SW Ohio man mourns family members lost in fire


KETTERING, Ohio — A man who lost his wife, two sons and father-in-law in a southwestern Ohio house fire is speaking out.

Shaun Mobley tells WHIO-TV about the chaos of trying to get out of the family home as it burned early Thursday in the Dayton suburb of Kettering.

Mobley says his wife Alicia went across the hall to get the two boys while he headed downstairs to get their daughters. He said he didn’t know she hadn’t followed him and couldn’t see anything because of the smoke.

Killed were 36-year-old Alicia Mobley, 4-year-old Shaun Mobley Jr., 2-year-old Jacob Mobley, and 76-year-old Forrest Carroll.

The couple’s two daughters also survived.

Shaun Mobley summed it up by saying, “In five hours my life was gone, it was gone.”