Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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Malaysia refuses entry to teen leader of Hong Kong protests
HONG KONG (AP) -- A teenage leader of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests was turned away at the airport Tuesday when he tried to enter Malaysia, which said he has been blacklisted.... 5/26/2015 1:08 PM

Sweltering temperatures in India leave 750 dead in 5 weeks
HYDERABAD, India (AP) -- More than 750 people have died in southern India since the middle of April as soaring summer temperatures scorch the country, officials said Tuesday.... 5/26/2015 1:08 PM

Egypt investigates police killing of student
CAIRO (AP) -- An Egyptian judicial official says authorities are investigating the killing of a university student by police.... 5/26/2015 1:07 PM

Malaysian forensics teams dig up graves at traffickers' camp
BUKIT WANG BURMA, Malaysia (AP) -- Malaysian forensics teams exhumed a body from a shallow grave Tuesday at an abandoned jungle camp used by human traffickers, the first of what police predicted would be more grim findings as they search through a cluster of illicit hideouts near the border with Thailand.... 5/26/2015 1:03 PM

Albania's president wary of Macedonia crisis fallout
TIRANA, Albania (AP) -- Albania's president says the crisis in Macedonia could be a setback for the Balkan region's efforts to add new members to the European Union.... 5/26/2015 1:02 PM

Auschwitz trial session canceled due to defendant's health
BERLIN (AP) -- A German court has cancelled another session in the trial of a 93-year-old former Auschwitz death camp guard due to the former SS sergeant's poor health, and has scheduled new dates through the end of November to accommodate shorter hearings.... 5/26/2015 12:59 PM

Iran begins closed-door trial of Washington Post reporter
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- An Iranian security court on Tuesday held the first hearing in the closed trial of an Iranian-American reporter for The Washington Post who has been detained for more than 10 months, the official IRNA news agency reported.... 5/26/2015 12:46 PM

UN says alarming spike in female suicide bombings in Nigeria
LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) -- An "alarming spike" in suicide bombings by girls and women used by Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria has children in danger of being seen as potential threats, the U.N. children's agency said Tuesday.... 5/26/2015 12:44 PM

Police: 5 wounded in militant attack on Kenyan police
KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) -- Al-Shabab gunmen attacked Kenyan police vehicles near Somalia's border, injuring at least five officers and burning five cars, police said on Tuesday.... 5/26/2015 12:42 PM

Rights group says Libya civilians trapped in eastern city
CAIRO (AP) -- Human Rights Watch says civilians, including foreign nationals, are trapped in several neighborhoods in Libya's embattled eastern city of Benghazi and is urging fighters there to let them depart without conditions.... 5/26/2015 12:42 PM

Myanmar's Suu Kyi is missing from global meeting on Rohingya
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) -- An international gathering about the plight of Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya Muslims boasts a star-studded cast, with three Nobel Peace Prize laureates among those calling on the world to wake up to the unfolding tragedy.... 5/26/2015 12:37 PM

Greece mulls levy on undeclared deposits to raise cash
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- Greece is considering a 15 percent levy on undeclared foreign deposits, and double that rate on undeclared deposits in domestic banks, as an enticement for tax-dodgers to legalize assets.... 5/26/2015 12:33 PM

Former trader goes on trial in UK for market manipulation
LONDON (AP) -- A British prosecutor says a former Citibank and UBS trader motivated by greed served as the ringmaster of the alleged manipulation of a key interest rate, the London Interbank Lending Rate, or Libor.... 5/26/2015 12:30 PM

Spain's top court overturns regional law against evictions
MADRID (AP) -- Spain's Constitutional Court has struck down a decree by a regional government that tried to protect people in economic difficulty by allowing empty houses owned by banks to be temporarily confiscated for use as homes.... 5/26/2015 12:13 PM

Putin expects sanctions against Russia to be lifted
MOSCOW (AP) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has encouraged businesses to expand domestically before Western nations lift economic sanctions, allowing once again the sale of many foreign goods in Russia.... 5/26/2015 12:02 PM

Murder trial opens for French farmer who shot truffle thief
PARIS (AP) -- A French farmer is on trial for killing a suspected truffle thief with two blasts from a pump-action shotgun.... 5/26/2015 11:54 AM

Stocks cautious over Greece, China notches another big gain
TOKYO (AP) -- European shares mostly fell Tuesday as markets reopened after holidays in several countries, with concerns over Greece's debt crisis overshadowing upbeat news from China.... 5/26/2015 11:46 AM

Attack on UN vehicle in Mali's capital, 1 dead
TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) -- A United Nations official says that armed gunmen fired on a U.N. vehicle in Mali's capital, killing one peacekeeper and injuring another.... 5/26/2015 11:38 AM

Moldovan president: We prefer European Union orbit to Russia
TIRANA, Albania (AP) -- Moldova's president says the country's 4 million citizens would prefer to join the European Union rather than stay in the Russian orbit.... 5/26/2015 11:37 AM

Yemen's pro-government forces retake city from Shite rebels
SANAA, Yemen (AP) -- Yemen's pro-government fighters have pushed out Shite rebels and their allies and retaken a southern city that's the gateway to the port of Aden in their first significant advance since a Saudi-led coalition launched airstrikes on the rebel group, officials said Tuesday.... 5/26/2015 11:32 AM

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