End Zone: UT Rockets

Who is @NotMattCampbell?


  • We at The Blade value investigative journalism. So, with UT off until Tuesday, I've decided now is the time to explore the most pressing issue facing UT: Who is @NotMattCampbell?

    The popularity of the parody Twitter account is growing with every witty post, each delivered as if they came from UT's coach himself. "I get some updates from our staff every once in a while," said Campbell, the real one, who insists he does not know the identity of his alter ego.

    Fake Campbell (follower count: 400-plus) is charmingly obnoxious. He called UT's game against woeful Eastern Michigan a "bye week" and offered fans the chance to coach in his absence. He mocks former UT coaches — Beckman for losing too much, Amstutz for eating too much. Rather than passing out sweets he gave trick or treaters recruiting questionnaires.

    The Blade the other day experienced a breakthrough. "I'm not affiliated with the team but know people who are," @NotMattCampbell wrote.

    That eliminates players, coaches, cheerleaders, trainers, band members, and the equipment truck driver. And leaves us with everyone else. Man, this investigative stuff is exhausting. Anyone want to fill in for me on this "bye week?"

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