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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspections: 7-15

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.

Golden KOI Restaurant, 3550 Executive, inspected June 17. Cooked cabbage is out at room temperature at 79 degrees. Cut or cooked cabbage is a food and must be held either hot at 135 degrees or higher or properly cooled and held at 41 degrees or lower. Cabbage will not be held in the prep top cooler. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Kroger, 833 W. Alexis, inspected June 18. Food stored directly on floor. Food and food contact items must be stored a minimum of 6 inches above the floor to prevent contamination. Employee food sitting on food items in back stock area. Designate an area for employee food items. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Olive Garden Italian, 5120 Monroe, inspected June 17. Cut tomatoes are holding cold at 51 degrees in the salad prep top cooler. The ambient air temperature inside this cooler is 55 degrees. No other food in cooler. This unit must be repaired immediately. Service had already been called. Wet wiping towels out on work surfaces. Soiled wet wiping towels out on work surfaces. Store wet wiping towels in sanitizer buckets when not in use to prevent the growth of pathogens. Inspector: Sattler.

New Millennium, all packaged items out for sale with no labeling The required labeling for these items are on the bulk package. These foods may not be opened and sold individually as they are not labeled for sale. Remove Little Debbie snacks, refrigerated egg rolls, and Dora croissants from sale immediately. No ingredient statement provided for the bulk bakery display case for the cinnamon rolls and danishes. Ingredient statements must be provided for self-service bulk food items for sale. There is no one present who is certified in food safety level one. Employees should be certified. There must be someone present who is certified. This is a repeat violation. Inspector: Sattler.4306 W. Sylvania, inspected June 14. Sever

Miss Cue, 1720 Reynolds, inspected June 13. If you wash any vegetables or food here (or thaw) you must get an indirectly connected food prep sink. Chlorine test strips needed. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Apple Tree Nursery School Inc., 2801 N. Bancroft, inspected June 14. Found grilled cheese sandwiches and salad with cut tomatoes sitting out at room temperature above 41 degrees. Cold hold at 41 degrees or less. The kitchen is not designed to make grilled sandwiches and this menu item should not be offered. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Happy Rose Buffet, 5335 Airport, inspected June 19. Do not reuse clam shells for baked seafood or clam shell. They must be discarded. No sanitizer solution for wipe cloths set up. Several soiled rags without sanitizer. This is a must for sanitizing food contact surface throughout workday. Several containers of chicken thawing in standing water. Thaw in cooler or under cold running water. Inspector: Brady.

Quizno’s Sub, 5350 Airport, inspected June 18. Lift side prep top is 58 degrees. Discard food (cut leafy greens, tomatoes, and other food). Do not use this cooler until repaired. This cooler has repeatedly failed inspections. Will be rechecked or new cooler may be ordered. Must keep food 41 degrees or less to prevent bacterial growth. No thermometer in either prep top cooler. Monitor temperature. No sanitizer in sanitizer bucket. Many soiled rags on counter top with sanitizer. No chlorine test strips available for chlorine sanitizer. Inspector: Brady.

Kwik Trip, 4230 Airport, inspected June 18. Thermometer needed in Dasani refrigerator. Keep 41 degrees or less. Also thermometer needed in Hussman freezer. Inspector: Brady.

Central Avenue Foods Inc./​Foodtown, 2725 W. Central, inspected June 14. The prosciutto and provolone stuffed peppers in the cheese island case are holding at 41 degrees. Cold hold at 41 degrees or less. Soup at the deli is being cooled to be reheated in bulk. This facility is not licensed to reheat food in bulk. Discontinue this practice immediately. A bottle of Pepto Bismol stored on a shelf in the deli walk in cooler above chicken. Store personal medications in a designated space away from food and food contact surfaces. A package of raw Italian sausage stored on a container of chicken noodle soup in the deli walk-in cooler. Store raw meats below ready-to-eat food to prevent cross contamination. Improper labeling on a few in-house packaged items including the yogurt parfait, split fryers, and marinated chicken. Label such items properly. Quat sanitizer in the meat room sanitizer bucket is strong at over 500 ppm. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm to safely sanitize food contact surfaces and contact chemical company to recalibrate the dispensing system. Two cans of Raid for flying insects in the produce room and a couple flies near the produce three-bay sink. Raid is not an approved chemical for the facility. Pesticides can be applied only by a licensed pest control operator. Contact a licensed pest control operator to eliminate the flies. Found sliced, shredded, and block cheese in the dairy case holding above 41 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. The case is holding temperature at 34 degrees, but appears to be overstocked and not allowing the air to circulate. Rearrange the stock and reduce the quantity to hold proper temperature. Inspector: Wilke.

Wendy’s Olde Fashioned Hamburgs, 5560 W. Central, inspected June 17. The prep top cooler by the drive thru side is holding shredded cheese at 45 degrees, tomatoes at 45 degrees and mayo at 47 degrees. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Adjust or repair this cooler. Inspector: Sattler.

OB’s Bar & Grill, 2243 Tremainsville, inspected June 17. Prep cooler holding food above 41 degrees rather than at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. No wipe bucket set up. A wipe bucket with 50 to 100 ppm bleach or 200 ppm quat must be set up and utilized during hours of operation. If/​when using a spray bottle for wiping counters, a disposable towel must be used. The concentration in the spray bottle hanging on sink is over 400 ppm. To limit chemical residue/​chemical poisoning the concentration must be the same as a wipe bucket 50 to 100 ppm. Pinesol is not an approved sanitizer for counters. Inspector: Seger.

Stop N Shop, 1702 W. Laskey, inspected June 18. Provide sanitizer and test strips for three-bay sink. Cappuccino parts must be properly washed, rinsed, and sanitized in the sink. Inspector: Seger.

VFW George Rill Post, 3005 Laskey, inspected June 18. Ice scoops in kitchen stored on cardboard. Provide a proper receptacle for storing ice scoops between uses to maintain a sanitary condition. Inspector: Seger.

McDonald’s, 2130 Reynolds, inspected June 17. Thermometer needed in smoothie refrigerator. Inspector: Brady.

Reynolds’s, 1031 Reynolds, inspected June 17. Hot dogs on roller at 129 degrees. Must be 135 degrees or above to prevent bacterial growth. No sanitizer available. Manager went to store to get plain chlorine during inspection. Must be 100 ppm. Inspector: Brady.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations:

Dolly & Joe’s, 1045 Reynolds.

Rite Aid, 2434 W. Laskey.

Big Lots, 4925 Jackman.

Judah’s Family Care Center, 5455 Airport.

Family Dollar, 4210 Airport.

Dollar General, 4250 Airport.

Starbucks Coffee Co., 1260 Reynolds.

Toledo Zoo - Lodge Main Kitchen, 2700 Broadway.

Toledo Zoo - Bird Feeder, 2700 Broadway.

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