Restaurant Inspections: 9-16


Recently released inspectionreports of Lucas County food-service operations


Mike’s Place, 3170 Cherry, inspected Aug. 27. Deli meat in the deli case with an open date of 8/​20/​13. To limit bacteria growth, ready-to-eat food items may only be held a total of seven days. Day One is the day the product was cooked, prepared, opened, etc. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Valley Services Inc., 2121 Garden Lake, inspected Aug. 28. Found milk cartons in Igloo cooler holding at 46 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Cooler had a couple of ice packs but they did not hold the food sufficiently cold. Suggest using ice as an exterior coolant when storing food in Igloo cooler because it can surround the product better than an ice pack. Bare-hand contact of apples being packed for home delivery. Apples still had stickers on their skins. Produce must be thoroughly washed, with stickers removed, and then must be handled with gloves to prevent contamination. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Compass, 2465 Collingwood, inspected Aug. 28. Quat dispensing unit over 400 ppm. To prevent chemical residue/​chemical poisoning, the concentration should be at 200 ppm. Have unit adjusted to dispense at 200 ppm. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Speedway, 1708 Tremainsville, inspected Aug. 26. Sticker residue left on containers. Containers are not considered clean until sticker residue is removed. Sticker residue harbors bacteria that can contaminate food. Inspector: Seger.

Tim Horton’s, 1801 W. Laskey, inspected Aug. 26. Apples for sale with stickers still on them. Food that is sold for immediate consumption must be pre-washed in the prep sink and stickers removed. A cup inside sugar. A proper scoop with a handle must be utilized to prevent contamination from hands. Chemical spray bottle with no label. Working containers used for poisonous or toxic materials such as cleaners and sanitizers taken from bulk supplies shall be clearly and individually identified with the common name of the material. Inspector: Seger.

Taco Bell, 1220 W. Alexis, inspected Aug. 27. Cup inside cinnamon crisp bulk bin. A proper scoop with a handle must be used to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Seger.

Burger King, 1110 W. Alexis, inspected Aug. 27. Facility selling bagged ice without proper labeling. Food packaged in a food service operation or retail food establishment shall be labeled as specified in 21 CFR 101 and 9 CFR 317. Label information shall include: (a) The common name of the food, or absent a common name, an adequately descriptive identify statement; (b) If made from two or more ingredients, a list of ingredients in descending order of predominance by weight, including a declaration of artificial color or flavor and chemical preservatives, if contained in the food; (c) An accurate declaration of the quantity of contents: (d) The name and place of business or the manufacturer, packer, or distributor. Discontinue selling ice until proper labeling requirements are met. Facility may not sell ice that is not bagged or labeled. Inspector: Seger.

Caffeini’s Cafe, 3065 Arlington, inspected Aug. 22. Quat sanitizer high at 400 ppm. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm to safely sanitize food-contact surfaces. Inspector: Wilke.

Rick’s City Diner, 5333 Monroe, inspected Aug. 27. Sliced tomatoes are 65 degrees and cream cheese 43 degrees double stacked in pans in the prep-top cooler. These are foods and must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Do not double-pan food items in order to hold proper temperature and prevent any contamination to the open food in the bottom pan. Corrected. Cooked potatoes held out at room temperature at 74 degrees. Cooked potatoes are a food and must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower or hot at 135 degrees or higher to prevent pathogen growth. Manager stated that potatoes are normally held under refrigeration in one of the line prep coolers. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

The Wing Station, 4015 Secor, inspected Aug. 26. Packaged hummus and rice pudding with no date mark. These are foods may only be held up to seven days at 41 degrees or lower. Inspector: Sattler.

Wetzel’s Pretzels, 5001 Monroe, inspected Aug. 26. No cover on front of ice machine to protect coils. Repeat violation must be corrected immediately. Replace or permanently repair this machine. No sanitizer detected in wipe-cloth bucket. Change out sanitizer bucket as often as needed to maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm or 150 to 400 ppm if using a multi-range quat sanitizer. Inspector: Sattler.

Marco’s Pizza, 5248 Monroe, inspected Aug. 23. Pizza prep-top cooler holding food at 41 to 44 degrees. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Adjust or repair this cooler as needed. Inspector: Sattler.

Promedica Wildwood Orthopedic & Spine, 2901 N. Reynolds, inspected Aug. 21. Frozen taco meat pulled to thaw yesterday with no pull date. Container only marked with prepared-on date. When freezing food, the food must be marked to indicate a maximum seven-day hold time. Food must be marked with the prepared date, the freeze date (if different from prepared-on date), and a thaw date. Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, food must be date marked and may be held no longer than seven days at 41 degrees or lower. Display case holding at ambient air temperature of 43 degrees. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Adjust or repair cooler. Inspector: Sattler.

White Tower, 1515 W. Sylvania, inspected Aug. 27. Hand sink blocked and filled with cleaning materials. A hand washing sink shall be maintained so that it is accessible for employee use and may not be used for purposes other than hand washing. Pitted, stained and broken Cambro containers in use. Equipment and containers must be in good repair. Discard damaged containers. Missing light shield/​lenses. Light bulbs shall be shielded, coated, or otherwise shatter-resistant in areas where there is exposed food; clean equipment, utensils, or linens; or unwrapped single service or single use articles. Provide proper light shields using tubs with end caps or replace the lenses. Dish machine in operation with no sanitizer pulling. When replacing sanitizer, the dish machine must be primed to remove air from lines. Use test strips to ensure sanitizer is pulling at the adequate concentration. Buildup on top of dish machine. Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch. Food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment and pans shall be kept free of encrusted grease deposits and other soil accumulations. Non-contact surfaces of equipment shall be kept free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris. No bleach test strips at dish machine. A test kit or other device that accurately measures the concentration in ppm (mg/​L) of sanitizing solutions shall be provided. Use test strips to test dish machine daily. Can opener with a buildup of food and piercing blade coated with debris. Cutting or piercing parts of can openers shall be kept sharp to minimize the creation of metal fragments that can contaminate food when the container is opened. Equipment is to be clean to sight and touch. Sticker residue on clean Cambro containers. Containers are not considered clean unless sticker residue is removed. Sticker residue harbors bacteria that can contaminate food. A bowl used as a scoop inside potatoes. A scoop or utensil with a handle must be used to portion out food items to prevent contamination from hands. Do not store bowls inside potato bin. No thermometers located in small egg cooler or small hamburger cooler on prep line. In a mechanically refrigerated or hot food storage unit, the sensor of a temperature measuring device shall be located to measure the air temperature or a simulated product temperature in the warmest part of a mechanically refrigerated unit and in the coolest part of a hot food storage unit. Provide thermometers and place where easily accessible. Grease buildup on main grill hood and suppression system. Clean hood system to remove excess grease deposits. Cutting boards that are severely scored/​stained that are no longer smooth and easily cleanable. Surfaces such as cutting blocks and boards that are subject to scratching and scoring shall be resurfaced if they can no longer be effectively cleaned and sanitized, or discarded if they are not capable of being resurfaced. Replace or resurface cutting boards. Slime deposits on ice machine shield. Thoroughly clean and sanitize ice machine regularly as needed: weekly for full clean out and wipe shield daily. Inadequate cleaning of equipment and food-contact surfaces. Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch. Food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment and pans shall be kept free of encrusted grease deposits and other soil accumulations. Non-contact surfaces of equipment shall be kept free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris. Thoroughly clean surfaces of equipment, inside and out, including cooler gaskets. Inspector: Seger.

PSG Foods LLC dba Cheetah’s, 5801 Telegraph, inspected Aug. 28. Dish machine at far end of bar dispensing 0 ppm chlorine. To properly sanitize with chlorine, the dish machine must dispense 50 to 100 ppm. Corrected. Hand sink in kitchen blocked by boxes and bar hand sink used to store a bucket. Do not block or use hand sinks for storage. Hand sinks must be accessible for proper hand washing. Storage of chemical spray bottles with food or beverage contact items behind bar and in kitchen. Designate an area for chemicals below or away from food and food-contact items. Inspector: Stanley.

Scarlett’s, 5765 Telegraph, inspected Aug. 28. Buildup present in pop gun holster. Clean and sanitize daily, allowing to air dry before using. Inspector: Stanley.

Primo’s Foods, 3131 Cherry, inspected Aug. 27. Raw bacon stored above ready-to-eat food and beverages in glass-door cooler, and raw burger patties stored above ready-to-eat in prep-top cooler. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats and shell eggs below other food items. Repeat violation. No sanitizer available in the facility. Facility must maintain a supply of an approved sanitizer during hours of operation. Corrected. No wipe-cloth bucket set up. During hours of operation, the facility must have a wipe-cloth bucket set up at 100 ppm chlorine or 200 ppm quat to properly sanitize surfaces and to properly store damp/​soiled cloths. Repeat violation. Corrected. No dating of required items. To limit bacteria growth, ready-to-eat food items kept longer than 24 hours require a date mark. Seven-day hold time permitted. Inspector: Stanley.

China King, 5801 Telegraph, inspected Aug. 22. In-use utensils stored in metal cans of water on top of steam table at 101 degrees. To limit bacteria growth and prevent food contamination, in-use utensils may only be stored in water that is maintained at 135 degrees or above. Damp/​soiled cloths stored on work surfaces. When not in use, store damp/​soiled cloths in a wipe cloth bucket at 100 ppm chlorine or 200 ppm quat. Majority of food items throughout the coolers uncovered. Food items must be protected from contamination and may only be left uncovered during the cooling and preparation process. Keep food items covered with a food approved materials such as lid, foil, plastic wrap, etc. No date marking of required items. To limit bacteria growth, ready-to-eat food items kept longer than 24 hours after cooking require a date mark. 41 degrees or lower, seven-day hold time. Buildup present on dry storage containers and lids in use for the steam table. Clean and sanitize items on a routine basis. Items must be free from soil or residue from both sight and touch. An in-use knife stored between prep-top cooler and table. In-use utensils must be protected from contamination. Store on a clean and dry surface that is cleaned and sanitized at least every four hours. Home-defense pesticide used inside the facility to treat drain flies. Pesticides must be applied by a licensed applicator. Contact a licensed pest-control operator to address this issue. Cleaning drains on a routine basis will also help with drain flies. Inspector: Stanley.

Treo, 5703 Main, Sylvania, inspected Aug. 28. Time/​temperature control for safety food above 41 degrees in four-door prep-top cooler on the line. Food must be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Raw shell eggs stored above fish in walk-in cooler. Store raw shell eggs on bottom shelf to prevent cross contamination. Bar dish machine tested low for chlorine sanitizer. The dish machine should test at 50 ppm for chlorine sanitizer. Facility called vendor to adjust sanitizer concentration. Use test kit to check concentration. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Uncle John’s Pancake House, 3131 Secor, inspected Aug. 21. Walk-in cooler holding food at 45 to 46 degrees, and reach-in prep-top cooler on cook line holding spaghetti at 46 degrees and corned beef at 46 degrees. Adjust or repair coolers so food holds cold at 41 degrees or lower. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Elnuevo Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, 3330 W. Central, inspected Aug. 26. The opened containers of drink mixers sitting out at room temperature at bar. Some, such as pina colada, are labeled Refrigerate after Opening and must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Mixers discarded. Prep-top cooler holding shredded cheese at 44 degrees and guacamole at 42 degrees. Food must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Operator stated that these items were not made today. Limit amount of time food is out at room temperature during prep and portioning. Other foods in cooler were at proper temperature. Employee handling diced tomatoes with bare hands. No bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food. Gloves must be worn or utensils used. Corrected. Inspector: Sattler.

Chuck E Cheese’s, 5077 Monroe, Toledo, inspected Aug. 27. Chemical sanitizing dish machine not dispensing chlorine sanitizer during final rinse. Chlorine sanitizer must dispense at 50 to 100 ppm at final rinse to properly sanitize food-contact items. Dish machine primed at inspection, then dispenses properly at 100 ppm. No sanitizer bucket set up in food-prep areas. A sanitizer bucket with correct concentration of sanitizer must be set up at all times of operation. Food-prep surfaces must be cleaned/​sanitized before working and then periodically. Inspector: Sattler.


No violations

Netty’s, 4672 Monroe.

Family Dollar, 3020 Cherry.

Ritter’s Frozen Custard, 3305 W. Central.

K. C. Catering, 1473 W. Sylvania.

Sunoco, 1301 W. Sylvania.

Black Kite Coffee, 2499 Collingwood.

In & Out, 1619 W. Sylvania.

Eddie Lee’s, 4700 Nantuckett.

Bavarian Sports Club, 2102 Lagrange.

El Camino Real, 2500 W. Sylvania.