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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspections: 6-10

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


Jesse James West, 1515 W. Laskey, inspected May 17. No thermometer in small reach-in cooler. Thermometers required in all coolers. Doors propped open and a newly installed garage door open to facility. Facilities operating as a food service must be have doors that are closed or with tight fitting screens to prevent pest infiltration. Flies in bar. Doors must remain closed and an air curtain provided for garage door. Garage door is not approved. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Toledo Thai Restaurant, 4011 Secor, inspected May 17. Chicken and shrimp out thawing at room temperature. To prohibit bacteria growth, food must be thawed under refrigeration, under cold running water in the food prep sink, or cooked directly from frozen. No sanitizer bucket set up. A sanitizer bucket with the correct concentration of sanitizer must be set up. Food-prep surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized before beginning food prep and throughout the day. Use either quat sanitizer at 200 ppm or chlorine bleach at 50 to 100 ppm. No employee present at inspection who is certified in at least Level 1 food safety. Person certified at Level 1 or higher must be present during all hours of operation. Inspector: Cipiti.

Fifth Third Field - Main Kitchen, 406 Washington, inspected May 15. A mobile cart delivering open desserts to the suites. Desserts are not protected. The cart moves throughout the upstairs to each suite. Open food must be protected with sneeze guards or other covering. Inspector: Cipiti.

Fifth Third Field - #116 Pretzel/Popcorn, 406 Washington, inspected May 15. Pretzel stuffed with cheese and pepperoni at 106 degrees and sauce cups at 135.5 degrees in the pretzel warmers. Time/temperature control for safety food must be held hot at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Warmer turned up. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Fifth Third Field - #4 Hen and Hound, 406 Washington, inspected May 15. Chemical spray bottle hanging on bag in a box fountain beverage system. Chemicals must be stored in a designated area below or away from food and food-contact items to prevent contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Fifth Third Field - #106 Pretzels, 406 Washington, inspected May 15. Cheese sauce in portioned cups in the pretzel warmer below 135 degrees. To limit bacteria growth, food must be held hot at 135 degrees or above, or cold at 41 degrees or below. Inspector: Stanley.

Fifth Third Field - #2A Mud Zarellas #2B Suds, 406 Washington, inspected May 15. Food handler removed hat and set it on the cutting board of the prep-top cooler, put on a hair restraint, put their hat back on, and then put on gloves to begin food preparation. Food-contact surfaces must be protected from contamination; the hat can be a source of contamination. Food handlers must wash hands after touching hair, body, clothing, etc. and also after changing tasks. Food handlers should get prepped with hair restraints and wash hands before entering their station or beginning their task. Corrected. Unlabeled chemical spray bottle at the front counter. To prevent contamination, label spray bottles with contents’ common names. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Fifth Third Field - #8 Pizza, 406 Washington, inspected May 15. Cheesecake sitting out at 62 degrees. Food shall be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Keep cheesecake refrigerated. Found cheesecake thawing at room temperature. Food may not be thawed at room temperature. Cheesecake must be thawed under refrigeration. Chemical spray bottles stored with food containers. Store chemicals in a designated space below and away from food and food-contact items to prevent contamination. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Fifth Third Field - #9 Black Angus Grill, 406 Washington, inspected May 15. Wet towel on the prep-top cutting board and no sanitizer bucket set up in back of house. Store wet towels not in use in a sanitizer bucket to prevent bacteria growth and provide a sanitizer bucket for areas of food preparation to properly sanitize food-contact surfaces. Inspector: Wilke.

St. Ursula Academy, 4025 Indian, inspected May 14. Quat sanitizer in wipe cloth bucket is too weak at less than 100 ppm. Change out sanitizer as often as needed to maintain the multi quat sanitizer at 150 to 400 ppm. Sanitizer changed. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Speedway, 4305 Sylvania, inspected May 14. Pan of hot dogs in the walk in cooler labeled with a received date of 4/29, pull date of 4/29 and an expiration date of 5/18. The food must be labeled to reflect the opening date. Refrigerated, ready-to-eat food may be held up to seven days once the manufacturer’s packaging is opened. The manager stated that there was a labeling mistake and the hot dogs were actually opened May 11. Inspector: Sattler.

Subway, 4608 Talmadge, inspected May 14. Several filled spray bottles with no labels on them. Label spray bottles with contents’ names. Quat sanitizer in wipe cloth bucket at front counter is too weak at less that 150 ppm. Change out sanitizer as often as needed to maintain multi range quat at 150-400 ppm. Inspector: Sattler.

Jing Chuan Restaurant, 4424 Secor, inspected May 16. No wipe bucket on cook line. Areas must have a wipe bucket with 50-100 ppm bleach for wiping dirty surfaces and storing wet wipe rags between uses. Wet rags must be stored completely submerged in wipe bucket to prevent bacteria growth. No dial stem thermometer. A dial stem thermometer that reads 0 to 220 degrees must be available and calibrated to ensure accuracy of food temperatures. Inspector: Sattler.

Franciscan Care Center Sylvania, 4111 N. Holland-Sylvania, inspected May 13. Hummus in walk-in cooler dated 5/2/13. Time/temperature control for safety food must be marked with seven-day discard date. The day the food is made or opened is Day 1 for a total of seven days. Discard hummus. Box of food stored directly on the floor in the walk-in freezer. Food must be stored at least six inches off the ground to prevent contamination. Inspector: Sattler.

Grace’s Kitchen, 5241 N. Summit, inspected May 14. Raw shell eggs stored above batters in the prep-top cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats and shell eggs below other food items. No date marking on ready-to-eat food items. To limit bacteria growth, ready-to-eat food items kept longer than 24 hours after being cooked, prepared, opened, etc. require a date mark; 41 degrees or lower, eight-day hold time. Corrected. Inspector: Stanley.

Wendy’s, 3360 Glendale, inspected May 16. Thermometer needed in prep-top coolers. Eliminate drip from lights in ceiling of walk-in cooler (water drip-management aware). Ice scoop buried inside ice cubes in ice machine. Prep-top pickles at 46 degrees and Mayo at 43 degrees. Must be 41 degrees or lower. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Great American Cookies/Pretzel Time, 3100 Main, Maumee, inspected May 13. Under-counter one-door cooler holding foods warm at approximately 50 degrees. Potentially hazardous food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower to slow bacteria growth. Have unit repaired immediately. Food discarded. Inspector: Becker.

Stop & Go, 1806 Arlington, inspected May 15. Store’s license does not include selling scooped ice cream or shakes mixed in blender. Discontinue such sales. Inspector: Brady.

Yang’s Gourmet House, 4441 Heatherdowns, inspected May 13. No sanitizer solution available or in use. This is a must for all food-contact surfaces. Inspector: Brady.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 3506 Dorr, inspected May 14. Public health order issued Feb. 11 directing facility to regrade and re-tile entire floor and no work has been done. March 12 order to replace entire roof also unfulfilled. Failure to comply with orders to be discussed at in-house meeting to be scheduled. Quat sanitizer in bucket was at 400+ ppm. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm to properly sanitize food-contact surfaces. Corrected. Cole slaw in the cold holding at 35 to 62 degrees. Containers stacked too high inside the unit and its cover was not in place. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Out-of-temperature food discarded. Inspector: Wilke.

Briarfield Cafe, 3220 Briarfield, Maumee, inspected May 14. Chemicals stored on top of shelving over the three-bay sink and on top of a stainless steel table next to a coffee urn. Keep chemicals segregated in one spot on a low shelf, and stored away from equipment and food, to prevent chemical contamination. Remove home pest-control spray from the facility. Pest control must be conducted by a licensed pest control operator in a food facility. Outdated food in walk-in cooler: Noodles date marked 4/29 and 5/4, bean soup 5/7. Potentially hazardous food must be marked with a seven-day expiration date, then discarded at the end of the seventh day. Foods pulled and discarded. Food employee in gloves cracked raw shell eggs into a pan on the cook line, dipped the gloved hands in sanitizer bucket, and resumed cook line duties. Gloves are to be used as a barrier between the hands and ready-to-eat food products. Gloves shall be used only for one task, then discarded when soiled. Do not wash dirty gloves and resume duties. Hands must be washed frequently between tasks and when soiled. Inspector: Becker.

Paddy Jack’s, 5629 Main, Sylvania, inspected May 13. Found time/temperature control for safety foods above 41 degrees in the prep-top cooler: cheese at 47 degrees, tomato 46 degrees, and ham 50 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Kitchen hand sink blocked. Hand sink must be accessible for proper hand washing, which is very important in preventing contamination. Corrected. Hand sinks must be properly stocked with hot/cold running water at 100 degrees, hand soap, and paper towels. The hand sink may not be blocked with a strainer. Corrected. Quat sanitizer concentration from dispenser for wiping cloth buckets and three-bay sink is below 200 ppm. Water dispensed with quat sanitizer tested at 138 degrees. Adjust water temperature and contact chemical company to make the necessary adjustments. Ecolab corrected the problem. Found cream in squeeze bottle at 60 degrees on top of an ice bath. Food must be held in mechanical refrigeration. Do not use ice baths to cold hold food items. Food must be held at or below 41 degrees to prevent bacteria growth. Squeeze bottles moved to under-counter cooler. Wet wiping cloths on the bar. In-use wiping cloths must be in sanitizer solution to prevent bacteria growth. Use test kit to check sanitizer concentration and change as needed. For quat sanitizer, it should test at 200 ppm. Inspector: Gottschalk.

R. S. Restaurant, Inc., d/b/a Ciao! Ristorante, 6064 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected May 14. Employee handling lettuce with bare hands. Ready-to-eat food items must be handled with gloves or tongs. No bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food permitted. Corrected. Found cut leafy greens at 47 to 50 degrees in prep-top cooler drawers. Cut leafy greens are considered a time/temperature control for safety food item and must be held at 41 degrees or lower. Prepared and ready-to-eat food items without dates. Open and prepared food items must be properly dated to allow employees to know when they must be discarded. There is a seven-day discard date on open and prepared food items. The day the food is opened is Day 1. Corrected. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Ideal Restaurant, Inc., d/b/a Mancy’s Italian, 5453 Monroe, inspected May 14. Portioned chicken in the prep-top cooler at 47 to 52 degrees. Container of chicken stocked too full to allow proper air flow. Time/temperature control for safety food items must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Fourteen bags of pre-portioned chicken discarded. Do not over stock pans in prep-top cooler. Employee cutting lemons without gloves on. Employees must wash their hands and wear gloves when cutting limes and lemons for use in drinks. No bare-hand contact permitted with ready-to-eat food items. Corrected. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 5649 W. Alexis, Sylvania, inspected May 13. Mashed potato in pre-portioned containers in the hot holding unit at 130 to 140 degrees. Time/temperature control for safety food must be held at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Mashed-potato containers discarded. Continue to monitor this unit’s temperature with calibrated metal-stem thermometer. If unit cannot maintain food at 135 degrees or higher it must be repaired or replaced. Inspector: Gottschalk.


Recently inspected food-service operations with no violations:

Byrnedale Elementary School, 3635 Glendale.

Trinity Lutheran Church, 4560 Glendale.

Brenner 75 at Harrison, 3840 N. Summit.

Rod’s Bar & Grill, 2755 Lagrange.

Bumble Oliver Oil Company LLC, 5001 Monroe.

Navarre Elementary School, 410 Navarre.

Alternate Learning Center, 3939 Wrenwood.

Timberwold Tavern, 2604 Jutland.

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