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Last month’s switch propels McNugtz from 10th to 3rd spot

McNugtz’s rise to the third-place spot in The Blade’s Annual School Stock Contest was fueled by keen observation.

The eighth-grade students from Rossford Junior High School added biopharmaceutical company China Biologic Products Inc. to their portfolio during a one-time-only opportunity to make alterations March 8. The stock climbed from $23.10 to $27.73 in three weeks, an increase of 20.5 percent. In the last three weeks, McNugtz has risen from 10th place to eighth, then fifth, and now third.

“My kids are all excited. They keep getting closer and closer, and they kept hoping things would change,” said Bo Evarts, who teaches the students in his Algebra I class. “One of the other teams [in Mr. Evarts’ class] had picked China Biological Products, and this teamed picked it up at the halfway point, and it has done really well with them.”

McNugtz’s portfolio also contains Marathon Petroleum Corp., Clorox Co., and Netflix Inc. The team’s mythical $40,000 portfolio has grown 15.34 percent to $46,134 in the first eight weeks of the contest.

It dumped the Walt Disney Co. and Amazon.com Inc. to add China Biologic Products and Netflix.

“What stands out about McNugtz’s portfolio is they have diversified across four investing sectors. Plus, they have chosen stocks that have all performed at or close to their 52-week highs, indicating these stocks have been on the rise,” Ronald Belle, investment advisers executive and senior vice president at Fifth Third Bank, a contest sponsor, wrote in an email to The Blade.

“The four sectors they have chosen are health care, consumer staples, consumer discretionary, and industrials. All four sectors have performed very well in the first quarter, health care leading with a 14 percent return.”

This year, 113 teams from northwest Ohio and southern Michigan are participating. They were allocated a hypothetical $40,000 budget, and the funds were evenly distributed among four stocks, which initially were worth at least $5 a share.

The 12-week contest runs through April 26.

The team with the best-performing portfolio will win $250 for the students and $250 for the school. Second place will receive $250 for the school, and third place gets $100 for the school.

The contest is sponsored by The Blade’s Newspaper in Education program, the Taylor Automotive Family, Fifth Third, and the University of Toledo, which calculates the results.

At the top of the standings, Gulhaye, from Bowling Green High School, climbed into first place. 1SHS from Springfield High School dropped to second after its portfolio lost 0.8 percent of its value last week. Gulhaye’s portfolio (Priceline.com Inc., Southwest Airlines Co., Abbott Laboratories, and Zillow Inc.) grew 1.5 percent.

CashFlo, a team from All Saints Catholic School in Rossford, slipped into fifth place last week from its fourth-place spot. The team grew almost 1 percent during the week, but that wasn’t enough to hold on to its spot.

The team began with holdings in Netflix, Time Warner Inc., Marathon Petroleum, and Visa Inc. It traded Visa for AMERCO, the parent company of U-Haul. Its holdings are worth $45,647, and it has grown 14.1 percent since the contest began.

“They were very careful about which stocks they decided to switch, they thought about it a lot,” said Amy Warnimont, who teaches the eighth-grade students in her advanced math class. “The switch did benefit them, and I hope they can hang on through the end of the contest.

“It’s really up to the market. Who knows?”

Contact Kris Turner at: kturner@theblade.com or 419-724-6103.

Standings after Week 8 of The Blade School Stock Contest, with team name, school, and portfolio value. Each team started with a mythical $40,000.

1, Gulhaye, Bowling Green High, $47,245.26

2, 1SHS, Springfield High, Holland, $46,512.46

3, McNugtz, Rossford Junior High, $46,134.89

4, 4SHS, Springfield High, Holland, $46,111.10

5, CashFlo, All Saints Catholic School, Rossford, $45,647.73

6, ATMS, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $45,414.43

7, Fishmth, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $45,271.97

8, Tacvuli, Rossford Junior High, $45,116.04

9, JD2T, Springfield High, Holland, $45,045.54

10, Umizomi, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $44,374.37

11, HASBULL, Pike Delta York Middle, Delta, $44,302.88

12, Phoenix, Bowling Green Christian Academy, $44,253.17

13, BGHS72, Bowling Green High, $44,191.75

14, ChChing, Fallen Timbers Middle School, Whitehouse, $44,048.16

15, THEHELP, Springfield High, Holland, $44,019.62

16, LIGERS, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $43,821.04

17, calairs, Saint John The Baptist, Toledo, $43,769.67

18, SABIBAS, Rossford Junior High, $43,698.97

19, Sclywag, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $43,370.19

20, 2SHS, Springfield High, Holland, $43,304.77

21, Clay.99, Clay High, Oregon, $43,197.78

22, Quibble, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $43,068.90

23, tropics, Saint John The Baptist, Toledo, $43,064.44

24, 5SHS, Springfield High, Holland, $42,977.44

25, jleader, Bowling Green High, $42,938.35

26, tmJACOB, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $42,925.41

27, MDMM, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $42,806.28

28, crusher, Saint John The Baptist, Toledo, $42,736.25

29, GABAJ, All Saints Catholic School, Rossford, $42,724.10

30, CLAYed7, Clay High, Oregon, $42,608.80

31, Pirates, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $42,536.70

32, butterz, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $42,510.61

33, ONIFC, Dundee High School, $42,360.40

34, Pokadot, St. Pius X, Toledo, $42,320.47

35, CRZB, Dundee High School, $42,301.92

36, Team123, Dundee High School, $42,237.76

37, Zizzles, Bowling Green High, $42,208.26

38, G Unit, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $42,190.87

39, AnteUp, Fallen Timbers Middle School, Whitehouse, $42,114.49

40, gecko, Saint John The Baptist, Toledo, $42,111.48

41, Kajiger, Dundee High School, $42,110.00

42, Hot Fuz, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $42,098.08

43, Stocker, Park Elementary, Swanton, $42,065.84

44, bops127, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $42,024.76

45, LHSTG6, L Hollingworth School for the Talented & Gifted, Toledo, $42,008.55

46, KaChing, Oak Harbor Middle School, $41,966.94

47, WHOSPM, Springfield High, Holland, $41,915.73

48, FatCash, Dundee High School, $41,901.19

49, KRABAPS, Rossford Junior High, $41,897.18

50, 3SHS, Springfield High, Holland, $41,873.05

51, NARNIA9, Springfield High, Holland, $41,844.72

52, CashMe6, Oak Harbor Middle School, $41,762.67

53, Heat, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $41,724.69

54, Chicas, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $41,681.67

55, Nickpet, Bowling Green High, $41,632.38

56, Preptar, Dundee High School, $41,566.77

57, NoSwag, Rossford Junior High, $41,528.09

58, Clay_8, Clay High, Oregon, $41,517.25

59, Clayhs2, Clay High, Oregon, $41,481.20

60, Winners, Bowling Green High, $41,458.74

61, lucky21, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $41,421.78

62, Maybee, Dundee High School, $41,410.93

63, Lottery, Fallen Timbers Middle School, Whitehouse, $41,403.16

64, Legit, St. Pius X, Toledo, $41,401.28

65, TheWall, Bowling Green Middle, $41,394.02

66, MoneyMe, Park Elementary, Swanton, $41,387.90

67, LHSTG78, L Hollingworth School for the Talented & Gifted, Toledo, $41,324.53

68, tpteam, Saint John The Baptist, Toledo, $41,295.57

69, RMDC, Patrick Henry Middle, Hamler, $41,226.04

70, Kakier, Bowling Green High, $41,217.36

71, ZACOPS2, Bowling Green Christian Academy, $41,161.04

72, Bankbr2, Byrnedale Elementary, Toledo, $40,997.28

73, Clay1, Clay High, Oregon, $40,994.30

74, Bears, Bowling Green Middle, $40,978.09

75, Catbobs, Bowling Green High, $40,974.15

76, sailors, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $40,963.23

77, SnrGrls, Whiteford Agricultural, Ottawa Lake, $40,961.45

78, Potter, Dundee High School, $40,723.67

79, Blank, Bowling Green High, $40,686.91

80, Pro LSP, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $40,672.91

81, Fisher, Bowling Green High, $40,588.01

82, BIZNESS, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $40,457.01

83, squirls, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $40,384.62

84, Briar, Briar Middle, Sandusky, $40,331.12

85, Golden6, Oak Harbor Middle School, $40,318.31

86, HOBIE, Dundee High School, $40,303.79

87, Hogwild, Dundee High School, $40,224.19

88, 5PSNPOD, Arbor Hills Jr., Sylvania, $40,116.20

89, Pancake, Dundee High School, $40,099.96

90, 5jmlllz, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $40,083.90

91, Cemerso, Bowling Green High, $40,061.43

92, morgan, Bowling Green Middle, $39,999.89

93, Kwame54, Saint Rose, Perrysburg, $39,924.37

94, Kaleb, Bowling Green High, $39,905.61

95, Copeski, Bowling Green High, $39,871.25

96, CashCow, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $39,817.98

97, unicorn, Bowling Green High, $39,802.94

98, Moolah, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $39,758.99

99, BGHS1, Bowling Green High, $39,723.64

100, BGHS2, Bowling Green High, $39,701.07

101, BrickSq, Bowling Green High, $39,643.27

102, BIGboat, Maritime Academy of Toledo, $39,629.78

103, CBDCKK, Dundee High School, $39,470.86

104, CHSseis, Clay High, Oregon, $39,408.16

105, Bulls, Bowling Green Middle, $39,108.36

106, Gulible, Dundee High School, $39,107.53

107, Cashbag, Anthony Wayne Jr., Whitehouse, $39,068.33

108, TEAMSHS, Springfield High, Holland, $38,988.60

109, BLUCHIP, Oak Harbor Middle School, $38,925.65

110, MX3, Park Elementary, Swanton, $38,672.71

111, jmorgan, Bowling Green Middle, $38,134.73

112, Gambrel, Bowling Green High, $37,841.90

113, sfsCash, St. Francis de Sales, Toledo, $37,779.75

114, ADMBP1, West Side Montessori, Toledo, $37,605.82

115, Redmen, Fostoria Jr./Sr. High, $37,426.43

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