Restaurant Inspections: 7-1


Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:


Stop N Shop, 2441 S. Reynolds, inspected May 31. Walk-in cooler is 56 degrees. Must be 41 degrees or lower. (No food in cooler). Inspector: Mike Brady.

Subway, 2121 S. Reynolds, inspected May 31. Auto dispenser for quat sanitizer at three-bay sink is less than 50 ppm. Must be 200 ppm. Hand mix until repaired. Inspector: Brady.

Dollar Tree, 3316 Navarre, Oregon, inspected June 4. Food and food-contact items stored on the floor or on wood pallets. Food and food-contact items should be stored six inches off the ground on shelving that is smooth and easily cleanable to prevent possible contamination. Inspector: Nathan Fries.

Toledo Zoo - Karamu BBQ, 2700 Broadway, inspected May 24. Hot-water tank at hand sink needs to be turned on. Maintenance called. Inspector: Fries.

Toledo Zoo - Karoo, 2700 Broadway, inspected May 24. Quat sanitizer at three-bay sink not dispensing at 200 ppm. Must be hand mixed until repaired. Inspector: Fries.

Premier Catering, 4480 Heatherdowns, inspected May 21. Dishwashing employee must wash hands for 20 seconds and/or dip by full submersion in 100 ppm plain chlorine before taking clean dishes out of dishwasher. Inspector: Brady.

The Black Pearl, 4630 Heatherdowns, inspected May 21. Prep-top cooler on cook line at 45 degrees. Must be 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacterial growth. Will be rechecked. Quat sanitizer observed at 50 ppm. Must be 200 ppm to sanitize properly. Inspector: Brady.

Taco Bell, 3460 Airport, inspected May 23. Mixing valve in men’s restroom needs to provide hot water. Adjust or provide one hot water faucet and one cold water faucet that can be mixed at will. Inspector: Brady.

St. John’s Jesuit High School, 5901 Airport, inspected May 22. No sanitizer solution in use in active food prep area. Food-soiled wipe cloth without sanitizer on prep counter. Use either 200 ppm quat sanitizer or 100 ppm plain chlorine. Inspector: Brady.

Shadow Valley Tennis & Fitness Club, 1661 Holland, Maumee, inspected May 22. Sign on refrigerator near two-bay sink (with drain/strainer dry basket) says wash cups or containers then put them back. Use must wash in a three-bay sink system — wash, rinse, and sanitize — or use appropriate detergent sanitizer for two-bay sink. Use appropriate test strips to check sanitizer concentration. Inspector: Brady.

Bowsher High School, 2200 Arlington, inspected May 22. Employee putting out ready-to-eat food without gloves. Gloves must be worn when touching ready-to-eat food. Inspector: Brady.

Shawn’s Irish Tavern, 4400 Heatherdowns, inspected May 22. Sanitizer solution not observed in use in food-prep areas. This is a must throughout work day. Pizza prep-top at 46 degrees. Must be 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacterial growth. Will be rechecked. Inspector: Brady.

Steak ’n Shake, 2141 S. Reynolds, inspected May 30. Thermometer needed in under-counter reach-in cooler. Inspector: Brady.

Olive Garden, 1919 S. Reynolds, inspected June 3. Plastic pre-made salad container in standing water in bottom of reach-in refrigerator. Do not store anything in standing water. Inspector: Brady.

Winterfield Ventures Academy, 305 Wenz, inspected June 4. Milk in milk cooler in back room holding at 46 degrees. Cooler had an ambient air temperature of 50 degrees. Food needs to be cold held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Repair cooler to maintain 41 degrees or lower. Milk removed from cooler. Inspector: Kurt Susdorf.

Happy’s Pizza, 27 S. Reynolds, inspected June 5. Unlabeled chemical spray bottles on chemical shelf and on prep table. All spray bottles need to be labeled with chemical names to prevent possible chemical contamination. Repeat violation. No sanitizer bucket set up in back prep room or on prep line. When preparing food in prep room or on cook line, a sanitizer bucket needs to be set up for proper sanitizing of food-contact surfaces. Broken hot-water knob on faucet on hand sink in back prep room. Hot water needs to be available at all times at hand sink to ensure proper hand washing. Repair broken knob immediately. Heavy ice buildup on condenser in walk-in freezer is falling onto boxes of food. Remove food boxes from underneath ice buildup to prevent cross contamination and contact licensed repairman to fix condenser. Dessert display case holding cheese cake at 45 degrees. Food needs to be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Adjust display-case temperature. Inspector: Susdorf.

Foundation Park, 1621 S. Byrne, inspected June 7. Paint peeling on ceiling above hand sink and slicer, also above light in stock room. Inspector: Brady.

Wings Express, 1515 Byrne, inspected June 7. No sanitizer solution measurable in sanitizer bucket. Must be 100 ppm plain chlorine. Both bathrooms have out-of-order signs posted. Facility must have working restrooms. Only the women’s room works. Inspector: Brady.

Ann’s Grill, 1008 Hawley, inspected June 8. The available digital thermometer is broken. Replace the thermometer with a working unit that reads 0 to 220 degrees. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Ali’s Meat Market, 3240 Sylvania, inspected June 8. Raw beef hanging above lettuce, and raw beef stored on a shelf above oranges. Store ready-to-eat food above raw meats to prevent cross contamination. Corrected.

Frisch’s Big Boy, 3537 Secor, inspected June 7. No sanitizer bucket set up in the kitchen. A sanitizer bucket must be set up in each food prep area at all times so that work surfaces can be properly sanitized. Plain bleach is used as sanitizer. Use plain bleach at 50 to 100 ppm. Cooked onions stored beneath raw sausage patties in the under-counter cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats, poultry, and eggs below ready-to-eat foods. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Papa John’s Pizza, 3137 W. Alexis, inspected June 7. Quat sanitizer in wipe bucket above 400 ppm. When using quat, the concentration must be 200 ppm to prevent chemical poisoning/chemical residue. Use test strips to verify concentration. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Subway, 1455 Alexis, inspected June 4. Stickers on large Cambros in walk in cooler. Containers are not considered clean until all stickers and sticker residue is removed. Stickers and sticker residue harbor bacteria. Remove stickers and sticker residue from containers. Inspector: Seger.

Happy Hour, 1519 Eleanor, inspected June 4. Improper date marking of foods. Hot dogs not date marked, one container of taco meat not dated, cheese not dated. Food must have a seven-day discard date. Metal stem thermometer not working properly. Not calibrated and unable to be calibrated. A dial stem thermometer that reads 0 to 220 degrees must be available to ensure food items are fully cooked and/or thoroughly heated to 165 degrees. Replace thermometer. No bleach test strips located. A test kit or other device that accurately measures the concentration in ppm (mg/L) of sanitizing solution shall be provided. Quat sanitizer in bar sink above 400 ppm. When using quat sanitizer, the concentration should be at 200 ppm to prevent chemical residue/chemical poisoning. Use test strips to verify concentration. Only one hand sink available for both kitchen and bar. Hand sink blocked with cans and ice scoop. Hand sink must remain accessible for proper hand washing. Inspector: Seger.


No violations

Hungry Howie’s, 5820 Doug-las.

Our First Love, 2704 W. Central.

Little Sprouts Academy LLC, 4014 Elmhurst.

Burger King, 1945 S. Byrne.

Doc Watson’s, 1515 S. Byrne.

Pickett Elementary, 1144 Blum.

St. Joan of Arc School, 5050 Heatherdowns.

Learning Ladder, 5155 Airport.

Rally’s, 3559 Airport.

Toledo Zoo - Nairobi, 2700 Broadway.

Toledo Zoo - Kibanda, 2700 Broadway.

Collins Park Course, 624 Reineck.

Eastern Community YMCA, 2960 Pickle, Oregon.

Panera Bread, 3043 Glendale.