Monday, October 20, 2014
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HK leader: 'External forces' involved in protests
HONG KONG (AP) -- Hong Kong's chief executive says "external forces" are involved in pro-democracy protests that have occupied parts of this financial capital for more than three weeks.... 10/20/2014 4:28 AM

Nepal to end rescue operation on trekking route
KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) -- Nepal was wrapping up rescue operations in its northern mountains Monday, saying all the hikers believed to be stranded on a trekking route by a series of blizzards and avalanches that left dozens of others dead have been rescued and are safe.... 10/20/2014 4:22 AM

China's ruling party opens meeting on rule of law
BEIJING (AP) -- China's ruling Communist Party leaders have convened a conclave to guide policy for the coming year and discuss how to bolster the country's rule of law.... 10/20/2014 4:21 AM

Argentine town faces ghosts of its Dirty War
OLAVARRIA, Argentina (AP) -- Shade trees hide the crumbling farm house outside of Olavarria. Hidden at the end of a dirt path, the white plaster coating is falling away from the brick foundation like scabs peeling off an unhealed wound.... 10/20/2014 4:20 AM

AP PHOTOS: New gloss on Cuba's classic cars
HAVANA (AP) -- When Martin Viera's Chevrolet rolled out of the dealer's lot, Harry Truman was president of the United States, gasoline cost 27 cents a gallon and a 24-year-old lefty named Tommy Lasorda was pitching for Almendares in the Cuban winter baseball league.... 10/20/2014 4:19 AM

Japan's trade minister quits over funding scandal
TOKYO (AP) -- Japan's trade minister resigned Monday and reports said the justice minister would also quit amid allegations of misuse of campaign funds, in the biggest setbacks so far for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's conservative administration.... 10/20/2014 4:12 AM

Kerry seeks Asia's help in anti-Islamic State push
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Indonesia for a brief visit aimed at building Asian support for the fights against Islamic State extremists and the deadly Ebola virus.... 10/20/2014 4:05 AM

Joko Widodo inaugurated as Indonesian president
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- Joko "Jokowi" Widodo was inaugurated as Indonesia's new president on Monday, facing the challenges of rebooting a slowing economy and working with a potentially hostile opposition that has already landed some blows against his administration.... 10/20/2014 3:55 AM

Federal police take control of 13 towns in Mexico
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Security officials say federal police have taken control of 13 municipalities in southern Mexico where local police are suspected of possible links to organized crime and the case of 43 missing students.... 10/20/2014 3:27 AM

Brazilian candidates spar over poverty, corruption
SAO PAULO (AP) -- Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff highlighted her government's achievements in reducing poverty while her rival used Sunday night's presidential debate to attack her on allegations of bribery in state-run oil company Petrobras.... 10/20/2014 2:33 AM

Australia's Parliament House lifts face veil ban
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- Australia's Parliament House on Monday lifted a short-lived ban on facial coverings including burqas and niqabs after the prime minister intervened.... 10/20/2014 1:27 AM

Expelled Nazis paid millions in Social Security
OSIJEK, Croatia (AP) -- Dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals and SS guards collected millions of dollars in U.S. Social Security benefits after being forced out of the United States, an Associated Press investigation has found.... 10/20/2014 1:15 AM

Marine accused in Philippine killing tests US ties
OLONGAPO, Philippines (AP) -- Inside a funeral parlor, a Filipino mother sits and weeps next to a coffin containing the body of her daughter and demands answers. On a hulking American assault ship moored at a nearby port sits a man who might have them - a U.S. Marine authorities suspect in the brutal slaying at a cheap hotel more than a week ago.... 10/20/2014 1:06 AM

Tug towing disabled Russian container ship to port
PRINCE RUPERT, British Columbia (AP) -- A disabled Russian cargo ship carrying hundreds of tons of fuel was in route to port in British Columbia for repairs and the rescue operation was declared officially over Sunday, but a debate brewed over oil tanker safety off Canada's West Coast.... 10/20/2014 12:18 AM

Mudslides from rains kill 6 in southern Mexico
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Heavy rains brought by the remnants of Tropical Storm Trudy have caused mudslides and flooding in southern Mexico that left at least six people dead.... 10/19/2014 11:54 PM

Spaniard with Ebola beats the disease, test shows
MADRID (AP) -- A Spanish nursing assistant infected with Ebola after treating missionary priests with the disease repatriated from West Africa has managed to beat it after nearly two weeks of treatment in Madrid and has no traces of the virus in her bloodstream, according to test results released Sunday night by Spain's government.... 10/19/2014 10:55 PM

Australia to deploy 200 special forces in Iraq
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- Australia will soon deploy 200 special forces troops in Iraq to advise and assist Iraqi security forces a month after the Australians were sent to the Middle East, the foreign minister said Monday.... 10/19/2014 9:07 PM

Gonzalo deals glancing blow to Newfoundland
ST. JOHNS, Newfoundland (AP) -- Hurricane Gonzalo struck a glancing blow to Newfoundland before racing out into the North Atlantic Sunday after earlier battering Bermuda without causing any deaths or serious injuries.... 10/19/2014 8:17 PM

Kenya: 5 suspected bombers killed
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- Kenyan and Somali soldiers killed five suspected Islamic extremist bombers attempting to cross into the country from Ethiopia in a car laden with explosives and six suicide vests, a Kenyan military spokesman said Sunday.... 10/19/2014 7:52 PM

Sweden: 3 credible sightings in submarine search
HELSINKI (AP) -- The Swedish military said Sunday it had made three credible sightings of foreign undersea activity in its waters during the past few days amid reports of a suspected Russian intrusion in the area.... 10/19/2014 7:49 PM