Tuesday, May 05, 2015
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Two decades after 'Black Hawk Down,' Kerry visits Somalia
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Two decades after dead American soldiers were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu, John Kerry on Tuesday became the first secretary of state to set foot in Somalia, a symbolic visit to show support for the African nation's fledgling government and the United States' readiness to move past a dark chapter in its history.... 5/5/2015 5:06 PM

Armed groups in C. African Republic agree to free children
BANGUI, Central Africa Republic (AP) -- Armed groups in Central African Republic have agreed to release any children they are holding and not to recruit child soldiers, the United Nations Children's Agency said Tuesday.... 5/5/2015 5:05 PM

Canada tries to stop release of ex-Gitmo inmate Omar Khadr
EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) -- The Canadian government was in court Tuesday seeking to block the release on bail of a former Guantanamo Bay inmate while he appeals his conviction for war crimes in the United States.... 5/5/2015 4:45 PM

5 years of bailouts: the grim legacy of Greece's crisis
ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- The sculpture shows a shabbily-dressed man slipping off what appears to be a graph, an economic index perhaps, that is crumbling under his feet. His mouth is distended in something less than a scream, more than a cry.... 5/5/2015 4:44 PM

Yemen rebels fire into Saudi Arabia, killing at least 2
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- Yemen's rebels fired rockets and mortars into Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, killing at least two civilians and reportedly capturing five soldiers in an attack showing the insurgents' ability to launch assaults despite weeks of Saudi-led airstrikes targeting them.... 5/5/2015 4:44 PM

Islamic State claims responsibility for Texas cartoon attack
CAIRO (AP) -- The Islamic State group claimed responsibility on Tuesday for a weekend attack at a center near Dallas, Texas, that was exhibiting cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad - though it offered no evidence of a direct link to the attackers.... 5/5/2015 4:38 PM

France expects billions in deals with Saudi Arabia
RIYADH (AP) -- French President Francois Hollande says the country is in talks with Saudi Arabia for business deals worth tens of billions of euros (dollars).... 5/5/2015 4:35 PM

Iraq sends troops to key refinery amid Islamic State clashes
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Reinforcements were rushed to Iraq's key Beiji refinery amid heavy fighting with Islamic State militants who have been trying to capture the facility for months, Iraqi officials said Tuesday.... 5/5/2015 4:26 PM

At Milan Expo 2015, it's still an analog world, after all
MILAN (AP) -- At Milan Expo 2015, it's still an analog world, after all.... 5/5/2015 4:23 PM

Tips for visiting Milan Expo, from dining to weather
MILAN (AP) -- The theme of this year's Milan Expo 2015 world's fair is food, and global fare is a big draw. Many of Expo's foreign visitors will be looking to sample Italian food and wine, which will be complemented by street food and cuisine from around the globe.... 5/5/2015 4:21 PM

Greece lobbies creditors for loan payout, cites progress
BRUSSELS (AP) -- With Greek ministers dispatched across Europe on a whirlwind goodwill tour on Tuesday, top officials said they were making progress on finding a way to keep the country afloat and in the 19-nation eurozone.... 5/5/2015 4:17 PM

Diplomats: Iran nuke talks to resume next week in Vienna
VIENNA (AP) -- Diplomats say that the next round of nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers will take place next week in Vienna.... 5/5/2015 4:15 PM

Lawmakers approve controversial surveillance bill in France
PARIS (AP) -- France's lower house of Parliament has approved a bill aimed at legalizing broad surveillance of terrorism suspects that has drawn an outcry from advocates of civil liberties.... 5/5/2015 3:58 PM

Israel's Netanyahu scrambles to form governing coalition
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scrambling to get his governing coalition together ahead of a deadline Wednesday.... 5/5/2015 3:57 PM

AP Exclusive: Video shows migrant rescue of deflating dinghy
CATANIA, Sicily (AP) -- Migrants frantically shimmied up ropes dangling from a towering cargo ship and others jumped into the water grasping at lifesavers. Five bodies were recovered in the latest Mediterranean rescue and more were feared drowned.... 5/5/2015 3:52 PM

Hamas launches crackdown on Salafist groups in Gaza Strip
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- The ruling Hamas militant group launched a crackdown Tuesday on radical Salafi groups following a series of unclaimed bombings in the Gaza Strip, arresting dozens of people and setting up military-type checkpoints.... 5/5/2015 3:47 PM

Ex-IRA man linked to 2005 slaying shot to death in Belfast
DUBLIN (AP) -- A former Irish Republican Army commander linked to one of the outlawed group's most notorious killings was shot to death at close range Tuesday morning on a street near his home in Belfast, residents and police said.... 5/5/2015 3:45 PM

Hezbollah captures Syrian village from Islamic militants
BEIRUT (AP) -- Hezbollah fighters captured a Syrian village near the border with Lebanon on Tuesday after intense fighting with Islamic militants, the group's television station said, while an activist said battles are concentrating near a strategic Syrian hill.... 5/5/2015 3:44 PM

UN envoy starts consultations on Syrian civil war in Geneva
BEIRUT (AP) -- A United Nations envoy began a series of low-level consultations Tuesday in Geneva with representatives of the Syrian government and its opponents in the hopes of restarting peace talks.... 5/5/2015 3:42 PM

AP Interview: Emirates airline boss sees more US growth
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- The man in charge of the Middle East's biggest airline, Emirates, said Tuesday he is pressing ahead with a global expansion that could include more U.S. routes despite opposition from American carriers who accuse the airline of having an unfair advantage.... 5/5/2015 3:41 PM

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