Wednesday, September 03, 2014
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China's top leaders remember victory over Japan
BEIJING (AP) -- President Xi Jinping tended to huge bouquets and gunners fired salutes Wednesday as China commemorated Japan's World War II surrender in a campaign to remind the world of Tokyo's historical aggression amid tense ties between the countries.... 9/3/2014 7:20 AM

By talking basketball, nothing lost in translation
BILBAO, Spain (AP) -- The guy who tells Ukraine what plays to run speaks English. So does the guy who tells the Dominican Republic what their opponents will do.... 9/3/2014 7:17 AM

Putin, Poroshenko discuss settlement in Ukraine
MOSCOW (AP) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has discussed a peace settlement in eastern Ukraine with President Petro Poroshenko and found that they "largely share views" on ways out of the crisis, Putin's spokesman was quoted as saying on Wednesday.... 9/3/2014 7:04 AM

Fuel price hike looms for Indonesia's new leader
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- The first item on the to-do list of Indonesia's president-elect is one that successive leaders have struggled with, and could be his toughest: how to wean the country off fuel subsidies that make gasoline almost as cheap as bottled water.... 9/3/2014 7:03 AM

Lebanon army confirms identity of beheaded soldier
BEIRUT (AP) -- Lebanon's military says it has identified the remains of a soldier beheaded by Islamic militants.... 9/3/2014 6:56 AM

Putin in Mongolia for 5-hour visit
ULAN BATOR, Mongolia (AP) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Mongolia on Wednesday for a five-hour working visit with a traditional friendly neighbor amid soaring tensions with Washington and NATO over a Kremlin-backed offensive in Ukraine.... 9/3/2014 6:50 AM

At NATO, goal is to curb Russia but not provoke it
NEWPORT, Wales (AP) -- The heady "we won the Cold War" days are over. When President Obama and other NATO leaders assemble here Thursday for a key summit meeting, their No. 1 goal will be an old and familiar one: protecting vulnerable alliance members from Russia, without goading the Kremlin into military action.... 9/3/2014 6:45 AM

Obama aims to show solidarity with Baltics
TALLINN, Estonia (AP) -- President Barack Obama will stand shoulder to shoulder with Baltic leaders Wednesday in a show of solidarity with NATO allies who fear they could be the next target of Russia's aggression.... 9/3/2014 6:37 AM

UK team unlocking secrets of North Korea volcano
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) -- More than a thousand years ago, a huge volcano straddling the border between North Korea and China was the site of one of the biggest eruptions in human history, blanketing eastern Asia in its ash. But unlike other major volcanos around the world, the remote and politically sensitive Mount Paektu remains almost a complete mystery to foreign scientists who have - until recently - been unable to conduct on-site studies.... 9/3/2014 6:30 AM

Russian photojournalist killed in eastern Ukraine
MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia's state-owned RIA Novosti news agency says one of its photojournalists has died in eastern Ukraine.... 9/3/2014 6:17 AM

Asian stock markets rise as dollar gains
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- Asian stock markets rose Wednesday, lifted by new signs of strength in the U.S. economy and expectations that Europe's central bank will provide more support to the flagging region. A report showing solid growth in China's services industries also bolstered sentiment.... 9/3/2014 6:16 AM

Pakistan: 910 militants killed since June
ISLAMABAD (AP) -- Pakistan said Wednesday it has killed 910 suspected militants and lost 82 soldiers in a major offensive launched in June in a restive tribal region near Afghanistan.... 9/3/2014 6:15 AM

News Guide: Thailand's surrogacy scandals and laws
BANGKOK (AP) -- A string of recent scandals has lifted a lid on Thailand's largely unregulated commercial surrogacy industry, which has been around for over a decade. Here's a look at the controversies, some of the ethical dilemmas they have raised and the Thai military government's new draft law that is expected to outlaw the business of surrogacy.... 9/3/2014 6:06 AM

Tropical Storm Dolly moves ashore off Mexico Gulf
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Dolly threatened flash floods and mudslides in mountainous areas as it moved in from Mexico's Gulf coast, where authorities had readied shelters and suspended school classes on Wednesday.... 9/3/2014 5:54 AM

Japan PM selects 5 women in new Cabinet
TOKYO (AP) -- Japan's prime minister picked a record-matching five women for his Cabinet Wednesday, sending the strongest message yet about his determination to revive the economy by getting women on board as workers and leaders.... 9/3/2014 5:41 AM

Australia to sign uranium trade deal with India
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- Australia's prime minister said Wednesday that he will sign a uranium export deal with India for peaceful power generation this week, but added that exports of the nuclear fuel to Russia have been banned until further notice.... 9/3/2014 5:06 AM

Second Syria beheading raises stakes for US
BEIRUT (AP) -- Islamic State extremists have released a video purportedly showing the beheading of a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, and warned President Barack Obama that continuing airstrikes against the group in Iraq will be met with the killing of more Western captives.... 9/3/2014 5:04 AM

Maduro replaces Venezuela's longtime oil chief
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- President Nicolas Maduro has replaced Venezuela's longtime oil boss and economic czar as part of a cabinet shakeup sidelining the most-prominent voice within his administration for pragmatic reforms to tackle a deep economic crisis.... 9/3/2014 4:47 AM

Obama to Europe: NATO to oppose Russian aggression
TALLINN, Estonia (AP) -- Confronted by a Kremlin-backed military offensive in Ukraine, President Barack Obama and Western allies will approve plans this week to position at least 4,000 troops and military equipment in Eastern Europe, bolstering NATO's security commitments to nervous member states near the Russian border.... 9/3/2014 4:05 AM

Tight security, unity drive clash in China's west
KUQA, China (AP) -- In this ancient oasis town in China's restive west, assault rifle-toting police officers patrol the cobblestone lanes of ochre-brick houses in an ethnic Uighur neighborhood. Three police surveillance cameras atop a white pole watch over a narrow dirt road frequented mostly by cows. Wanted posters for suspected Uighur assailants are stuck on walls every few hundred feet.... 9/3/2014 3:52 AM