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Restaurant Inspections

Restaurant Inspections: 5-12

Recent reports of Lucas County food-service operations



Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations.


South Side Liquor Box LLC, 1202 Broadway, inspected April 29. Provide hand soap and paper towels at bar to properly wash hands. These supplies must be available behind bar as well as in restrooms. Bar cooler holding at 46 degrees. Cold holding must be maintained at 41 degrees or below. Adjust cooler to hold proper temperature. Person-in-charge did not have Level One food safety course. This is required. At least one person must be available during operating hours who has taken a Level One food safety class. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Airport Pizza LLC, 6825 Spring Valley, Holland, inspected May 2. Cups of ranch dressing marked Keep Refrigerated sitting out at room temperature. Any food items labeled Keep Refrigerated must be held in cooler or at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. If manufacturer states that refrigeration is only for quality, then a letter from the company is required to be kept on site. Facility produced a letter stating that dressing pH is 4.2 and water activity is below .88. Will check with Department of Agriculture to determine if the letter is acceptable or if a independent lab result is needed. Sanitizer supply not set up on the line. During hours of operation, maintain sanitizer supply to ensure food-contact areas are properly sanitized. Dispenser not dispensing proper amounts when filling bucket; company will be contacted. Sanitizer manually mixed and verified at 200 ppm. Pizza and salad both being prepared out of the same pans. Gloves are required when making salads and not required when making pizza because pizza is cooked. Keep processes separate to prevent bare-hand contact to items used for salad prep. Bins in bottom of cold line will be used for salad and will always be handled with gloved hands. Inspector: Cipiti.

Dollar Tree, 3316 Navarre, inspected May 4. Raw shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat food. Raw meats/​eggs shall be stored below ready-to-eat food to prevent contamination. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Toledo Sailing Club, 2731 Broadway, inspected May 2. Ants crawling on kitchen counter and on three-bay sink. Contact licensed pest control service. Raw shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat food in walk-in cooler. Store raw shell eggs below ready-to-eat food to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Wilke.

Taco Bell, 1317 N. Reynolds, inspected May 1. Neither table-top prep cooler for cold holding of taco ingredients holding at 41 degrees or below. Measured 44 to 53 degrees for tomatoes, shredded lettuce, onions, shredded cheeses. Staff intervened to cool down, replace with cold versions, adjust equipment and active temperature monitoring. Will also not over fill compartments as these were full and the top half portion warming up with ambient air temperature. Follow-up visit scheduled next day. Inspector: John Markan.

East Broadway Elementary, 1755 East Broadway, inspected May 1. Packaged salads out at room temperature at 63 degrees. Cut lettuce is a food and must be held cold under refrigeration at 41 degrees or lower at all times. Manager stated salads were just recently packaged and moved them into a reach-in cooler. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Kroger, 1425 Reynolds, Maumee, inspected April 29. Olive bar holding marinated mozzarella at 42 degrees and goat cheese stuffed olives at 48 degrees. These foods must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Adjust cooler as needed. No sanitizer bucket set up or sanitizer spray bottle available for use in bakery area. Food-contact surfaces must be periodically sanitized throughout the day. Provide supply of sanitizer at each food-prep area. Packaged sushi out for sale at 51 degrees. Sushi must be properly cooled down to 41 degrees or lower before it is placed into a cold-holding display. Manager stated that sushi is cooled in the produce walk-in cooler or in deli blast chiller. Product not properly cooled. No date marking of crab salad containers. Refrigerated, ready-to-eat food must be date marked when prepared or manufacturer’s packaging is opened. Operator stated that store staff usually date mark these items, but sticker must have fallen off. Strawberry mochi out for sale without proper labeling. Labels must include food’s common name, list of ingredients in descending order of predominance by weight (including a declaration of artificial color or flavor and chemical preservatives, if contained in the food), accurate declaration of the quantity of the contents, and name of place of business or manufacturer. Inspector: Sattler.

American Table Family Restaurant, 3027 Glendale, inspected April 30. Ready-to-eat food in walk-in cooler with no date marks and some with expired dates. Foods that were dated were given eight days instead of the permitted seven days. Ready-to-eat must be labeled with a seven-day date mark to prevent bacteria growth. Discard expired food. Soup cooling improperly in walk-in cooler, at 116 degrees after being made during the morning. Food shall be cooled from 135 to 70 degrees within two hours and then from 70 to 41 degrees during the following four hours to prevent bacteria growth. Reheat soup to 165 degrees and restart cooling process. Dessert cooler holding coconut cream pie at 47 degrees and has an ambient air temperature of 45 degrees. Hold food at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria growth. Repair service called for cooler; discontinue use until repaired. Sausage links sitting out at room temperature at 86 degrees. Food shall be held hot at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Discard the sausage links. Hollandaise sauce sitting out at 107 degrees; product was sitting out to cool but not being actively cooled. As soon as hot food reaches 135 degrees, it must be actively cooled by either placing in ice bath or in walk-in cooler or freezer in shallow pans. Use ice wand when possible. Hollandaise moved to walk-in cooler. Quat sanitizer bucket low. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm to safely sanitize food-contact surfaces. Ashtray full of cigarettes butts, a lighter, and uncovered employee beverages stored together on food storage rack in dry storage. No smoking allowed in kitchen and cigarette butts may not be stored in kitchen. Personal belongings including lighters and employees’ beverages shall be stored in a designated space away from food/​food-contact surfaces and beverages must be covered. Inspector: Wilke.

Kroger, 1415 S. Byrne, inspected April 29. Packaged chicken chunks sitting out at 68-80 degrees. Food must be held at 41 degrees or lower, or 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Reheat product to at least 135 degrees or discard. Work with smaller portions to hold food cold during packaging and fully cool product to 41 degrees. No quat sanitizer detected in spray bottle. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200 ppm to safely sanitize food-contact surfaces. Corrected. Opened salami in deli case dated 5/​9. Ready-to-eat food once opened may be held for up to seven days. Salami was dated past the seven-day expiration and may not be held that long to prevent bacteria growth. Provide documentation from a third-party testing agency that product is safe to hold after seven days if store wishes to hold it longer than the allowed time. Inspector: Wilke.

Reynolds Elementary School, 5000 Norwich, inspected May 7. Hot sandwiches holding at 100 degrees. Protect holding of 135 degrees or higher to minimize biological growth. Reheat to 165 degrees for 15 seconds, then hold at 135 degrees or higher. Other two duke pans fine for hot holding temperature 135 degrees or higher. Items taken back to kitchen for reheating. Prep sink lacks true two-inch air gap. Current plumbing has two-inch gap below upper drain well part. Cut a diagonal slice into existing discharge tube or raise two-inch air gap out of the well to prevent backups into prep sink’s piping. Kitchen door #8 to outside with quarter-inch space at bottom. Same for dining room doors #6 and #7. Keep doors sealed and good repair to prevent mice entering. Kitchen door to outside has only one TinCat. TinCat in place not effective as tile floor covering allows quarter-inch space for mice to pass between it and wall. Engineer a better floor/​wall junction, add an attachment to compensate for the cover angle. Inspector: Markan.

Church’s Chicken, 5 S. Reynolds, inspected May 6. Training needed for both person-in-charge and new food-handler staff. Wipe cloths in sanitizer below minimum levels. Quat requires 200 to 400 ppm concentration. Measured 100 ppm; staff to add more sanitizer and actively monitor. Water was hot at 110 degrees. Work with 77 degrees. Chicken breading scoop not stored in a sanitary manner. Only use a smooth, cleanable and non-porous surface. Do not store on cardboard or other porous materials to control biological growth. Damaged metal stem thermometer in use. Must keep thermometer in good condition and calibrated to actively monitor temperatures. Need to replace with backups. Kitchen ceiling light bulbs and some brittle plastic light covers not shielded. Replace to prevent contamination. One fryer hood light also unprotected. Kitchen door to parking lot showing quarter-inch light at door bottom, could allow mouse entry. Manager says that it just happened today. Only one TinCat in place, need a second to bracket the door. Repair/​seal the door. Inspector: Markan.

McDonald’s, 1225 Collingwood, inspected May 6. Cooked onions stored covered and at 58 degrees in floor cabinet freezer. Product discarded. Management will actively monitor temperatures/​stir during cool down (two hours to go from 135 to 70 degrees and four hours from 70 to 41 degrees for a six hour total). Do not cover at all, have less fill, use shallow container/​depth to facilitate cool down. Inspector: Markan.

Yoko, 465 W. Dussel, Maumee, inspected May 5. Wet wiping towel sitting out on work surface in kitchen. Store wet wiping towels in sanitizer solution when not in use to prevent bacteria growth. Rice for sushi is being held based on time in lieu of temperature but is not logged or marked with a time. When using time in lieu of temperature, food must be marked to indicate either the time the food was taken out of temperature control or the time that it expires. Food may be held up to four hours without hot or cold holding, but must then be discarded. Inspector: Sattler.

Arby’s, 495 W. Dussel, Maumee, inspected May 5. Garlic oil at 44 degrees and parmesan peppercorn sauce at 45 degrees in squeeze bottles in prep-top cooler. These are labeled Keep Refrigerated and must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower. Adjust cooler so these items hold at proper temperatures. Fried chicken breast hot holding at 122 degrees in warmer drawer. Food must be held hot at 135 degrees or higher to inhibit bacteria growth. Adjust as needed and discard out-of-temperature chicken breast. Inspector: Sattler.

Biggby Coffee, 306 W. Dussel, Maumee, inspected May 5. Wet wiping towels out on work surfaces. Once wet, wiping towels must be stored in sanitizer solution to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Sattler.

Biggby Coffee, 1515 S. Byrne, inspected May 5. Wet wiping towels stored on counter tops. Store wet towels in sanitizer bucket to prevent bacteria growth. Repeat violation. On previous inspection it was noted that dump sink and hand sink are mixed around. Hand washing should occur at shielded sink. Relocate hand soap, paper towels, and hand-washing sign to shielded sink and use sink with fountain water as dump sink. A blender in sink currently used as hand sink. Hand sinks shall be clear and used for nothing but hand washing. Spray bottle without a label. Spray bottles shall have labels indicating contents to prevent contamination. Inspector: Wilke.

South End Pizza, 1808 Arlington, inspected May 5. No sanitizer bucket set up. Set up a bucket of sanitizer for hours of business to sanitize food-contact surfaces. Corrected. Inspector: Wilke.

Star Diner, 3067 W. Alexis, inspected May 5. Improper date marking of meat items in kitchen. Ziploc bags of meat and ham had no date mark. Any ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food item kept longer than 24 hours after being cooked, prepared, or opened must be held at 41 degrees or lower and must have a seven-day date mark to limit bacteria growth. Repeat violation. Potato buckets severely scored and no longer smooth and easily cleanable. Replace buckets that are in poor condition. Repeat violation. Dirty bulk-food bins. Interior and exterior of bulk-food bins must be free of dirt and debris. Clean bins to remove debris. Repeat violation. Dust buildup on rack above waffle irons. Remove dust and debris from racks to limit cross contamination. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Marco’s Pizza, 149 Main, inspected May 2. Individual packages of ranch dressing sitting out at room temperature 72 degrees. Product marked Keep Refrigerated. Discard all packages that were sitting out and maintain product in cold holding. Repeat violation. Change procedures immediately. Review time in lieu of temperature procedures which are not approved at this time. This requires a class four risk-level license. Inspector: Cipiti.

Fassett Street Drop-In, 324 Fassett, inspected May 1. Store raw bacon below cheese to prevent cross contamination. Corrected. Inspector: Cipiti.

TRTC Riverview Cafe, 1 Government Center, inspected May 1. Time/​temperature control for safety food with expired dates in walk-in cooler: ham marked 3/​31. Discarded. Monitor dates closely and discard as necessary. Ready-to-eat meats stored on same tray as raw meats. To prevent cross contamination, store raw meats separately from ready-to-eat items. Food discarded. Empty cardboard egg crates stored on top of bread packages. Discard egg crates when emptied. Do not reuse or store with ready-to-eat items. Rib tips in hot holding cabinet at 107 degrees. This is an incorrect reheating procedure. Reheat food rapidly on direct heat. Meat moved to oven to reheat to 165 degrees. Chili holding at 46 degrees and ham at 47 degrees in under-counter cooler next to hand sink. Cold holding must be maintained at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria growth. Do not use cooler for cold holding food until adjusted and verified. Inspector: Cipiti.


Recently inspected restaurants with no violations.

Jon’s Fourth Season, 1925 Tremainsville.

Shivers, 2425 Key.

St. Patrick Heatherdowns, 4201 Heatherdowns.

Byrnedale Elementary, 3635 Glendale.

Jacky’s Depot, 130 W. Deuley, Maumee.

Erie Drugs, 4502 Lewis.

Elmhurst Elementary School, 4530 Elmhurst.

Walgreens, 2562 Navarre.

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