Long ride for spinach pie, baklava: UT basketball goes from Glass City to Greece

  • Drummond-Mug



  • The University of Toledo men’s basketball team is on an 11-day trip to Greece. Justin Drummond, a junior guard, will provide daily updates of the team’s experience.


    Life in Greece has been an eye-opening experience. We had a long flight of almost 10 hours, and I’ve never been on a plane that long.

    We didn’t have any problems going through customs, and the one thing that surprised me was how many English words were in the airport.

    When we landed the first thing I wanted to do was explore. We had a one-hour bus ride to our hotel that was very scenic. The landscape was a lot different from what I anticipated. The mountains and water were impressive to see.

    I had a gyro at a Greek-style McDonald’s for lunch and spinach pie and baklava during our dinner. I like to try new foods because that’s part of embracing the culture. After lunch, we had a chance to walk down the boardwalk by our hotel and go swimming. The people were friendly and very interested in what we were doing in Greece.

    The water was very blue and I’ve never seen anything like it. The salt water was also a lot different than I’d ever experienced.

    Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to offer with our visit to Epidaurus and Nafplion. Plus we get to play our first game, and I’m excited to see how we mesh as a team.