Tuesday, September 01, 2015
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Charges sought against Brazil's former chief-of-staff
SAO PAULO (AP) -- Police on Tuesday asked prosecutors to file charges against Brazil's former presidential chief of staff, Jose Dirceu, for alleged involvement in the massive corruption scheme at state-owned oil company Petrobras.... 9/1/2015 10:07 PM

Nigeria to deploy drones to curb oil theft
ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) -- An official of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation says the organization will deploy drones across the territorial waters of Africa's largest oil producer to help curb the rampant oil theft.... 9/1/2015 10:06 PM

Rio head vows to introduce viral testing in Olympic waters
LONDON (AP) -- Olympic organizers promised Tuesday to introduce viral testing in the polluted waters in Rio de Janeiro where about 1,400 athletes will compete in next year's games.... 9/1/2015 10:05 PM

Israel asks UN to reject Palestinian attempt to raise flag
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Israel on Tuesday urged U.N. leaders to reject a Palestinian attempt to raise their flag at U.N. headquarters as early as this month's gathering of world leaders there.... 9/1/2015 9:59 PM

Pope: Priests in Holy Year can absolve 'sin of abortion'
VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Pope Francis is applying his vision of a merciful church to women who have had abortions, easing their path toward forgiveness and saying he realizes some felt they had no choice but to make "this agonizing and painful decision."... 9/1/2015 9:49 PM

Canada in recession; PM Harper denies it as election looms
TORONTO (AP) -- Canada has fallen into a recession, dragged down by falling energy prices and economic troubles in China.... 9/1/2015 9:48 PM

Guatemala lawmakers escorted into Congress amid crisis
GUATEMALA CITY (AP) -- Guatemalan civilians backing the ouster of President Otto Perez Molina formed a wall of bodies to let lawmakers into Congress on Tuesday, protecting them from presidential loyalists trying to prevent a vote on withdrawing the leader's immunity from prosecution in a corruption scandal.... 9/1/2015 9:08 PM

Hungary bars migrants from trains; smugglers wait in wings
BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) -- Hungary stunned migrants and European partners Tuesday by blocking asylum-seekers from its westbound trains, a move that raised new challenges for the EU's passport-free travel zone and could drive many into the reckless hands of cross-border smugglers.... 9/1/2015 9:04 PM

Mexican president's state-of-the-nation beset by doubts
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was delivering his written state-of-the-nation report Tuesday in an atmosphere of rising violence, a falling currency and a slowing economy.... 9/1/2015 8:26 PM

Questions in Lebanon over protesters' end game
BEIRUT (AP) -- Lebanese security forces and protesters engaged in a drawn-out standoff outside a ministry that was briefly taken over by activists Tuesday, reflecting both reluctance by authorities to decisively crack down and a lack of focus by protesters - who are determined but lacking a clear path to success.... 9/1/2015 8:16 PM

US presidential hopeful Marco Rubio to visit Puerto Rico
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio is scheduled to visit the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico this week, officials said Tuesday.... 9/1/2015 8:10 PM

From 'Everest' to Depp, highlights of the Venice Film fest
VENICE, Italy (AP) -- It's a sure sign that summer's over and the awards season is around the corner - the feast of fall film festivals.... 9/1/2015 7:36 PM

Shots fired from Syria kill Turkish soldier
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- The military says a Turkish soldier was killed from shots fired from Islamic State-controlled area across the border in Syria. A second soldier is reported missing.... 9/1/2015 7:12 PM

Lawyer: Turkey arrested journalists to deter foreign media
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- A lawyer representing two Vice News journalists and their assistant on Tuesday denounced a Turkish court's decision to arrest them on terror-related charges, calling it a government attempt to deter foreign media from reporting on the conflict with Kurdish rebels.... 9/1/2015 7:10 PM

Bond author sorry for saying Idris Elba 'too street' for 007
LONDON (AP) -- The author of the new James Bond novel apologized on Tuesday after he said that British actor Idris Elba is "too street" to play 007.... 9/1/2015 6:54 PM

Greek coast guard finds weapons shipment on cargo ship
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- A Greek coast guard special unit raided a Bolivian-flagged freighter early Tuesday off the southern island of Crete and found a shipment of undeclared weapons apparently headed for Libya.... 9/1/2015 6:48 PM

Moldovan police chief briefly detained at Moscow airport
CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) -- Authorities say Moldova's police chief was detained for three hours at an airport in Moscow before being released.... 9/1/2015 6:44 PM

Putin takes part in hockey game against students in Russia
MOSCOW (AP) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin may be nearing his 63rd birthday, but he can still beat a team of kids in hockey. With the help of some of Russia's most formidable hockey veterans, that is.... 9/1/2015 6:40 PM

Canada police bring charges against Syrian in rendition case
TORONTO (AP) -- Canada's national police force is charging a former Syrian military intelligence officer in abstentia for allegedly torturing a Canadian engineer transferred by the U.S. to an overseas detention center.... 9/1/2015 6:26 PM

A look at what migrants are carrying with them to Europe
ROSZKE, Hungary (AP) -- To survive days on end of walking and improvised camping in harsh weather, they must concentrate on essentials: pain medicine, foot powder and first aid, food and personal hygiene items. The savviest have smartphones with backup battery power and SIM cards that work in the countries they're passing through. Otherwise, they can end up walking in circles without satellite navigation, particularly at night, when many travel to avoid police.... 9/1/2015 5:49 PM

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