History comes to life on visit to canal, museum in Corinth

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  • Drummond

    The University of Toledo’s men’s basketball team is on an 11-day trip to Greece. Justin Drummond, a junior guard, will provide daily updates of the team’s experience.

    Going through the Corinth Canal to start our day was an eye-opening experience for everyone on our team. It was amazing to see the amount of rock they removed in the late 1800s to create a passageway for boats to travel.

    We then traveled to Corinth to visit an archaeological site and museum. One of my favorite movies is Troy and this really brought that movie to life for me. Seeing the Temple of Apollo and the Zeus statues in the museum were two things I really enjoyed. I actually tried on a Spartan suit with a shield and helmet. They showed us tons of swords, and we also saw statues of Zeus, Apollo, Achilles, Hercules, and Poseidon. I also bought souvenirs for my mom and dad before heading back to the hotel for lunch and to get some rest.

    Tonight's game was more physical against a better team. We're starting to see that we're going to have a really good team. We're meshing well, sharing the ball, and just have to stay focused on winning games.

    UT 92, GREEK ALL-STARS 51: Justin Drummond and Jonathan Williams paced the Rockets with 17 points apiece. Joining them in double figures were J.D. Weatherspoon (16 points) and Nathan Boothe (12).