Turkeys thawing improperly out at room temperature. Food must be thawed properly in order to prevent pathogen growth. Packages of smoked salmon holding at 46 degrees in the display case. Package states this product must be held cold at 38 degrees or lower. Other items in this case must be held at 41 degrees or lower. Air flow in this case appears to be disrupted by boxes in the cooler used for display. Remove boxes and adjust or repair as needed. Raw chicken wings and ham inside blast chiller that is not turned on. Items holding at 56 to 60 degrees. These are foods and must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Do not store product in blast chiller when it is not on. Items discarded. Produce department using food-prep sink for storing used dishes and three-bay sink is being used for food prep. The food prep sink must be used for food only. Do not prepare food in the three-bay sink. If this sink is converted to a food-prep sink, it must be labeled as such and an additional three-bay sink must be installed for ware washing or another ware washing sink in another department must be used. No measurements recorded in the sushi department’s pH logs for the past three days. Each batch of rice must be tested and the pH recorded in the log book. Inspector: Sattler.

Bob Evans, 4805 Monroe, inspected April 24. Raw shell eggs out at room temperature and are 81 degrees. Raw shell eggs must be held cold at 45 degrees or lower. Eggs discarded. Yogurt at the salad prep cooler/dessert area holding at 46 degrees, macaroni and cheese at 45 degrees and liquid egg at 53 degrees on ice. Cold hold such food at 41 degrees or lower. Out-of-temperature liquid egg must be discarded. Salad cooler closest to bakery area holding cole slaw and shredded cheese at 43 degrees. Adjust or repair cooler to hold proper temperature. Inspector: Sattler.

Rice Blvd, 1440 Secor, inspected May 6. Low-temperature dish machine not working. Dish machine must dispense 50 to 100 ppm chlorine sanitizer on its final rinse to properly sanitize dishware. Corrected. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Igloo Ice Cream, 4131 Monroe, inspected May 6. Electrofreeze holding food above 41 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or lower. Adjust temperature. Raw hamburger stored on top of ready-to-eat food. Store raw meats below ready-to-eat food to prevent cross contamination. No date marking on hot dogs as required. Inspector: Wilke.

Biggby Coffee, 4204 W. Sylvania, inspected April 26. No sanitizer detected in the wipe cloth bucket at the front counter. Maintain multi-range quat sanitizer at 150 to 400 ppm. Change sanitizer bucket as needed to maintain proper concentration. Inspector: Sattler.

Grumpy’s Deli, 34 S. Huron, inspected May 1. Bucket set up with soap only. To ensure food-contact surfaces are sanitized, set up sanitizer supply during hours of food preparation. Store wipe rags inside sanitizer bucket. Sanitizer bucket set up immediately. Do not mix soap and bleach together. Bag of carrots stored on packages of raw beef. To prevent cross contamination, store product in a separate location. Corrected. Dish washer handling dirty items and clean items without washing hands between tasks. Dirty dishes stored on the sanitize side of the three-bay sink. Items being towel dried. To prevent contamination, always wash hands between loading dirty items and putting clean items away. Wearing gloves does not prevent contamination. Items must be air dried. Clear sanitize side of drain board and sanitize surfaces. Allow items to dry on this side of the drain board before putting away. Dish washer must check dish machine with chlorine test strips every day. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Ursuline Center, 4035 Indian, inspected April 30. High-temperature dish machine with a final rinse of 115 degrees. High temperature dish machine must have a final rinse of 180 degrees or higher for proper sanitizing of food-contact surfaces and utensils. Contact licensed repairman to fix cooler. Use three-bay sink to sanitize dishes until dish machine is fixed. Inspector: Susdorf.

Cater You Family Diner, 3929 Lagrange, inspected May 1. Uncovered employee beverages in kitchen and behind front counter. Employee beverages must have lids and be stored to protect food and clean items/surfaces from contamination. Corrected. Raw shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods in the split-door cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats and shell eggs below other food items. Corrected. Product in the custom cooler holding above 41 degrees because a fuse blew. To limit bacteria growth, refrigeration is required to hold product 41 degrees or lower. Temperature adjusted. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Vito’s, 3392 Lagrange, inspected May 1. Food items in the sandwich prep-top cooler held above 41 degrees. To limit bacteria growth, refrigeration is required to hold product at 41 degrees or lower. Unit serviced but still not holding product below 41 degrees. Have sandwich prep-top cooler repaired or adjusted. Inspector: Stanley.

Little Caesar’s Pizza, 4302 Lewis, inspected April 30. Quat sanitizer in wipe buckets over 400 ppm. When using quat the concentration must be at 200 ppm to prevent chemical poisoning/chemical residue. Use test strips to verify concentration. Rack above three-bay sink is rusted and has clean containers stored on it. Surface must be smooth and easily cleanable and free of rust to prevent cross contamination. Waste logs that are not up to date as required. Pizza in warmer held past the allotted time. Inspector: Seger.

Taco Bell, 2234 W. Alexis, inspected May 1. Food residue in yellow cambros pans on the storage shelf. Containers are not considered clean until residue is removed. Properly clean pans to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Seger.

Campfire Grille, 11900 Jeffers, Grand Rapids, inspected April 29. Prep-top cooler holding warm at about 60 degrees. This cooler has a history of losing temperature. Cooler is empty and foods are in the walk-in. Have this unit repaired to properly hold food cold at 41 degrees or lower. If this unit cannot be repaired, replace it. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Walt Churchill’s Market, 3320 Briarfield, Maumee, inspected April 29. Foods made in the work kitchen and put out for retail sale are mislabeled. Properly label such items. Keel hand sink clear of unnecessary items; properly stock it with soap and paper towels, and food handlers must use this sink in this area. Hand sink had chemicals and a bucket in it, did not have soap and paper towels available, and had not been used to wash hands prior to food prep for the day. Hand sink cleared out and supplies gathered and stocked. Full ingredient statement on items in the bakery display case are missing. Cupcake ingredient statements do not have full ingredients on label. Items packaged for retail sale must include ingredient statements. Relabel the product to sell. Obtain a proper, cleanable ice scoop holder for bulk ice machine in back hallway. Scoop now held on a plate on top of ice machine. Plate soiled with mold-like substance. Scoop must be held in a container that is cleanable, and will protect scoop from contamination when not in use. Inspector: Becker.

Midtown Food Mart, 2560 Dorr, inspected April 30. Raw shell eggs and raw bacon stored above ready-to-eat food. Store raw meat/eggs below ready-to-eat food to prevent cross contamination. Offering ice in to-go cups for self service. Provide a label for packaged food that includes common name, ingredients list, net weight, and responsibility statement. Inspector: Wilke.

Park Inn Toledo, 101 N. Summit, inspected April 30. Packages of prepped deli meats without date marks. Foods not used on same day they are opened from manufacturer’s seal must be date marked and discarded after seven days. Food discarded. Proper date marking reviewed with staff on duty. Inspector: Cipiti.

Cafe Marie, 3344 Secor, inspected April 24. High-temperature dish machine not reaching proper rinse temperature of at least 180 degrees. Call for service immediately. Dishes must be washed, rinsed and then sanitized using the three-bay sink. Prep-top cooler holding foods at 41 degrees in the top portion. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Ambient air temperature in bottom of cooler at 39 degrees. Adjust cooler or keep food covered so that food holds cold at 41 degrees or lower. Inspector: Sattler.

No violations:

Walgreens, 1910 S. Reynolds.

Friendship Foodstop, 1965 S. Byrne.

El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant, 24 Main.

Family Dollar Store, 610 East Broadway.

Mel-O-Creme Inc., 8144 Airport, Holland.

Anthony Wayne Junior High School, 6035 Finzel, Whitehouse.

BP Glendale, 1502 S. Detroit.

EOPA Mayfair, 5331 Bennett.

Rite Aid, 5765 Secor.

Big Lots, 3946 W. Alexis.

Great Expectations Elementary School, 20 Arco.

Epiphany Lutheran Church, 915 N. Reynolds.

Scott Park Concessions, 2400 Nebraska.

Premier Catering, 4480 Heatherdowns.