Friday, October 09, 2015
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The Latest: Tunisian union leader overwhelmed by prize
OSLO, Norway (AP) -- The latest developments in the awarding of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize. All times local.... 10/9/2015 9:34 AM

Train strike in Brussels snarls Belgian, international lines
BRUSSELS (AP) -- A rail strike in the Belgian capital has paralyzed much of the train traffic on domestic and international lines linking London, Paris and Amsterdam to Brussels.... 10/9/2015 9:33 AM

The Latest: Palestinian stabs Israeli teen in latest attack
JERUSALEM (AP) -- The latest developments in ongoing tensions between Palestinians and Israelis following days of violence. (all times local)... 10/9/2015 9:33 AM

Tunisia: Nobel winner says he's 'overwhelmed,' says quartet tried to save country from dan...
TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) -- Tunisia: Nobel winner says he's 'overwhelmed,' says quartet tried to save country from danger.... 10/9/2015 9:29 AM

Tunisian democracy group wins Nobel Peace Prize
OSLO, Norway (AP) -- A Tunisian democracy group won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for its contributions to the first and most successful Arab Spring movement.... 10/9/2015 9:25 AM

Spain: VW investments guaranteed despite emission debacle
MADRID (AP) -- Spain's industry minister says Volkswagen has guaranteed it will follow through with 4.2 billion euros ($4.8 billion) in investments for two auto plants despite the diesel emissions scandal that is expected to significantly hurt the carmaker's finances.... 10/9/2015 9:25 AM

British nurse who contracted Ebola hospitalized again
LONDON (AP) -- London's Royal Free Hospital says a nurse who recovered from Ebola last year is being treated for an unusual late complication of the infection.... 10/9/2015 9:24 AM

World stocks rise on expectations Fed will delay rate hike
TOKYO (AP) -- World stock markets rose Friday on expectations the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates at a record low for at least several more months.... 10/9/2015 9:16 AM

Winners of Nobel Peace Prize since 1980
OSLO, Norway (AP) -- The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize was announced Friday. Here is a list of winners of the award since 1980:... 10/9/2015 9:11 AM

Revolutionary Guard general killed in Syria amid IS attack
BEIRUT (AP) -- A senior commander in Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard was killed by Islamic State extremists on the outskirts of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, Iranian state media reported on Friday.... 10/9/2015 9:09 AM

The National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia wins Nobel Peace Prize
OSLO, Norway (AP) -- The National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia wins Nobel Peace Prize.... 10/9/2015 9:02 AM

Israeli man stabs 4 Arabs in southern Israel
JERUSALEM (AP) -- An Israeli man stabbed four Arabs in the south of the country Friday morning, police said, as spiking tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank threatened to spread throughout Israel.... 10/9/2015 9:00 AM

The latest: Islamic State group seizes villages in Syria
DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) -- The latest developments as Syrian troops and other nations battle militants in Syria. All times local in Syria.... 10/9/2015 8:53 AM

Studies say 1/3 of young men in China to die from smoking
BEIJING (AP) -- Research published in the medical journal The Lancet says one in three of all the young men in China are likely to die from tobacco, but that the number can fall if the men quit smoking.... 10/9/2015 8:48 AM

10 inmates die in fire at Philippine maximum-security prison
MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- A fire destroyed a dormitory at a maximum-security prison in the central Philippines, killing 10 inmates, officials said Friday.... 10/9/2015 8:37 AM

French labor tensions ease as garbage collector strike ends
PARIS (AP) -- Air France is resuming negotiations with pilots' unions over hotly contested job cuts, and Paris garbage collectors have ended a smelly strike, soothing developments at the end of a week of high labor tensions.... 10/9/2015 8:29 AM

AP Interview: Jerusalem mayor defends gun display
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Jerusalem's mayor, caught on video this week with a gun slung over his shoulder while visiting a Palestinian neighborhood, is making no apologies for the display of force. He says he's helping keep his city safe.... 10/9/2015 8:28 AM

Iraq officials: mortar attack in Diyala province kills 35
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraqi police officials say at least 35 people were killed in a mortar attack on villages around the provincial capital of the country's eastern Diyala province.... 10/9/2015 8:16 AM

Plane carrying Eritreans leaves Italy under new EU plan
ROME (AP) -- An Italian police aircraft carrying 19 Eritreans has taken off from Rome's Ciampino airport bringing the first refugees to Sweden under the European Union's new resettlement program aimed at redistributing asylum-seekers from hard-hit receiving countries.... 10/9/2015 8:03 AM

Film portrays costs of South Korean craze for top schools
BUSAN, South Korea (AP) -- A documentary film about the social and personal costs of South Koreans' craze for being admitted to the nation's top three universities depicts a system that is a far cry from President Barack Obama's praise of the Asian country as a model for U.S. educational reforms.... 10/9/2015 8:03 AM

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