On The Hook: Emerson Clark

Emerson Clark
Emerson Clark

■ Position: Forward

■ Number: 26

■ Ht./​Wt: 5-10, 181

■ Hometown: Whitby, Ontario

■ Age: 21

■ What’s the origin of your first name? I was named after the race car driver Emerson Fittipaldi. My mom always loved the name.

■ Hockey player you admired growing up: Wendel Clark

■ Favorite sport other than hockey: Lacrosse

■ Favorite type of music: I like everything from country to old rock

■ Favorite meal? My mom’s pasta

■ Have you ever eaten walleye? Yes, I catch them all the time

■ Favorite beverage: Coke

■ Best fast food: Wendy’s

■ Favorite movie: Taken

■ Favorite TV station: CNN, I’m a big news guy

■ Favorite video game: Call of Duty

■ Favorite Web site: YouTube

■ Do you have a Twitter account? @emersonclark32

■ Person you most admire: Parents, Lisa and Tom

■ If you could meet an person, dead or alive, who would it be? Will Ferrell

■ Favorite place you’ve been to? Florida

■ Top sports moment: Winning the Minto Cup twice (junior lacrosse championship)

■ What’s your hockey superstition? I like to take pregame naps, and I like to have a good meal

■ Have you lost any teeth while playing? No, I haven’t

■ Nickname: Clarky

■ What would you be doing if you weren’t playing hockey? I’ve always wanted to be a policeman

■ Something nobody knows about you: I’m an avid outdoorsman, I love hunting and fishing

— Mark Monroe