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Beijing tries to tap brakes on stock market boom
BEIJING (AP) -- China's leaders are trying to tap the brakes on a stock market boom that could run out of control and disrupt economic reform plans.... 5/7/2015 5:53 AM

Singapore teen pleads not guilty over online video
SINGAPORE (AP) -- A Singaporean teenager has pleaded not guilty to two charges over an online video he posted that was critical of Christianity and the nation's late founding prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew.... 5/7/2015 5:51 AM

V-Day in Russia evokes national pride at difficult time
MOSCOW (AP) -- If you call history student Nikolai Podchasov on his cell phone these days, you will hear the popular wartime tune "Katyusha" while waiting for an answer.... 5/7/2015 5:51 AM

Prince Harry ends monthlong embedment with Australian army
SYDNEY (AP) -- Hundreds of cheering Australians crowded around Sydney's Opera House on Thursday to bid adieu to Britain's Prince Harry as he wrapped up a month-long embedment with the Australian army.... 5/7/2015 5:45 AM

Burundi: Opposition politician arrested over unrest released
BUJUMBURA, Burundi (AP) -- A Burundian opposition politician arrested over unrest triggered by President Pierre Nkurunziza's decision to run for a third term says he has been released.... 5/7/2015 5:44 AM

New Zealander, 25, stands trial in China on drug charges
GUANGZHOU, China (AP) -- A 25-year-old New Zealander standing trial on charges of trying to smuggle methamphetamine testified Thursday that he came to China to buy a muscle-building supplement and didn't check the package he purchased before trying to depart.... 5/7/2015 5:40 AM

Substance or style? Labour leader banks on geek appeal
LONDON (AP) -- It was an unexpected moment on the campaign trail.... 5/7/2015 5:39 AM

Uncertain outcome, intense haggling likely in UK election
LONDON (AP) -- Counting the votes in Britain's election will take a matter of hours. Assembling a government could take days - or weeks.... 5/7/2015 5:38 AM

Thousands of Nepalese pray for earthquake victims
KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) -- Thousands of people dressed in white offered prayers, flowers and lit incense at home and in temples Thursday as part of a Hindu ritual marking the end of a 13-day mourning period for those killed in the massive earthquake.... 5/7/2015 5:34 AM

Key issues in UK election campaign
LONDON (AP) -- Three issues - the economy, the National Health Service and immigration - have dominated the British election. Here's where the candidates stand on the things that matter to voters:... 5/7/2015 5:20 AM

Canada's Conservatives worried after Alberta election
TORONTO (AP) -- A meeting of Canada's federal Conservative party was described as being like a "morgue" a day after Alberta, Canada's most conservative province, elected a left-of-center provincial government, ending a 44-year-old conservative party dynasty.... 5/7/2015 4:29 AM

Some key terms in Britain election campaign
LONDON (AP) -- Britain's unpredictable election is steeped in the rich - and sometimes confusing - lexicon of parliamentary democracy. Some key terms:... 5/7/2015 4:14 AM

UK's personable David Cameron fights for political life
LONDON (AP) -- David Cameron's supporters paint him as a principled but pragmatic politician with a huge capacity for quick thinking and grace under pressure.... 5/7/2015 4:12 AM

A look at leading figures in the tight British election
LONDON (AP) -- Britain's general election is on Thursday, and polls suggest the race between Labour and the Conservatives is too close to call. Here's a look at the leading figures in the campaign:... 5/7/2015 4:08 AM

Drug trade's lowest rung: Peru's expendable cocaine couriers
HUANTA, Peru (AP) -- He slides two T-shirts, shorts, canned tuna, toasted corn and boiled potatoes into the rucksack atop 11 pounds of semi-refined cocaine. In a side pocket, a .38-caliber Chinese pistol.... 5/7/2015 4:07 AM

Drug trade's lowest rung: Peru's cocaine backpackers
HUANTA, Peru (AP) -- The lung-searing ascents into the Andean highlands aren't what worry the untold hundreds of young men who hump backpacks loaded with drugs out of the remote, lawless valley that produces about 60 percent of Peru's cocaine.... 5/7/2015 4:05 AM

Philippine volcano ejects ash, but no violent eruption
MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- A Philippine volcano has spewed ash for the second time in less than a week but there were no signs of any imminent violent eruption, the country's chief volcano expert said Thursday.... 5/7/2015 4:05 AM

IMF says Asia to lead growth in 2015 despite China slowdown
TOKYO (AP) -- Asian economies will lead world growth in 2015, expanding at a 5.6 percent pace that is level with last year, as recoveries in India and Japan help to offset the slowdown in China, the IMF said in a report Thursday.... 5/7/2015 3:53 AM

2nd Uber office in China under investigation
BEIJING (AP) -- Chinese police have visited Uber offices in a second city in a widening investigation into the company's operations in China.... 5/7/2015 3:40 AM

Asian shares sink after Wall Street drop, US economy fears
TOKYO (AP) -- Asian markets drooped Thursday after comments from the U.S. Federal Reserve chief fanned fears about the American economy and sent Wall Street lower.... 5/7/2015 3:02 AM

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